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File: DnzjN34WsAEgD4I.jpg (131 KB, 1100x956)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Inb4 false flag.
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Mozilla is literal bloatware that was last relevant in what, 2014?
No, since Firefox released Quantum they gained plenty of traction. Still don't see the big deal though. Lots of people have Mozilla stickers, they give them out at events. I think I have one. Do you guys also think anyone with a github sticker on their laptop is a github partner?
-t. /g/
>what did they mean by this?

File: tomo2.png (15 KB, 194x170)
15 KB
ready 2 fly
please sir
since when did a mainnet launch cause a pump faggot
im ready anon
20k accumulated

Biz, how do I fix my eyebrows? I have horribly bushy eyebrows, and no one wants to date me because of it
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Your eye browse look fine. Unironically. If you want to change them (you really don’t need to) then just go to a female hairdresser and make them do it every time you get your hair cut. A lot of women get their eye brows done so they’ll know how to do it. Just make sure to tell them not to overdo.
Eyebrows* overdo it*
no one will date you with that hairline anon
Sleep it off, Suppoman.
>boomer actually believes everyone follows muh rule on 4chin

File: 0918181751.jpg (2.99 MB, 4160x2080)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
What do your Silver/gold stacks look like?
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You think it'll go that low? I'm buying kilo bars for the aesthetics
File: 1505680853425.jpg (51 KB, 785x644)
51 KB
It may. OR it may pop to 15-16


Lets fight the common enemy...not each other
Silver crash coming fags..

Perfect...i hope gold goes down the gutter too so i can buy more

Waiting for below 1000 euro per ounce gold for a while now but it just doesnt want to go down.

File: 1537669438013.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
Hey, so I heard that there's an exchange in Amsterdam that pretty much funnels all of its profits from the exchange into drugs and moving exotic prostitutes from the third world into the red light district there.

Any anons willing to email me information?
i like what i am hearing got an address, i want sum fook.
lol, we all do, but do you know the exchange? I'm trying to get in touch with whoever runs it, all I've heard is rumors in the circles I run in

Taking a trip to Amsterdam soon, trying to unload ~500 kilos and getting paid in crypto, fiat, and whores is sounding pretty good.

File: faucet.png (39 KB, 872x806)
39 KB
This casino has an unlimited free faucet.

>collect faucet
>bet green on roulette
>repeat until win

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is there a black jack table? no black jack not worth it
Not available in jew sa
update, lost all my eth
i'm up to .038 eth. so close to the limit!

File: kek.png (24 KB, 523x301)
24 KB
Can u not read?
they are probably delisting b/c not enough volume on those coins. it's a pretty small exchange, reminds me of polo in it's early days. oddly enough it has a trollbox.
File: kek2.png (16 KB, 607x323)
16 KB
Are the other coins on the list going to do the same thing as CFI?
no one uses that piece of shit exchange anymore
Req continues to be BTFO beyond belief

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
>tfw turd gets stuck halfway
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>I can't read
File: 1537064980738.png (787 KB, 808x805)
787 KB
787 KB PNG
>tfw you’re molested as a child by your creepy half uncle who smells like beer and Marlboro
>take a shit
>wipe ass
>accidentally finger my boipucci
>feels good man
>keep going
>get shit covered finger
>lick it clean
>tastes alright
>get syphilis
Hate it when this happens desu lads


File: 1527539544619s.jpg (6 KB, 250x200)
6 KB
>AI will be decentralized, and unstoppable
>Ubi and social scoring to keep humans in check
>Rich people (linkies) will be able to upload consciousness and live forever
Doesn't feel good bros

>Rich people (linkies) will be able to upload consciousness and live forever

sounds horrible
Just because you can upload consciousness doesn't mean you can lvie forever.
Everything is relative and everything has an end.
File: bUC0DDeE_400x400.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)
35 KB
Buy some of this shitcoin (artiqox) before they release their AI bots then. Currently cheap af and destined to blow

File: romulus_2063145b.jpg (67 KB, 620x388)
67 KB
Something big is brewing.
It has to do with an Accord project member.
It's not chainlink.
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No, Traxia are a project for financial exchange settlement on the Cardano blockchain. I'm hoping it stays low until payday
its not gonna take off until q4. who cares. theres no volume

just as a long term hold
What kind of larp is this. I'm so tired of all the riddles. You got something to say just say it.
This, the attention whoring here of late is pathetic

File: omaewamoshindeiru.jpg (12 KB, 430x441)
12 KB
If Ripple net lets you use other coins as a bridge on their network, what's the point in going long on XRP?

Deflationary economics is not the way the globe does business. What's the point in investing into any of this crypto?
Eth has inflation
File: vtkl5d14r0n11.jpg (83 KB, 640x906)
83 KB
those words are too big for an NPC to understand. where did you find this copy pasta?
Delete this
>Ripple net lets you use other coins as a bridge on their network
xRapid is the only product available on Ripple Net that uses crypto for settlement and it uses XRP
If you're talking about the built-in exchange, you can trade other coins but they are only IOU's which means they have counterparty risk. Much safer to deal with XRP which is the native asset.

If you mean xRapid, right now it is only using XRP. They offered BTC, but it was rejected by all the customers who tested. Theoretically other coins could be used, but it would have to compete with XRP's combination of speed, low fees, and liquidity. I don't think competition like this would be a bad thing. Ripple is committed to continuing development of XRP to make it the best coin for this use case.

Strap in boyos. Huge news coming this week.
dead coin shit coin single dev

File: Group-26-1-874x437[1].png (24 KB, 874x437)
24 KB
Should we?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yes. Even at its ATH at 9 cents would make alot of people happy.
Nah, the (((people))) running that scam coin will just betray you.
/biz/ please tell me the Sia news
Why is it pumping
Is it going to dump again tomorrow
Should I just take some profit
Help me /biz/
Help an aged boomer make some webby tokens
Sia has failed due to incompetent developers. Theres another coin that is going to do what sia wants to do but they have an actual business and a successful coin already.
You don't know what a good coin is

Sia has one of the best devs in crypto and some terrible marketing

I'm currently taking a bachelor as a Computer Engineer and plan on continuing with a Master afterwards. So far I am getting top grades, even outperforming coding autists and wizards.
However, I have very limited programming skills. Sure I know of the basic data structures and such and some algorithms, but I never programmed prior to Uni, I do not code in my free time and I barely know how to use Linux terminal. So I worry that if I do nothing now, I would probably be jobless when I graduate as nobody wants to hire someone with just basic C, Java, Python, .NET, SQL and C#

Assuming you are some software developer or engineer earning over $100k, what more would I need to do and learn to become very attractive on this job marked?
Do I learn alot being an intern? What are the programming languages that I MUST learn? What kind of “personal novice projects”(programs/games) would you suggest me to do to learn more about programming?
95 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ok listen up lil sweet baby boy you're a lil fish in a big ass ocean. You're gonna have to BLOATMAXXX. I know you don't understand but you're gonna have to live it. Stop coming to this website start spending all your free time coding learning code and solving coding questions. You're gonna be a shitboy unless you LIVE IT. You can make it boy but your gonna have to get your butthole tight and scrunchy. I believe in you.

Learning a specific language is a waste of fucking time. Learn whatever language your project requires whether it be hobby or work.

The dude who made Diablo didn’t make anything in C until he made Diablo. Lol.

Python or Java is good for illustrating OOP, CS concepts etc tho.
Computer engineer =/= computer science.

There's more hardware work involved.

Some places care more that you can talk to people, some care more about your technical skills (you will find out in the interview based on how hard the technical questions are).

Look up jobs like you actually are going to apply then find out how to be qualified for the ones you like. Even if all you have is side projects tailored for the job it beats shooting the breeze.

Remember to learn at least one new skill a year even outside of school. If you can't fool around with tech outside of work hours then you will eventually become obsolete.
>Sure I know of the basic data structures and such and some algorithms
That's all you have to know. And it's actually far more important than knowing the specifics of any language. If you have your data structures and algorithms straight, you'll be able to pick up any language fairly quickly. Also, design patterns are important so learn those.

Just get an internship somewhere, you'll find a job easily.

File: IMG_3052.jpg (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Were gonna be rich
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1527668134614.jpg (257 KB, 1920x1080)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
how much link needed to make it by 2020?
File: 1534010258831.jpg (763 KB, 1200x1200)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
1000 link for free house
2000 link to retire comfy
4000 link to "make it"
10k link to never have to look at bank account again
20k link to have lambo / mansion money
100k link to be in a college textbook
1m link to be on forbes and wikipedia
10m link to be worshipped by npcs
100m link to still be poorer than bezos

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