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File: 1508654721409.png (80 KB, 645x729)
80 KB
>tell friend I trade cryptocurrencies
>cool anon how's that going
>not bad, 40% ROI so far
>so if I give you some money, can you turn it into more?
>haha n-no..
>why not?
>i j-just cant
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tell him you can try, but he may lose it all. If he is a bro he will agree to give you a cut on the profits.

Advice him to try it by himself though
Don't reveal your power level
never accept money from anyone. its bad enough lending money out, accepting it is 10x worse.
you're retarded

you shouldn't talk about it in the first place. If this question does come up though you can either tell him
>A) you don't want to be responsible for his money since nothing is guaranteed, you could potentially lose yours + his if the markets tanked
>B) you can try for him but no guarantees, he has to be completely fine with losing it all (even get him to sign a piece of paper admitting to this) - not to say the paper would be a legal document but just on a friendship/peer/social circle level you have some documentation of your arrangement
>sorry, I don't want to be responsible in case of a loss

Your consultant on doing things the non-autistic way.

File: 20171022_104338.jpg (609 KB, 2048x1152)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
Plushtard here;
Working at mcdonalds and my local supermarket now until applications get accepted.

Still gotta make 300 somehow;
So if any of you want custom smartphone cases; plushies; (wojak and chainlink) or any other merch... (literally ANYTHING FOR ANY COIN / MEME i have contaced a few companys)
Mail me at chainlinkplushy@gmail.com

also if you are a whale... please help me out lul

Also my landlord said he could wait a few more days since i put in effort. Buut i really wanna get a safe start ; gasoline ; material ; rent... (also shipping cost because even if people pay me i would go negative cuz its only in crypto)

Opening my shop later today when i come home

Cant timestamp right now but email is real
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That's where hard work comes into play.
I worked my ass off in a shitty factory job, working night and working Sunday. Going to work at 3am when it's freezing outside on my shitty bike. Coming back in my shitty small 9m2 condo while being tired as shit.
Seeing all my colleagues buying half shitty cars and putting nice rims on it while I was investing in shitcoins.

Now my shitcoins have mooned and I live off crypto, I'm 23 with 150k to my name. But I sure won't hand out money for some overvalued merch.

Hard work is needed, you need it for your brain to 'click' and understand the value of money. It's too easy to ask for help
Mad gainz bro
File: disgusting.gif (588 KB, 217x199)
588 KB
588 KB GIF
Bingo. Plushfag has been begging for handouts from the faceless internet and pretending that Mommy and Daddy just don't love him enough anymore.

Typical lazy narcissist, happy to mooch but too prideful to be honest with himself--he's lazy and thinks he's smarter than his wagecuck peers. Monetizing memes does not a business make.
Someone subbes me to "queer me now" kek
I was more gonna go for a dropship buisness

For more diversity

And no if i could live with myparents i would

Forget boomer advice, look at this pro life advice from my Grandma, member of the greatest generation.
>Get a colour wheel (from Jacksons?)
>Learn carpentry.
>else, do simple bookkeeping.
>Who else would look after Lyra? (Lyra is my dog)

I mean, maybe she thinks my liberal arts degree means I'm qualified to paint houses. Carpenters get $42 an hour her though so not the worst advice.

Share your favourite life advice from the over 60s in this thread.
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File: 1508105701893.jpg (52 KB, 503x519)
52 KB
File: 1508775400311.jpg (57 KB, 750x622)
57 KB
Execute murderers & rapists in the way that murderers & rapists were executed in that time? What's your point?
My grandad killed Hitler
I'm sure you'd defend it if the races were reversed :^)

File: 111.jpg (10 KB, 201x251)
10 KB
Hi Anons, whats your take on Ripio ICO later ? Yay or Nay?
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fuck yes. biz is weirdly quiet on it which is always good
I think I'm white listed, but I won't buy. I'm scared this will be REQ/AST 2.0. However, if it becomes a success, well, that means the market is somehow getting better.
damn, im so torn about whether to go in or not :(
If you can afford it, do it anon. Like, "oh I have $1k to spare" kind of thing. But keep in mind that money will be locked until the tokens get released + you get some profit.
It's definitely a bit leap of faith in the current ico climate, but remember
>people are looking for gains outside btc now
>tiny cap=unmet demand
>not overhyped
>no bonuses

I think it'll 2x

File: sideboob-2.jpg (69 KB, 500x894)
69 KB
What is this guy talking about? What the fuck is dmamaping?


im guessing
but its displaced moving average mapping
is this girl asian?

she looks mixed
No clue. I think she looks bit like aladin from Disney.


So I found an blog on the DW pertaining to the very large scale GPU miners in China and abroad, this blog discussed the large scale buy up and lock away of VERT the reason behind this is it is ASIC resistant, they went into great detail as to why VTC was the coin chosen, mostly value, scale-ability, DEVs (they aren't huge names yet but they work very hard) and basically they could boost price and mine a huge number. The discussion linked the growth of ETH to the miners that jumped on board and this is essentially the recreation of that value through holding large amounts and building a very viable coin for the future.

Regardless of it you believe me or not, their is no need to shill this coin so take this as you will.

Very is on the cusp as we speak of moving well into the top 20 and staying there.

Cheers for reading and good luck to you all.

File: 1508774722048.png (146 KB, 408x480)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Nice! Just sold 100k
screens or fuck off
I made 0.6btc on this coin in 2 days, and I feel like shit
yesterday I felt bad for abusing it's pnd to get more btc
today I feel bad for not holding it
I hate trading

File: IMG_3750.jpg (22 KB, 639x639)
22 KB
Why is no one talking about this is it looks very promising

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Voters don't pay to vote - the organisations pay for the tokens. It's a lot cheaper than current solutions used by governments and organisations that require voting.

A good example would be voting on shareholder proposals.
? I don’t hold any Req. Just telling you the truth. If you don’t wanna listen then go ahead and buy in the ICO, see what happens when it hits the exchanges. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.
Your blind there is still good ico's coming including this one you just got shilled by biz
Aragon is already a thing, Aragons development roadmap is waaaay shorter, I might be down to buy in 2019 when they have a product.
Why wait when you can just get in early

Chinks restocked with 20MM LINK.

You guys know what to do.

See their wallet here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be
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Are you telling me I should cancel my lambo order?
>no customers would pay to get overpriced data from chainlink oracles
There is no such thing as "overpriced LINK".

LINK could be 1 million per token, and you could still easily pay pennies worth of LINK.
We succeeded yesterday
File: corntron3030.jpg (125 KB, 625x939)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
So it begins, the Chopstick Wars. No wonton, egg roll, or lo mein noodle is safe. These are dark times. May we be victor's over the warlord General Tso and his ruthless ways.
Were unprofessional communication from Binance. Makes me suspicious

File: Capture.jpg (58 KB, 1494x960)
58 KB
what the fuck main

I'm making money again
granted I never stopped making money thanks to bit connect ;)
ask me for my referral code make me rich <3
I hate Etherdelta for that, it ruined my graph on Blockfolio
anyone else here an etherdoge mulibillionaire?
what do you mean cash out? it's crypto, fag, i'll be spending these with my tenx black card.

Are whales the new jews?
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sorry man, i know a lot of jews, but personally i don't know any jew who is ripping off, stealing, undermining and killing others.
and that's what u call a manipulation!
Don't take those /pol/ idiots seriously man, just ignore them safe in the knowledge that no matter what goes wrong in your life at least you're not like that
File: 1502612171117.jpg (45 KB, 600x693)
45 KB
Yes goyim, don't take the antisemites seriously.
thanks. anyway i can't take this seriously, cause it's just pure stupidity and brainwashed hatred.

File: kucoin.jpg (39 KB, 696x446)
39 KB
>Kucoin have announced that they will be the first exchange to use NEO as a quote currency, in addition to becoming the first exchange to list the Red Pulse RPX token. We are listening to the voice of the community and we decide to open $NEO market on 28th October! There will be $RPX/NEO

The Chinese will flock in


Ref: E3LhPA
Shitty name, but the exchange is miles ahead of COSS

Wasn't it rumored that Binance is secretly behind this exchange?
cuck coin
more like KUck Coin

File: 4Gr9jYM.gif (2.61 MB, 310x223)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB GIF
In the current market what are the best coins to daytrade.

> legit assburger
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think you derailed your own thread with that gif
IKR pic related, DT is frowned around here, but like these guys, it may be low but it actually takes some skill.
Big volume ones are boring as fuck, used to get >5% swings with NEO IOTA and friends

Waiting for LINK and MT on bittrex. But I fear that the time for big swings and legendary PNDs is over.

If only bitfinex or binace werent so laggy.
Sigh, the story of my life. What part of legit aspie wasn't clear?
the part when I'm high as fuck

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
and u people said BTC would drop after the snapshot. guess you're all wrong!
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Bcoin maximalist always retard
Because he is not a biztard. He is some paid shill that doesnt know how to 4chan and is a total newfag in here
I am new. so what?
We can tell
so is there anything i should know about? cause it seems to piss you off that i'm new.

File: Chin.png (45 KB, 260x300)
45 KB
linkies or arkies

BTC core.

Nice one anon.

Sad but truth.
Linkies by far

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