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File: wat.jpg (5 KB, 223x225)
5 KB
why is this board so fucking gay
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I've explained it to the people who get genuinely upset at me.
Hell I get a lot of repeat back and forths with a lot of the posters, too, most knowing it's shitposting.
There's like one or two posters or posting styles that I genuinely would love to see hung drawn and quartered but I try to ignore them for the most part (unless it's on my thread or I'm feeling particularly grumpy)
File: 1497527143987.jpg (22 KB, 312x287)
22 KB
this thread is merely proof of it
/r9k/ dropped by from /pol/ and the board has noticeably shifted towards housing their gayposting and GF threads.

File: the flag of bant.png (47 KB, 1476x886)
47 KB
the flag of /bant/
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File: ledanklizzieflag.png (64 KB, 1476x886)
64 KB
File: frenflag.png (148 KB, 750x500)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
File: Le Suicide Frog.png (31 KB, 736x527)
31 KB
Apu has unfortunately been a case of a meme commandeered from us by /r9k/ due to their inability to be creative on their own merits and using the connections between him and Pepe to make him into a continuation of their frogposting. He's not a good representative of /bant/ anymore, especially when the majority of threads using him are started by robots instead of /bant/erers.

Top this

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People with no butts twerking.
I've heard if you say his name 3 times at the mirror a nigger appears and fucks your ass
File: 54754745.jpg (29 KB, 300x300)
29 KB

File: IMG_7753.png (307 KB, 612x716)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
So imagine that you're given a handjob in total darkness and you have no idea weather it's a female or a male, and you cum. Is it gay if you don't know what gender it is?
Then, if you turned on the lights there would be a 50% percent chance of being gay
So if you switched on the lights and it's a guy, would that make you gay?
And if you switched on the lights and it's a girl wouldn't it make you gay?
The funny thing is you only have a chance at being gay after you switch on the lights, right?
Would you get a Shrödingers handjob a,d would you feel gay?
Or is it straight as long as you think of it a girl? (Because there's a 50% chance it is)
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Care to rephrase?
I would know if it’s female or male hands, if I suspect male hands I will go soft
I say sorry for everything so that no one will be upset even if I did nothing wrong. And I was just say I have only been a weed girl for 2 years

Taiwan President Receives a Ohayo Face
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best china
Not as much as telling them that Hong Kong and Macau aren't China~
Why exactly? Is she good?

File: 1504306010290.jpg (367 KB, 800x600)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
whats his endgame?
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File: aqr3M5Z_700b.jpg (68 KB, 700x857)
68 KB
You mean kazuma
rape her

File: download.png (1 KB, 275x183)
1 KB
We've been running for What seemed Like hours I did find a manhole and fit me and Sergie down were in the sewers now I have a few cans of dog food but I can't take those from Sergie looks like I'll be eating whatever I can find or kill I suddenly trip and stumble over something hidden in the water "gah! what the fuck!?" it's lodged under something I try to pull it out but I can't so I employ the help of Sergie what we managed to find was big we just didn't know it at the time it's a metal suitcase with an eight digit combination we ignore it but bring it with us just in case "what the hell?" I say as I exit the sewer on the other side of the river "wait but.. How the? What?!" I drag Sergie up via the plate carrier I got on him earlier we head into this abandond looking mechanic to find an angle grinder once we got the suitcase open all I saw was documents until I found German government credintals and passports "oh mother of god" I say my mouth wide open quickly I pick out one that looks like me and start planning to infiltrate the facility "dammit Sergie were gonna need more people if we're going for the Goverment" I hear a car approaching outside I quickly switch my laser off and wait it's a man American speaking english I hop up and point the gun at him telling him to drop everything he takes off running and starts firing back with a pistol he yells "look I told you motherfuckers I ain't gonna have your money" I yell back "I'm not here to collect debt I'm a Russian spy and your going to help me if you like it or not"

File: 1521554116283.webm (1.54 MB, 853x480)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB WEBM
animekino of the year is here
Why is she crying over emails? Does she have autism?
She's being cyberbullied.

File: 1521493266172.jpg (88 KB, 749x703)
88 KB

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I'm there.
No praise necessary you all suck :3
File: LobsterFade.jpg (59 KB, 799x753)
59 KB
OneTrueNormie here
mission failed, we'll get em next time

File: 1521218399559.png (378 KB, 914x984)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
why can't i stop thinking about this faggot? im 38 and an oldfag. i was around when "an hero" first became a thing and i lived through that rash of myspace suicides (oldfags know what im talkin about.)

when i was an edgy kid i thought that shit was funny. when i first saw the shuaiby videos i didnt even really care. i was just like "oh, r9k? makes sense." but soon after, weird shit started happening to me.

i'll be randomly doing whatever and suddenly forget where i am like "how did i get here? what was i doing?" and earlier today i was at work just going about my day and suddenly started crying like a bitch and then my sides went into orbit and then crying again. had to hide so my coworkers wouldnt see.

is it possible to get PTSD from an internet video? can that happen? and why would it happen over this stupid durka from r9k who i dont even give a shit sbout?

im not soft. i can eat a hotpocket while watching mexi cartel chainsaw vids and bestgore shit like the dagestan massacre, etc. and not only that but ive actually seen people get shot irl and ive seen them die

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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but eveeyone keels talking about how saddening his story is, how nice he wad, yadda yadda. All I ser is another person killing himself.
Didn’t you make this same thread couple of days ago... what the fuck is wrong with you
Robots don't like to admit that it's their shitty board culture that attracts mentally-damaged people who talk themselves into suicide in their echo-chamber and causes their janitors to go berserk and delete every thread on the board, and they actively attempt to spread their social ineptitude and decade old frog memes across the site thinking that anyone could possibly want it.

Now that another death has happened recently, they'll talk about how the suicidal need to get help for a month before skulking back into their standard routine of whether their life is worth living. I frankly have stopped giving a damn about them as people, since while they might be distinct individuals in real life, on 4chan they're just interchangeable cogs in their Kekistan death cult which seeks to turn this entire site into modern /r9k/ in order to validate their bleak worldview.

"Shit man! Everything's gone down they're storming the place!" I said as I heard the windows breaking and heavy boots hitting the ground the familiar hum of tactical lasers piercing through the abandond apartment me and Sergie were hold up in "Sergie get him!" I yelled as my service dog bites one of the men around the neck I hear gunfire but somehow Sergie is unfased as if some force pushed the bullets out of the way of course that's when one hits me square in the chest Sergie grabs another soldier around the neck as I go into hand to hand combat with the third and last finally after a struggle that seemed to of lasted an eternity there was just silence I pick up they're suppressed mp5s and break them down to fit into my backpack "Sergie let's go" I say to the only other Russian in Germany I unfit one of they're plate carriers and fit it around my self and then one loosely around my dog Sergie I gather everything I can aka hard drives cd's ammunition and that's right when can hear more cars coming to a halt outside the apartment "shit Sergie let's go!"
I exclaim we take off like bats out of hell we don't want to be caught with the blood of three dead German spec ops on our hands
File: 1521575555286.jpg (551 KB, 1920x800)
551 KB
551 KB JPG





Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1521455051167.jpg (38 KB, 640x960)
38 KB
if you use tildes frequently in text you deserve a slow and painful death
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I challenge you to eat a tilde pod on camera
roll dubs and I'll do it
no rerolls

what did he mean by this
File: 1519092766203.jpg (40 KB, 600x445)
40 KB
Arabian deach mask

File: Drink.jpg (26 KB, 450x449)
26 KB
Hello bant, how are you?
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I have a sore throat
Tired and absolutely ready to throw down with Normie but good
I'm fucking awful

File: 1521182126082.jpg (30 KB, 358x344)
30 KB
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What is this
File: ff3142fe-s.gif (159 KB, 480x270)
159 KB
159 KB GIF
She is clearly from mars
File: asado-parrilla.jpg (386 KB, 800x600)
386 KB
386 KB JPG

Hell no. That must be some shit for export, but they don't sell that stuff here because we can eat fresh meat every day. I wouldn't even try that corned shit

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