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why do people treat their pets this way
Poor doggo looks sick and miserable. I wonder what that fuck has done to him
Fucking idiots who have no idea how to play for the future. Fucking idiots who have no comprehension on how expensive it is to care for a dog.
>*plan for the future
What's the problem? He could have just got a new landlord who suddenly put a limit on the number of pets allowed.
>need to ***get rid of him***
>dog looks sad as fuck
>condition: fair
Multiple dogs in an apartment is a bad situation anyway, what do you expect from mouthbreathers like that?
God, posts like this really ruin my day. I truly hope that this little guy is taken by a responsible, loving person and doesn't end up as a bait dog or just tied up in somebody's yard.
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>You will never be able to rescue all the sad and abused animals in the world and give them to loving homes
Why must the world be such a cruel place
If your choices are keep your dog or become homeless I'd "get rid of" the mutt too, especially in the middle of winter.
His fur is ungroomed but he is a lttle overweight. And he's a housedog. "looks miserable"? Seriously? Now we're criticizing their photography skills? Do you realize how many owners can't even feed their fucking animals and keep them inside? This person is practically a hero compared to the shit you usually see on craigslist.
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Been living with my gf for a while now and she owns a cat with chlamydia. She had the cat for 8 years, has always given the cat medication for his chronic disease, but we are moving out soon to a new apartment and we have no choice but to get rid of him, sadly. Thing is, he always looks a bit sickly in his eyes and nose due to his condition, and I doubt anyone will buy a sick cat from her because they'll assume the cat is much sicker than he really is.

I always hated people who ditch pets, but we honestly couldn't predict that one day, suddenly, we'd need to move out.

Agreed with this anon.
this, I think y'all are getting emotionally jerked around just because it's a picture of a dog looking downward

that said, people who live in apartments and treat dogs as collectibles is something worth complaining about
Why were you fucking the cat?
>using the condition rating on an animal
File: image_3.jpg (77 KB, 1014x1024)
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Feline chlamydia and human chlamydia are different, the cat one isn't an STD.

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