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File: pepe.jpg (12 KB, 260x194)
12 KB
this thread is for people who aren't pump and dump monkeys, but who believe in crypto, the blockchain and are looking for new opportunities and projects they want to support.

suggested Coins:
will probably take til 2019 until it has any worth

my only problem with this is that i dont see how people would waste their times making product views just for muh discounts.

also i fail to see how advertisers would willingly buy information from users.

still great product


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File: galia.jpg (316 KB, 1280x720)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
HODL'ng Galia's special REEcoins
File: 1507598185639m.jpg (84 KB, 819x1024)
84 KB
BMC will moon at the start of the next year.
>20% below ICO
>No new tech
>It's selling point is a stream of funds tokens for hodlers
>With said 'fund tokens' you can... vote on shit related to BMC.
>That's it

Fuck off. This thread already derailed into ICO flippers looking to unload bags.
Look at their blog and company behind BMC. Many people holding BMC got it because they thought instant x3. Read their whitepaper, first investment fund is coming in Q1 2018. Also their blog is posted on daily.
Mercury is worthless.

File: neo.jpg (8 KB, 269x188)
8 KB
Saw a thread a day or so ago about a partnership. Now they're confirmed holding a joint AMA on Sunday.


This just reinforces what a great investment NEO is. Also seems like great news for short term gains before BTG fork. Thank me later.
LINK gets shilled and it went shit up. I'm not buying anything biz shills anymore. I'm just waiting for the next btc dip and holding until the cows come home.
this cunt made me a just neo bag holder

File: IMG_5648.jpg (23 KB, 223x226)
23 KB
Post your favorite crypto Youtube vids and channels ITT

2 must watch videos for linkies:


>72 subs
>the state of crypto youtubers
isn't the only one with any following datadash?
Pewdiepie is the best known crypto Youtuber. Probably next year is when he'll announce it.
im pretty new to crypto but see a lot of those DataDash videos recommended, is he considered to offer up good information? I watched a couple, he seems reasonable and well spoken but not sure about what his credibility has been like or what people think of him generally. Any others on his level?
>inb4 PewDiePie is a whale that manipulates everything

I noticed that there are moon missions every day. Who organize them? Any discord / slack / irc?
signs, whale calls, alerts on volumes,

You don't need a secret circlejerk they just become pyramid schemes after a while.
Interesting. What kind of volume tells you that there will be a moon mission?
setup multiple alarms that are a reasonable % higher then the normal midrange volume in a week, have your alarms in a close range from each other, once a few alarms go off check to see whats up if you missed it or not, if not then grats buy in.

Being as you're not involved in the pump directly you should dump early to play safe, if you got steel balls try hodling longer.

If you're already at your computer then

File: image.jpg (3.14 MB, 3264x2448)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
Pump link please I just made my first crypto purchase with 10$ in btc and went and got some LINK. Pump and "shill" out or talk spam about link. And raise the price to 5$ +
First investment let's go to the moon and I'll put more money in crypto.
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>next week we will probably hear more from the dev team and what they‘re up to
haha, I really don't believe this any more

He's trying to FUD the coin, he wants the price to go down so he can accumulate more.
Fuck your moms vacation, buy LINK instead.

People literally said the same shit about bitcoin and ETH.
Bitcoin = decentralised money
people said it would never take off, how did this work out for the 10000BTC for a pizza guy?
ETH = decentralised smart contracts
how did it work out for the guys who sold when it crashed down to 70 cent?
LINK = decentralised oracles

who gives a fuck if you make 50 bucks when it reaches a dollar?
That ain‘t investment nigga.
Even if it takes 2 weeks, or a month.
It doesn‘t really matter.
We still have
>a working product and strong partners in the industry
>a dev team that is expanding and further working on its implementation
>very likely that LINK comes to more exchanges

All you have to do is sit here and wait a bit.
Is that really too much for you?

You are genuinely retarded holy shit. Like you're a pure crypto noob arent you? Volatile time to come in lmao

File: eBoost (1).png (624 KB, 800x600)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Where are the Eboost Marines?

We are still stable on thus bloddy Market!
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you must be a fucking retard, Why would ubisoft lower themselves and go work with this kid that calls him self 1337? who has been a scammer in the past?

The annoucnement will be some shady gambling site wich make this coin even more shady
The shill has started, this is the MASSIVE do not buy signal.
Too late + everyone is tryin to get some bcgold this will not pump as much on the 24th

Won't be ubisoft. Heard somewhere possibly EA related, but we'll see.
They said themselves on the discord that it isn't.
Stop feeding that rumor.
>the shill has started....

This coin has been shilled sporadically for the past two months. What in the flying fuck are you talking about.

Ebst has been relatively stable (the dollar value that is) for the past month. Also there are announcements coming and there is clear progression.

And indeed devs said that Ubisoft is bs but you are still retarded with your "MASSIVE do not buy signal"

File: IMG_0647.jpg (122 KB, 960x960)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
This will be the long overdue death of a number of shitcoins.

The likes of golem, dentacoin and icn all goin down the shitter

Icn will almost certainly go under 1$ and never recover.

The great utility token purge of 2017, honestly makes me feel warm inside.

File: 1457321832254.jpg (40 KB, 657x527)
40 KB
>create my own bitcoin fork
>go long on bitcoin

File: whatpepe.jpg (115 KB, 1024x904)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Why is my ETH and LTC way the fuck down this morning?

File: 1501341677866.jpg (97 KB, 627x1027)
97 KB
Just learned of IOTA, the technology seems cutting edge.

What are the investment prospects at this stage?

Will post qts.
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that sounds pretty cool :)
just bought 100k
all of those things are possible in a sharded blockchain too. ethereum's light clients allow for even less resource usage to operate with the network too.
File: IOTA.founder.quote.png (29 KB, 728x392)
29 KB
IOTA is cancer.

It's a scam. It pretends to be a decentralized crypto currency, but it's actually a centralized system.

It's "developers" are a joke.
File: 1506831257822.png (26 KB, 300x250)
26 KB

OP here, just realized it's already at 1 billion bucks.

For something that isn't even used by anyone, that's fucking grossly overpriced.

Will pass on this for now, thanks for your input.
Fuck this oversupplied faggot shitcoin, fuck dump bots on bitfinex, scam devs and braindead cultists on reddit. I'm down 41% because of this fucking piece of crap manipulated garbage shitcoin with flawed security, shitty wallet and vaporware product. The fact that it broke .40 support only proves that IOTA has no future and we will see .20 and below soon. I wonder how the IOTA bagholders feel about seeing their money getting annihilated every day.

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that's pretty shit considering it got to almost 130k
it'll pump at some point but would have to go through legions of bagholders waiting to dump
remember kids: ain't no coin like bitcoin
The staking rewards reduce the incentive to sell so I feel that resistance would be lower with this coin than with many others who are past their mooning phases.
nice, bought the dip

hope it will go even lower
Same. Waiting on my paycheck to clear so I can load up even more.
Buying more, fuck yeah

File: bitcoing.jpg (36 KB, 320x240)
36 KB
So a question, who is going to buy bitcoin gold?
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fuck btg and fuck btc
I just checked their homepage:

Just look at the "trustworthy" faces at the Team section
If you plan to hodl you BTC after the fork then it won't hurt you to get the free 0.9 btc gold too.

have 0.078 BTC

how do I get my free gold

Its on https://kiwi-coin.com/ and I have mycellium app

what do
Send the BTC from the exchange to your mycellium wallet. If it's there when the fork occures you will automatically have it.

The FAQ (http://btcgpu.rapiddevcrew.com/faq/) says: "We will publish guides for retrieving BTG from the most popular wallets, including Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Mycelium, hardware wallets, paper wallets, and more."

File: maxresdefault.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
why the hell is neo tanking so much? why can't it go back to 30 dollars?

File: 1505516919946.png (1005 KB, 1655x931)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
Whats the day trade of the day my fellow wolfs? Will omg bounce any timr soon?
ETH has gone as low as it will go
I went with omg hoping to see a dead cat bounce

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
wtf mona? i thought you had potential, i bought this fucking piece of shit at 3 dollars. doesn't japan love their own coins??
Don't you think it had enough love already?
File: 1507293251109.jpg (248 KB, 1914x745)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
after the btc pump it never recovered.
this coin is just another pump and dump. i lost 20% o my investment.
Yes sure everything is a pump and dump that goes downhill for a week. Fucking ADHD faggots wait after the bitcoin fork for the alts to recover.

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