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File: 20170616_180700.jpg (843 KB, 2048x1152)
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Hey /cgl/s, anyone going to Anime Mid-Atlantic? It's a pretty cozy con.

I'm interested in holding a meet at the hotel bar at 8pm Friday night. Anyone down?
I'm lurking the convention as a staffer. Hope you are enjoying the con so far.
I'm hearing a lot of mixed responses on the con this year. How is it going for you?
We moved from Chesapeake, VA to Norfolk and it's a bit of a change. Moving a convention is always convention. You should stop by Medical and say Hi. We play board games.
It doesn't seem too bad so far. Definitely less busy than the past several cons I've been to. And Norfolk is actually pretty cool. Writing to see if any kancolle cosplayers take pics at the uss Wisconsin.
If I still lived in Newport News, I might've gone
Did you hear about tons getting sick from black mold at the hotel? Most friends said their con was not good this year.
The hotel staff seemed kind of unprepared, and the hotel was overly hot and humid.

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