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This is just fucked up
I remember that smuggass anon claiming he put 100 eth into this ico
Poor guy... apparently the CEO is some scammer that needed some cash fast
File: 1514027260158.jpg (195 KB, 798x770)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>a real use case
>erc-20 token
>corda r3 already does 100% of what this pile of shit promises
>yeah bro, wait for it to hit exchanges, this is totally different from all the other ico scams

>IBM + Maersk partnership

How those bags, anons?
Where can I get this?

Is it the start of 'THE COLLAPSENING' bros ?
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China was/is taking over America, the situation was realized and Trumps politics is one attempt to counter the process. Of course there will be pains along the way. Arguing againdt it is like arguing against using desinfect on a dirty wound because of the pain. If you don't do anything, the results would be worse. People should stop complaining about a breakdown of a massive bullrun after many years. Hell, dow is still far above where it was a year ago. I have no idea if Trumps actions are a good option, but I know that his try is better than doing nothing and seeing Chinaman take over the world police role. At least in America, there is the historic love thy beighbor moral in the subconcious.
The HSI is in an even bigger collapse dummy.
You're a modern Socrates, for sure. Sage
File: Interest rates.jpg (55 KB, 942x468)
55 KB
I'm not a burger but you shouldn't have the right to fucking vote if you think:
1). the stock market is the economy
2). the president controls the stock market

Stop being retarded or kys

How do European girls feel about Chain Link? I got over 300 k, and is just, theres this red hair girl in my martial class i want to impress. Ive heard her mention bitcoin, ethereum, tron, all that normie coins before. I havent had the courage to go to one.

I dont want to fail this. Shes like the only euro girl here (pennsylvania college). And I love euro girls!
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You have to explain her the oracle problem first
File: 1514314762364.jpg (168 KB, 853x937)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Kill yourself nigger

Stick to your own mudrace
yes do this!
>we 60% nao
fucking pathetic. hurr im trying to make money to impress a girl im totally not a socially awkward faggot that is also a virgin that has no clues about life or anything.

kill yourself

File: elastosssss.png (204 KB, 1344x611)
204 KB
204 KB PNG

Its time to load up the truck or get run over by it when this breaches four figures by EOY.
E Last OS
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I think the thread got deleted, but the jist of it is that this curry nigger
spammed dozens of times about how ELA is a shitcoin and calling others pajeets, and then someone found a telegram user named "Rakeesh Sanjeet" or something saying the exact same shit about the market cap and $20 and using the same terrible english. Rakeesh the street shitting curry nigger stopped responding afterwards.
Dude I've checked ela threads for weeks and chink broken English fuder is in almost every single one. Sad how much this guy must be getting paid in a shitty Indian call center to fud this in between taking Microsoft carrs
you fags I'm Canadian kek
Lol I’m not the pajeet FUDDer I just copy pasta’d his last response. Sorry just a larper. I’m balls deep in this ELA
I’ve a small bag. Not worried

File: binance-logo.png (12 KB, 800x550)
12 KB
So Binance is moving to Malta which is in EU. So will Binance now force to KYC for everyone and send all the transaction info to EU tax authorities?

File: 1509613619676.gif (106 KB, 250x250)
106 KB
106 KB GIF
Anyone here not into shitcoins and desperately searching for an insider contact? To learn from? To work with? To finally make it? Senpai desu ne.

> Currently making it
> From 300 to 10k in 2weeks
> For the gang
Looking for nietzsche inspired soon to be ubermenschen to join the gang
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Interested in partnership. Documenteur. High energy. Small liquidity due to the crash, but am useful in many other ways. Seems like you dig Japan. Currently live in Asia and can advise on a few different type of things. Let's talk. imacrackedmachine@outlook.com

Thanks brother.

Hey, here's my email. I'm interested in your gang and loyalty ;)


OP I'm interested. I might not be as useful, but I always grind for information, be it on Telegram and such, to get the update before it's announced.


Sorry guys, gotta interview some plebs. Will answer you all later.

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 332x443)
23 KB
Yall wan to buy one of my bitcorns for 20k?

Bitcorn is revolutionary yes sir. Yall dun be getting a mighty fine deal right now if you buy em off me while they cheap

File: 1519880970807.jpg (118 KB, 730x1094)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
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File: 1334993452437.jpg (100 KB, 744x690)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
its a trap
You locked the door after you left, right
It's a men and I can prove it.
File: 1517606662405.jpg (44 KB, 666x595)
44 KB
Should I sell my monero for more WAN?

File: 1849798_1.jpg (23 KB, 630x630)
23 KB
Selling alts for ETH is the correct move right now. Alt-to-ETH rates are currently inflated due to recent ETH underperformace compared to BTC. Once ETH corrects, they will drop like a rock and you can buy back in and increase your stack.
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Fucking lol. See you at $300
That's a stupid move
ETH has outperformed BTC this year significantly
eth is waiting for eos to come out and for everyone to fully realize how useless a fork of bitshares actually is, for it tio re-absorb the dumb money.
>re-absorb the dumb money that sold at $1000 and will buy at $250

You own ETH you smart.

File: 1521730463850.jpg (90 KB, 700x525)
90 KB
I'm sick to death of all the layers of FUD, shilling, counter-shilling, disinfo.

Why does crypto operate like a demoralization war effort?
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File: climb to the heights.jpg (21 KB, 236x372)
21 KB
but actually though,

also, it's sorta all philosophy if you explore it to enough depth. I blame it on finishing up a short philosophy paper in the middle of the night, but ehh, who cares what the cause is
Das right we’re al just one maaaaaaannnnnnn
notice me senpai
Zero-sum that is why.

File: oldlaugh.jpg (234 KB, 964x641)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

So someone help explain hpb to me now, so originally they were going to help neo and ethereum make their blockchains faster, but now they're going to have dapps and ico's on their platform. So they're going to compete with neo and ethereum? Even though neo is partnered with them? I'm confused.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I bought this at $12. Im goiing to be ok right?
Well that sucks. But I think you will be ok. Honestly, just look at like. All coins around 100-200 got rekt that hard. So if u would be in another you would have also lost it. Now hpb is still the best to win it all back.
This, I remember a lot of people saying ANS was a scam too. Just do the opposite of what /biz/ says, because they're probably intentionally feeding you misinformation to profit anyway.
Can wait for another chinks to copy paste the original chink product and sell it for cheap on aliexpress, blockchain agnostic thanks to a patch.

>B... but muh tokens...

File: 1517000510634.jpg (112 KB, 600x800)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
do you regret not going all in pépé plush like I did?

plush trading is the future
the guy who sells that stuff is the only one making money in this board

File: trtlwolfy.jpg (113 KB, 850x559)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Are you guys accumulating this hidden gem?
This will be pumped hard EOM
m00t from 4Chan is shilling this hard in Dev's Private Discord.
How many TRTL do you have?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
denomination soon
File: 26sg09.jpg (82 KB, 500x377)
82 KB
Just bought 100k.
Last I check.my wallet, 5.2m I am sure it's around 6 now. Not a whale but I have a feeling I will be comfy.
this inspired to me switch back to TRTL mining, thank you

File: recommendation.png (15 KB, 190x560)
15 KB
Green means a great project to invest in, red means not to invest in any time soon. What project from the list you are sure to be in the green and why?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ijj1aSW[1].png (22 KB, 485x443)
22 KB
What is the business model for TFD and what is the utility of its token?
File: twitter.jpg (343 KB, 1175x815)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
did the matrix team beat google intel facebook in the ai competition last year?
is smart contract dictionary smaller than a real dictionary?

Are YOU as intelligent as these guys? NO so fuck off

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