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File: angry.jpg (63 KB, 633x758)
63 KB
How can I stop being a little bitch?
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Just making him taller.
yeah he's stretched out until his joints break.
build up imunity to death by killing yourself a little everyday before long youll be a bitch that cant die.

I matched this ridiculous bitch on tinder.
You guys ever run into an actual crazy bitch?
>FYI she "switched" to a community college.
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File: IMG_4931.png (181 KB, 303x311)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>/b/ tier thread
>/b/ tier response
Go back to /b/ newfag
>humoring this cunt
>using tinder
kneck you're selve t b h-f a m
File: 1495594349916wat.gif (1.83 MB, 240x275)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF

File: 697429839.gif (117 KB, 393x424)
117 KB
117 KB GIF
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Party pooper...

redpill me on the touhou games. if i wanted to get into them which should i start with? can i play them on my shitty laptop?
>which should I play
Dude try reading the manga first....

File: timecrisis02.jpg (192 KB, 960x1280)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
I am looking for an arcade; I don't care where it is. It has to have the Time Crisis and House of the Dead games. Ghost Squad would be nice, too.

The has to be an arcade out there in this world that specializes in light gun games? I already checked Galloping Ghost.

File: 1508328410548.png (110 KB, 286x217)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>open /bant/
>3 nigger fucker threads

File: 102674930.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
should i order a whole rotisserie chicken for myself
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Kebabs are the one thing you have as a Turk go for gold cunt
It's all about mind set man and what works for you. If training for an event keeps you on your toes that's good. if working out 6 days a week is working, keep doing it. What matters is sticking with the work out/ training program for a long period of time.
File: 1495604368624.gif (1.49 MB, 300x300)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF

File: 1499940151671.png (794 KB, 763x757)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
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its purple you color blind fuck
Are you colour blind, M8. It's purple.

Gaze upon true journalism!
Liberate your mind and body from the sensationalist plague of the Yellow Press!
Read "The Morning /bant/er" now, and start your day's shitposting with thoughtfulness, insight, and creativity!
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raid? You mean the /lgbtpol/ thread or the "make a thread on /pol/ and see if you can get it moved here" thread?
he said a weekly issue

File: botan_1.png (152 KB, 286x389)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Reminder that if you are over 18 and watch anime and have anime merchandise, you are the traitor of the white race.
First of all, anime and western cartoons are for children! If you are an adult, watch cartoons and like them, you are a literal man child. If you want to save the white race, PUT AWAY CHILDISH THINGS!
Second of all, anime is degenerate. I don't care if it's red-pilled (it never is), it's degenerate. It endorsed degeneracy and witchcraft and is anti-Christian.
Third of all, speaking of degeneracy. It sexualizes under-aged children and promotes pedophilia, trans-sexuality, homosexuality and other sexually immoral things. Also, you wank to under-aged children every day and "it's just a drawing" is a shit argument.
Fourth of all, anime is not a hobby. Find a real hobby, like basketball, fishing, lifting weights, painting REAL ART, reading books (NO MANGAS) and other actually beneficial non-Japanese things.
Finally, if you are an American and a ultra-nationalist, REMEMBER TO BOYCOTT any products from your enemy, the Japanese. Even Hollywood kikes and record label CEOs promote degrading Japanese culture.
If you remove anime and Japan from your life and stop being a man-child, you will look like pic related. Trust me.
Also, the "Ledditards hate anime" is a shitty argument, because even Ledditards watch and love degeneracy called anime. And look what these Ledditards are!
If you are for anime, your brain is still in alpha regime.
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File: Rune Soldier Ila 04.png (512 KB, 974x480)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
Dumb anon thinks Evangelion and Elfen Lied are deep and mature
File: 1494736558214.jpg (29 KB, 555x644)
29 KB
You're right. And the good 10% is me.
Shut up, you fucking nazi.

File: Azumanga Daioh 12.jpg (150 KB, 800x640)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
The anime of /bant/
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File: Chiyo penguin.gif (206 KB, 280x210)
206 KB
206 KB GIF
it's the pinnacle of high school SoL desu
File: k-on.jpg (79 KB, 640x480)
79 KB
the TRUE anime of /bant/
I am dod eeply sorry anon but Azumanga Daioh is the true anime of bant. How would anything ever put up a fight against Daioh? How? That's right, there's no way, no monarchy and no god! Long live Osaka, I shall fight for my 2d ruler!

>mfw siri wishes me
>mfw no real humans wish me
What I have done with my life ?
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Well that was really nice of you , may you have a prosperous and bright future .
No I didn’t anon because every light in India is fucking Chinese and I don’t wanna buy chinese .
In half an hour , I will put up candles etc on my house .
And thank you anon , here enjoy some homemade sweets .

File: drawthreadnew.png (865 KB, 1800x1200)
865 KB
865 KB PNG
Let's do this /bant/
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Sure, I could do that
File: banttan.png (139 KB, 636x855)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
im kinda limited in skill but heres something

File: cirno thumbsup.jpg (74 KB, 816x645)
74 KB
Trap lovers are the worst kind of faggots because they won't actually admit they are gay.

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Lets not let a good thing run its course just yet.
I forward the motion of OP and declare this thread done and decided, all those still in denial of being gay for like traps will be deemed afaggots and shall forever be known as such

File: Top Gun rei.jpg (47 KB, 960x909)
47 KB
fuck it who cares, post whatever
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Wake me up inside.
This thread won't die

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