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File: ebst.png (128 KB, 1026x562)
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You should start accumulating eBst now.
This is literally a case of buy the rumor.
File: ebst.jpg (26 KB, 312x370)
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New roadmap is coming out as well.
i have some senpai
Like will but I'm waiting to see if it drops Below 3000
File: ebst developer comments.png (75 KB, 326x1136)
75 KB
Marketcap is 14m according to http://coincap.io/EBST
Developers hold a huge amount of supply but has plans for it. Will probably be noted in the upcoming roadmap.
The leak they deleted said "esport crypto consortium".
The developer claims they're one of the major players involved with more. I honestly can't make heads or tails of this. The only google search "esport crypto consortium" gives me is pic related.
File: godmode.png (12 KB, 340x141)
12 KB
This shit is going to be HUGE.
Coin agenda is Oct 24 which coincides with their new website+roadmap release.
Thanks bought 100k.
Wanted to know where all the news youre posting is coming from?
attila no one wants your bags
The eboost discord. "1337" is one of the eboost staff. Just look at the screenshots.
File: leak.jpg (73 KB, 405x781)
73 KB
admin leaked something, then edited his message. big things happening soon.
>le buy my bags at atl
Go fuck yourself.
So more like real news than rumor
More like teasers since he didn't want to leak too much. This isn't concrete news yet until he makes official announcement. For now we're looking at speculations. Piecing together this and that from what he said.
Written like a professional developer whom I trust with my investment
admin trying to pump and dump[ his own shitcoin
sold 100k

Tulip bulbs for Unearthing Process?

It's in the same category as fidget spinner and illuminati drawn in ms paint.

As much as i like the concept, it seems a bit off right now.
hmm... tempting
Hmm.. must be a code of some sort.
they post gif memes on their twitter constantly, i'd never trust them with my money
Going to wait until the bot is switched from suppress to bull mode.

I just did a little experimenting by slowly buying up the price to 3190 after a period of inactivity. After I purchased the coins I took down my bid and a bot immediately started driving down the price.
File: 1506887832486.gif (389 KB, 267x180)
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389 KB GIF
>Yet another 'esport' token
Which one's the best esport token?
I tried getting into contact with 1st blood because there are rumors of news coming out next week but the head mod of the discord just said "I don't know." At least for the eBoost discord the actual staff is there and respond to questions.

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