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>Be about 8-9
>Used to hang out with older guys
>one day they decide to pick up a snail turn it upside down and pour salt on it, like basically drowning it
>see snail like kinda curl, obviously in pain
>they throw it against a wall
>like proper splat
>Theres water/mucous on the wall and the snails shell is cracked.
>I think the bugger survived the traumatic experience.
So tell stories about animal abuse you've witnessed or performed. Please avoid the edges.
p.s. I am somewhat regretful for being apart of that but don't really care now, in the past and all. I've got more....
I saw several cats being drowned as a kid ;_;
File: smallest-rodent1.jpg (17 KB, 640x480)
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A neighbour of mine gave me her(what she called) hamster. If this thing was a hamster it was certainly deformed. It looked just like a hamster in every feature though it's legs were like Pic related. anyways
>Be about 11-12
>Neighbour gives me hamster to look after because her mom was "being bitch"
>2 or 3 months go by and it dies.
>She's pretty sad about it and all
I don't think I really cared that much. Maybe just that he's gone
>She buries him out side in the yard
It's a shared yard because i live in a complex or whatever
>My mate T shows up next day
Same older guy I told you about in the past story.
>He convinces me we should try 'cremate' the dead hamster
>We dig up the poor hamster and place it in a toilet roll
>light up the toilet roll and wait for like ages
>After like an hour effort to try and cremate this think alls we've managed to do is burn it's skin off
>yellow shit was oozing out of god knows where.
>Eventually left with this hairless burnt corpse covered in yellow goo. truly an unpleasant sight
>We proceed to place it in a container and present this abortion of a corpse to the owner(we knew what we were doing)
>She freaks out, screams at us and tells us to take it away.
>We were laughing through the whole incident
>We obliged her and returned the poor hamster back into its grave and reburied it
I know alot of people have tortured and killed animals but i don't think anyone has desecrated it corpse and grave.
Looking back I still think it was alil hilarious showing her our work.
t. Jeffrey Dahmer
Shame. You got alil story to go with it?
If you think so... you might love this

Heres another one
>Be about 14(I think younger but whatever) now
>Have a few rats now
>Me and 3 friends of same age(older friends don't wanna hang with a baby anymore.)
>We get bored I assume and decide to play around with one of my rats
>remember holding the rat by the tail and dunking it in my Oros(orange drank where i'm from)
>essentially drown it intermittedly
>friend takes rat from me by the tail and we start dangling it out of the window
>I live in like the 3 floor of my building, so reasonably high
>After some giggles and shit my friend tosses it out the window
>lands in the garden so it's perfectly fine, atleast it seems.
>We run down stairs pick it up and decide to prepare for round 2
>Now my other friend takes the rat by the tail and throws it into the road with traffic and shit
>Rat its the tar like a solid brick.
>We run downstairs, guys still alive but looks like real shit I think its hind legs were broken, maybe spin because it was crawling with it's front legs
>Oh well...... Round 3!
>So now i take it upon my self to toss the bugger
>I crank my arm back far with tail in hand
>HUT HUT.bye
>and launch the poor guy out my window and into the street's below
(as Illustrated in pic related)
>guy seems to hit the road harder then before
>No movement at all....
>Luckily a car runs over him like 30secs later.
I think that's the only real act of cruelty that kinda bothers me... but not really.
File: Weeeeee!!!!!!!.png (427 KB, 374x513)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
forgot pic
I'll type more later.
First month in college dorms 9 years ago I drown a mouse I suddenly discovered while being in shower (that was a type of housing with two-free rooms and one toilet and bathroom for all of them). The mouse was running around in a bathtub in panic for nice five minutes while I, screaming, was showering it with fucking hot water. A nice case of how a weak minded retard can ruin your day if they just happen to be nearby. ...RIP
> A nice case of how a weak minded retard can ruin your day if they just happen to be nearby
Are you referring to yourself?(no bully)
A mouse is harmless what were you so afraid of? You didn't even have to drown it let alone scald it with hot water, Jesus!
Slow board?
Poorfags and children, people who can't tend to animals at all and I was both. It was a roach hell, also with drain flies, complete with their oscillating larvae on a wet plumbing. The sudden mouse was a cherry on top of all that. But I still feel bad for being that triggered.
>watching people eat animals

You can't complain about animal abuse and then eat them at the same time.
I deliberately run over domestic cats.
>Be 8
>Have about a meter and a half long wooden mop handle with the mop removed
>Used it to pretended I was a Jedi or whatever else I liked as a kid
>Live in Florida so have about 20,000 lizards in my yard
>Super bored on some summer day just chilling out next to the pool
>See 3 lizards hanging on to the screen
>Really into Survivor at the time so I get an idea
>Grab my trusty stick and force all 3 lizards into a corner of the deck
>If you push the stick just under their legs they'll climb on
>Get all 3 on and shake them off over the intertube in the middle of the pool
>2 jump off and try to swim to freedom but I recover them
>Notice another and capture it
>I named the biggest one Bob, the smallest one Danny,the light brown one Anna and the last one Chris
>My cast is complete
>Challenge 1:Stay on
>Put the stick in the middle of the intertube, pick it up and start spinning it
>Danny flies off in a matter of seconds
>Put the intertube back in the pool
>Put Danny back on the stick and prepare for his punishment
>Go to the deep end of the pool and forced the stick as far down as it went with Danny on the bottom
>He actually hangs on
>1 minute later and take out the stick and throw a half dead Danny on the intertube
>Go inside for 15 minutes
>Come back and sure enough they're all still on
>Challenge 2:Dodge
>Start slamming the the stick as hard as I can an inch away from each contestant
>Anne starts scampering around but Bob just doesn't give a fuck
>Danny on the other hand is still weakened from his near death experience and I misjudged the distance on a swing and broke his legs
> school party
> huge speakers set up on stage playing loud music
> see little girl in front of speakers holding a leash
> turns out she had leashed her Guinea pig so it could attend the party
>it died of stress during the night
>literal animal torture thread
Shitstain children throwing duck eggs and stomping on them with nearly done chicks inside.
Kids poking stray cats with sticks and throwing rocks at them.
Kids throwing rocks at ducks.

My step-sis starving her dog and depriving her of water so that she wouldn't have to clean up her messes. Tying her to the couch all day long with 2 minute walks maybe twice a day if lucky. Physically hitting her and screaming at her.

I would secretly feed and water her, walk her when she was gone, and in the end she was given away to a great owner and is now doing very well.

nice bait
>beating and slowly torturing an animal is the same as eating an already dead one

Avoid meat from abused animals. If I'm eating a cow or a chicken that had a good life until its death, then it is perfectly fair. That animal only got to enjoy existence because of us - we didn't take it's life, we are the reason it had one. So we can eat it at the end.
There are humane ways to kill animals, anon. Animals die everyday without it being cruelty.
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I hate you
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