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Balance your checkbook.
>Check your balancebook.
back to pol bigot
I lost all respect for him after his appearance on Sam Harris' podcast.
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Yeah, that was incredibly embarrassing. Peterson spent the whole duration with drool in his mouth and his tighty whities on his ankles.

The guy was so lost and managed to dismantle every single one of his own convictions by showing how silly and superficial they are.
Wash your dick
and you anal cavity and go make so money
>Balance your checkbook.
Did you just call my shrimps lobsters?
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Good idea mr Peterson. Will do so.
Can you go in depth? Seems like Peterson was doing fine in the podcast. Harris was unable to process a mode of thought that he wasn't familiar with.
so, I just spent $1k in btc, after many years of knowing btc but never having more than a few dollars (I do have some other shitcoins, EBET and BMC, which I bought at some random ICO)

can anyone suggest some good coins to buy right now? what about, say, LTC? people say it's cheap currently, is that true? ETH seems expensive to me, though I barely have an idea of what I'm doing...
This dude is an absolute egomaniac with the knowledge of authoritarian systems(and he does use this knowledge very well btw).
He is also an idiot.
Can't stand him and his armchair psychology.
I understand that his talks helped some people but his views are on the spectrum common sense-totally ridiculous mambo jambo, not science based.
But he knows how to talk and he knows how to build a following.
Could you share a link?
Usually his interviews sound to me like an idiot discussing shit with another idiot.
No you are right. They are experiencing confirmation bias. Peterson triggered Harris into cognitive dissonance. I think Scott Adams did a blog about it.
How can you call him an armchair psychologist when he has many peer reviewed papers and a clinical practice? That is mere foolishness.
Clinical practice.
Yeah, he does. Based on Jung and other early philosophers.
That kind of therapy is nice and all but works as well as humanistic psychology...which is to say it doesn't.
He is not a clinical psychologist, not entirely. He spent 35 years doing social psychology/ historical research, and I bet that his work in this discipline is good(although, I have to admit I haven't read it)
But I did read his "therapy" guidelines and it is a joke.
Just in case you ever need a clinical psychologist to talk to please choose one that knows cognitive behavioral therapy. Not only this shit works, it works fast and is research based. Jung, Freud, Maslov...they were very smart people and contributed greatly to the field but unfortunately their results....suck.
I digress though.
What Peterson is doing is giving you(if you are a fan, follower or a listener) a good advice, most of the times. That's it.
I'm happy that he is helping people, really am. But actually these people are helping themselves and the guy is an idiot.
When a psychologist/scientist speaks they usually cite people that they base their theories on. They will show and discuss research. What Peterson does is " I'm DOCTOR Peterson, I just know this"
And it works on people who don't know psychology.
Cause saying that " women are unhappy when they settle for a beta male" and then saying: I'm a clinical psychologist so I can say that....it's ar best arrogance and at worst lack of knowledge and stupidity.
A normal scientist would cite examples and research and clarify that the generalization comes from being a social psychologist.....clinicists don't deal with huge groups and don't do huge studies. Psychologists do specialize, you know?
Its hard to take this dude seriously with that winey voice
Yeah because theres been heaps of studies done on that...
I think hes allowed an opinion on some things that are within his domain, she asked him why he has the right to that opinion or something along those lines. she of course has the right to not believe but to say he has no right to imply that is absurd
his pre-2017 lectures are fine
everything after he started his 50k $ (probably up to over 100k) patreon is cancer
He gives you will, psiquic force and knowledge.
I'm pretty sure his teraphy works really well because it's truly human based I know that because of my experience 15 years experience as a Nurse, a real one not the jokes of the USA.
About his arrogance you are right, he puts his words as settled on stone.
Unironically there have been studies.
And the conclusion of these is that androgynous women with Male pattern fit ratio are happy working and building careers and don't "settle" for a beta Male, they are not able to be with a dominant personality.
They are a minority though.
The women generally are also more happy with arranged marriages when they are older.
I mean there's been a myriad of research that directly and indirectly proves his words, but instead he chooses to completely generalize and then use shut argument of being a DOCTOR Peterson, that no one heard about 2 years ago btw.

What I was saying was just an example from that interview, true. But I heard him elsewhere and it was no better.
I'm a psychologist. Not a clinician a social psychologist so I guess it's easier for me to see when someone pulls arguments out of their ass and is completely good of humility.
I don't exactly like people like that. With no distance to themselves, with no sense of humor and who treat themselves more serious than they deserve. I admit that probably taints my opinion of him.
I really wanted to like him, because I got interested and had to listen to him after I heard that" this Alt-right psychologist is having brown shirts following". Obviously I had hoped I would hear someone level headed and smart. Instead I got....DOCTOR Jordan Peterson. It was a disappointment to say the least.
Yeah...humanistic psychology just doesn't work.
I mean I respect your opinion and you can like him and follow his advice and if it helps you: awesome.
But when you really need help seek CBT professional.
>which is to say it doesn't
his successful clinical practice says otherwise.
Most of the traits you mention aren't attributable to Peterson at all. Because of that, you seem like you're projecting and having a narcissistic fit.
>A normal scientist would cite examples and research
When having time to delve deeper into a subject. Not using a subject in a other line of thought.
One has to take the people you talk to into account as to how you tell things. When talking to scientists, citations are in order. When not, they just detract from the message.
There are ways of checking if the therapy is successful or not.
Scientific method is used to evaluate if the therapy is reliable and valid(same with the tools )
I don't think his practice was ever evaluated independently, but I haven't looked so I may be wrong here and he, somehow helps a lot of people...but it's not due to his Jung based " self descriptions" and diaries.
Jung, Freud, Humanistic schools of therapy have been evaluated and they don't work. The psychologist still may be successful, but it's not due to the therapy.
I'm not trying to stupidly argue here, but I'm not sure how to summarize my point of view so it comes across as I intend it too(one of the reasons I could never be a clinicist)
Every interview I've seen and the podcast I've listened to came across exactly like that.
No sense of humor, absolute statements and the statements based on "because I said so". When a psychologist says: no one from the academia can challenge me on my ideas, something is really wrong.
What am I projecting?
I'm a humble person. I admitted that his personality may taint my opinion of him professionally because I don't like people like him. Academia is full of them btw. It's a weird club full of stars and nobody's like me.
I'm not claiming I'm better than him, I'm claiming that I don't like him due to his personality, that his therapy is based on flawed science(actually no science at all), and that he is using generalities instead of specifics.
I agree, you always take your audience into the consideration. I'm not saying to talk like you talk to colleagues and to throw
>>Milgram's experiments showed that blah blah blah
in purely scientific way.
But the argument" because I'm a doctor of psychology" is no argument at all.
You can say: (My exchange with friends)
>>dude you can't just replace women with an artificial womb. There was a shit ton of research on monkeys testing this and what they discovered was pretty bad. Raised retarded autist.

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