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File: cardano.jpg (12 KB, 500x428)
12 KB
I can't believe /biz/ was right for once
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It still is a scam but normies are buying into it.

I've seen 3 people already looking at Cardano in my lectures in University.

Just look at their marketing and how many buzzwords they use that resonate with normies. I'm actually suprised they haven't put black science man on their dev team yet.
Japan is waking up
Ive still got my 1200 btc that i mined back in 2009, but thanks for the offer
can they even trade? i heard something about a whitelist?
File: 200_s.gif (48 KB, 366x200)
48 KB

>Larping THIS hard

You're embarassing yourself now.

File: download.jpg (3 KB, 200x200)
3 KB
All aboard
200 waves reporting in

File: DFdfcfv.jpg (57 KB, 604x416)
57 KB
Supposed to be a cartography blockchain derivitive. Could you see google or any major corporation picking this up? It seems like it has pretty broad application.

File: IMG_1358.jpg (32 KB, 300x400)
32 KB
What happens when we hit one trillion market cap?

File: Neo_The_One.jpg (421 KB, 1024x1024)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Cap this

File: Bitcoin1.png (68 KB, 960x480)
68 KB
Ok, for reals talk /biz/. Pretty much everyone in the crypto game seems to be in it as a means of acquiring more fiat, most have an idea of a figure in their mind that would be their cashing out point. Does this mean most crypto investors don't see crypto as becoming a fiat replacement they can use for daily transactions in future and is just a speculative medium-term cash cow?
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Do you want to wait 2h at the supermarket checkout and pay $20 on top of your $3.50 bill?

AnCraps can suck my dick, all I care about is purchasing power, no matter if it's in coins or fiat.
I'm assuming there will be some development on current technology over time albeit purpose defeating solutions such a Lightning Network.
you still need fiat to live so obviously you cant go all in and still survive.
but cashing out all your gains is equally retarded
What if crypto changes in the process into something else entirely, though?

fiat replacement likely wouldn't happen til 2030 at best. Governments spent much of the 19th century stamping out alternative mints and currencies in order to establish pure national currencies.

These existed throughout all of 20th century. A huge crash will come. The goal is to use crypto to make large amounts of fiat, then cash out the fiat and buy resources and supplies in order to survive "the apocalypse" which will be when they turn off all electricity

Your bitcoins and your fiat paper money will be equally worthless in an apocalyptic scenario. In that instance you want to have supplies

File: 11558654-large[1].jpg (65 KB, 618x416)
65 KB
I guess they're not.


Consider changing your email and password frequently and add a 2FA.

File: metaverse.jpg (38 KB, 745x481)
38 KB
Ready for $5?

pls d'nate I'm poor:

File: top lel.jpg (28 KB, 600x494)
28 KB
Remember to buy into bitcoin cash before it moons.


bitcoin cash won't get any lower than this.
The video makes one critical error in saying that transaction fees at that time will likely be $100. The lightning network will drastically reduce the amount of actual transactions on the blockchain, and once demand drops below supply we will quickly see lower fees.
average transaction fees are already over $20
Yes, because transactions are competing for spots on the blockchain. Once this is no longer necessary (because of the second layer) transaction fees will return to a lower value.
When LN works, and it will only work as a centralized piece of shit set of hubs due to the economic realities of how payment channels are set up, it will be too late and bitcoin aka bankcoin will have already flashcrashed into oblivion. Not to mention, even as a settlement layer, it will still be clogged if its actually used unless they increase the block size.

File: Binance.jpg (146 KB, 1371x403)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Anyone got a Binance Referral code they want to throw my way? Making an account now and will be depositing some BTC to dump into alt coins.
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ill share the comission with whoever uses the referral.
I used it bby

Spare a goy some shekels


this u?

File: 1394936746538.jpg (38 KB, 331x341)
38 KB
BTC is poised to breach the 100 thousand dollars before new year. will 2018 be the year fiat and their jewish banking cartels finally die?
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>Automation will make it so most people don't have to work. (It's ALREADY the case, most of the work people do is useless busy work, evidence of this is how kids streaming vidya games on youtube can make millions)
Crypto is a global game of musical chairs to decide who will be in the leisure class and who will be in the slave class.

Nocoiners are going to start realizing they're selling themselves and their kids into slavery to early adopter and there will be a quickly accelerating bum rush to get rid of fiat and get crypto... any amount of crypto...
>slavery to early adopter
In your dreams, nerd.
It's already my reality. My crypto is already worth millions of your wagecuck bucks. I do nothing but live a leisurely life and you wagecucks are forced to give me goods and services.
File: 1506446362698.jpg (651 KB, 2048x1536)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
Sorry bro, but you'll never be the pizza join that sold a single pizza for a 1000 coins, nor will you see any number above the period in your life.

There is still hope of not living in complete poverty tho.
I’m not

Will generation Z be annoyed by us for being able to to make money so easily?

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> boomers in Stock market
> regulate It to no fun shit levels
> millennials go with crypto because stocks is too complicated
> as boomers die off their stocks tank
> as stocks tank more jump to crypto
100% will come true. Its like boomers and real estate.
Dude, millenials have know about crypto since forever.
No they haven't. They literally got in it a couple years ago. Holy fuck man. Once again Generation X invents everything.

File: colbert.jpg (78 KB, 470x588)
78 KB
You have 10 seconds to explain why aren't you cashing out as Bitcoin grows. Do you believe it will go on forever? Do you think we are tgat far from the peak?
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>already made some gains
>freeriding atm with a potential to become rich

i will sell at 200k / btc

if it dips, i ll buy more
>I'm an index investor with a small allocation to bitcoin.
Master race.
I keep a fixed percentage of my portfolio in bitcoin. Whenever it's more than twice what I want it to be, I cash out.

It transforms exponential growth into linear growth, which sucks, but it mitigates risk like a motherfucker.
Because it's almost 2018 and not 2081 in the timeline of your wildest dreams?

We are on the same boat. May I ask which base % of bitcoin do you use and if you have stop-loss in place? If so, at which % of the current price?

I wish I had a reaction folder right now.
>We are on the same boat. May I ask which base % of bitcoin do you use and if you have stop-loss in place? If so, at which % of the current price?
10% of portfolio in crypto, 50% of which is bitcoin. No stop loss in place. I obviously don't trade leverage and honestly I believe in crypto enough to hold on to my coins for a couple of years, even if it goes through another dip like in 2013.

So far I've cashed out my original investment in USD 3 times and I'm left with about 1.5x my original investment in coins. Could obviously have been a lot more if I hadn't cashed out but that's the price of risk mitigation.
I think this is the last bitcoin moon.

All the previous ones where it mooned and crashed, then mooned higher and crashed, has only been you virgin neets playing with fake money in your basement. That's why it's come back everytime because you had new people buying.

There's never been this type of normie exposure to bitcoin. I think there will be one final massive fomo pump before the bubble pops finally. Hardly anyone is left to buy btc and the normies buying the top are going to get burned so bad they're going to FUD btc from now on

File: Screenshot_13.png (97 KB, 1407x783)
97 KB
Meme triangle fag here. Let me know which chart you want me predictions on.
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File: DEXATI20171215220700.png (686 KB, 1439x810)
686 KB
686 KB PNG

I am sitting on 315$ of btc, which is hardly anything at all. Should i cash out or invest in some altcoins?
mah dude.
if you can't afford to lose 315 buckaroos, why invest in the first place?

go big, or go home
Too spooc to give advice anon
I am not spocced to lose them, it’s just that’s the only money i can afford to invest cus of being an unemployed unifag. What Im wondering is if 315$ is even worth investing, will i ever see any gains?

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