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any personal statement tips/ideas? Should I lie/embellish? Any of you mfs got into a top10 university before?
Cambridge undergraduate here. What subject are you applying for? I study one of the social sciences.

You must do wider reading and include it in your personal statement - make sure they're in line with your interests because it will be easier to talk about in interview.

Don't lie, because they'll ask about it in interview. For Cambridge, there's not need for extra-curriculars, but other universities will be interested. Keep this section short and make the bulk of your personal statement around reading and your favourite themes.

Get some practice interviews in once you get called to interview. Honestly, all other Top 10 universities look at things on paper - BUT Cambridge care more about how you behave during the interview and whether you have a GENUINE interest in the subject.
Natural sciences I the course I really want. I do have a genuine interest and my grades are always >90% (I'm in the Irish system so H1) and even tho I'm broke I read pdfs of anything I can find online.

My biggest worry is that I don't have any decent work experience except for a placement at a local water treatment lab facility. How important is relevant work experience?
I just wanna get out of the shithole I live in
>Is work experience important
It's not, they really don't expect any work experience because it's unfair and doesn't show academic interest but just privilege.

Again, grades aren't as important as genuine interest - make sure you show you have an independent interest beyond the school curriculum. Most generic Russell Group students have exceptional A-level grades, but it's the super-curricular (reading) and passion which is important. Keep reading and come up with a good way of weaving together all the different aspects of the course you enjoy.

If you get called to interview, ask your school to provide interview help. Just talking about the subject with teachers would be good.
cambridge fucking sucks, most boring city in the world
Sour grapes. You don't choose a University based on the city it's located in, bonehead. Let me guess, you went to London Met?

unfortunately I just live in this miserable town. faggot uni cuts the city in half - students don't leave their colleges (autism) so what should be a social hotspot is mostly old chavs

ARU ppl are alright despite being mostly retarded
Christ, you sound retarded - what are those acronyms? Also, your primary focus when studying is to study, not find a "social hotspot" - Cambridge is just fine for socialising OP.
youre studying in cambridge but don't know what ARU means? rofl case and fucking point for cambridge uni autism

cambridge is shit for socialising OP
Why would I need to know irrelevant acronyms? They're overused, trite, and you arrogantly assume I'd know which shitty university you're wasting money on.
ARU is in literal centre of cambridge u fucking mole rofl

perfectly exemplifies my point of cambridge students being full on autists who live in a bubble and can't interact outside of other anti social posh twats
And wtf is UNSW, you retard? Also, do you really think OP wants to socialise with trashy cunts like you, who think Anglia Ruskin is a cultural hub? Networking with real Cambridge students is fulfilling enough.

OP - Cambridge is very diverse, especially if you choose a less pretentious college. Lots of college's are comprised of a majority of state school students. If you're really worried about getting admitted, choose a less-selected college (Churchill, Fitzwilliam, Homerton, Girton, Robinson, etc.). Also, there's lots of social mixing between colleges. You're not missing anything by not socialising with Cambridge locals/Anglia Ruskin kids.
university of New South Wales, just google it next time u utter dunce

I actually said ARU ppl r mongs, but at least leave their halls of residence, unlike college shut ins. 'youre not missing anything by only hanging out with other rich twats' perfect example
A "tip" is a single, isolated piece of advice, that starkly contrasts with the reality you're most familiar with. You want advice on how to embellish, spin and sell your life story? Live the lie. Become the delusion. Recreate your life story in yourself first, write all the prose in your sleep, in your dreams, and when the "personal statement" comes about -- simply write what you know. They'll know no better, and neither will you.

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