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Over the years my cat seems to have unlearned how to use the litter box, and refuses to use it unless locked in a small room with it. This wasn't a problem in the past, as he would just go in our back yard, but a few years ago he was traumatized and refuses to go outside anymore. I've tried putting him in the box after naps, playtime, or meals, but that doesn't work. I lock him in a small room for a week (with food and frequent visits, of course) with just the litter box to go in, and slowly open up the house for him room by room after each successful week, but that doesn't stick either.

I'm at a loss at what to do, I'm starting to think that maybe rehabilitating him to go outdoors would be the best option, but I'm worried it'll traumatize him more or he'll get himself hurt.
Is the litter box actually cleaned every day?

It seems like you are the cause of his problems.
Maybe talk to a vet. Seems like a pretty obnoxious problem and people here are just going to reeee at you for having an outdoor cat.
When we have talked to a vet during his checkups they basically shrug. The thing is, the locking him in a room trick worked last time we tried it, he was good about using the litter box for months. Unfortunately, he relapsed, and now nothing seems to work, the moment we start adding more rooms for him to roam around in he immediately pees anywhere but the litter box.

I'm pretty sure he has a checkup coming up, so I'll make sure to talk to the vet again.
Try fully submerging the cat for a period of no less than 15 minutes.
my cat shits in the bathtub for 5 years now. he didn't want to use the litterbox, and i couldn't make him. stopped trying to solve this """""problem""""" a while ago.
That seemed to calm him down, but he seems sort of listless now. Like, he's not moving or breathing. Should I be worried?
Fill the bathtub with litter. Problem solved.

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