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File: DASH.png (173 KB, 1308x610)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
The buy wall on DASH is pretty big in comparison to the sell wall. Anywhere to go but down!
Unless the whale drops the wall as people start buying LOL
Have fun with your bags

File: qtum.png (16 KB, 460x160)
16 KB
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>best alternative for bittrex?
usdt and eth pairs for everything
margin trading
tradingview charts
Lol buttrex literally just saved you money
I am proud to be a cuck.
no dipshit i wanted to sell at the highpoint i been holding cheap QTUM for a month

not really, could've done it before everyone mass bought

>its not even weekend yet

File: 1.png (10 KB, 169x380)
10 KB
Do not miss this dip. We are going up 15-20% today.

I have no idea where we going tommorow, maybe another dump.

But now, buy.
File: 2.png (24 KB, 414x407)
24 KB
What did I tell you?
Hey, OP, This is to confirm that me is me. Screencaping.

File: Stock-Market-Crash.jpg (55 KB, 500x383)
55 KB
I repeat: We are going down again.
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People were saying up to 20x
who just bought some 0.01 @ 0.1?
good rewards come to those who were patient. Fuck, ZRX and dnt still took a few days to get going
Pajeets and burgers selling for 1 month's salary bonus.

Smart people will hold it. Y Combinator's 1st blockchain startup paypal 2.0

LOL selling below 40x

Wait for the launch atleast fags. People only want that shitty free gold. Whole market is bleeding
wales dumping. this coin is dead


File: 1505849592490.jpg (69 KB, 500x352)
69 KB
Does anyone else have the feeling there won't be a pre-fork dip? The market always does the opposite to what people expect.
Everyone wants to sell their BTG.

And I ask you,

Who is actually going to buy their BTG?
>The market always does the opposite to what people expect
everyone wants to sell their btc and btg after the fork
big whales know btg is useless piece of shit and woudn't cover even 5% btc drop
i think they will dump when everyone withdraws their btc to wallets and before exchanges go in to maintenance
Someone will buy it up and corner the market shitter.
Good chance it's a red herring
>corner the market
>of something nobody wants
you're not too bright are you?

File: 1338319568519.gif (3 KB, 250x242)
3 KB
Not selling, dont give a single Link or fuck. None

File: Auto-MB-Miami-03.jpg (177 KB, 960x545)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Anyone live in south florida?

If i was to get a job selling cars in miami/ft lauderdale is spanish fluency an absolute pre-requisite?

Or can i get by with good old queens english?
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You should be just fine with English, but ring around a few dealership and just ask them straight. If you have a refined British accent and carry yourself well then try and apply to mod-high end dealerships, think Mercedes and upwards (no, not BMW) or specialists who deal on classics. I have often found employers at companies keen to employ me based on my accent as it helps them to project some prestige, it will be more appealing in America as well.
Excuse the pajeet level spelling
Why not BMW?

It would either be Merc, BMW, Audi, Jaguar/Land rover or one of the exotic brands
>inb4 caddilac
BMW are just a bit mid tier, in my personal experience working/dealing with them they don't appreciate refined sales reps as much as others. Give it a shot by all means, but don't expect the accent to get you as far with them as others

File: rotating-chaplin.gif (1.35 MB, 300x225)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
This thread was made to brainwash you into buying ODN
nice just bought $100k link

File: watch it arkies.jpg (108 KB, 377x325)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>balls deep on link
>in at 6500, thought it was a reasonable dip
>down to SUB 5k
>the weekend dip literally hasnt begun

end me
File: 1507715493056.jpg (131 KB, 816x404)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
tried to warn you, but you wouldn't stop smugposting
Hey I was one of the ones who kept my fuckin mouth shut until now. I don't deserve this fate
This fucking coin rape my ass everyday.

Ass still hurting from previous day nostop rape and i wake up to get assrape again.

mfw 20% down again. fucking shitcoin my ass hurts so much.
make this shit stop.

File: PEPEWojakiexec.jpg (122 KB, 799x597)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>new website tomorrow
>keynote at the ethereum devcon3 the 1st november
>demo and first release of the product (V1) during this time
>PR company signed to promote the brand at the international announced today on this slack
>AMA before the devcon3 announced this morning too

x2 after the BTC fork, you read it first.
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iexec is the post fork #1 coin
yes pump coming!!!! MOOOON turbo
Wow what a good new! I will go all in right now thank you for this nice information
File: iexecCHAD.png (249 KB, 1400x569)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Everything I listed is real, unlike linkies it is not science-fiction, go check on their slack and twitter, SONMies and Golem will be soon BTFO

Yeah, better buy when it will be at the top of its bullrun kek instead of the floor.
I stick this on my post fork wall

File: logo_big.png (9 KB, 256x256)
9 KB
You know its going down when there are fags making threads showing iff how they bought 500 000 coins of request , if everyone has 50k or more who is going to buy, use your brain tards
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its a good thing it allows US people that couldn't get into ICO to buy at not rape prices and allows whales to buy even more at cheaper prices
i bet you have a very low iq, like seriously if the american government decides that 100 dollar bill would no longer be valid and only 1 dollar bill would be used from now on, the the value of dollar will drop down? That is the point you are making. I bet you dont speak much in public because people must be laughing anytime you utter a word, right?
REQ is currently early as fuck.

It's not even on coinmarketcap
With the chinks leaving this market got 50% smaller, and i bet my ass the 90% of westerners that is into crypto comes to biz, so im pretty sure everyone has requests except for maybe koreans and japs
I dont know how that compares to what i said but yes the dollar would drop compared to foreign currencies , why ? Because people would get scared as fuck thinking some major crisis is coming and they will change their dollars into gold or euros as fast as they can, ask anyone with a 3 digits iq and they will come up with the same answer , stop being a brainlet

Request posted their ICO stats and most investors were still Chinese by a fair majority.

File: 1508427890471.jpg (98 KB, 960x540)
98 KB
Plz buy
fucking why would you do that
Didn't know it had been pumped.

Please halp

Not a nignog
I would shove a sharpie up a nigger's ass and light it on fire just to get half of my investment bck

please help i sexually identify as a whole bitcoin

File: 1508274249137.jpg (35 KB, 483x305)
35 KB
Friendly reminder that burgers are about to wake up en mass and see Request at ICO price.

Expect huge volume in the coming hours
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you mean /biz knew what they were doing to fellow /bizers? rude af
East cost burgers starting to wakey wakey

Top fucking kek
File: main_900.jpg (366 KB, 900x590)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
Fat burgers

File: 3xgSj9p.jpg (9 KB, 228x221)
9 KB
Ok which one of you fucks told me to buy LINK.

My children were on a shady loan with a Saudi prince in Dubai.


I'll never get them back.
unironically: it was me. I started this meme magic project.
>lovely exit. invested 200K. you are all literally retarded.

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