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Starting to date someone obese.

They won’t go beyond putting food in an oven for cooking.

What kinda recipies can i get to help them slim down, cheap, easy prep ?
i dont think you should be dating them because you seem really insensitive, don't force them to be with you if you're only going to go as far as to tolerate them, it's unfair to them because they expect genuine emotions, and you're only concerned with trying to change them. I mean it's just I don't think you can properly love them if this post represent your thought process and in the end this situation would cause more pain by holding on then the pain of letting go.
Fatties are for easy sex, not relationships.

nothing, if they aren't working with you to do it.

are they trying to actively lose weight by committing some of their time every day to the effort?

if not, then diet intervention is useless.
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You dont defeat obesity by eating better meals. You defeat obesity by eating less.

>>>/fit/ sticky
>Starting to date someone obese.
>I started dating a fatty, how can I stop them being a fatty?
You can't. If you found someone attractive enough to date when they were obese they won't have any motivation to lose weight, because they were good enough for you.
Get them to consume fewer calories and move more if you want them to lose weight.
The issue you will have is that you will get them to go on walks then they will think they can gorge themselves on food because they were "good".
this. i literally lost over 100lbs eating fast food like mcdonalds and pizza and shit, i just ate less of it.

People sometimes overeat to cope with stress and other emotional issues. Other times it's because they have no hobbies and interests, or they are spoiled fucks.
To thin someone and prevent them from regaining the weight, you are going to have to address their issues and change their habits. Essentially change them as individuals, which requires both desire and willpower on their part.


Like hell. I didn't go through fucking Purgatory to fuck smelly blobs and drive up the price of cunt.
Seriously go on >>>/ck/ and ask about this shit.

But look at one-pot cooking type shit. Whether you use a crock pot or instant pot, the kind of thing where you throw a piece of meat, vegetables, broth, and some dried herbs in and just let it rip. It's low-carb as well provided you don't serve it over rice or pasta (though you can do that as well if your concern is more about eating properly cooked meals rather than convenience foods).
>Like hell. I didn't go through fucking Purgatory to fuck smelly blobs and drive up the price of cunt.
I'm gonna go meet up with a girl on Sunday next week who's not obese but pretty big

she has enormous breasts and a nice pretty face

OP what sort of sex positions work best? Is having her on top good? That is my favourite place to have her but no idea how it works for a bigger woman. But just the thought having her glorious tits dangling in my face makes me go crazy.

Also is it true there's a lot more sex noises like fapping noises? is it more wet?

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