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File: 0xBTC.jpg (17 KB, 638x128)
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Fly me to the mooon
Short me to the ground. Shorting is the only way to make money in Crypto now.

Shorting literally is the new paradigm of crypto.

I’m going to spread this on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube everything everywhere.

Everywhere and everyone, Short short short short short short!!!!!

Short to -$0 !!!

Until not even 1 penny is left and then the BTC ceo will owe me money :)

Did you not hear that everyone is shorting now?

Omg like shorting is brilliant! BTC will ofc go down forever.

You didn’t think that it would stop going down did you?

Didn’t you hear?

$5k by end of minute, $4k by end of hour, $1k end of day, and triple digits back to sub $100 end of week!!

Shorting is the best way to success!!

I’m writing a book on shorting.

Shorters, bears and bitmex foreverrrrrr and everrrrre!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxox

hey guys do you like shorting?

Because I like LOVE shorting!

Omg I love shorting so much!

I love talking about shorting the market and how much of a genius I am for posting brilliant ideas about being a silly bear and shorting hehe!

I love it how shorting is backed by technology too.

Shorting is a new paradigm!

I’ll short forever and everrrr ;)

Ive been shorting BTC this whole time.

I’ve been teaching others and I’ve gotten my neighbors and coworkers into shorting the market and we are all making a lot of money together shorting BTC and Ethereum.

I’m really popular now among my friends because I’m making so much money from shorting the market, a lot of them are making accounts in bitmex now because of me.

I can’t wait for this bear market to continue for the next 5 years until I have enough money from shorting to buy a house and hopefully a nice car.

Shorting is the best guaranteed way to make money in the longterm
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>Buying the same tech for $2 bucks
>0xBCH is 0.5 cents.

File: Sad day.jpg (73 KB, 1014x1024)
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File: unknown (2).jpg (138 KB, 924x611)
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>0xBCH is premine

premine this *unzips dick*

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