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Give me a reason to not end my life. I’m curious to experience that moment before death, to see whether or not there’s really a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m breathing but I’m not alive. I don’t believe in god, but maybe there is something beyond this universe that humans can’t even come close to comprehending.

Maybe I’ll donate my organs to a child in need. I just don’t want to do this anymore, and there are people out there who want to, do why not let them have at it?
There is no guarantee of the viability of your organs for any use after your death.

But your death is inevitable, so there's no need to rush it out of simple curiosity.

whats going on with you, anon?
I flatlined and was clinically dead for a significant amount of time a few years ago. There was no light or anything. It was just.. nothing. Like a dreamless sleep. Not worth it.
I can't answer the other questions, but I can say that the "tunnel" that people talk about is just tunnel vision, usually from a lack of oxygen in the blood, blood loss, etc. I've experienced this myself.

I woke up 2 - 3 days later. My medical records say that they performed "ongoing resuscitative efforts" throughout the surgery. I never experienced any afterlife. It was just nothingness. The moment before death (or at least passing out while near death) is like being dragged into a black hole while you're trying to claw your way back out. Kind of feels like the universe as you know it is collapsing on itself. Or at least it did for me.
get in a shootout or wreck a plane or something you fuckin pussy. high risk high reward behavior until death instead of 'muh rope muh shotgun to the dome' you fuckin dope. go rob a fuckin bank idk.
i do not support killing yourself but if there is no other way and if you want to be helpfull to someone else call a ambulance (emt) just before killing yourself and tape a note with your wish that your organs will be harvested and they probably will help some child

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