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I got this bag of shit I don't know what to do with. Squirrels don't want it so what can I feed it to? Is it safe for birds? They're still raw and unseasoned.
the fuck? they're good anon, eat them
Yeah, eat that shit.
Roast 'em and eat 'em yourself anon, it's simple.
>Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees
>Mix melted butter/oil and salt/whatever other seasonings you want in a bowl
>Toss the seeds in the bowl until they're coated well
>Put them on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for 45 minutes or until they're golden brown
>Stir every now and then to ensure even roasting.
>That fucking many seeds
>Wanting to toss them
Holy shit
Do this. They become very crunchy and they are a 10/10 snack
Just give them to another person. Pumpkin seeds are great you tasteless fag.
If I wanted to eat them I'd post this on /ck/. Besides, I tried it before, shit's gross. I'm just gonna dump them in the park if no one has any better suggestions. Maybe crows will eat them.
How did you obtain such a thing?
Eat them or plant them. Either go to >>>/ck/ or here: >>>/out/1110706
>shit's gross

There are a few ways to cook and season them. The biggest thing is the length of time they are roasted. That changes the flavor and texture drastically. If it isn't done correctly, it is pretty "gross".
I disembowled some pumpkins.

Last time I remember they were really woody tasting. These I laid out on a rusty filthy tray to dry, I'm not eating them after that. Maybe next time.
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It also depends on the cultivar. Some are much better than others. Those white ones I see in the stores, in the nuts section, are fucking terrible. The dickinson ones I have right now are amazing (bottom right pic). When they get toasted just right the shell crumbles and there's a very nutty flavor.
>Wait till spring
>Find sunny spot
>Till soil
>Plant seeds
>Water everyday
>Kill self
really though bake them BAKE THEM THEY ARE THE HIDDEN TREASURE SUPER FOOD and once the marketers are here the price is always fucking doubled so be quick, anon QUICK
Would I then become one with the plants? Would I be able to use my new multitude of plant bodies to take over the world?
This is so cozy
What do you do with all those jars?

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