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File: 1512503301288.gif (112 KB, 951x972)
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don't say "here we go" when nothing is happening.

What do you think is going to happen? you're going to wish it into reality?
yep, watch
It's not luck, you're just stupid.
Link has been shilled so fucking much here, that you should realize that THIS IS NOT THE COIN YOU SHOULD DROP
Friendly reminder: /pol/ memed Trump into the Whitehouse

And /biz/ will meme Links into Lambos
>sell one coin at floor
>to buy other coin at ath
you truly are a /biz/let

File: DAADhreUwAEXgb8.jpg (26 KB, 600x292)
26 KB
>ACTUAL use case, bank of india already changing to ripple net

>If a bank uses XRP along with ripple net they'll save 30% more

>Obvious price manipulation to keep it at a low value so whales can keep buying more for cheap

>Dozens partnerships and more to come

>Doesn't dip nearly as much when bitcoin dips compared to other alts

>Fidget spinner

XRP is not based on promises, the ripple company was the only one to sit with lawmakers and politicians. We all know banks aren't gonna go away anytime soon.

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The coin will shoot up only after all coins come in circulation
File: 101595.1499645436.jpg (88 KB, 400x400)
88 KB
I'm in the green you knobhead, bought @ 0.08
sirs, if u wil be so gracious and kind n send me 200 thousands rupees i will be able to pay the taxes on inhertiance and i will pay to you sir 50 thousands rupees very thankful sir
raising my arms to lend my energy to fidget rippler

>tfw ripple raises to $200 within 12 months

File: 30834028.jpg (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
Some of you fuckers are alright, I am shareing a pre-sale pool for Devery which's supposed to be locked to a discord group im part of.

Read though the source code before making any contributions to the pool.

It is set-up so that the amount of ETH from an address is kept track of, and tokens will be delievered back to the initial contributing ETH address.
The address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x435868bd917d2d0e26633a0f641dd153715d6547
im not fully convinced about the team behind this, seems pretty weak. plus china can and will counterfeit anything i highly doubt this will stop them at all.
I am not in this for the short-term, but for us cucks with who are not able to partake in the pre-sale on our own. This will make a nice flip I believe.

Since the demand is there due to cucks not able to contribute. And on top of that if the ETH raised >100 a bonus of 5% is applied...

Not much but it's something, so will make this even sweeter.
is this shit legit or a scam?
Read the source code, it was audited by the Devery team for the Hot_Pool discord. It's supposed to be private, but since I did the piscop verification I get 1% of total amount raised. So I go around and shill this in public groups.

File: 7krgkf5jkvxz.jpg (27 KB, 568x526)
27 KB
You guys worry about crashes or pumps and you act like it all matters. Did it matter that bitcoin pumped to 1k a year ago? Nope its worth 17k now. Even if you bought at a ATH you were still winning. This is still the case now. Just buy as much crypto as possible and you'll be laughing 5-10 years from now. Nothing is garanteed but I know that technology will always progress.
>Trustless banking
It's all here to stay whether you like it or not, whether it looks like a bad investment now is irrelevant in the long term. Just seriously take my advice and keep your emotions out of it. You'll be better off in the long term.
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Except, ironically, two of the technological developments since then, the book and the internet, have solved the problem of losing information on how a technology functions. Nothing short of some freak EMP/nuclear holocaust or to some degree authoritarian government will change this.

What will suffer from is loss of technique.
Things like penmanship, painting techniques, drawing and animation techniques (think 2D non digital Disney) will be lost as less and less people learn these techniques to pass down.

But so long as we live in a capitalist society, technological progress will happen.

>The egyptians made the pyramids, but later forgot how to engineer them again, the romans forgot how to do aqueducts

this is total horseshit and never happened
File: 1512592658681.gif (308 KB, 309x360)
308 KB
308 KB GIF
bitches don't know bout dollar cost averaging
depends on how you r making $ but these guys made me 3x in 2 months discord.gg/dwBNmtD
If you put $10k in at the ATH of $1000 you'd have ~160k now. If simply waited after the bubble burst you could have bought at $200 or lower and have close to 1 mil. So "it doesn't matter" only if you getting half a million dollars more doesn't matter.

File: LINK-Logo-2.jpg (9 KB, 350x350)
9 KB
Linkies report for duty
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Don't need to swing trade when you have a 80k+ job you enjoy. That's just a nice little stack of link to cash out in like 7 years. Long term hodl are the best, swing trade all you want faggot
the worst is

>it's mooning

when shit is up less than 10 percent
niggas need to learn that mooning means outperforming bitcoin...that's absolutely not the case here.
for better quality coordinated efforts see discord.gg/dwBNmtD

The scope of this project is huge. The short version is skywire (free, decentralized ISP) will make this a top 10 coin when in launches next year. If you want the long version here's some pasta:


There is an insurmountably huge investment opportunity out there right now. In my opinion, Skycoin/Skywire WILL 100% HAVE a Bitcoin-level rise. In the next few months, at minimum (at the very most, a year or two).


The workings of "Skycoin," once fully operational, are very interconnected with "Skywire" itself. Because of that, it takes some time to learn how it all works — because “Skycoin” and its goals/functions are vast.

Here is a long list of benefits, i.e. SKYCOIN/SKYWIRE's main draws, if you choose to read them. There are four main things:

1. SKYCOIN: A coin that is better than Bitcoin in every way. Transactions with zero fees that take approximately two seconds, unlimited transaction rate, no need for miners and block rewards, low power usage, all the problems in cypto fixed, a consensus mechanism superior to anything that exists, resistant to all threats (government censorship, community infighting, cyber/nuclear/conventional warfare, etc).

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The real question here is....

Could this be your money tree?
Yeah alright so where do we buy this hot shit?
Cryptopia for now
My fucking money tree.
This project has the OG crypto gangstas as developers and you will get coins for providing a fucking service while bitcoin provides fucking nothing but Chinese scams.

So fuck your mother if you want to fuck.
But skycoin won't get rekt by some kitties. Nobody will really use etherum because of shit like that. Using sky every application will have their own blockchain.

File: essssssssss.png (192 KB, 416x538)
192 KB
192 KB PNG

Late for rocket?
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31st January 2018

The team seems to work pretty fast. Dawn 2.0 was moved 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule, so who knows - maybe Dawn 3.0 schedule might be moved as well.

If any price action will be seen, I bet somewhere around that date!
Buy during second last ico
Good time to buy ark if you decide against eos for the moment
EOS is literally built within the ETH platform you absolute dipshit. Zero reason to invest in EOS or anything else built in Ethereum right now, you're better off investing in ETH itself. We are in the infant days of this market, leave garbage like EOS for the normies 10 months from now. Go for Ark or maybe Nem, things that are true competitors with ETH.
Yeah, EOS is currently ERC20 token, mainly used for crowdfunding before they convert them to regular EOS tokens which you have to register by June 2018.

I agree Ethereum has first-mover advantage and larger developer support, along with brilliant minds. Perhaps they will be able to live along side by side and inspire each other to become better. After all, competition is healthy for the dApp ecosystem.

File: 1509862026png.png (20 KB, 531x171)
20 KB
>hardcap 85% filled

What does /biz/ think about INS?
overpriced ico with 30% bonus , its gonna dump when it hits exchanges
It’s got a lot of similarities with power ledger.. industry interrupters although supermarkets bigger market than swapping solar power tokens.. 1/7th of its supply and telegram is already bigger.

Fuck supermarkets man and their monopolisation fuckery of the common man.. let’s get the communist crypto Russians to stir it up.. if they don’t run off with the money
Potential Uber of Supermarkets

File: fbl.png (120 KB, 1080x888)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Which one of you fags did this?

File: payfair.jpg (61 KB, 800x400)
61 KB
Payfair devs updated their platform, and it's now closer for public usage.
The update:
1) A test platform on ROPSTEN is open
2) The interactions between counterparties and escrow nodes are tested
3) The testing of the rating system
4) Time periods refinement
5) Security framework is verified
6) A PFR ETH p2p exchange is integrated in ROPSTEN (refinement, bug fixing, in the future popular tokens will be implemented)
7) A section for complaints and suggestions is added
8) 90% percent of the work is focused on the back-end, which is not visible distinctly, but it is very important for scalability
9) They are working on the documents about the platform.

And the whitepaper is getting redone, the devs recognized that the presentation of the whitepaper needed a more professional look and editing. If you want to know the updates join the telegram: "t.me/payfair"
Only 1 million marketcap and already ahead of most projects...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I guess for biz to notice things that actually matter I need to say something: "TO THE MOON" "EASY 10x" "LAMBO IN THE MAKING", better? Making educated recommendations doesn't work here I guess.
im still bagholding this heap of shit. moon when mr pajeet
Do I have a damn orb of future telling? This is at the bottom, and it has a product, it is on a crappy exchange and it doesn't have traction yet, take your own conclusion... from 1 mil to 10 mil = you might know how to count...

File: 1512735993249s.jpg (3 KB, 250x250)
3 KB
Any truth to $REQ on bittrex?
>that pajeet english

i honestly doubt it

File: WxWUPUdTgpI.jpg (30 KB, 1280x720)
30 KB
Why does everyone keep saying this shit is coming soon? When is it actually gonna be ready
Next year

File: 0290172_l.jpg (32 KB, 1000x1000)
32 KB

File: DQwd8JaVAAEU71_[1].jpg (79 KB, 799x702)
79 KB

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Lets say i am a korean whale. Why would i want to buy LINK?
If you say its value will increase in the future, why couldnt i as a korean whale have bought it on another exchange on which LINK was listed?
okex is chinese, chinese cannot use binance
Sorry, chinese. So lets say i am chinese whale, why would i buy LINK?
Are Chinese or Korean or Japanese people on /biz. They've got their own news and sources so was thinking they would actually have useful info. Maybe they are here but never share anything. OP is fake news, would be HUGE tho
the same reason biz bought link, it is a mind virus

File: eark.png (246 KB, 407x343)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
When is this stupid eArk supposed to be worth anything? I feel scammed. Should have just held regular ark.
I heard "e ark" was a command to a bot in a discord channel, and largely a meme. This goes for the eArk airdrops that have been on /biz/ for several days in a row.

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