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Just bought a Diamond Dove. Anybody have some suggestions for offering her the best care I can?

How should I go about adding grit to her diet? What are some good treats to give a dove?
>buy animal
>know nothing about caring for it

Here, I'll save you the trouble.

I know the basics, but I'm just wanting as much personal information as I can. You don't have to be autistic about it.
>wait until after buying an animal to ask this
Firstly, are you sure she's female? Secondly, she needs a mate. You shouldn't keep a dove or pigeon by itself unless you're going to spend almost every second of the day with it. They hate being alone. Put the grits in a separate bowl. Is it an indoor or outdoor dove? If it's an indoor dove make sure the bottom of its enclosure has some sort of dove safe bedding (I use aspen shavings bit I'm not sure if it's the best thing to use) make sure there are perches. Usually for doves flat shelve like perches or v like perches are recommended but a few branch perches and maybe an orthopaedic perch all of different sizes would be ideal to prevent bumble foot or callouses. Make sure its cage is big enough for her to fly around in. Something like a giant dog crate or a parrot cage would be good. Provide some sort of nesting bowl or box and make sure its higher up than any other perch so she'll use it as a nest if she is in fact female. Of it's going to be an outdoor dove make sure you know what kind of predators you have that would eat a dove and make her cage accordingly. Make sure there's protection against sun and rain and its big enough for your dove to fly around. If you want your dove to be able to leave its outdoor cage and come back leave it there for at least three months so it can get adjusted. Make sire you clean its cage at least once a month. More if its needed. Make sure your pigeon is vaccinated against PMV and other serious illnesses.
My pigeon loves green tea with a little bit of honey and carrots.

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