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File: 673.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
why do other boards not like pepes and wojaks?
other boards actually attract smart people
Because Pepe and wojak are Reddit tier now. And the amount of quality OC memes is dropping every year.
I like Bobo and Bubs tho
Fuck off stupid frog poster

File: Capture.jpg (103 KB, 1059x780)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
PLAAK Exchange
New australian DEX by the looks of things
Might be a bit better at this than the world cup

File: 3d.png (297 KB, 1184x454)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
i fomoed in, come quickly, buy muy bagz!!!
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hurrr duppp wild mechhikkkooo sanchez appeared. go KYS
Im just here for helping people desu.
There are lots of pros and cons with fomo3d.

Its like the anti-ChainLink because you actually make profits after one week and then make free moneyy every day. Its even better than PoS coins, because the dividends do not devaluate your stack because you are paid in ETH. And even better it locks away the ETH so it even increases ETH prices in future.


t. Pajeet gupta
keep on dreaming... u white superior kiddo ; )
Enjoy your loss

File: 1975.png (11 KB, 200x200)
11 KB
1. Mark Oblad has been working on his own companies (valcu.co) product whilst being given a big salary from SC.com. Source: check his GitHub.

2. Codeship has been a resounding failure so far according to the team in the pivotal tracker demonstrating a lack of technical competence and poor guidance from Steve Ellis. Is he even up to the job?

Here is the pivotal quote from John Barker:

>The Codeship CD has been IMHO a little dissapointing:
It can't do CI on forks
It's slower than Travis (how!?!? this might just be the extra work it's doing to build docker containers)
The pause mechanism is a little weird: it runs the whole build again, the pause button dissapears under some set of conditions I don't understand, the pausing/deployment of builds is not super visible

Which brings me to my third point, a lack of professionalism.

3. I quote John Barker in pivotal.

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Does the decompiler then stop the backpropagation of the oracle input and starts inducing a nil pointer?
damn, you know your shit.
I appreciate the research you've put into this, and thank you for sharing it. I hope others seriously consider your warning.

Really appreciate all the shit knowing around here.
Kek. This.
It will trigger an endless FOR loop that will leave the network open to a Sybil attack while it keeps running.
Literally a rookie mistake.
Glad I dont own this shitcoin.
Lol this.
This fud could have been really good except for that absolutely fucking retarded line right there.

Time to become an adult! I hope you have made enough gains with your Internet money. She is ready for you now.
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lol at the pic with her mutt lurking in the background. at least she had the decency to include that red flag too
you got fuckin rekt kid
> these children on this board. omg
scary part is I see a bit of my ex in her eyes.

Perhaps I lucked out by being an incel
yes, nice theory.
In the end, it doesn't matter :) Even if men are designed for more anomalies or more experimental behaviour - you still have to provide something to your girl. If you can't even put your life together, don't even talk to a women. As much as you want to experiment, she wants security.

Children on this board, go home

File: 6666.jpg (109 KB, 480x360)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
$6666 coming.
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trips confirm, we bull now
pamp it again
File: 1531239443128.png (561 KB, 895x856)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
What is stupider than a frog and wojak poster
yes, a bog poster

File: WHAT IS THIS.jpg (79 KB, 945x408)
79 KB
What is the meaning of this? It's gonna crash back to 6K tomorrow right?
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Biggest bull run in crypto history incoming
File: 1530676465431.jpg (94 KB, 736x1105)
94 KB
this anon knows whats up
Youre wrong anon, try opening it on like 1min candles....first time in months we see organic human fomo buying (and yes stop-market buys count) instead of crazy barts...havent felt bullish in months now but somethings different with this pump....or so (((they))) want me to believe....
Completely fucking natural. 2k next week
no, on human exchanges where bots are prohibited nobody is buying, just sells

File: fullsizeoutput_5da.jpg (158 KB, 1033x666)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
those numbers are weak. it'll be much greater now that more people than ever are aware.
these numbers are conservative, I expect 2x of these at minimum
If bitcoin gets a big event. Like paypal announcing you can buy/sell bitcoin directly with paypal money. Or whatever just as big, then adoption would increase 1000x immediately. And so would price.
Then after LN is working, say in 3 years, and is easy to use by the every day folk, then someone takes power in venezuela and says fuck this we're using bitcoin from now on. Then other shitty countries follow?
that's more than $1m per bitcoin. Worth it to buy a few just in case.
OP is a faggot
>Hurdur buying internet monies with paypal
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, why not just use paypal, where you have the possibility to get your money back instead of getting scammed. Retards.. crypto is no currency

File: i.jpg (19 KB, 250x247)
19 KB
VenGang yolo.
Trio lol.
File: 2683123486124382683.jpg (82 KB, 723x757)
82 KB
feels like im stealing money
Fuck off with these austistic VEN fud posts. All sound the same, obvious fud campaign is obvious. Also VEN is a shitcoin.
I don't give a shit about any fud campaign, I'm getting destroyed out there on a 3rd coin in a row

File: 1530507729429.jpg (40 KB, 409x409)
40 KB
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File: SBISLEY_RanXerox.jpg (205 KB, 594x800)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Neets, Employees... Must we fight eachother?

Must we hate our fellow man, in his differing circumstance? We are all struggling and suffering together, no matter. Because deep down we all feel the same aches and desires to improve things around us.

We must unite! WE MUST FIGHT TOGETHER! Death to diversity, death to identity politics. We are one /biz/ unit, we are one family.

No more will we waste energy spewing vile at eachother. We will appreciate our fellow man for his strengths, and not fault him for his weaknesses. We will lift eachother up.

We all have a struggle, lets struggle together as one.

ima wagie and all of this still applies
File: 1506311946617.jpg (163 KB, 1150x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
juvenile mind on ideology - truly a pathetic sight to behold
Behold, our enemy a Jude!

Nothing to offer his fellow man but parasitism of his energy!
kek, same

File: hxVlotl.gif (1.13 MB, 726x400)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
File: 1531507536347.jpg (44 KB, 602x800)
44 KB
Strap in bois !
We moon.
File: 1466479108859.jpg (46 KB, 776x661)
46 KB
>imgur filename
>didn't even bother to edit a link cube in
This is just lazy, anon. Put more effort in next time

File: 1512012876679.png (58 KB, 400x400)
58 KB
which one has more in the pipeline for the short term?
elec for sure.
Probably ELEC, since they are already a established company with customers

File: nimiq.jpg (38 KB, 696x449)
38 KB
How is the mining moon mission going lads?
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are you talking about NIM or NET? because if NET goes $1 EOY thats prob one of the worst gainers this year.

NIM, NET will be worthless in like 2 - 3 months lol
File: 0283_-_4G6WgZ9.jpg.png (148 KB, 538x527)
148 KB
148 KB PNG

if NIM goes to $1 EOY I made it but I don't see this happening

$1 is the long term goal, we will all make it then. I will shit myself if NIM hits $1 EOY, I'd be happy with $0.05 - $0.1
Unless you're a chink, it's cheaper to buy than to mine. Already have a nice bag, going all in once price nears 20 sats.

Buy now or fomo in at 100k faggots

File: dream.jpg (172 KB, 1059x794)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Would it be profitable to start my own wrestling company? Hey /biz/, do you think starting my own fed is a good investment? Is it expensive to get an indie up and running? It's something I've wanted to do since I was a little kid, but I've never really looked into doing it.
let me ask YOU something mate, why the FUCK aren't you in on F3D?

https://exitscam.me/mtgox <<----- Get in.
File: myjew.jpg (5 KB, 310x162)
5 KB
stop the madness.
Can we make shark tank a meme pls frens
That's some good programming

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