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This is my doggo.
We don't care. Hang yourself.
neck yourself
File: 1512490751442.png (262 KB, 520x797)
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thats a cute dog op! dont let these faggots break your stride! tell us more about your dog
no, they're correct. no one cares about his dog. notice i said dog, not doggo. the baby speak on /an/ is cancerous and needs to stop. please drink bleach
Wot a nice doggo give him a clap
File: 1512796615624.jpg (67 KB, 602x653)
67 KB
That's a cute doggo desu~~~I
I agree.
These are my doggos
looks like a homosexual
Leave this board. /an/ is the one bastion on this website against pointless edgy negativity. His dog is epic and you are not epic. Go back to /pol/ where you belong.
It looks like a nice dog but
C'mon man.
Cute dog, OP!

Dude, fuck off. OP just posted a picture of their dog. It's relevant. This is an animal board.

The fact that you're getting your panties in a twist because he said "doggo" instead of just "dog" is your problem. There's no reason to get autistically upset about something as asinine as word choice.

Also, I'll point out that there was a time when "doge" was a very popular word choice on /an/ and no one complained. It fell out of favor as it became more popular in the world at large. And then later, "doggo" was the same--many people on /an/ used it, and not one fucking person complained. Now that it's become "mainstream" lingo, people like you are getting upset about it. That's just silly.

Just calm the fuck down and let people enjoy their dogs and their silly meme language. It's not a big deal, dude.

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