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File: 4946200592.10500026.png (16 KB, 240x300)
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I am in Houston, texas and going to a con on Saturday, I was gonna just wear an outfit inspired by Deku from MHA, but then i thought that maybe i could instead amp it up to a gender bend of him instead, I have a design i want to try doing but honestly i dont know how well I'll be able to execute it. So I'd love some help!!! I'm gonna leave sat to the con so I have from now til then to try something, I don't mind paying for mats and anything else, I'm also up for going along and meeting up and etc.
Reply or DM me on discord at frick me senpai#0715
Attached is my design, the red also a lot of good tutorials online I was gonna follow but I still need help, of course I'd make some adjustments, like shorter in the bottoms area
Help please!
Is... Is that a Gaia avatar...
>needs a seamstress to have something done by this Saturday.
>Gaia avatar

And assuming you got someone that quickly, how much were you expecting to spend?
I'm capable of helping, but that shit avatar is gonna make me charge her extra
File: 70xt.png (7 KB, 70x70)
7 KB
The Gaia hate here is real.
4chan's always hated gaia lmao

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