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File: monacocoin.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
What do you guys think about the Monaco project? It seems like the coin price has had a very dependable, gradual raise, and it looks like the project behind the coin is pretty serious (visa cards for crypto). I just don't know how useful/widely adopted it will become, and I'm also not sure why buying the tokens will amount to anything since the cards and Monaco app will be doing ETH, BTC and fiat on the exchange.

Had a healthy jump after being listed on Bithumb, though.
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Signed up for the free card dont own any Mco hoping that i can use it to spend my crypto gains to avoid taxes
Basically my conclusion. The coin seems to be most useful as hype for the project itself--you'd think the developers would do something like Binance or Kucoin and use MCO for their app/visa, but what's the point of that I guess.

ty anons! I'll find something else to gamble on.
dude, you have to send in your id to get the card, its a fuckin VISA card, that will have you name on it, sent to a address that will be on some kind of register most likely also. they will be sending over that spending info to the gov, the gov will find out, sadly. All i am saying is it risky its in the governments interest to collect this data, i.e. if someone is living above their means, or the tax band. not saying it will happen, just learn how to work around it.
really like the project
when i heared about it a few months ago i randomly put in $8 in eth ... now i have $37.. feel bad for not Putting in more,
the i solt at the top today and now im waiting for it to go down to buy more
Monaco is amazing for trading. You could safely buy it at its lows and expect huge gains.

File: ethereum.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
Reminder that Ethereum is incredibly overvalued for what it is and it will never ever surpass Bitcoin
nice, just bought 100k
Reminder: you can't name 3 things Ethereum does differently than BTC.

File: dompeet.jpg (15 KB, 228x228)
15 KB
bigger caliber = bigger bills

would it be a problem that you might need to shoot those bullets in self defense and go bankrupt in the process though? that's the only problem i can find with it

>takes actual work to create unlike PoW
>takes knowledge to create
>takes materials to create
>those materials although have a relatively high supply, are limited
>no premine
>no pajeets
>chinese products actually work
>intrinsic value
>always sought after in times of strife

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File: 1524086096529.jpg (78 KB, 634x541)
78 KB
Hey /biz/, pretty simple question here. I'm a burger and I'm about to get kicked off my parent's health insurance plan. What are my options? I'm fine with not having insurance for a bit while I look for a job (about to graduate), but won't I have to pay a penalty? Not really familiar with the rules. If there's some cheap alternative, that works too.
Join the military.
No thanks
Any other suggestions?

File: sadcat.jpg (31 KB, 512x512)
31 KB
im crying and i dont know what to do
i come from a poor country (Qatar) and i put all my savings on Sigtnatum (SIGT) after someone made a thread here... i had nice investments with other stocks like Facebook and Nvidia... i am so stupid... but why so much evil in this world? i am poor, i need this money. my mom is unemployed, i once told her how much money i was making with crypto... i dont know anymore. i hope there is a god and he does something with those people... not fair.
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What was the original country and coin from this pasta?
Just steal a fortune from the tourists in the 2022 world cup. That should net you a small fortune.
OP if you start selling shrimp you can still 50x your money..
tell me more

Stab em.

I love these shrimp threads. Seriously anon, I'm considering going long. It makes sense!

File: Bunnytoken.jpg (81 KB, 983x561)
81 KB
This cosmic brain shit
They're definatly going to the moon guys

The hype on it will make it moon when it hits an echange in, May/June. Srsly buy now while you can.
Yeah i really think you should do that

File: serveimage (4).jpg (15 KB, 700x420)
15 KB
They seem lucrative.
All you need is a mold and some silicone
I've seen these things go for $100 a pop
Anyone have any luck?
Bump niggers I want to know
There was an article on vice about some woman who basically does this as she had some kind of a fetish for monster (as in mythical stuff, not just huge) dicks. can't remember if she made any money from it though.

Make a few, get a girl you know to host something like an Ann Summers party with them. You'll probably make a bit of money, and it'll allow you to test the water a bit.
Not a bad idea anon. Thanks

File: 15.png (221 KB, 854x750)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Phores PRIVATE smart contracts will be done using sidechains. No congestion like other platforms who do them on chain. Scalability = godlike.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

File: ta19.png (85 KB, 1544x949)
85 KB
next few days will be crucial for trade reversal, I feel like the resistance is going to hold though.
File: 1524175478039.png (60 KB, 1360x324)
60 KB
fuck off with your no-better-than-chance meme lines

pic related is you
well, to be honest btc has been oversold for fairly long time now, could go down anytime. I wouldn't be surprised if omega is right on this one
also, how the lines can be meme if they already turned out to work in March. If you take a look at the pink resistance line it is not imaginary, and it exists since January

File: profits.jpg (200 KB, 1280x720)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Anyone else growing insects for PROFIT?

ALL IN HealthyWormCoin

EOS vs Cardano *FIXED*
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File: eos.png (409 KB, 628x625)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
EOS cucks
>Soy / reddit / rick and morty / cartoon style.
Is that supposed to be SCP-107?
no idea

File: 1522701350108s.jpg (2 KB, 125x108)
2 KB
Hi Biz,

How can I earn crypto online besides making content on steemit or d.tube, etc.? i'm waiting on steemit verification
you may buy it or try mine some gem
there are still faucets around i believe, someone will correct me, enter your address, complete capta a VERY tiny amount gets transferred
use google search 'crypto faucets'....

File: made_it.jpg (952 KB, 2000x1328)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
What will be your "i made it" car? No matter how you made it - business or crypto etc (i for one don't own any crypto)

Where i live used mercs are a big deal since it's a poor-ish country and even very well off folks can't afford new ones. Plus it confers status just by the looks of it, this car says: the owner is someone important, a sporty car/coupe doesn't say anything like that so i don't really like sporty cars.

I judge cars by 3 factors: looks, money (how expensive they look) and status (what kind and how much status they confer). If you want to get pussy with a car you need a balance of all 3 (sports cars don't confer status..are high in looks and money only). Mercedes C is a perfect balance.

How bout you?
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currently driving a c class gotta say it's pretty fucking sweet
File: 1523747138732.png (396 KB, 500x497)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Porsche turbo
an apartment on wheels brah
enjoy replacing the battery every 12 months (which is super toxic for the environment)

File: colossus-coin-xt.jpg (94 KB, 696x449)
94 KB
How are you losers not all in at this point?
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ECA isn't slowing down. Check out that volume. Almost $2,000,000 and growing. COLX never got close to that on their pump.
File: 42534623145264.png (1.67 MB, 1140x4748)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG

I've actually considered Eca, but seeing as it has a maximum supply of nearly 2.5 x that of colx and it not being a privacy coin (big in 2018), i ultimately went for colx.
i'm convinced these threads are like 3 guys all just swapping ID's to make it look like anyone cares about these shitcoins
File: 1523790333830.png (435 KB, 701x767)
435 KB
435 KB PNG

i you cared a week ago, you would have more then trippled you money allready by now. Do some research and you'll see that Colx has one of the most active communities of all small-cap coins out there.

18 hours until April 20 @ 1800 Berlin time. If you still don’t know what Ambrosus is, you have 18 hours to DYOR.
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Wouldn't it make sense to sell during the conference? Dumps usually dont happen until after the announcement so isnt there still some profits to be made?
throwing some of my P3D gains into AMB. What's the worst that can happen
Subtle FUD
As obvious a bullflag as is it can be anon

What this mean

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