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File: iciic.jpg (148 KB, 1400x789)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
point and laugh at the ATH buyers of ICON

I have nothing against the coin, i own some.... well did because i sold and ready to buy the dip
>they thought it would keep pumping
>they didn't appreciate the mega moon it had
You greedy fucks, if you didn't sell at least some of your stack you are a fucking moron
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I told them to sell the rumor yesterday and the day before but they just won't listen. They just yell "korean eth" and "samsung partnership".

Just trying to save some /biz/neets from getting gooked.
You could have said the same thing when ICON was 10 bucks and btc crashed from 19-14k
What do you say to hodlers who believe the coin will reach $50+ in the coming year and didn't sell the ath in December/January when buying at $1.80 because of taxes?

you're retarded. some day the irs will have their shit together enough to enforce the rules that even they themselves dont fully understand. that day is not today.
The crypto tax law is a joke, so many loop holes. So many what ifs
So many..... cucks that think they are going to jail for their $200 crypto gains

how is 50x,100x leverage NOT online gambling?
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It is
why is it exempt from regulation like online casinos are?
well actually, its not
anyone wanna give me a quick rundown of best leverage platforms and how to get your account approved for them?
Because it basically operates as a tight stop that you're forced to stick to? Your position size is entirely up to you.

File: bitcoin-chart.jpg (58 KB, 617x410)
58 KB
Sorry for my Engrish!

Since even Krugman sensei says "Bubble, Bubble, Fraud and Trouble", I want to sell Bitcoin.


I know nothing about FX trading, but if I buy BTC for 10000 yen now, when the price just crash and drop One per million, I will earn Ten billion, right?

I want no risk. Could you recommend companies who allow to sell BTC without leverage?
this is good for bitcoin unironically

(((they))) still don't understand why it is necessary
I am using keywords like "no leverage bitcoin" to google, and I found zaif and bitflyer who allow x1.

File: YZSi-eXg_400x400.jpg (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
>work at predictive analytics
>have been contracted by a major investment firm for unbiased TA and market analysis

>TA showed an uptick in BTC price tonight
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Using Price Quadrant Analysis, BTC make a 7% move in the next 5 days in a direction orthogonal to the dominant Price Tunnel trend. Screencap this.
This is Satoshi. Moon mission back to ATH in one hour.
I want at least 13k, make it happen.
Minister you Satoshi!!!
>all this delusion
First time in years BTC has gone below 5MA in the monthly charts. If you work at an investment firm and aren't larping, tell your employers to fire you and be replaced by me instead. They're going to lose money because of you.

File: holly-heff.jpg (622 KB, 2000x1340)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
What is your gameplan for when an ICO (that you didn't buy) hits an exchange, e.g. like Wanchain?

Do you wait for the ICO buyers to dump for a week and then buy in if you like the coin, or do you try to buy as quickly as possible?

Share your strategy if you have one.
J curve

when will the bitcoin bullrun of 2018 start?
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>implying it will ever start.
>think that everyone on 4chan is racist and can be baited so easily.
it's true, paleface weirdo.
If this is the best blacks can do then the future of the white race is secure
File: 1998.jpg (4 KB, 276x182)
4 KB
this summer

What coin/token has the most delusional fan base?

Hard mode: no chain link
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you nailed it
Any crypto holder
100% the deluded arkies, link will at least succeed
the "deluded arkies" are deluded because they genuinely believe they are onto something good when its just vaporware

File: JUST.png (16 KB, 200x200)
16 KB
Who else riding this paintrain all the way down?

Went all in over six months ago, didn't sell. That's what I get for believing, I guess.
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youch that is rough cuz
at least you aren't holding ODN bags OP.
File: 1427083621005.gif (510 KB, 700x827)
510 KB
510 KB GIF
I know you don't friend, that's why I'm so fucked.
Same as OP hurting so much. What you gonna do? This coin is fragile to 100% pumps just sell after next one or hodl long-term?
I'm gonna run with my small profit the next time it jumps to 40 cents. Hopefully that doesn't take a year.

File: shitted.jpg (111 KB, 1920x1026)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
will BTC go to 20k by end of summer?
that's a lovely picture Op. We can be friends.
Yeah I think so

How can I profit off the rise in promiscuity and easy-sex hookup culture?

I want to short monogamy.
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>da joos are da ones dat be keepin' da white man down
Sound familiar?
This has been debunked so many times it's silly. The nigger needs the white man. The jew needs the white man. The white man needs neither. Jews are parasites and they need a host.
Cat food.
oh to be this naiive
File: 1518999371332.jpg (648 KB, 1836x1836)
648 KB
648 KB JPG

File: substratum-network.png (53 KB, 877x562)
53 KB
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Skycoin is coming to wreck its party
Nothing went wrong? There isn't even a product yet, the network doesn't even exist yet, but it's already valued at 87 million. I definitely want to run a node and participate in the network. Also accumulating more. Quick-profit seeking speculators please stay away.
How much minimum is needed to run a node?
You don't need any substratum to run a node, but you will be rewarded more based on how much sub you have.
the shenanigans with DataDash thats what.

File: 1521229074994.jpg (51 KB, 640x640)
51 KB
Non-carguy here, I bought a mid 90s Subaru for $1250 in 2012. I have just passed 200,000 miles today. I never had any work done on it except oil changes and have no money for such things. I'm a poofag who took a huge hit on BTC. How fucked am I? Are Subarus ok for car that gets neglected? How many miles can these things go? I can't say that I have any problems with the car but that could change anytime.

File: 2-cheeseburger-meal.jpg (123 KB, 500x375)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
about the McDonalds 2 cheeseburger meal. Two cheeseburgers, french fries and a drink. It's currently $4.89 plus tax. Historic prices of this same meal have varied greatly over the years;
in 1955 the meal would cost you .48
in 1972 it was .72
in 1979 it was 1.68

In the last 40 years it has almost tripled in price. What are your predictions for the price of this same meal in 20 years? And more importantly, why aren't you buying up all these cheap 2 cheeseburger meals while you still can??
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you concerned with this corporate poison. You'll never make it if you eat this shit.
I learned in a thread about Rolex watches that they're a great way to store wealth. Obviously this would hold for cheeseburgers too so I freeze them. My portfolio is 90% McDonald's cheeseburgers.
File: 1521223892100.png (249 KB, 305x662)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
No wonder you goblinos are all fat. I pay like 10 bucks for less than that. Fuck McDonalds by the way.
Thanks for the lesson. I always confuse those two.

So someone help explain hpb to me now, so originally they were going to help neo and ethereum make their blockchains faster, but now they're going to have dapps and ico's on their platform. So they're going to compete with neo and ethereum? Even though neo is partnered with them? I'm confused.
its a scam along with ven, cpchain, and the other chink coins
Yeah if /biz/ thinks it's a scam then I know i gotta buy it. You guys also said ethereum was a scam and I'd be better off holding digibyte.
Man this is getting old. You are fucking retarded.

File: zoom-out.png (130 KB, 1829x1401)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
relax, faggots
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
oh and

These are the pillars of crypto. Adapt or die
weaponized autism
File: 80c.png (58 KB, 645x729)
58 KB
I can say your life has no value

It's deflationary already because coins are lost daily, along with hoarding. In fact if this deflation isn't maintained at ~1%/year Bitcoin will enter hyperdeflation and become worthless very quickly.
File: galenface.jpg (69 KB, 720x480)
69 KB
nothing triggers my autism more than fuckfaces on this board who post "BTC is overpriced, $x is a more fair value", like their subjective fucking reasoning matters even one bit on a free market like this.

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