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File: furtaba.jpg (112 KB, 1024x768)
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112 KB JPG
Old one is saging
Post all Persona and SMT related cosplays and questions in here
Last time- Nyanners vs Mari drama in contest. Mari gets disqualified for cheating- pretends she dropped out
>Persona thread
>SMT cosplay

I believe the word you're looking for is MegaTen.
File: surveysays.png (16 KB, 745x220)
16 KB
it can be either or friend
File: futa2.jpg (560 KB, 2126x1516)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
>Like, I knew she'd be a really common cosplay, but how hard is it to be accurate to something so simple?

Part of the problem is that the design is simple and list of closet parts. It draws low-effort people who live up to the name into doing it. A simple costume also means greater attention to the few details there are and making them easier to spot if something's off, really off.

Generally things Futaba cosplayers don't get right:
> Headphones (I know getting $300-$500 AKGs is beyond most people's budgets but putting on any headphones and calling them good with no attempt to at least make/paint the red earpads or wearing them with the band on the top of the head...)
> Brown wigs
> No attempt at make-up OR heavy makeup that doesn't match the character
> Random black-rimmed glasses
> Random olive-colored parka jacket with wrong/no rib cuffs or hem
> Wrong color/fluff level on the parka jacket hood trim
> Poorly painted or printed asterisk symbols on red splotch on white shirt
> Missing the inner black thin-stripped tank top
> Booty shorts too long
> Missing that studded belt
> Socks the wrong color or length, and not using sock glue or some means to keep them up and nicely in place
> Wrong length on the boots, boots missing the belts or studs and buckles, boots with flat bottoms or wrong heel height

> Overall weight of the cosplayer in proportion to her height...mainly the weight
I also keep seeing a FUCKTON of them wearing super-heeled boots like she isn't a tiny character in the first place.
File: download.jpg (203 KB, 530x670)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
>boots with flat bottoms or wrong heel height
She does have flat bottom shoes, tho
I immediately thought of this picture once I saw the thread title
File: Ryuji_All_Out.png (106 KB, 512x512)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
where would i obtain a jacket as a base for a skull ryuji outfit? I was thinking getting one of the negan style jackets from walking dead but idk if there is anything closer.
Persona is Megami Tensei (MegaTen), Shin Megami Tensei is not Persona. Persona describes a specific subseries in the MegaTen/SMT series. Asking for a Persona thread eliminates any games outside of the subseries sans Shin Megami Tensei If... which is considered a Persona game in all but name by creators and fans alike.
This post is a mix of actually relevant details/advice and nitpicking.
Though I'd rather see more main series, or at least other subseries cosplays, I love that P5 has so many versions of the same character. Different uniforms, not to mention the optional outfits you can unlock/get as free DLC. I'm thinking of doing Yusuke's Summer uniform because it's so simple and Yusuke is great.
File: _MG_3813.jpg (2.54 MB, 5184x3456)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
I'm really happy with how the pictures turned out, I had so much fun with all the p5 cosplays at AX
You got my hopes up for a shitty fursuit thread anon
Friend sent me this post from tumblr about shit that never happened land.
Bonus: the person describes themself as
Reversed white dwarf star with a purple hat


-Chronically ill gamer on too much medication

-3rd generation Irish living in the US, hoping to go home someday

-100% certified asshole and Trinity-brand crazy

-Old enough to know better



-Posts too much stuff to list

-Likes planes

-Call me Scott

-Part time boy


-Go visit my Michael Trinity RP blog

-And my Goro Akechi shitpost/RP blog (not spoiler free)

-Origin of mieria

-quantum-angel is my hubbypon

File: 2017-07-17 08.06.51.png (323 KB, 957x863)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
Dropped my pic
akechi did nothing wrong
File: DEieUEKUQAA6-8K.jpg (126 KB, 801x1200)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
File: DAbvjIPXkAIiIoK.jpg (95 KB, 1000x667)
95 KB
Makoto's chin jut bothers me.
Shut up with the Persona 5 cosplay contest drama. It's over and done with.
It was mentioned once in the OP, you're the one bringing it up again.
Yeah but it doesn't even make sense to bring it up in part of the thread.

On another note, I'm really sad that this fandom is becoming so cancerous. People are being incredibly rude to cosplayers and people just having fun.
>People are being incredibly rude to cosplayers and people just having fun.
In what way?
From what I see it's the tumblr kids who suddenly hopped on the bandwagon and take the series as real life and that a cosplays actually is that character.
But that's more tumblr being retarded about it than anything, and I'm sure that they'll move on when the next hype train comes along. They always do.
Just in general, a lot of cosplayers are being told they are too fat, too skinny , etc when many of them don't claim to be a pro, but are just having fun. It's been everywhere.

On the other side of the argument , some are very low effort cosplays, especially from the cosfamous bandwagon.
File: 20170720_151624-1.jpg (2.88 MB, 1773x2819)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
I mean, thats just the cosplay comm in general on bothbsides, its just infected persona now, probably because its popular.

Pic not related- face test with make up, wig, contacts, and headphones.
It took me like 100 tries to get a good selfie because I have stubby arms that cant get far enough.
File: Futaba-Summer-Clothes.jpg (18 KB, 296x520)
18 KB
Maybe I'm dumb but I may have seen her that outfit like a handful of times, while pic related is the outfit she mostly wears in front of me.
They're seasonal outfits.
Her winter one is the one shes most featured wearing in merch.
Why do you keep selfposting in these threads?
You aren't cute.
Because its a WIP cosplay? I'm sorry if you dont find me cute, but honestly it's on topic, so I dont see why you're bitching.
What would be the most acceptable/flattering Persona character to cosplay for someone who is darker skinned? Not super dark but definitely tan
I don't know how dark you are (a mac skin tone matcher would be lovely to know!), but off the top of my head is Yuko from P3. There's also Shinjiro, but his skin tone seems to change in every design but still isn't super tan.
>face test with make up, wig, contacts, and headphones
Even without all that you still look better than most Futaba's. Keep it up.
I am NC45. Thanks for the suggestion!

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