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File: chilloutpajeets.jpg (196 KB, 800x600)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Alright, anons. It's clear we are at some very literal bottoms for some projects. You wanted the chance and now you have it. Let's talk about long-term holds for when (not if) the crypto market cracks trillions and beyond.

Here are my picks :

AION under $1. This is a no-brainer, and you will see, at worst, decent returns come EOY.

UUU - another no-brainer that has bottomed 5% below its launching / private sale price. I believe this will be an easy 10X come EOY, and possibly much more in 2019.

QASH (soon to be Liquid) - If you are not holding at least 5,000 of these for the re-brand at this near-bottom of 0.25 cents, even for a quick flip, you are fucking blowing it. I suspect the Liquid rebrand will launch this above $1 again, possibly with a shake-out below. If it hits Binance or something around that time, I have no doubt it will crack $2 and then probably dump as they all do. The future is bright for this, especially since everyone thought it would be top 20 at worst come this time. Don't you remember the original threads? Nothing has changed, in fact nobody even expected this rebrand.

TOMO - This has gone through a full market cycle. I bought at 0.35, and sold early (.80) and hated myself as it cracked $2. I will not be making the same mistake again.

Unironically, Chainlink at this price. If this cracks below 0.20 cents I will double down.

HOLO - Has yet to moon out the gates. Get rid of your bias for this, as it will be a money-maker.

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File: IEXEC.jpg (47 KB, 1800x1800)
47 KB
Nope. I gave up. Made around 300% on this piece of shit, but I'm done with it. Never again.
honest thoughts should i consider vechain?
If moons aling this shitcoin can pull eth levels of moon but thats big IF
holding fucking bags rn and my hands are getting weak. Do I just give up as well like >>10342223
or do I keep holding? Does this realistically reach its potential or is it just some bullshit ass fuckin nutsack coin, even if the tech is good?

You told me BCH was the real Bitcoin
It is the real Bitcoin. Doesn't mean it will go up more than BTC though.

In all my years as a professional value investor, I have never seen such potential in a company. Easily will be a major player in the logistics industry within a few years.
whens mainnet and partnerships comming?
End of July. Big update on Monday

File: 1528812176421.jpg (218 KB, 910x1281)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Passive income for life is almost here! Be sure to store in your cold wallet for easier onboarding for retirement.
Sir pls buy and you make 100 million a year sir. Sir i promise.

Sir you buy ambrosus pls? You will become very rich sir, promise.

File: free-beef.jpg (88 KB, 850x400)
88 KB
I did it

I sold all my alt bags.

It was hard to do but now I finally feel free.
I encourage others to do the same, you'll feel much better when you've relieved yourself of your alts.

File: 20072018.png (32 KB, 852x583)
32 KB
HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS. My stepdad died a year ago and today my mom called me and asked me to clear out some of his things from her garage. He had a laptop and look what was on it. I knew he was into some internet money thing but had no idea. I can't believe it. I'm fucking rich.

I'm also feeling so generous so just post your Bitcoin addresses and I can send you some to share the love. I'm so happy right now, just ecstatic
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i cant believe how many anons step daddys died and left them bitcoins
Hey, that is my address. OP is a fraud.
File: kys.png (6 KB, 369x166)
6 KB
Boring copypasta
Saged and reported
File: 1531809085550.png (1.14 MB, 1200x860)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Ok my address is
Remember when the front page was absolutely full of this shit? People complain about /biz/ these days but it is 100x better than back in December.

File: nkn.jpg (27 KB, 640x640)
27 KB
NKN is going to $0. I can't believe I got scammed again
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Holy shit, what happend with the price? Seemed like a good project when it was shilled as fuck early June. Was waiting for the fud to hit. Will the price go any lower or should I buy in now?
It will very quickly go to zero as they fail to get voted onto binance.

Maybe I'll scoop some up when it hits $0.05 or something.
It is the third pillar of the onchain ecosystem with NEO and ONT.
It will moon
this chink is so fucking retarded

Does anyone know anything about Amway/World Wide Dream Builders?
I don't know what info to trust online.

File: 34975345345.jpg (16 KB, 416x234)
16 KB
would mining crypto be profitable if you do not pay for electricity? I travel for work and never pay for the electricity i use. I've been told that electricity is the largest expense
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And mining rigs are loud as fuck. Good luck sleeping when you have to roar of a jet engine raping your ears all day and night.
Loud as fuck, hot as fuck, and heavy as fuck. Trust me op if you're traveling with a mining rig it's not worth it, just get a hardware wallet and buy some promising coins

I've never seen one.. the pics i've seen make them look relatively small. I didn't know they were bulky and heavy
thanks anons
do you think it could be heard by your neighbors in a high-ish end hotel with thick walls?
from left to right

iron addy addy coal coal iron iron iron

File: 1477184629634.jpg (69 KB, 699x485)
69 KB
Its called the jungle trust

File: 1518832814478.jpg (55 KB, 1023x1280)
55 KB
So is this the only coin that has real world use and is not a self contained ponzi? Do you fucks even have any idea what that implies?
Yeh, $0.12 eoy
my brainlet friend who "invests" in crypto has ignored all my advice for 5 years on what coins to get into.

i shilled him eth at $8 and xmr at $3

he lost most of his money on bitconnect and would be a millionaire by now if he listened

hes ignored me on LINK too. moral of the story: some people just cant be helped; they were born to be brainlets and banklets.
Link's development team against those others who seek to provide an oracle solution. Do the work. There's a reason it bumps its ass at two dimes.

File: 1531996484744.jpg (36 KB, 197x282)
36 KB
whats a good markup to add to market price when selling XMR in person?
Anything 10% or less
jesus christ, some guy was trying to jew me into buying with 30% on top

File: 463462532.jpg (32 KB, 607x478)
32 KB
Holy shit why is this going up?
File: 1531954531526.gif (676 KB, 800x800)
676 KB
676 KB GIF
I never lost faith. Feels so fucking good bros
absolutely incredible. if i had just held my dgb i would actually be fine right now, even after the total destruction since January. In fact i would be well in the green

never ever listen to biz.

got this shit dirt cheap when biz shilled it. rune 2handed grip.
Getting listed on Huobi

File: wanchain.jpg (60 KB, 1200x628)
60 KB
Tempted, man, but I want to see if it'll hit $1.50 (it probably won't.)

File: 1531277500482.jpg (83 KB, 1200x810)
83 KB
Oh look, we are under $7,400.

Your little "Golden Bull Run" has stopped. Big surprise.

Maybe this time you will listen to my advice, hmm?

There is no denying or stopping what is happening next.

You are simply destined fail if you do not heed my warning.

Plead all you want and fool yourself into thinking we are bullish now.

But we are not.

We are far from the end of this down trend.

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Haha faggot, you think 0 is bottom?

You WILL BE PAYING ME to take your bitcoins
BTC -$100 eoy

Screencap this
Thanks just mortgaged house for bitcorns

fuck off OP tripcode faggot
if anyone had listened to you last time they'd miss out on 25% gains

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