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File: doberman.jpg (67 KB, 845x450)
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So tell me /an/, what's the best guard dog breed to protect your land and home?

I already asked this from /k/ couple days ago and their response was mainly German shepherd and Belgian Malinois. Someone also suggested Boerboel and Dogo Argentino since they were basically developed to protect farms and large land areas.

Does /an/ have anything to add?
File: CanaanDog_hero.jpg (70 KB, 1216x669)
70 KB
Most of the time watch or guard dogs act as deterrents OP, so the biggest baddest looking dog gets the job done. Pit bulls, Mastiffs, Boerboels, Doggo Argentino's, etc all get the job done. German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are good but make sure not to get any roach-back GSD's.

I personally have one of pic related, a male Canaan Dog. Excellent at guarding since they don't let their guard down around strangers ever, even if fed. Problem is that you'll have to work extensively on socializing if you ever want to have visitors around on a regular basis.
Forget the dog
>even if fed
what if I feed them poison?

first rule of guard dogs-
train them not to eat strange food
As the other anon said, guard dogs are mostly a deterrent. If someone was really after you or something you have, a few dogs won't do much to stop them. Keep in mind a dog can only stop a bullet once before becoming incapacitated.

That being said, you may want to think about getting any dog you get to go through schutzhund or something. That way when something does come up, you can give them commands to attack and they will be much more effective at taking a person down, and you can also give the command to let go which will be important. If you have a trained attack dog, many landlords won't accept your dog as well as some house insurance companies, or it may raise your insurance.

As far as breeds, just about every mollasar dog and live stock guardians are going to be naturally wary. Just Google for those and check out the breeds, find one that works for your lifestyle. Bully Kuttas, Georgian Shepherd, Kangals, akbash, antolian Shepherd, etc. Keep in mind most of these dogs will be pretty aloof so it is important to get a really solid bond with it. Being a part of the shutzhund training will help, as will basic training and occasional walks. Training goes on for the dog's lifetime, so continue practicing shutzhund even if your dog passed the class. You should probably put guard dog on duty shit around too to help in case your dog does bite an innocent. Never ever let children play with the dog unsupervised.
This should be the first rule of any dog. Right next to reliable recall and basic manners.

Give me some examples. What molosser dog/dogs would be best for farm protection?

All you need.
My brother has a Malinois and it is absolutely obsessed with acting as a watch dog. Guard dog is probably another matter though.
File: boerboel.jpg (108 KB, 736x958)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

ALSO THIS! If it's farm you want to protect you should definitely consider Boerboel ("boer" means "farmer" in Dutch and Afrikaans and "boel" means "dog" in Dutch and Afrikaans).

Dutch farmers (Boers) developed Boerboel to protect their farms from South-African, Rhodesian and Namibian wildlife and tribes. Boerboel was developed around the concept of protecting and guarding fairly large land area and people living on that land from uninvited wildlife and people.

Actually I think that the Boers developed the 2 most well suited farm working dogs. Boerboel to guard and protect the farm and Rhodesian Ridgeback to be a hunting dog. Rhodesian Ridgeback can run 30km in heat and has been used to hunt down African big game.

Boerboel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVSOGOiyHkY

Rhodesian Ridgeback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOQ_J-Awcj4

Pic related is Boerboel. Generally pretty big and very muscular dog.
File: rhodesian ridgeback.jpg (51 KB, 500x332)
51 KB

Pic related is Rhodesian Ridgeback. Best hunting dog to warm environments.
What a surprise. Intruder is a nig nog.
File: 20170422_114435.jpg (2.23 MB, 3264x1836)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG

Dont go for a giant mastiff type and definantly go for a mastiff mix.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are generally fucked.
You dont want an exgagerated dog like the smushed face american bulldogs or bullmastiffs or the excessive skin of the neapolitans and old english mastiffs.

My perfect dog will probally by my boy here who is 50% neapolitan, 25% dogue de bourdeux and 25% bullmastiff over a German Shorthaired Pointer then back over another Mastiff mix. I would add the pointer for athleticism and endurace and if it indicated game more obviously that is a bonus as I do like to take my dog shooting.

You DO NOT NEED to train in bite work or anything to have a decent guardian the only thing I would insist you train is recall, you must have your sog under control at all times. They will naturally police a perimeter and guard your person using measured levels of intimidation and violence being bold and powefull but never savage.

More pics thank (You)
>Neapolitan Mastiffs are generally fucked.

Working neos look pretty top notch tbqh
File: 20170417_085711.jpg (2.1 MB, 3264x1836)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG

Look at inisbua mastini for some good quality neos.

Here is another pic of my boy at 14 months with his dachshund.
File: 20170415_114031.jpg (1.81 MB, 3264x1836)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG

In the forest doing some training.
Did you create a thread about flirt poles months ago?

Maybe, I am big on flirtpoles for fitness and impulse control training.
>So tell me /an/, what's the best guard dog breed to protect your land and home

Best dog is in your pic op.

Doberman master race.
Honestly this
Just get some fucking geese and no one will fuck with you
At the boerboels generally less likely to snap like a pitbull is? This breed intrigues me.
the feeding part was a poor socialization attempt on my part; I was trying to get him to be less cautious around my friends by having them feed him treats which didn't succeeded. He isn't actually my guard dog but the breed itself would be great for that function.

Boerboels are very level headed like mastiffs.

Pitbulls do not snap they just get overly stimulated and then can redirect excited aggression onto the wrong thing. Anybody who thinks they "snap" without a build up of stimuli should not be around them.

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