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How can I be successful on tinder?
Most girls from my city just have a bunch of photos in their profile.
I just have a photo of myself

Photos are the key to success on tinder dude.

What photos are you using? if you are having problems that is your issue.

I can tell you some good easy tips but first i have to know what we are dealing with here
Just one photo of myself. But I'm not bad looking
Use photos with you and your friends. Or just you but not like creepy a selfie. Like you posing in front of something and someone took the photo of you.
Where the fuck are the normal girls on tinder? It's all thots and fatties
>creepy selfie
How can a selfie be creepy? It's meant to be a picture of me. That's the whole point of a fucking selfie
If all you have is one photo, and it's a selfie you will look like a creepy loner
Ok. I added some photos of me in places and a photo of my dog.
What should I write i .y bio?
Also: there's a meme-tier guy who posted on here about how he never gets any matches, and shares his profile and asks what he's doing wrong.

It's a selfie, taken at a MySpace angle, and he's frowning, and he's in some kind of run down wooden storage shed.

Don't be that guy. Women probably see it and think "That must be where he dissects his victims..."
I know this is going to sound crazy but it works
Get with a professional portrait photographer and have him shoot you a tinder profile pic set
it'll cost $300-500 but you will see the results immediately
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Post silly-ass photos of yourself, shit like multiple pairs of shades on with your hair shaped into horns, plus attractive photos, plus photos of you with a pet. Have a really loud, confident description. Gets a lot of people, nearly outdid the GF in the likes contest. Best of luck!
>he doesn't know Brandon
I feel old

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