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File: stallman.jpg (224 KB, 1900x839)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
what does /biz/ think about this? agree or disagree? personally, if I ever need to use a toilet now and it's a pay toilet, I'm unironically going to look for a different one.
is this from an Indian site?
>Richard "Stall"man
He has a vested interest in pay toilets, just fudding his own investment
Never seen one in my life but I wouldn't pay to shit.
Im confused about the Starbucks thing. The black guys asked to use the bathroom? Does starbucks lock their bathroom? Ive never seen this before.

File: 1520912008876.jpg (5 KB, 232x162)
5 KB
Ari juels co author of the chainlink whitepaper is sitting with nick szabo at the synchronize 2018 conference!!!!


reminder that nick szabo created bit gold in 1998
wich was the precursor of bitcoin.
also he theorized and created the term smart contracts.

yet nick szabo doesnt own the domain smartcontract.com its sergey nazarov who owns it.

reminder that that domain was registered 5 days before satoshi posted his whitepaper for bitcoin.

something huge is happening...guys chainlink might be the framework that manages all blockchains.

we arnt heading to the moon lads.. we are heading to andromeda.

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Most of us bought Link on Binance anyways
exactly thats where im a bit confused. i havent put together a game plan

Everybody and their mother took a loan in Dec, because everybody thought it was a sure thing.... look at how well it worked out in Q1
Everybody in december went back to fucking reddit and you should too you pussy ass bitch

Now that we're no longer financially ruined, post your dinner.
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File: lunch.jpg (1024 KB, 2443x2983)
1024 KB
1024 KB JPG
ur asparagus looks gross OP
checked your nice asparagus
enjoy cancer in 10 years

File: 888885655.jpg (57 KB, 368x408)
57 KB
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File: 1515796666972.jpg (1 MB, 2458x3000)
1 MB
Most welcome
Fuck I need to make it now just so I can buy og booster boxes
Unless i can find a high quality Booster Box at around €1500 i'll probably wait untill the price crashes in some way, but it might never happen.
I refuse to buy one at a higher price though
I know that feel, bro. Fresh packs always have this good smell. The ones they make today might even have it too.
I used to smell at the inside of a newly opened videogame. It's not the same, but it does have a particular smell that brings back memories.
>Charizard once more proving that he is the best Pokemon
What are the other valuable cards?

You could get the 1st edition Fossil, Jungle or Team rocket for less than that I think. Also Base set 2 is around £700 but I am not 100% on that. If you are looking for the unlimited base set it will be hard to get a decent condition one for that kind of price, but who knows if you keep an eye on eBay things do pop.

File: 1524176434220.png (641 KB, 983x983)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Today is the day I bought a bulk order if tendies using my crypto gains. They will be shipped directly to me without having to leave the house so I can focus on my trading. I'm so freakin happy. I've been waiting for this day. No visa prepaid bullshit. I just went to nanex to trade my eth to phr, then bought at least a month's supply. Have fun shilling your gay Monaco debit card meme while I can already buy tendies without having Visa up my proverbial ass.
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File: tendies.jpg (1.38 MB, 2100x1500)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
If you are not going whole white meat tendies what are you doing with your life?

Mechanically separated chicken is for shitskins. Only the finest tendies for my temple of a body.
Chicken Selects are better fag

this, wtf is wrong with you OP
These are the fucking tendies that I buy. The only I've ever bought. Motherfucking patrician tastes, OP.
he thinks Tyson is a good brand

you buy link don't you?

File: 111.jpg (24 KB, 399x388)
24 KB
MFW people who:
- go into debt to aquire depreciating assets or purchase a 1 time service like vacations
- buy designer clothes
- dine in expensive restaurants with small portions of mediocre food
- buy watches more expensive than $20
- buy sport cars
- buy newest devices like iphones upon new version release even though the one they own is perfectly fine
- buy ridiculously overpriced cosmetics
- pay 100$ for a haircut
Is there anything more despicable and disgusting than a consumerfag?
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Holy shit 200 big ones? Teach me your ways anon
the way to get extremely wealthy i believe is to go into MASSIVE DEBT but buy cash flow assets instead of the shit you mentioned.
File: OiqCmXh.jpg (44 KB, 520x400)
44 KB
>tfw financed my honda civic because I can pay $200 a month and put the rest into stocks that will give me 3% a year
>buy mostly from uniqlo or H&m, havent shopped in over a year though
>i go out to eat with friends because im not an autist
>I had a $300 watch but I sold it for cryptos
>sport cars are worth it if you enjoy driving
>I have an iphone 6 from 2015 and not planning on upgrading for years unless Apple bricks it
>my gf prob does that
>I pay $20 though I should learn to do it myself

But ya consumerism is gay
desu this is all disgusting only if you dont have the means to comfortably do so. All these activities are peanuts to anyone making serious bank and who's ego needs it. otherwise you're just salty cause you're not creative enough to profit from the poorlets that are financially retarded to make these decisions
File: 1511823345374.jpg (106 KB, 750x924)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>reddit spacing

File: DXI6T3IVoAAsPxA.jpg (68 KB, 530x751)
68 KB
Phore has the best whores. Cumcoins like Verge won't save you when the police knocks at your door.

Don't get jebaited Anon, buy real privacy coins.
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File: pepe.png (108 KB, 300x300)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
no need. binance soon.

when we're done accumilating anon
new waifu

File: 1516988314844.gif (5 KB, 324x206)
5 KB
Just saying.
have only 50
Didn't work with LINK so QTUM has no hope.

If it does will literally sell at a loss and kms
File: Moons violently.png (108 KB, 1469x945)
108 KB
108 KB PNG

Is your anus prepared? 2nd to last file.
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REQ will use LINK nigger. I hold more REQ than LINK but if you hold REQ you should understand exactly what is good about LINK
I'm a stinky linky at heart but I don't hold any stinkies. I'll pick some up with my alt profits in the coming months, i'm sure nothing big will happen to the price until they announce something astronomical.
You realize those hundred lines connect to everything they've been working on...
And this is why I don't own any REQ.
A road trip to Maine?
What in the fuck are they thinking?? They have a fucking project to work on and obligations to their shareholders! The SEC will be hearing about this!!

File: images (4).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Ok biz, investing 14k in one of these coins, you decide,

File: monero-symbol-480.png (6 KB, 480x480)
6 KB
Redpill me on Monero
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Monero is more of a currency than bitcoin and that's pretty much all you need to know. Sad how bitcoin's development got stalled out by shill groups.
go to r/monero and r/xmrtrader
Can I evade taxes with Monero?
move to new Zealand

File: phoebe.jpg (215 KB, 1600x1205)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
What would you do if you had $4080.3 worth of precious metals /biz/? Just curious
I do, I keep them in a box.

File: bcore.jpg (71 KB, 736x414)
71 KB
>tfw you have to maintain your open lightning channel or your bitcoins disappear but you really want that starbucks soy latte
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File: eth (2).jpg (87 KB, 700x828)
87 KB
Yeah I didn't have a pip-boy photo.
Is this a real before and after pic? Thats amazing if so
Fuck off paid shill, kys
If that had 3g you could mine and trade on it.

Listening to UFO361, smoking pot and trading crypto the whole day. What a time to be alive
Stay high ist das label bitcoin der weg zu den lila scheinen jajajajajajaja

File: 46fkhhr1j2901.png (457 KB, 1920x1920)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
why arent you buying this?
launch is at the end of this month.
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anything above 10k tokens
>pump and dump on IDEX and ED
>if you say so
Got in at 15c, holding since January. This thing won't stop pumping today.
I don't think the team should be that big of a concern. The concept that they're working on developing doesn't require a team of geniuses. They won me over when they started posting regular updates, they're clearly dedicated to making this work and I honestly appreciate that more than anything. Keep in mind that they only asked for a couple 100k during their ICO, there are absolute packet full of air projects out there that have funded tens of millions just to fly to some fucking island and sip on cocktails.
FUCK FUCK it keeps going up...
Should I FOMO into this now or wait? node is still only 1k
My only other holdings are Link, amb & iexec and I don't wanna sell any of them
Buddy you need to step back and mediate on this. Write in a journal. This coin pumped to 55c and many people held from MUCh lower buy ins. Why? Because the fucking nodes are ridiculous if this works even 1/20th as well as any major exchange.

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