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What cosplays or costumes are you working on right now, and what would your dream cosplay be?

Right now, I'm working on a Skulduggery Pleasant costume, which I have almost finished and am intending to wear to the GX Australia Convention (I read somewhere on here that it might not be that good, but meh. There are other cons)

My dream cosplay would be to make an Mindflayer cosplay, with the robes and the latex mask. For those who don't know what an Mindflayer is, they look like pic related.
currently working on Black Lady
File: stealhislook.jpg (522 KB, 1142x1352)
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How much do you have so far?

I'm working on the seperatist from CSGO but at 5'2 and thin as a girl it's been rough finding fitting jackets and pants.
OP here,
I am an idiot and missed the Dream Cosplay thread that's already up.

File: 186cultist.jpg (47 KB, 422x771)
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I've been doing research the past couple weeks to make a Dragonclaw cultist from the Tyranny of Dragons D&D campaign. I have a pretty solid idea on how I'm going to make it. Just need to save up the cash.
I have the dress and wig made... need to stitch the shirt make cuffs/ necklace i have time so im not rushing.
And i love csgo but no one will cos it with me.
File: R6_GSG9_IQ_4k.jpg (927 KB, 2000x3597)
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im working on IQ from siege
i fucking hate thats a mostly buying crap but anything for my waifu i guess.
my dream cosplay is pretty basic which is just a non slutty genderbend of travis touchdown since i have yet to find a male cosplayer that pulls him off properly.
File: esidisi.png (947 KB, 1238x690)
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947 KB PNG

Decided to spontaneously start my Esidisi cosplay. I wound up liking my prototypes enough that it may work out in my favor, only thing I have to worry about is how I'm going to rig the shoulder pieces to hold up the top.

I'm thinking of using nose/scar wax and kind of hiding magnets "in my skin" and then holding the pieces in that way, and this way, the shoulder pieces won't have to be super stiff and whatnot.
File: Lux_Splash_7.jpg (81 KB, 640x378)
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I'm currently gathering the materials to do Elementalist Lux.
Fun! I'm working on Fire right now.
Ooooh nice! You going to have one of the half-dragons with you?
I started about a week before the Twitch marathon, but the Twitch marathon has definitely inspired me to keep working.
>Cosplaying a dragonclaw with Cyanwrath and Rezmir at my side.

I want this so much! I don't think anyone in my local cosplay group has the skill to pull off the actual dragon parts but I'll ask around. If I had experience making scales and dragon parts I'd do them in a heartbeat!

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