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Sup /biz/, I'm a little new here so sorry if I'm in the wrong place
So I'm in college, kinda struggling to pay my way through. I expect to acquire around ~$30k of debt by the time I graduate
I really dislike the system in place and want to screw it, are there any ways of doing this?

Ex: one could leave the country
simple anon. Take debt, invest in BTC. In 3 years rather then be -30k, youll be up 500k.
unironically he is right
problem with that, as I said I'm struggling to keep myself in school. I work part time and putting all my funds towards this. My family helps too but I'm just salty that it is so hard to pay for an education
Best advice I can give to you is attempt to pay it off as quick as possible, if you don't the interest rate will fuck you and you'll end up being stuck unable to ultimately pay it and you'll want to kill yourself.
this, student loan debts are complete slavery, get rid of it as soon as you can.

go to a community college to get a bunch of credits done. They are way cheaper then a normal university and the credits transfer. In the meantime, learn to code, start a business.

am i a fucking retard or a genius?
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File: billgwojak.jpg (500 KB, 1600x900)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
ok OP i will tell you my own whale story
>be toppest embercoin holder
>enjoy making 1-1.5 btc daily from selling stake rewards
>see inflation spiraling out of control and know the end will come soon
>decide to dump all coins, bringing price from 8 sats to 2 sats
>put profits into 1 sat buy order
>people panic sell and eventually i soak up even more coins than i had before
>resell everything at 4 sats when it rebounds
>get out for good
>embercoin now has a 46 btc sell wal at 1 sat, lol good luck with that

make no mistake OP, you are holding 1% of a shitcoin and to maximize your profits in a shitcoin, you need to be willing to fuck some people over
it's better to sell too early than too late

my nigga, hookers and blow when we both 100x on this beauty

ty for wise words based anon <3
File: 1508146985741.jpg (80 KB, 976x549)
80 KB
Plz give us 2 mins warning if you want to take it down to 1 sat
I have 500k selling soon if repeating digits

File: sergeyisalkive.png (38 KB, 962x229)
38 KB
linkmarines are not dead

you fudders will miss out

you've been warned
In other words Sergey-san is saying the banks are already all developing and implementing blockchains and...

File: unikoingold.png (5 KB, 397x127)
5 KB
Anybody buying this ICO?
Kek, no
Why not? Esports is a growing sector and they have a lot of big investors already?
Because it's a shameless cash grab by Rahul Sood. They already have a working and profitable platform that does the same thing without any coin involved. It's not like they need the ICO funds to develop further, they're just shoe-horning in some scam coin to make them more money.
So they're already 100 steps ahead of almost every other coin because they actually have a product...

Your post almost makes me want to buy this shitcoin.

This article says the coins are way to get around the legal restrictions on betting.

File: eSXubsCD.jpg (18 KB, 278x278)
18 KB
Thanks for your patience and support, it does mean a lot to our entire team. We were very focused on making SIBOS a success because it’s a great opportunity to present at conference like this, and we wanted to take it seriously. We will come up with a way of communicating more with the community, and making sure that both those generally interested in our work, and developers have a way to interact with us in a more meaningful way. We’re really just not as used to this amount of public communication, and have always focused on building good product before anything else. Thanks again for your support as we do our best to do what’s needed to make the ChainLink network a success.
We really need to tell this fag that getting in another exchange shouldnt be that hard
someone get him in this thread so we can give him a piece of our mind

File: bleh.png (126 KB, 1010x562)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
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never because of market caps and shit
Fuck the oracles, gimme my 10 million dollars already
>deluded linkies think this will be a billion dollar company

You won't stop us.
Thanks Anon. Now I just need to figure out how to get back my stolen ChainLink.

The memes don't stop, eh...

File: stupidshit.png (5 KB, 678x62)
5 KB
Anyone else here lose a shitload of money recently?

Pic related lost half a bitcoin on ODN no joke feel fucking retarded and completely convinced I should kill myself.
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I'm not sure that's really true if you're looking for an actually anonymous messenger. Like, if you make a living selling popcorn, you probably want a popcorn machine. Bad analogy, I know, but fuck you.
The same story on repeat. A great idea on paper the unfolded into a financial mishap. Hopefully others learn from their mistakes.
If ODN goes below 4k I will buy all of it
And you will sell it when it crushes through 2k.
babby's first loss. you'll get over it, bro.

File: Capture.png (18 KB, 869x287)
18 KB
Is this what accumulation looks like biz?
not looking for normies to tell me their opinion, looking for someone who knows a thing or two about ta.....
What can u tell me about this pattern?
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That's clearly a fibonacci. It's going to moon. I have 5 years of experience in TA, so I know what I'm talking about.
hey go wyckoff, jabroni

it means either or depending on previous trends, I dont know what coin this is dip shit
I would still say no.
File: SPX_Moon.png (58 KB, 900x673)
58 KB
Right, it also depends on the phase of the moon.

File: Untitled.png (37 KB, 1229x477)
37 KB
CVC is pumping. Git in quick!

Does anyone bet with bitcoin? if so, which site do you use?

This is the primary way i increase my shitcoin holdings. Bet on mma with btc, take the winnings and buy link.

Lets have a live thread this sat.
you ever see those /heem/ prediction threads on sp? you're better off using ikimachu clouds
Why don't you gamble in FIAT where it's tax free
I do on bovada fucking cheifs cost me .5 btc on Sunday

Are we expecting anything from this piece of shit over the next few days?
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what are the chances this guy is our guest speaker? https://twitter.com/jesselund
One of those days. Big dogs will be talking too. People from Apple, visa, facebook, wellafargo, etc $etc $
File: CONFERENCE CYCLE.png (257 KB, 1495x644)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
how many more minnows do you think you can get?
How much you holding?
Slowly moving up...

File: bearthangs.png (197 KB, 225x297)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Who holding FENX here? I don't know bout you poor fags but I'm fucking ready to rich, maybe take this as a hint to buy some and if you missed out on the airdrop I feel bad for you.
holding 20k fenx, my ticket to the moon
How much do u guys own? I have like 1k. Am I gonna make it?
bro they were airdropping 10k here the other day. I mean, you'll make it to the soup kitchen though
File: About to moon.png (49 KB, 948x475)
49 KB
Only people starting to accumulate ENG right now are going to make it.

Get in while the shilling has started.

File: 1507764129974.gif (991 KB, 233x369)
991 KB
991 KB GIF
When should I sell my bancor? Should I put it in another coin, or just bail
File: 1507768638516.jpg (31 KB, 470x470)
31 KB
>actually even holding bancor

File: IMG_0521.png (432 KB, 750x1334)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
I'm letting you know, ODN would change my life forever.

I would adopt it and personally use it to transfer 100s of thousands. I don't see how you do not see potential in this.

I get that there is a paid FUD campaign going on and I get that. I hope you guys are taking advantage of this deal right now.

Post all the good things you know about ODN below. Let's get this thread bumpin I'm ready to fuckin fight some faggots on reddit you pussies.

Y'all are all prolly fatass pussies playin word of warcraft eating hot cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew boutta go to the genus bar to see if they can clean the jizz outta yo shit.

I don't see how this would not be useful. It's literally the best way to transfer money for me. VPN cryptic messages.

I don't know how this is legal, but if this succeeds and is f
and is adopted by the masses this project will be huge
No, I don't get paid to fud and I also shill it.

File: IMG_1844.jpg (60 KB, 800x450)
60 KB
Please come up with 1 reason, that's right. There are none.

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Metaverse is fast. Metaverse allows you to register assets. Metaverse has staking.

I fully switched to ETP from ETH. OmiseGo is going to allow me to use assets on Metaverse with smart contract logic from Ethereum, then we see the ultimate endgame.
The aroma of Chinatown has more substance to it than kektaverse
why would anyone suck cock when there are dildos
File: 1408543297950.png (29 KB, 633x758)
29 KB
ARK is fast, but it's not an every exchange yet.
where do i buy this piece of shit

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