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Fuck crypto Prepare yourselves for a yuge economic crash
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take cash or of the atm

start buying food and toilet paper now

experiment with sleeping and walking with natural light cycles

don't get retarded and buy a gun
What has economics to do with crypto?

get a canning setup. manual. plenty of salt. prepare to can human flesh
File: krugman-im-gon-get.jpg (45 KB, 353x353)
45 KB
>don't buy a gun
>prepare to can human flesh
Buy high, sell low

File: your fate is written.jpg (119 KB, 816x816)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Daily reminder: most crypto investors still have to rely on their 9-5 job for a living
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lol its only for benefits and insurance loser...
>this is what you get when your country doesn't have universal health care
why even live
but the mutts are the friest country on earth....
thats what they are told through out school by teachers that have never left the state
the brain washing is deep
kek my job is unironically 7-11
File: 1518872662465.png (46 KB, 619x453)
46 KB
tfw 8-(((5))) as an apprenticeship

File: Capture.png (364 KB, 881x444)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
why are cryptocurrencies so fucking shite
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I think cryptocurrencies are a far different thing from credit cards, and I feel that ultimately while they will be adopted, it will be for far different purposes alongside what we currently have.
This and
This. Those trips tho
Do one with NANO instead of BTC.
I will cap this for truthyness
You understand that when you pay with a visa/mastercard all they did was confirm the money LEFT *your* account and it takes literally days for the merchant receive it because the actual money transfer is handled by banks with crumbling mainframes and crappy processes that have barely changed since the 70s

You could build an auths API for crypto easily, the big problemo is the PDQ machine cartel

File: Untitled.png (13 KB, 401x909)
13 KB
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looks like ur needle dick
File: 1516356809678.jpg (61 KB, 759x551)
61 KB
the cum shot pattern
Flaccid bull cock with a cum flag very bearish

File: Untitled.png (38 KB, 1285x709)
38 KB
>load ze flippening threads

File: waaan.jpg (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
Why has it so much hype?

What makes it an outlier like some people have stated?

Why should I buy this over icx/ven/nuls?
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This is what they said with icx and icx still went x8 from the initial binance price (which was already x20)
So it actually went x160
It never went much past x100
t. ICO buyer
ico price of icx was 0.11 most it hit was 70-80x at its peak and that's during the biggest bullrun in crypto history. if you don't think wan is extremely overpriced right now you're in for a rude awakening
It’s a great fucking project. But don’t buy over 40k sats. It will dip.
Good points. I'm not holding wan though, but just wanted to point that out since wan seems so be a similar project like icx (potential wise).

Whats your excuse for not going all-in?
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I'm already all in. Want to all in more.
Bought 3500 for the shiggles
So this is basically a new version of LINK in terms of hype around here.
Deluded fucks
>Now it's 15 cents. Is it too late?

Good time to get in, will double from here without a doubt - still tiny.

Who else is buying crypto with their tax refund?
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I use my free financial aid money every semester
>paying taxes
They didn't start processing refunds until February, dummy. They won't accept returns filed before January 29th, and it takes at least a week before a return is issued.

But hey, you tried.
I don’t care, my EBT keeps me afloat and I gots my criptoe.
Yeah, I thought the timeline was a little off.

Who is going to be there at 6:00pm?
I need a team so I can win 2.5k BCTP
Il come if you pay me. I have no idea about coding tho

File: end1.jpg (204 KB, 1433x666)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Would you go for a quick leveraged trade if it breaks the resistance? also if yes with which price projection?
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i did my first leveraged trade yesterday, went relatively well. this looks like a schoolbook example of a ascending asimetric triangle
then go with with what you think is right! Even if you get it wrong it'll feel better than losing bc of someone else
Agreed. After a year of trading, I've just started trading on margin and if you start small and take risks on patterns that you definitively recognize, you'll be good. Go for it and learn
well thank you guys, it feels kinda weird not being called a faggot though.....im just not used to it
Helping people is important

File: 1478223422036.jpg (86 KB, 595x842)
86 KB
I just fucking love getting stopped out at the bottom just before the bounce!

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>I'm up a lot still.
Same thing most people in vegas say.
If you're just up from buying early bull market it doesn't mean much. Let us see you trade the entire bear market.
File: 1500825334598.png (275 KB, 544x700)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
I only started trading this January, so I've only been trading in a bear market. around 40% of that was when bitcoin bounced a few days ago because of course trading bull is easier but still stuff like this annoys me greatly. Also in >>8517337 I mean almost liquidated, this was back in feb. I've never been liquidated.
The stop hunter
its ok, it happens, I shorted 50x at 8400 and I didnt notice the falling wedge AND the bounce off .5 AND the rising volume AND the MACD AND RSI crossing. thank god it was only $30 tho (im a noob practicing day trading)

>be mutt, grocery shopping
>see 56% discount on 5KG bag of cookies
>stand in checkout line
>reach in pocket, burgers fall out
>grab phone, check blockfolio
> -2%
>bags instantly slip out of tiny hands
>sells it all at a loss
>sharts in mart
>everyone claps

File: w4etghh.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
File: 34536634.png (48 KB, 800x729)
48 KB
gtfo with you fucking bullshit
Should be support at $100. No joke. Every other blockchain platform has caught up, or exceeding anything ETH will be.

File: pauly-d.png (216 KB, 328x313)
216 KB
216 KB PNG

>just bought 100k more

File: DP8MkKkVoAA-0b7.jpg (162 KB, 675x1200)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
How much money would you loose if Binance were to theoretically be obliterated from the face of the earth.
Everything. CZ is legit. If you can't trust your Binance you can't trust anyone and I'm not just talking about crypto.
4 eth for day trading
I have hardwallet'd all other holdings, I'm not retarded enough to leave my long holds in any exchange
I have no clue, that depends on what would happen to prices.

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