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They'll need lots of energy to serve all those customers tomorrow.
File: 1522996888338.jpg (253 KB, 2048x1447)
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Maybe I'll order a pizza for my slave to deliver or have my gook bitch bring me some sweet and sour pork.
God i worked at a Carl's Jr.

Shittiest shit ever, the worst part isn't even the job itself, the worst part is the fucktards you deal with almost everyday, and guess what, at least half of those fucktards are regulars, so they come back often to be fucktards on repeat

Any wagecuck job that doesnt involve dealing with people is tiers above the former, jesus christ
I never found a job without (asshole) customers, but I did find one with a retirement and now all I have to do is invest.
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it already is tomorrow in the majority of the world faggot
File: IMG_5381.jpg (147 KB, 670x424)
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But the rest of the world doesn't matter.
keep telling yourself that with your puny 300MM
Rent free

Neets coping at their finest again.

Try not to forget to put your rope next to your bed so you can hang yourself like all the others before you.

Or stay living and eat your shitty ramen everyday. Best not have mirror either so you dont have to see your ugly and fat self.

Stay suicidal you failure of a human beeing.
File: 1517919234125.jpg (6 KB, 239x211)
6 KB

>human beeing
>the humble wageslave is so exhausted from his time laboring in the fields he cant even think straight
I should quit my job

Says the dumbed down neet not getting together a good counter argument so he resorts to low tier of mocking grammar.

Just goes to show how your brain has shriveled away.

Stay mad you neetcuck.
It's one M you euro faggot
NEETs are literally the opposite of cucks
they don't support cucked western society by contributing 0 to the GDP
unlike you wagie
wage harder, your jewish overlords need their shekels to pay for child sex trafficking

File: image.jpg (14 KB, 320x180)
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>another successful day speaking to no one!

Neets are the biggest cucks ever. Go on fucking /r9k/ and see for yourself.

All you people are worthless, failed humans, so cucked to every try again at life.

To scared of confrontation with other people that you shit your pants and stay inside forever.

Get blown the fuck out your worthless pathetic leech of a human beeing.

Your mother should have been murdered for putting such a failure of a personinto the word.

I work for myself and only the ones I want to work for like acuantances.

Stay mad you neet bitch that youll never be worth anything in your life. Ever.
Ahh the helpless cries of another wageslave.

Get to bed cucky.
>he doesn't trade at his comfy office job
Literally getting paid to buy shitcoins
File: mcCuck.jpg (91 KB, 723x757)
91 KB
may i take you order sirs?
File: 1518501196103.jpg (113 KB, 991x661)
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113 KB JPG

Youre incredibly upset man. Did you have a bad day flipping burgers? Did your boss yell at you? Lmao i wouldnt know how that feels, livin life on easy mode

Ahhh,the helpless cope of a dumb neet trying to feel better about himself because he has no life, no friend and no worth to anyone but himself.
But I have friends, just started dating a hot, tiny german girl, and am in the best shape of my life :^)

Never flipped a burger ever my friend. And dont have a boss. Im a freelance worker. I only work for people Im interested with. No jew, no boss. Just one persone coming to me asking for my services.
Am a design engineer

Yes, the most boring easymode ever.
Basicly a worthless leech on anyone around them. A parasite on humanity.

A worthless existence
Yeah, as if youd ever get anything.

I dont know if you know this, but girls dont like fat, disgusting brainlets. Like neets.

Larp harder you faggot.
I'm not fat, I'm 6'2, 190lbs, train 4 times per week.

Shes an aupair, and free during the day time, so we fuck most days of the week.

Go cook us some burgers wagey, we're hungry after sex :^)

>Larping intesifies

Stay made you neetcuck and roleplay harder. I can smell your griesy fucking cheetos fingers from over here.

Even if I flipped burgers Id refuse to serve a disgusting fat neet with a bodypillow he calls his girl.
why u so mad then

File: 1521923107804.jpg (329 KB, 724x1061)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>Stay mad you neet bitch that youll never be worth anything in your life. Ever.
why don't you show us your portfolio then
so I can laugh at you
>inb4 nocoiner

I'll have 10 big macs please

Because you people are disgusting and worthless faggots that need to be told this every single minute of every day of the year so you hang yourself and safe us space, oxigen, food and money people could spend otherwise.

>having a portfolio
>equating this to beeing better while losing all your money because your a brainlet.

Stay made you pink wojack coinfaggot. Ill drop in when the situation is exactly right.

Yeah I noticed. Thats because they worked and failed there.
Because they are the most pathetic people on earth.
I worked my ass off codemonkeying and gambled on shitcoins and /biz/ ponzis so I can be NEET forever
Why didn't you drop in July last year then friend?

Enjoy your modern day slavery

Because I was not finacially secure enought to invest enought into crypto.

Life has a way of fucking shit up for people. But thats what determination and hard work are for. To build yourself up again.

Im waiting to pounce right now.
>Im waiting to pounce right now.
>misses the bottom
classic wagie
Wagecuck getting BTFO
File: 1470577623946.jpg (187 KB, 853x1090)
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187 KB JPG
bounce, not pounce
File: 1515643224200.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
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