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File: Alfie.jpg (9 KB, 180x240)
9 KB
I don't know what to do. I got a pupper yesterday and he's great but I'm already regretting adopting him. This fucking dog; he's too energetic, pisses everywhere, whines in his crate, won't sleep, and he bites on my hand.
Have some patience and train the little shit. Its a living being, not an accessory. Its probably still stressed out from the move, and doesn't feel that you are on the same pack. It takes time.
File: Alfie pout.png (571 KB, 720x564)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
Yeah, patience. You're not wrong
If its energetic let it out of the house or teach it to stop. Calm down, grab its snout, wait for it to calm down, they produce a sound that you would like to be a sign for it to calm down.

The food denial exercise is a good training for it to know who's boss.
File: Alfie Car.jpg (54 KB, 960x540)
54 KB
None of this makes sense.
Just fucking train it. Its not a human it would not understand you perfectly. You need to drill visual and auditory ques so you that it would follow commands. You also have to make it clear that you are its master, not just the little bitch that gives it food.
It's almost like you should've done some research and prepared yourself instead of just grabbing a fucking live animal from somewhere thinking you can shove it in a corner and only pay attention to it when you're bored.
Regret is really normal even parents of new babies feel it. Puppies are very stressful to care for, you're probably thinking "what the hell did i get myself into" right now but don't worry you can get through this. Do a good job and you'll have a well trained happy adult dog in the future.

Rude and unnecessary, even someone who did research and was prepared for a situation can still feel overwhelmed when they're actually in the situation.

The sound cue thing has been a life saver for my puppy. Clicker training is very effective when the associate the sound with "Yes! I DID GOOD!" And they want to keep pleasing you usually. Because he's so big and bouncy I taught him the noise that basically translates to "You better fucking stop right now" and I just do that for a few seconds and he calms down.

Puppies love training and that's a great way to work out their energy. A frozen kong also keeps them busy for a few hours, and feeding them through a wobbler makes them work around as well.
well no. anyone who's done research would be prepared for all of these "issues" which are actually just common puppy behaviours. yeah, it can suck but if OP had researched he'd have known exactly what he was getting in to
Food denial is not an appropriate method of dog training. There are feeding methods to reinforce manners and pack status, but a pup needs nutrition to be able to learn, function, and grow. Flat out food denial is ghetto tier and guaranteed to hamstring training.
OP dog needs socialization, exercise and mental stimulation. And those all require pup to be well fed.
File: nappin doggo.jpg (356 KB, 1306x977)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
It gets better, OP
>you should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself
>so lazy you don't fucking research and spontaneously get a dog
>no better than teenage sluts having babies they aren't prepared for

Now that's out of the way you should train him to stop urinating. It will take time for him to adjust to a crate and puppy nipping is common. He's teething. He is in pain. Get him something suitable to chew one. Maybe chill a rope toy in the freeze and let him chew it to soothe his gums. As for high energy, take him for a walk multiple times a day. It'll make leash training him easier and help you to lose weight. No doubt you're a fat fuck.
File: Alfie Rope.jpg (3.04 MB, 4640x3480)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
I've had a blue heeler in the past but never a puppy but you're right, I could have prepared better.
How long until I can be at peace?
We're taking him to training at Pet Smart for the next 12 weeks.
I can't wait for that stage
File: Alfie Crate.jpg (3.89 MB, 3480x4640)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB JPG
Are you taking him out to potty once an hour for every month old he is, including in the night (3 months = every 3 hours)? If not I can see why he is peeing everywhere, they can only hold their bladder for so long

As for the whining and trouble sleeping, give him a big playtime, enough to tucker him out, right before you want him to go to sleep or go in his crate. He should be panting and maybe a little wobbly on his feet. Put him in his crate and sit with him without giving him any attention until he falls asleep. Then go about your business
>he's too energetic, pisses everywhere, whines in his crate, won't sleep, and he bites on my hand
1. play with him until he tires out
2.take him outside and reward him when he pisses
3.dunno never crated a dog
4.see 1.
5.bite him back until he cries
He looks very young, and thats pretty common for a new dog. getting used to you.

When i got my dog he was about a year old but he acted absolutey nuts for the first few weeks and really levled out after a few months and is docile and calm now.

Just to give you an idea how bad he was
>couldnt leave him alone for more than 10 minutes or he would start tearing everything up starting with the trash can.(he will tear some stuff up but only when im gone for a week or two and i leave him with the family).
>He wouldnt come in my room if i had the light off.
>he would pee himself from being excited
>he wouldnt sleep in my room
and just normal stuff like that.

they grow out of it.
File: candy.jpg (99 KB, 636x1024)
99 KB
Hi! I'm Candi
I send you this song
You got a cattle dog mix. They are high energy and very drivey, demanding dogs. Everyone I've personally known with one has found them to be very alert, energetic, mouthy, and vocal.

He's still young, though. Mine mouthed my hands and would grab my pant legs and refuse to let go, dragging along when I walked.


I kept mine confined to a small area with me at all times. I purchased an exercise pen and used it to gate off a portion of my bedroom, around my desk. This helped with housebreaking.
>training at Pet Smart

Don't do this.
Look for an actual dog trainer.
File: 517WrH8nr0L.jpg (46 KB, 331x500)
46 KB
This is some Cesar Millan-tier retardation.

Read Ian Dunbar for actual advice.
>why is my puppy acting like a puppy?

Just do both of you a favor and take him back.
I provided links to PDFs from Ian Dunbar in >>2385075 this post. He offers this book for free, in two separate/older editions. The only difference in the newer one is the publisher changed a bit of his language to some across less blunt/condescending regarding some topics. The PDFs are the same thing as this book, though.

He has a podcast on Dogstardaily.com as well.
I have a few minor issues with some stuff he says but for the most part he's a pretty solid foundation for someone like OP.
Literally everything you described is just standard new puppy stuff. I really don't know how it caught you by surprise, did you do literally any research before you got a puppy?
Please don't follow this. You really just need to work out the dog mentally and physically
so just put it in the trash
You should research into the dog you're going to adopt m8. Did you like literally adopt him only because he looked cute?

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