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File: FB_IMG_1507044955812.jpg (11 KB, 280x291)
11 KB
Fuck you biz
instead of 80% up?
I knew all these shekels had to come from somewhere

File: DMMPEAFVoAAJ8EQ-2.jpg (51 KB, 1200x654)
51 KB
lol just lol.

brb only alt to actually do shit and help the world for the better. brb soon to have the fastest transactions in the world with lowest cost.

brb soon to make 7 digits staking omg.

"Many world-class corporate and financial institutions are showing an interest in utilizing the OmiseGO network for their existing mega-businesses, so we are always thinking about how we can effectively serve them as a platform."

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Solid project - price will increase nobody doubts that. I speculate what price will increase to. I think x 2 gains will not be unreasonable. Great return.
If I stake 10k omg, what kind of returns can i expect? Is there a way to calculate this yet
it already went to $14 like a month ago
hi Rasheed

File: ETH.png (1.08 MB, 1200x543)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
who fell for the ETH meme? BTC is clearly going to be the dominant coin.
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Eth was 15 in feb

Its up almost 20x
I don't think you understand... 80% of this board are newfags.
is now a good time to buy ETH?

Will it raise on monday after the fork?
Bitcoin with Segwit will allow sidechains for executing smart contracts, that could be a game changer but it will take some time.
i just came here yesterday and i'm up so much on vtc. buy vtc everyone crypto is easy

File: metaverse.jpg (62 KB, 590x800)
62 KB
One of the only Crypto companies at money 20/20.

Meeting with Bittrex CEO today confirmed.

Do your own research. Buying ETP at this level is like buying NEO at $3.

File: BTC STORY.png (33 KB, 278x142)
33 KB
From a /biz anon:

>Just because you knew about BTC or held a small amount back in 2011 doesn't mean you would be a millionaire today.
Most of you cant even hold a few hundred dollars worth of shitcoin through the monthly bear run.
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No but a well balanced hormonal profile fixes more than you think. In your case I recommend meditation and retrospection practices as well. Try not to identify with your mind.
>that pic

that is what you get for "all or nothing" kind of trading style...i mean, taking profit is good, but at least keep fucking 10% if it seems like something has potential to become big in the future.
>because shitcoin hindsight in 2011
Individualism is a bad thing
There's nothing that can be done -- it simply reduces the available supply even further.

Frankly this is probably another reason the government hates Bitcoin / private blockchains -- in addition to tax leakage, there's no mechanism for escheatment.

File: gainz.png (21 KB, 648x315)
21 KB
Monetha has a Q&A with Eric Dupat on monday who is a former GM for PayPal.

Will be announcement after Q&A.

Low cap, peak was x6 of current price

Is all time low

Can mooning easy

If not mooning is min 60% gains after news + dupat official join in the team with low risk because have very low vol

For easy and fast gainz buy now, sell 1 day after fomo dupat+news ( 3 days hold)

If you are dreamer, buy now and hope a x5

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Eric Dupat official join in the team = Moon

File: biz.png (272 KB, 702x463)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Why are there so many NEETs, poorfags and beggars on /biz/?

It seems half you live with your parents. I can smell the stench of poverty and desperation every time i browse this board.

Maybe if you're already partially successful and have 100k to play around with you might have a shot at that lambo someday.

But if you think your paltry NEETbux are going to turn you into a millionaire then sorry, you're never gonna make it.
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File: 20171022_184527.png (65 KB, 1080x410)
65 KB

neet checking in
I can understand hating on poorfags and beggars, but NEETs? Isn't that the aim?
stench of poverty checking in. I am neither pajeet or neet. I am your executioner
Excuse me but i have a casual job and work 4 hours a week
What did you expect to find here? Oil tycoons and tech billionaires?

File: apZ6TFR.jpg (45 KB, 540x405)
45 KB
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Plebs selling their houses to buy btc. I watched droves of pink wojaks crying in unison stuck with dgb bags... All those moments will be lost in time, like stock charts in link toilets. Time to buy high.

Just see Blade Runner for the first time newfag?

File: 1505849592490.jpg (69 KB, 500x352)
69 KB
I'm exiting the /biz/ PnD roulette. I made some nice money (made 30% with that Asch thing last night)... but I want to get in more comfy holding. Medium-long term: atleast 2 years.

Right now I'm into BTC, ARK, NEO, OMG, VEN, WTC. I also have a small percentage in more risky stuff like ELIX and REQ. I thoroughly believe in all of these projects.

How rich am I going to be in two years?
Dull, but safe


<active dev team
<active twitter
<cheap price
<no hype yet and integration is planned on snm network along with roadmap

This coin is pretty solid and has potential to be $10 by next year imo. get in while it’s still below 10k sats faggots... this baby is about to build and then moon post BTC fork

I'm going to short bitcoin tomorrow or the 24th when i see a nice high.
Using margin 1:5 with 10k

Now is there any possibility that bitcoin will continue to rise? And leave me without retirement money...
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Im with you 10000% I am just worried with the difficulties BTG is having with their release now if everything wont tank.
don't bother, average biztard thinks he gets rich over night instead of just waiting and having zero risk.
It's like none of you assholes remember bitcoin cash, and the people planning to short bitcoin after the fork, and how bitcoin reached a new ATH and everyone got liquidated.
you have to go back

File: banana.jpg (30 KB, 720x406)
30 KB
Would you suck a dick for a whole bitcoin?
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How abt a pajeet dick?
I suck dicks for free. So yeah, obviously.
File: 1507507927628.jpg (46 KB, 689x448)
46 KB
Hey dumbass, women are exactly the kind of dumb money consumerist slaves we want buying into crypto.
I would pay 0.1 btc to suck a dick
File: men vs women politics.jpg (578 KB, 1158x1000)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
daily reminder

File: 057_eXHQK6w.jpg (288 KB, 1920x1080)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
so as usual i fucked a rather large dildo for the prostate orgasm last night, can i still get money for putting a sharpie in there?
not begging just curious

File: chancoin-1.png (72 KB, 232x218)
72 KB
>What is Chancoin (4CHN)
Chancoin is a community driven digital currency made for imageboards, discord and edgy internet communities across the web, that integrates tipping, gaming and lots of other fancy features. Check out for more here: http://chancoin.org/

>The tipping extentions for Chrome and Firefox
Chrome : https://github.com/VladimirPewtin/CHANCOIN-TippingExtension/releases/download/0.0.5/CHANCOIN_TippingExtension.crx
Firefox : https://github.com/VladimirPewtin/CHANCOIN-TippingExtension/releases/download/0.0.5/CHANCOIN_TippingExtension.xpi




Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: y4jLyDP.png (44 KB, 384x384)
44 KB
Kek I accept. Send the coins to this address (Cf4iWyfVyC4eVr5L6Ur3oEfL481wpQE7WH) (the discord address) so I won't have to move coins from wallet to wallet.

Thanks nano. Everyone dislikes you but I love you <3
Well, you will have to re-send them to your given address here. Also, you can delete the $4CHN: prefix and just have a plain address in your ''name'' field. Who is nano? Also, complete the task asap.
K I'll just wait for them to arrive then
yeah, you do

File: BitcoinGold.width-800.jpg (53 KB, 800x448)
53 KB
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There will be a pump in the first 7-12 hours because like with bch all the btg will bè locked in private wallets, only tradable btg will bè from is chads who leave our btc on bittrex, so the first days there will bè a very very low supply of tradable btg and that will drive the price up, so yes shortterm btg will pump
File: Mystery Merchant.png (52 KB, 600x635)
52 KB
Yeah, I figured especially after this >>4001567 >>4001582
Kill yourself obnoxious avatarfag.
dumbass nigga
File: Dexter shrug.gif (978 KB, 245x234)
978 KB
978 KB GIF

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