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>Malinois doggo
>has a partial ligament rupture
>doctor not sure about surgery being necessary
>barely any exercise + glucosamine + knee brace-harness for 8 months or so
>dramatic improvement
>2 months after taking the harness off, dog can do short walks fine. Start to slowly take him for longer walks
>now, when he walks on pavement his leg will start limping after 1 block. When he is on grass/dirt, he can walk much longer

what else can I do? I just ran out of glucosamine, and I know it MIGHT help, but I am thinking on maybe trying it again.....any other supplements I should look into?

also, the area around his knee seems "bony" but it could be from low muscle mass in that leg after such a long time resting...any ideas what else could it be?

thank you
Look into golden paste. You can easily make it with turmeric powder, black pepper, and coconut (or olive) oil. Or if there’s a holistic pet supply store or something similar in your area you can buy it premade. It’s a fantastic anti-inflammatory and has lots of other benefits for their entire system. An animal chiropractor or canine massage therapist might be able to help soothe sore muscles and restore proper mobility as well.
I usually don't believe in this shit and I don't know if it's safe for dogs (probably not) but Blue Emu and Tiger Balm really does it for my joints. Blue Emu less but there's some ingredients I'm sure OK can mix up himself and add some other shit.

Also long soaks and swimming.
Had the same knee issue with my Golden Retriever. Vet recommended surgery on both knees. Surgery was $5k. Dog was walking again within 2 days.
Turmeric powder, coconut oil, green-lipped mussel powder, glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3, will all help with joints and arthritis, but I am uncertain about ligament damage. Keep going with a basic supplement for rest of his life unless it causes him gastrointestinal upset.

A "bony" area around a joint could be indicative of arthritis, or he might just have low muscle and a bony knee, as you said. But my GSDs knees were checked because they felt bony and potentially arthritic when he was 5.

Can you walk him in the brace? I know when I fuck my ankle but am still exercising, I can go a lot further with a lot less pain in an ankle brace.

Are his nails trimmed regularly? Especially if he isn't getting a lot of exercise to wear them down, the length of the nail will impact the way he stands and walks, affecting the entire leg and causing pain if they are too long.

He may just be lacking muscle mass in the injured leg, so it gets tired before the rest of him.

Consult with your veterinarian or veterinary joint specialist if you're actually concerned because strangers on the internet can't actually help you.
don't forget to let the dog have controlled (on leash) low activity time, the dog isn't going to become mobile again with pure supplements. It needs to be able to exercise too.

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