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File: cleric beast.jpg (30 KB, 600x337)
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Hello /cgl/,
So, I'm trying to make the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne. I believe I have my body shape similar enough to his, large left arm, small right arm, rib cage can be seen, and I have his belly situation. My plan is to wear Underarmor, my only problem is the fur and head. How can one make such a beautiful
File: 1465865158303.jpg (415 KB, 2197x2386)
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415 KB JPG
Try looking up fursuit head tutorials. You might need to do a full suit otherwise it would look strange with just a head sitting on under armour.

May the good blood guide you, because damn this would be awesome.
Can we turn this into a Soulsborne thread? It's been a while. Posting PAX pics.
Could do without the Tim Tebow pose
Pretty sure the end of the post was supposed to be "non-stop, droning scream".

>and I have his belly situation
I think you might seriously need medical help, but also can you post a picture from the neck down.
One of the cuter crossovers I've seen
Would like to see a real pic of this guy.
Haven't started on my Eileen cosplay yet. Shame on me. Bought all the materials then flaked. I've got patterns to alter for the coat but I can't figure out how to pattern out the cloak to have it looking decent. Cause I don't have game physics to give mine volume and movement.
Doing Yahar' gul set later this year. I was thinking of doing Amelia but I'm 4'11 so I'm not gonna look all that threatening as a mini mean luck dragon. But I have a plan to make a puppet messenger with a urn head. to go with my hunter.
It would be an awesome costume, but that's going to take some Jim Henson level skills to make. OP is going to have to use latex prosthetics or go as far as making an entire suit with foam/latex/whatever else from scratch to pull it off.
I agree that OP has an uphill battle but I wanted to help anyway.
Did that one girl ever finish her amelia cosplay?
File: Gehrman.jpg (64 KB, 653x960)
64 KB
File: Crowsteel.jpg (101 KB, 720x960)
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101 KB JPG
Think of wings, they are shaped like wings.

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