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File: IMG-20170505-WA0005.jpg (233 KB, 747x1328)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I couldn't find a birb general to post but I wanted to share this anyway.

My parents have just finished turning their garden sun seat into an aviary for their 2 budgies, because they said it was cruel to keep them in a cage as the younger one was always trying to fly.

Thought it looked pretty good.
File: IMG-20170505-WA0006.jpg (228 KB, 747x1328)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
This one is like... Bastard old. 10 years? All his other budgie buddies have passed so my parents got him a friend. Now they have he aviary they're thinking of buying a couple more.
File: IMG-20170505-WA0001.jpg (136 KB, 747x1328)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
This is his younger friend
File: IMG-20170505-WA0007.jpg (143 KB, 747x1328)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
File: IMG-20170505-WA0008.jpg (308 KB, 747x1328)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
And this is doggo enjoying the sun in front of the cage
Which bird is the coolest and why is it the hill mynah?
File: sekreter-ku┼ču.png (605 KB, 491x645)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
that's a weird way to spell secretary bird
Can your bird even imitate stuff? Step up
File: pigeon[1].jpg (59 KB, 800x561)
59 KB
Mimicry is the most overrated bird ability
looks nice, i'm sure they appreciate the extra space
My cockatiel finally likes the family to the point he flies to find us if we all leave the room. Basically teaching him the house by hiding in different rooms, he finds us, then we plop him in the cage after long enough.
File: IMG_3745-l.jpg (291 KB, 922x692)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
hey can anyone id this bird?
comfy as fuck bruh
When should I help my tiel with pin feathers on his head? Looks like he stopped molting recently.
File: image.jpg (802 KB, 1500x1564)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
Assortment of finches. Couple of fledglings in the bottom row
>/tg/ kinda guy
>there's a little birb who nests above the comic store and screams at anyone who parks there
>find out he's a chickadee and screaming at threats is a major part of their life
Bird watching is neat.
It's a finch but I'm not digging further, sorry.
Western teenager
File: shittybird.jpg (120 KB, 720x960)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>hates when I'm not in the room with him
>spends all his time and energy into trying to get my attention
>doens't want to play with toys, nor reacts to anything interesting in the room
>doesn't give a fuck about tricks, and overall won't do shit unless you give him seeds
>while I'm out he destroys everything in the room
>can't keep him caged because he refuses to go into the cage or get handled
>still wants to be with me every day, all the time and won't shut up if we're not in the same room

I don't know what to do with him. Help.
>full belly, sunbathing, perfect spot in the soft grass, birds chirping nearby
What a life.
get a cat for him to play with :^)
get another one for him to hang out with
give him head scritches
Actually, this is the second one that I got to make to the first one, but he doesn't give a fuck about his mate.

Doesn't like them.
Get bitter apple spray, it's used to keep dogs from chewing on shit and apparently works just as well for birds
Determine what he likes to chew on the most, if it's wires make him a toy that's similar, spray what you want to keep with the spray, and leave the toy that's ok to chew on nearby and I imagine he'll get the picture
To get him more accepting of going in his cage, don't give him his regular food anywhere outside of the cage, you don't even necessarily have to close him in, just make him ok with being in there and go from there
Look up stick and/or clicker training and give it a shot, even just for simple things like stepping up
If you don't have any, get some fibrous toys that he can really tear up (hanging stuff, woven mats, whatever)
I have a patch of artificial grass made for an indoor dog potty, and I sprinkle seeds/pellets in it and my cockatiel loves to root through it (It stays outside of his cage though)
>Get bitter apple spray
Tried that, didn't work at all.

>Determine what he likes to chew on the most, if it's wires make him a toy that's similar
I actually got a few wires for him to avoid things like the pic above, but apparently if they're not connected to my PC they're just not good enough for him, because he doesn't even look at them.

>don't give him his regular food anywhere outside of the cage
His regular food is and has always been inside the cage. He goes in, eats and quickly flies away upon finishing or if he sees me getting close to the cage. Actually, there's some treats I keep to give him only inside the cage and is the only way for me to get him inside of it long enough to close it.

>Look up stick and/or clicker training and give it a shot
Yeah, I didn't explain myself properly before: he has learned some tricks. I can ask him to go to different places in the room, make him "beg" for a treat with his leg or by chirping, and he knows his name and comes when called. He learned all of those really fucking quickly. The problem is, if he doesn't see the treats already in my hand, he just won't do any of those things, even though he absolutely knows what to do.

>If you don't have any, get some fibrous toys that he can really tear up
He has ropes, bells, ladders, bridges, branches and a ball. I change their location every two weeks or so because I was told this helps keep the bird entertained. He simply refuses to play with them 90% of the time.

Thanks for the tips, though.
Damn, that's nuts
Can't come up with any other suggestions, though it might be worth saying that I never see my cockatiel play with his toys either, but he'll get after them if he thinks there's no one around
He might view you as his mate. That's not a good or healthy thing for birbs and a lot of people don't see the signs of a bird trying to court them and instead, accidentally encourage it. I'm not sure about breaking that habit once they already view you as a mate though.

Try getting another bird.

Yup, better than a small cage but still basically a cage.
File: op.jpg (56 KB, 600x600)
56 KB
Just put some money down on a newborn cockatiel at the shop today bois. Just born yesterday. They're gonna hand feed him/her until he/she's ready to be taken home.
My lovebird Hobbs died. She had an egg stuck in her. I had no idea she was trying to lay because we've had this female pair of lovebirds for four years and they never laid. They still mount each other despite being females(vet confirmed ). She was acting completely normal yesterday and last night, even flying around and sitting on me but I found her dead today with a half laid egg.
RIP Hobbs, you silly one legged birb.

Now I have a lone lovebird. Is it easy to introduce her to a new lovebird? They were my first and I know they can bully other birds, I'm just not sure how well she will take to a new one.

I'm guessing it'd be like introducing any other bird to a new companion. Separate cages for a time, keep them close by, let them interact on neutral ground, see how they react to one another.
File: IMG_0724.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Nice, are you planning to visit a few times before taking it home? I feel like my doing that for my cockatiel really helped him get attached to me so quickly
In other news, I gave bitter apple spray a try to see if it would keep him from trying to remove the moles on my neck

The good news is he doesn't seem to like the taste
Unfortunately, he feels as though anything that tastes bad must be destroyed

Oh yeah, I'll probably visit him at least once a week, maybe more often than that. Also, are you sure he's a he?

The smokey coloring makes it look more like a she.
Very sure, DNA sexed as male and this conversation comes up a lot
The breeder said he's a pied coloration and males and females look almost identical for that mutation
Are your birds cuddly?

I'm considering a bird companion (once I get my shit together) and would like a friendly pet.

Cuddly toucan:

Is this in australia?
who's mans is this?
Your details are rough but >>2378232 is probably right. He sees you as a potential mate and is trying to get you to fuck him and lay his eggs. Getting another bird is probably the fastest way to stop this. Without someone else to keep him occupied he's just going to keep trying to court you, and will only get more and more frustrated with it.
The only cuddly pet birds are pair bonded pet birds. Birds show affection primarily to their mates. One in a mated pair may let you stroke it a bit without biting but there's a reason why you see all of these cuddly bird youtube videos as single birds... who tend to have a habit of preening their owner's face. Most bird owners don't realize their pet making calls to them and trying to snuggle into their chest, trying to preen them is their way of saying they want sum fuk. The owner in that video is encouraging it by stroking the toucan's spine. That channel has never shown another toucan with that bird, who was a rescue from a zoo.

Mated birds do not make particularly affectionate pets. Even U2s in a pair bond will not try to cuddle you like people want from U2s. That is mating behavior, and the fact that people don't realize this before getting into bird ownership means they're slated for a course that ends with them married to a bird (that very well may outlive them). Bird pair bonds are a pain in the ass to break once they're established, ESPECIALLY with the higher parrot species like cockatoos and macaws who tend to form very strong pair bonds for life. I see it all of the time in old single captive parrots. They like ONE person, and despise literally everyone else they interact with. To that one person, they will lavish all their attention and love and everyone else gets ignored or bit. Well, guess what? That's what pair bonding is. Birds aren't very social to random members of the flock. They're social with their mate. Any attempt to pet, stroke, or cuddle a bird will be seen as allopreening behavior by them... and if they're in isolation from other members of their species, humans are the next best thing. Your options are:

>never interacting with your bird beyond replacing food/water
>buying a mate and dealing with eggs like every other month (and don't forget the calcium supp)
>having a qt bird girlfriend for life
File: western_tangerine.jpg (1.06 MB, 2116x1233)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
What did you say about me you
My old beeb was extremely social and cuddly, he would drop cheerios on people if they sat near his cage. Ended up claiming my mom as his waifu which caused behavioral problems.
>having a qt bird girlfriend for life
Is that okay for the bird?
What's a good entry level bird? I was thinking about getting a budgie.
also how do you keep birds in general from just shitting all over your house, are they litter trainable?
i need some help
I bought two cockatiels from local breeders, just an old grandma and grandpa, and within a couple of weeks they both died. I contacted them and they said they had no clue. Up until they died, they were playful, eating fine. Got a quaker from them afterwards, and the same thing happened.

I have two lovebirds, and they're perfect, no health issues whatsoever. They were next to eachother in the living room, no non-stick cookware or any fabric cleaners. Is this potentially something from the breeders, or does it sound like I made some form of mistake?
Going to get a couple of canaries any tips?
Theyre from a breeder and are very healthy
If you want the healthiest bird the best option is setting it in a sizable flock in a large outdoor aviary. The bigger the better.
If he's a natural ground forager, then change the way you're feeding him. Parrots spend most of their waking hours looking for food and eating, and when we provide their food all at once in one convenient location, we're denying them the ability to work off their energy, explore, and use their brains the way they evolved to do so in the wild.

Think of ways you can more closely replicate the hunting and foraging activities they use to get food in the wild. For ground foragers that eat a lot of seed, mix their daily ration in a box with a bunch of cut up paper, or cotton towels, or whatever, and give them the opportunity to forage through all that stuff to find their seed. Think of ways you can hide high payoff foods that will give him the opportunity to use his brain to figure out how to get them, like making him pull something to release it, or pull out a twig or something.

The bottom line is that most behavioral problems take place largely due to boredom. These are smart animals, and if they aren't given something constructive to do by us, then they'll find something to do on their own...which we might not like.

Were they fully weaned ? It's possible that they can regress after being weaned. Did you notice any change in their eating habits/ weight ?
That's what I was thinking as well. With my love birds, the little fat asses eat all day, but with the quaker I was still giving him "comfort feedings" of formula once a day
not buying any more birds from mom and pop breeders
>>Flock in a massive outdoor aviary
>Hardmode caretaking.
>Larger pop means more bird deaths to break your heart.
>More worries about parasites and predation.
Rating: 24/7 cuddle cucking

>>Single wiafu bird
>Easy to care for.
>Have a pleasantly demanding little cuddle creature.
>Probably less cute when your feather skeleton tries to get sum fuk with your hand
Rating: That weird guy that likes birds, a lot.
Your post reminded me that I had a bird that autistically sorted his seeds into yellow ones and brown ones before eating, and carefully lined up all the brightly coloured seeds on the edge of the container without eating them.
File: 20170516_195145.jpg (2.27 MB, 4128x3096)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
sup guys,

i had 2 budgies for 5 months. one of them died a few days ago because of an illness (r.i.p.). today i got a new one (pic related). my concern is that my ill bird was in this exact position just before he got ill.
so is this one ill too?
i'm a bit worried
Do people here do birdwatching/'birding' or is it more about pet birbs?

I bought some binoculars recently and have been sitting on the back porch watching them. It's quite relaxing but I really can't tell one from the other other than the hordes of robins/pigeons/blackbirds. How does one go about identifying wild birds?
I do birding. I do it to take pictures of them, I love bird photography.

I bought a book about all the birds native to my state and I've made it a goal to photograph all of them, or at least as many as I can.

I live in Montana just outside a large city. I've seen a few blue jays around and it has made me really want to see more but they hardly come around. I've only seen about two. Is there any particular way to attract them?
File: IMG_20170514_170809.jpg (2.71 MB, 2976x3968)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
I've wanted for a some years now to try and keep a couple of birbs and now my uncle is going to give me two of his finches. I've already done some research and he's going to give me some more advice when I go to pick them up, but I have some questions.
I don't want to breed and I've asked him for two males, but he says that's probably not a good idea. If I do get a male and a female, and remove her eggs when she lays, will that give her behavior problems, or worse, ovary illness?
Also, I trust my uncle, but will two lone males really fight each other, or will that only happen if there's a female on the same cage as well?
Thanks in advance.
File: sad.png (287 KB, 581x353)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
File: 20170518_103920_resized.jpg (933 KB, 1742x3095)
933 KB
933 KB JPG
Is it okay to keep a female and a male canary together after the breeding season ?
And if i have to keep them apart is one of those grate separators enough?

Pic related my birbs, i've had them for quite a while but was recently told they maybe shouldn't be together

That cage is seriously lacking stimuli, like what the hell.
File: birdpic.jpg (52 KB, 413x526)
52 KB
I was given a cockatiel by the guy who was renting my apartment. The problem is, I never had a bird before. I've been trying my best to keep him happy, but he won't come out of his cage and tries to beak me if I put my finger next to him.
He hops on my father's fingers though, and he has no problem staying for hours on my shoulders or in my room. How do I make him get used to me?

tl;dr my bird doesn't like me and I have no idea what the fuck I should do to change this.
Option C: falconry. It so happens falconry gets you good at ID-ing raptors.

The trick is to do it a damn lot. I can ID a red-tail by only looking at the way it flaps its wings, and I've gotten a lot better at ID -ing passage vs haggard without having to get binoculars on its tail (which is often not something you will get to see well enough without bumping it). I got much better after the first time I went out trapping, where it took 2 weeks to find a passage; I got better because it was massive practice. Had to have seen at least 250 red-tails, incl. at least 100 over one weekend. All hags, the little fucks.

Also having someone with you who knows more than you to point out the species and such helps.
File: Meme123.jpg (1.35 MB, 3264x1836)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Do chickens count as birbs?
>he has no problem staying for hours on my shoulders
how do you keep him from shitting down your torso constantly
I wear an old shirt and wash it after I'm done playing with him.
what should i put in there?
Shreddables, bird safe bells and mirrors, regular stuff so they don't lose their minds
Alright then thank you
You got any insight into my original question you could help me with
really more of a fish than a birb
>if I put my finger next to him.

so don't do that. give him head scritches
He tries to beak me when I do that. Like, he gets closer, lowers his head, and tries to beak me when my finger gets too close. And he was kinda letting me pet him, which only leaves me more confused.
mutual preening and attacking are very related actions in the psychology of some birds (idk about cockatiels specifically though). If you don't have confidence and try to flee, then the bird will be more inclined to follow through and attack.
>really more of a fish than a birb

this desu, have you tasted chicken?
let him beak you a little bit and dont pull away, my cockatiel beaks my finger too and then accepts scritches and nuzzles on me
File: gf2can.png (28 KB, 675x410)
28 KB
youtube toucans can be addictive. careful!
>driving home
>see bird in middle of road
>park and walk over to it
>young robin begins making "gibe food pls" motions and noises
>look around for the most likely tree it came from
>put him in a spot where he is sheltered
>wait a bit
>decide I'm scaring off the parents and drive home
Did I do ok?
What is the kind on the left?
How likely am I to disturb a robin into abandoning a nest in my tree? I'm obviously not touching the nest or shaking the tree around, but I was pointing it out to someone (we were maybe 5-6 feet away) and a robin was there and flew off near the back door, where we spooked it again on the way in. I also have to mow around the tree about once a week. The nest is only about 6-7 feet off the ground.

Are they likely to abandon nests for such mild agitation or should it be okay?
Am I taming my new budgie right? I can put my finger right up against him and he will stay calm for a few seconds, then beak my finger and start flying around the cage really fast. Like is it normal?

yes that is exactly what you should do. Fledglings fall out of their nest and bounce around until figuring out how to fly. The parents hang around and bring it food still, and will hide if something big approaches. so you did good
Don't listen to the haters. Chickens are good birds and will love you very much in their simple yet bizarre chicken way.
My new bird shit on my arm for the first time. We're bonding so quickly.
Idiot. You got your smell on it and now the parents will abandon it.
File: image.jpg (808 KB, 2000x1317)
808 KB
808 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (725 KB, 2000x1123)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
File: cedar-waxwing[1].jpg (93 KB, 357x500)
93 KB
Cedar Waxwing is my favorite bird <3

Unfortunately they only come through my area once a year for a short time. I'm always listening for their scree-ing
I love birds. Currently raising

Pair of red golden

2 broad breasted whites
One royal palm x eastern wild turkey

2 pair of grey calls
1 pair of white calls
2 blue fawn call hens
4 pekins

17 barred rock hens
12 hampshire hens
2 welsumer hens
2 Rhode Island red cocks
15 buff orpington chicks
2 white laced red Cornish hens
3 brown leghorn hens
5 silver laced wyandotte hens
1 partridge rock cock

4 grey toluse

In the incubator I have almost 200 chicken eggs, all hens bred to the rock cock except the barreds who where bred to the RI cocks for sexlinks. Also have 14 pheasant eggs and 27 duck eggs all from calls bred to their respective varieties.

This year I am planning on cutting adding black Sumatra's, partridge cochins, and Jersey giants to the chicken flock, lady Amherst to the pheasants, and any and every rare type of turkey I can find.

I started off showing call ducks and selling eggs. I also used to sell turkeys for thanksgiving, but dogs killed my flock so I'm currently only raising two for me to eat while I rebuild. I've still sell eggs, but I have decided to focus more on breeding. The plan is to keep any desirable crossbreds I produce and keep crossing until they breed true. My turkeys are on a similar breeding program were I just let them all cross because I have found that when people pick them out they prefer turkeys with unique color patterns over broad breasted whites. When my numbers get back to where they should be, I will be breeding for colorful toms to throw over Narragansett hens.

What would you like to see? My camera is broken, but I may be able to barrow one before tomorrow.
sounds like your bird is not staying calm to me, though it does sound like normal behaviour.

Western Tanager
not him but id like to see the pheasants

Here's the hen on the roost with the cock hidden somewhere in the rafters. They are staying in the chick rearing pen while I build them a proper cage.
File: IMG_3893.jpg (1.81 MB, 3264x2448)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? I live in west tennessee.
It's worth two in the bush.
When I live in Dallas my neighbor was selling birds
He got a birdfeeder wire up to the power
He was electrocuting them with a button to get the pretty ones
Then he was selling them to chinese people on ebay he said
The cop call me a derogatory name and didnt believe when I tell them and even mail pictures to teh station they said never say again
Are there any birds that aren't too messy that could stand apartment life? I've wanted a bird for a while, but I don't want anything that's super loud or messy.
There's your problem. If you meant business then you would have been taking pot shots at him with an air rifle. Nobody will take you seriously in Texas if you just whine, especially if you're foreign.
off he goes in a craigslist ad

better yet to the local animal shelter

what an insufferable bird

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