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File: creep.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
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there's tons of feels threads and no creep threads. tell your creepy con stories, cosplay incidents, lolita scares, or even travelling stuff. i want more creeper stories and spooky experiences
File: 1501652782668.jpg (249 KB, 1014x1024)
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249 KB JPG
Stories* amazing i fucked up the title
It wasn't actually a creeper, so much as it was super eerie and somewhat unsettling, but I stayed at the Saint Claire at Fanime a few years ago and the person in the room next to ours played clarinet scales for hours at a time all day with strange breaks in between. At first we didn't notice, but it started out very very low and slowly got higher one scale at a time.

Getting out of the shower in a supposedly haunted historical hotel and hearing soft, muffled, ominous clarinet music through the walls is TERRIFYING, just in case you were wondering.
that's actually really unsettling, how did you or no one else complain to staff? assuming he was doing it in the middle of the night too?

I complained twice daily, the person never stopped playing.
File: 1500599033143.jpg (14 KB, 264x240)
14 KB
that's annoying.
Why are you mad about being called a creep
I mean you're out there for public viewing
I'm fat and uggo so I've never been creeped on in my life. Feels good man
I'm not sure if this is creepy as much as it is just straight up rude but here goes:

>Be cosplaying Shinji
>EVA cosplayers attract a certain crowd
>One person in particular follows me around and calls me pussy multiple times throughout the day
>Coma jokes
>god why
I'm pretty sure that was an /a/ poster
>cosplaying, sees cosplayer from same thing
>be friendly, give them a hug. Bad B.O. alert.
>mention the group meet later in the day and start to head off to go do other things
>Guy gives me another sweaty hug, whispers 'I'd take you to my room and tie you up' obviously meant to be flirtatious way, but was just creepy
>I politely laugh and walk away. He follows
> Literally end up running until I'm outside and find people I vaguely know and he leaves
I mean this was about 10 years ago now, but at the time I was clearly underage. Goddamn weirdos at cons
There was a kind of cool milsurp store, and a neat used book store near Tekko.
File: mc.jpg (17 KB, 326x350)
17 KB
>see amazing Misato at con
>ask for a pic
>go about my day
>couple weeks later browsing the con tag, see pic of her
>dang I forgot how hella qt she was
>message her that I saw her browsing the con tag and that her outfit was great

RIP I'm probably in one of these threads.
not a mega creeper story, but here we go:
>babby's first lolita coordinate in biggest con in country, was 17 at the time
>be wearing semi-OTT gothic lolita
>be with my boyfriend too
>30 year old man in shitty sasuke cosplay approaches me, asks to take a picture with me
>sure why not
>he calls for someone in the crowd
>this old woman approaches and takes a pic of us
>it was his mom
>starts feeling a little bit weird
>he leaves with her
>not the last time i see him at the con, he appears multiple times near me and my bf
>not sure if he was following or coincidence

maybe i'm exaggerating and this isn't such a big deal, but i remember being extra weirded out by the time and my boyfriend constantly telling me the dude and his mom were near us again
>summer con near the sea
>cosplaying Yuuko Kanoe beach queen, I was wearing a bikini with a yukata (so i wasn't THAT naked)
>everything going great, few outsiders asking for pics but they're polite
> man 50/60 years old asks for a pic
>puts his hand on my hips and I ask him to move it away
>I fix my yukata so my boobs are safe
>"open a little more there" pointing at said boovs
>wtf sorry but no
>he gets angry and starts screaming that we girls shouldn't ve dressing in such a provocative way and "what are we expecting" and stuff like this

just enjoy the free boobs that you see and shut the fuck up goddamn

it's okay anon, it happens

A Shimakaze cosplayer was paid by a guy to let him jerk on the cosplayer in private. Since the face was censored we cant tell if its a guy or a girl

Japanese attitudes toward social media photography values privacy though. Only the subject gets show on the photo. You shop/blur out your face even if its a friendly photo
English is not my native language, so I hope this is readable.

>be at very cheap con in my city
>because the price was so low, all the local freaks and creepers came. And I'm not exaggerating when I say I could fill a Bingo card with people I didn't want to see and had to avoided like the plague.

>infamous footfetish guy came. Who took pictures of peoples feet (was thankgod later busted by security)

>guy who speaks open about his rape fetish (and has probably attempted one) came.

>some 12 year old kid took pictures of me and other secretly

And here is the strangest one. I don't know to describe it, because the guy was so vage, but I'll try my best.

>my best friend and I are talking to some of our friends.
>weird guy, who clearly isn't mentality okay starts talking to me.
>had some strange dried paint on his hands, which looked like an skin disease at first, and stained T-shirt.
>clearly didn't now what personal space is.
>calls me Naruto eventhough I tolt him I was from Gintama several times.
>everytime I said something, it looked like he didn't understood what I sad and went on on a completely different subject.

>eventually he wants to film me while doing an action for his YouTube chanel.
>grabs me hand and pretty much drags me to do the move for the camera.
>asks one of my friends to do something as wel.
>our faces when: WTF did just happend?
>my best friend is silent the whole time, because he has almost assaulted some of her friends during an park event. And she was afraid he whould recognise her.
>came back later to thank me and went away
>came back again later to tell me how pretty I am and that he would like to do this more.
>came back a third time to tell me again how pretty I was and my information (which I never gave)

This maybe doesn't sound that creepy, but his speech and behaviour just screamed red flag.
Nah that's creepy as FUCK
Oh anon, please listen to your instincts. I am glad nothing happened to you or your friend because that guy is definitely creepy.

lol you're probably just one of the hundreds. If that's all you said then she probably doesn't even remember you. It's just mildly cringey at best.
Spoiler: it was a ghost. That room was unoccupied
> Be 16 yrs old at a local con
> Hanging out with gf before the 'rave'
> Guy and his gf approach us
> Okay, kind of awkward conversation ensues
> Ask us if we're dating, sort of weird but we answer
> We leave to join friends

Later in the night

> Take a break from dancing for a bit
> Couple from before appears
> Talk a bit more, they say we're good dancers
> creepedout.jpg
> Ask if we'd like to join them for some 'couple activities' up in their hotel room
> Decline and leave immediately

The guy was tall with looooong hair and a genuine neckbeard, and his girlfriend was about 250 lbs. They were wearing some cheap Hot Topic steampunk getup. It was just creepy because I distinctly remember mentioning being in high school and they were absolutely in their 20s.
some people can't fucking separate their fandom from real life. I remember when Narutardation was at its peak, people who would yell and belittle characters (mainly Sakura) who threatened to get in the way of 'their ship'. worse yet, many of these people were in their 20s.

I can only imagine the situation with western shows like Steven Universe or AtLA (I was overseas for university when Avatar peaked and didn't go to cons for several years).
>the last cosplay-based convention I went to was Katsucon some years ago when I was 15
>have only been to gaming-based stuff since
>going to Otakon this weekend in my first ever cosplay (19 now)
>reading this thread to learn who to avoid and how to not come off as a creep myself

anyone have any other good resources for this kind of advice?
look at how sad I am.
Didn't happen to me but a friend I was with

>So my friend was doing a Papi cosplay.
>Walking around the con as you do, standing around going though our schedule.
>Random stereotypical loser starts snapping photos of her butt from behind her.
>Watching him over her shoulder the entire time.

OK whatever he'll leave soon. Didn't want to freak her out.

>he doesn't stop
>basically turn her around so he can't take more pics.
>Guy walks around to the other side and continues taking pictures of her ass.
>At this point she noticed and we start walking off.
>The dude tries to subtly follow us through crowds.
>Finally turn around and confront him.
>He asks for a picture.
>She's blatantly uncomfortable but agreed.
>She's doing super conservative poses.
>Dude literally walks around behind her and starts taking pictures.

That was the last time she went to a con.
File: FILE0980.png (224 KB, 670x444)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
That's comparable to being upset about someone filming your peen, uploading the vid on social media and presenting it to a large audience. It would be worse once you read the comments where people are pointing out the lack of size, the weird shape of your bulge (and that it's obviously pushed up) or just how floppy and saggy it looks.

The embarassment would be the same - well, unless you like this form of attention.
My ex boyfriend found me while I was tipsy at a con "rave" and tried to full on makeout with me and ended up tonguing my ear because i turned my head in time. Worst experience- thought we were on good terms but turns out he was a huge fuck.
Even as a footfag it's really weird to just go around doing that.
>people who would yell and belittle characters (mainly Sakura) who threatened to get in the way of 'their ship'. worse yet, many of these people were in their 20s.

That shit still happens. Overwatch gets a ton of it. Any series that has a following that operates online (mostly Tumblr) is full of people who are militant about their "ships and headcanons". Even older series that have characters who are literal children have age 20+ fans who obsess over ships to the point where they drag cosplayers into it.

It has less to do with what he was taking pictures of and more to do with why he was taking those pictures. If someone is going around blatantly building a spank bank, yeah they can be kicked out if they don't stop, especially considering some of the people they may be taking spank bank material of are potentially minors.

If i put my peen out in public viewing then I cant complain
>two or three years ago
>small local con
>guy in an Angel Beats Yui cosplay (I think - it wasn't very good, so I can't tell who it was meant to be for sure)
>keeps lifting his skirt up and flashing his panties and bulge at everyone


All I can say is thank goodness it was the smaller con, because it's mostly frequented by adults, as opposed to the major con because it's like 50% families with small children.
File: 1486926831494.jpg (139 KB, 1000x1000)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I used to think so many of these stories were gross exaggerations until I started cosplaying with my gf.

At last con:
>middle of panel, guy moves from the spot he's sitting at and sits next to her.
>keeps trying to force conversation during the panel
>clearly doesn't get the hint when she's leaning on me and reaching for my hand to hold
>panel has a posing competition and gf goes for it
>of course he tries to as well
>after does his pose goes up to her and says "di...did you like that" complete with the stutter
>tells her he has to leave soon cause his mom is picking him up
>ends up messaging her a ton of times over the next few days on facebook cause he looked her up
>doesn't get the hint when she didn't respond to a single message, literal please respond tier

God its painful to see.

For me personally, the worse I've had was some dude kissing me on the cheek and running off at a con. Was quite unsettling.
Why didn't you go to security or staff?
Just dont be a fucking retard, taking pictures of girls underskirts goes without saying, don't stare and know if your attention isn't wanted, honestly why do you have to TRY to not be a creep
It's more that "creep" is super subjective and a lot of guys are being worried about coming off as a creep. Doubly true if they have any sort of deformities, lisp, speech impediment, etc. This is often just classified as creepy by many girls, despite what the person says or does.
I don't consider any of this creepy unless there is creepy behavior accompanying it like not accepting when I'm trying to leave a conversation and continuing to follow/talk to me or touching me when I hardly know you or having terrible hygiene

You sound like a salty guy who gets turned down because of his creepy behavior.
>I don't consider any of this creepy unless there is creepy behavior accompanying it like not accepting when I'm trying to leave a conversation and continuing to follow/talk to me or touching me when I hardly know you or having terrible hygiene

Here's your problem:

One day you might mature enough to realize that not everyone thinks the same way as you. Dismissing opposing opinions with insults is pointless too. In fact, it's worse than just ignoring them.

And for the record, in a long term relationship, but good job trying to justify only your train of thought by dismissing me as a creep. You've illustrated my original point perfectly. "Creep" is subjective.
Pls go back to /r9k/. Most girls who aren't excessively vain bitches will agree with me.
>be at anirevo artist alley
>Cosplaymoomoo booth selling acrylic letter snapback hats, everyone is buying one
>Spot a hat that reads "MEMES"
>I have to have it, it's stupid as hell.
>Be on escalator from AA to main lobby
>Look behind me
>Person behind me also wearing snapback
>It reads "HENTAI"
>Compliment his ridiculous and presumably ironic hat choice
>Turns out it wasn't ironic
>He really really likes hentai
>Like. A lot.
>I'm trapped listening to him rave about hentai
File: Screenshot_142.png (936 KB, 644x644)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
>honestly why do you have to TRY to not be a creep
>act like a doormat
>get walked on
People need to remember that they have the right to tell someone to get fucking lost. Threaten their ass with security.
We were both pretty new to it and didn't realise that we could do something like that since we kept seeing creepy people doing creepy things the entire day and thought nothing of it.
File: 1494624044775.gif (561 KB, 500x375)
561 KB
561 KB GIF
>Eating lunch with friendos at con
>All of us in different cosplays
>Friends look behind me all puzzled a few times
>Turn around
>Guy just awkwardly hovering behind me
>He's silent for a bit then finally asks for a photo
>Asks if I have social media (at the time I didn't)
>Awkwardly stands for a little longer then leaves
>Friends ask if I knew that guy

A pretty mild case but he was clearly some kind of autist.
because most of the time, all most people have to do is ASK.
I guess it's sort of a 'reverse' horror story, but I used AirBNB for Fanime a couple years ago and was staying in an apartment complex near the con. It was when Undertale was really popular, so I was cosplaying pic related. Other than the full scleras & prosthetics, I was wearing shoes that made me about 6'4". When we left the apartment, an old lady open-mouth stared at me walking in the hall towards the elevator. When we returned later that afternoon to change, there were piles of salt in front of every single door on the side of the hall I had walked down.

>tl;dr: old lady thought the devil himself was visiting her apartment complex
Does anyone have that one story screen capped where anon gets raped by two naruto cosplayers? Been looking for that story but no luck.
Bump, requesting screen caps
File: 1500968958699.png (60 KB, 499x393)
60 KB
this is why i have a small fear of even striking small talk with someone who looks relatively pleasant at a con.
oooh love these threads

>About four or so years ago, at a con with a close friend
>Minding our own business on the train in when we notice a couple sitting nearby us
>both obese, look sweaty/gross and generally unclean
>they're cosplaying (very badly) Joker and Harley Quinn because of course they are
>They start talking to us for no apparent reason, asking about what we're going to do etc.
>start talking about themselves, girl keeps telling us how she handmade her Harley costume (red top and leggings with black diamonds literally hot glued on, greasy hair in pigtails, cracked facepaint)
>nod and act polite enough, try not to engage them too much
>girl keeps reffering to her bf as 'Mistah Jaaaay' in a horrible whiney voice, both snorting/laughing
>they start implying that we should hang out at the con together
>train arrives at convention grounds at this point, friend and I are both desperate to get away from them
>quickly leave the train and manage to lose them in the crowd
>see them throughout the day, avoid them
>stay pretty much all day, catch train leaving the grounds around 4pm
>They're there again
>purposely move away and sit at the end carriage so they won't notice us
>they notice us anyway
>they literally FOLLOW us and sit across from us
>more horrible conversation, too many 'Mistah JAAAAY's to count
>uncomfortable conversation (entirely one sided) about their relationship
>they both smell very awful at this point due to the end of the day/ general lack of hygiene
>train arrives at city station
>friend and I pretend we have to swap trains so we can hurredly get out of there
>literally run to other end of train so we can make it in time before the doors close
>finally free, though haunted by the experience to this day

It was just awful. They were like the personification of awkward con goers who don't know personal space or boundaries. We never invited/initiated a conversation with them so I don't know why they latched onto us so hard either.
I got kissed on the cheek by a random guy as well, I was too weirded out to say anything
True, why do the approachable nerds tend to be creeps? I once went to a maidcafe at a con and a guy started to talk about miku being his waifu and wanting to fuck a (clearly underage) miku cosplayer who came with him to the con.
Anyone of you had someone come to you and gushed cuz you were ther "waifu" or someshit?
I thought I didn't have a story until I randomly remembered something that happened back when I was still in high school.

>Go with friend and friend's little sister to small library "con"
>Crossplayed as Ritsuka from Loveless because why not
>At first everything was cool. A little boring, but cool
>Friends and I are standing outside the video game area, taking a breather and drinking some water
>Three people came up to us
>Conversation was fine at first. They complimented my cosplay. I said thank you.
>Suddenly the girl in the group gropes my chest
>Push her away in shock
>She calls me cute and the group leaves the library before I could do anything
>Later that week I get a friend request from her
>She somehow managed to find my facebook despite me not telling her my name
Reminds me of the story where a con shared space with some sort of religious conference and a cosplayer caused an elderly nun to have a heart attack in an elevator.
Yeah! Please don't say you've seen them too.
>large con, about 9pm, don't feel well
>finish up in the masquerade, change into long pj pants and a t-shirt for bed
>friend asks where the hotel restaurant is, it's her first year in this venue
>agree to walk her to the restaurant and then go to bed
>drop her off and press elevator up button
>3 normie-ass looking, somewhat fit looking guys come out of nowhere and one guy stands next to me
>assume he wants the elevator buttons, move out of the way
>another guy on other side
>third guy comes from the back and moves closer, causing me to back up against the wall.
>he looks me in the eye and starts laughing and laughing, probably just a few inches from me
>all the sudden they turn and disperse and leave me alone

That's the weirdest thing posted ITT so far
>Most girls who aren't excessively vain bitches will agree with me.

see >>9592118
File: 14734986979686.jpg (443 KB, 600x1724)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
I just want to avoid faux pas related to the subculture
Okay, I'll ask a really stupid question: why do the guys in the OP photo look familiar? I cannot remember where they're from.
The lonely island
Dunno if it fits in here since it was mainly a MISUNDERSTANDING

>went to a con with two good friends of mine
>gf wasn't feeling well so she stayed home
>check my phone and write her regularly to check up on her
>wearing a Kamen Rider helmet, very limited vision
>have to bring my phone up straight in front of my face for the best visibility
>after one such time my friend busted out laughing
>asked me why I did that
>confused as fuck
>says that it looked like I was taking pictures of this obese chick in a way too revealing cosplay due to me holding my phone that way
>apparently she started posing like crazy at one point
>started shoving people out of the way of my "camera"
>she kept following me around after that
>always standing in my way trying to get my attention

I don't know if this is more a cringe story but was I was creeped out af by her
Op of free orginal Creepers thread. Glad to see its becomming a stable part of cgl
File: subur010.jpg (74 KB, 720x540)
74 KB
>At con
>16 at the time
>guy asks for a picture and I agree, I was dressed in tenth doctor costume (suit and a huge overcoat, I was not sexy)
>300 lbs atleast, and smells like a dairy farm
>Grabs my breast and tries to kiss me
>(seriously, I'm flatter than a board, it wasn't worth it)
>split second pull out my mace and hit him with it, hard, right in the eyes, while I'm screaming 'GET OFF OF ME CREEP'
>He screams and falls to the floor
>the usual 'you cunt, you bitch, how could you I just wanted a photo MY EYES'
>everyone around is too shocked to do anything
>young me is terrified I'm going to get into trouble
>Panic attack on con floor.jpg
>security runs over and asks what happens
>he tells this story about how I suddenly assaulted him
>girl runs over and tells them she has video of what he did
>he gets arrested for assaulting a minor
I have too much anxiety to ever go back to a con, it's been five years. I just don't know how to get over this, I felt so violated. I still have nightmares about it.
And then the whole train applauded.
File: Feels_Beats_Pepe.gif (1.28 MB, 300x300)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
>>act like a doormat
>>get walked on
>People need to remember that they have the right to tell someone to get fucking lost. Threaten their ass with security.

Agreed. Feels like half the drama or "creep" stories that happen are with attic dwelling tumblrinas. It's very simple to avoid BS at a con. There's literally con volunteers, employees, and security everywhere that you can ask for help. The moment you even approach a mundane volunteer with a hint of authority it tends to make creepers scatter.

That said, I'll share a story of how to ward off a legit creeper.
>Be me at 16. Being an edge lord, I wore a shirt that had La Blue Girl on the front.
>Parents think it's a harmless animu shirt. Tee hee.
>I'm a dude, btw. Just letting you guys know.
>I separate from my friends and walk the dealers room at NJ anime con.
>A greasy mid 20s dude appear notices my shirt.
>"LAWLZ, u like hentai!? Me too"
>First person to recognize my shirt is not giving me the edge lord response of "ZOMG HOW OFFENSIVE!! =O" That I wanted.
>Thinks he found someone to openly talk to about hentai in full comfort.
>Within 2 minutes, he's telling me what he jerks off to
>I stop him and tell him I was just trying to be edgy. Didn't want to tell him I like hentai too because that would encourage him to talk fucking more.
>He pauses at this knowledge.
>"It's okay man! I got ya. Come up to my room and I'll show you what I bought today"
>He snickers.
>I tell him, I'm not interested and start to walk away.
>This clown walks beside me and then goes into a full tirade of how I should check out hentai because of the "great animation and attention to detail."
>I realize he's not going to go away easily.
>I pretend to be listening and walk to registration area where con employees are standing 20 feet from us
>Tell this dude to stop talking. "I'm not interested and if he keeps talking, I'm going straight to the con employees and let them know he's bothering me."
File: Pepe_Jutsu.png (34 KB, 638x474)
34 KB


>His beta autistic rage builds.
>He wants to say more and is madly frustrated
>Keeps looking over at con employees just fucking sitting on their fat asses.
>Can see he's visibly paranoid of being chastised in the slightest.
>He walks out of the con with head down very fast
>Didn't see him rest of the show.
>Feels Good man.

Fucking easy.
Okay so....

>Shitty aus con
>Get hotel near con
>Heaps of cosplayers there
>Me and friends A and B head down for 3AM vending machine food
>Buy lasagna to share from vending machine and use microwave in the lobby
>Guy in a Squall cosplay with greasy hair comes down
>Recognises B cause hes a photog who always shoots at cons
>Sits down and makes small talk about Final Fantasy with B
>Looks at lasagna
>Looks back at B
>"ohh lasagna huh.... I know how you like to eat that B, you just like to scoop it up on the end of your dick and *makes licking noises from silence of the lambs"
>We awkwardly laugh
>He doesn't leave
>Tells us he is waiting until 5AM so he can be the first in the con
>Con opens at 8
>Looks at A
>"So I saw your into men on Facebook"
>A awkwardly tells him he isnt
>Creep insists that he is and then gets up to leave for the con
>Avoid him whole weekend.

Fucking lasagna, man.
File: IMG_1304.jpg (50 KB, 597x627)
50 KB
Bumping for anyone who can find the story. I remember seeing this long time ago but was too stupid not too save it. Poor anon.
This has my attention, so bump.
>le ebin hentai shirt to troll people
This thread is about creepy things others have done, not cringey things you've done.
I'm fairly sure I have, but the part about the trains is what tipped me off.
File: 1419347154150.gif (671 KB, 434x360)
671 KB
671 KB GIF
>walking around 8:00 & C (would later find out that this is the 'gayborhood')
>wearing tight lycra shorts with a rainbow kitten/unicorn pattern
>not gay most of the time
>enter badasstronauts bar, acquire drink and start dancing
>guy approaches me, say hello and hug him as is customary in BRC
>he doesn't let go
>starts kissing up on my neck and shit
>hell naw
>push him away and tell him I'm flattered but no thank you
>either doesn't hear me, doesn't understand me, or doesn't care
>grabs me firmly by the bag and pulls me in again
>would normally resort to violence at this point but found the situation too funny because alcohol
>others notice and intervene, usher me out of the tent
>laugh it off and wander away
>next day I realize how hard I got creeped on

I think I know how it feels now. Why do people think this is ok?
because, as you can read in here, nobody actually tells them off

people come on! those creeps are mostly unaware, and mentally ill, tell them, then leave,
of they're threatening make sure con security's near you!
This happened just recently too.

>still fairly new to the convention experience
>hanging out with a couple of friends who've been cosplaying for forever, have probably seen it all
>before con, our group decides to grab some breakfast from the cafe outside the con
>friend G is dressed in a cute BB-8 dress, got some compliments already before we even got into the con
>sitting at a table outside waiting for food, just as the waitress puts our plates down in front of us, a couple of congoers stop at our table randomly
>pretty greasy landwhales, cringey as fuck, itas and bursting out of closet cosplays etc.
>ask G for a picture just as we've started eating breakfast
>she's pretty chill about it but says no, she wants to eat first 'cause she has panels and stuff she's doing, her day's pretty full and she's probably not going to eat much during the day anyway
>landwhales get super angry, insist on taking photos
>friend is still nice about it but firm, says she will be in the con in 10 minutes for photos, we're trying to eat our breakfast before it gets cold
>after a solid 5 minutes of whining and back-and-forth, the landwhales chuck a hissy fit and stomp inside the con without photos
>run into them often during the con day, they never ask for a photo of G but continually do immature shit like point at her and talk loudly about how she's a self-important bitch, elitist, too good to take photos with normies etc.
>that experience opened my eyes to how hard cosplayers have it when trying to do normal bodily functions like eat, sit down or pee
>cosplaying friends seem completely used to it
>mfw I don't want to cosplay anymore because I like being able to eat when I'm hungry
For some dumb reason a few people think cosplayers are like Disney mascots and that they have this stupid entitlement to ask you for a photo at any time. I have had a person ask me for a picture as I'm heading to the bathroom ( I was right out side the door) and told them i'll just "be a min". They insisted I do it NOW, so I just walked off and left them there.
They were gone when I got back so I guess the picture wasn't that important to them..
So this has been going on for the last few years at cons in my city.

>Be 17, at my second con with a friend
>Waiting in line for the J-rock concert they have every year
>One of the con staff yelling at us for putting a toe out of the tape line-markers
>Start chatting with this chill dude in front of us, pretty normal
>Having a good time, making fun of the autistic line-nazi
>Suddenly, a shadow and a heavy stech of sweat passes by us
>Lo, a middle-aged Levi cosplayer, 6'1'', 350+lbs, slack-jawed, greasy, and loping past us
>Clutching a camera to his chest in a costume that has clearly never been washed
>Boy in line we were talking to leans in while side-eyeing the Levi
>"You should really be careful around him, he likes to take upskirts on the escalator"
>Later get into the concert
>Levi's here too
>We're standing sort of near the back of the crowd, not outside of it though
>I'm slammed from behind
>Levi and some other massive dudes started moshing
>Security takes them out

>Next day, Levi's still here
>Apparently his mom got him into the con again by saying he was pushed into it by the other men and that the con is discriminating against the autistic

I'm spotted him at every con in this city and area for the past three years with the same fucking costume
>few years ago at small con
>me and a friend in lolita
>wore cheap coord because why not it's nothing special and I wanted to be silly
>friend wanted to meet another friend
>ok cool, the more the merrier
>meet girl
>full OTT coord completly brand, solid coord
>girl tried starting conversation seemed very interested in me
>I politely made conversation with her
>she kept asking weird things like where I got my obviously cheap accessories
>answer her confused she clearly could afford better stuff as she didn't wore anything cheap
>she kept bragging about friends who had easy access to cheap accessories and she could get these as well
>at one point she started refering an ad
>my online nickname at that time was product for said ad
>I never told her my nickname
>wtf is going on here
>I was too weired out to react to her references
>she still tried grabbing my attetion in the following conversation
>we finally part because she had someone else to meet
>mfw I never met someone else who tried grabbing my attention so bad and to this day I don't know why she was trying that hard

At it least in the end it turned out my friend told her my nickame beforehand. Didn't make it any less confusing though.
My bad, I didn't realize it was consensual. I interpreted it to be one of those incidents where a guy will secretly cum on someone in public.
Top kek
It used to be fine when everyone at cons were socially awkward but that's not the case anymore, so even genuine people who are a little off get marked as creeps
I was walking around a con floor and kind of spaced out while walking with someone
I came to after a guy got right in my face and yelled "PINGGGGGG!"
I still have no fucking client what that was about
Obviously he was navigating by sonar
So there's this photog that goes around cons in my area that likes to do shipping couples shots with random cosplayers. She'll do guy/girl guy/guy girl/girl shots, whatever as long as it's shipping a couple. Her strategy is to find a cosplayer she likes, gets a set of solo poses, then walks with them looking for cosplayers to take photos with.

>At con cosplaying Shiho from Seraph of the End
>Photog found two girls crossplaying as Yuu and Mika
>Yuu cosplayer squees about how Shiho is her favorite and she ships Shiho x Yuu
>Photog gets some normal group poses
>Photog then gets some Yuu x Mika poses
>Photog asks for Shiho x Yuu pose (pic related)
>Yuu gets super embarrassed as photog and Mika are trying to encourage her to do the pose
>Con security steps in and asks Yuu cosplayer "Are these people bothering you?"
>Yuu becomes even more embarrassed, I facepalm and Mika busts up laughing
>After everyone calms down, Mika and photog explain the security what was going on
>Yuu keeps apologizing to me for making security think I was harassing her
>We never got back around to taking the picture

Con security only picked up the part of the conversation where two people were trying to make a cosplayer do a pose she wasn't comfortable doing. I understand he was just trying to do his job, but he stepped in at just the wrong time.
>picked up the part of the conversation where two people were trying to make a cosplayer do a pose she wasn't comfortable doing
Are you saying the security made things worse? Seems like it stepped at the right time
That's the issue, the cosplayer wasn't comfortable, seems like previous pictures weren't a problem until she was forced in that pose for somebody's shippimg
I lol'd.
if a person wasn't comfortable doing it and was too scared to say something, having security step in and at least ask gives them a chance to leave or speak up
I was the Shiho cosplayer and I wasn't pushing it any way, but I was willing to participate. It wasn't that Yuu didn't want to do it, it was that it she was embarrassed. It was mostly Mika that was trying to get her to do it. Before that she was telling me how good I looked in my cosplay. I even admit that if you weren't aware that the Mika and Yuu were friends the situation didn't look good. But the con security guy made a situation that was embarrassing for a girl to embarrassing/awkward/humiliating.

There's a difference between a girl being nervous because she likes a guy and being nervous because she wants to get away from a guy. Not being able to pick up on this is what causes most guys to unintentionally be creeps. It's also true that some con security volunteers try to be white knights. They really have very little authority but some of them take it a bit overboard.
Well its cgl. Lotta attention whorin
Thirded. I'm pretty attractive and I dress slutty as hell at con parties, but I've really had no problem with creepers. I think part of it is that I just don't particularly notice or care when guys are awkward-creepy bc my little brother's autistic so I'm used to that, but also if someone is overstepping boundaries, I will very loudly bitch them the fuck out in front of everyone and physically push them away if necessary. I don't see what's so hard about that at all, if you can't stand up for yourself then for christ's sake don't go to events full of drunk men.
>>wearing tight lycra shorts with a rainbow kitten/unicorn pattern
honestly if you're a guy and you're wearing such degenerate attire as this you're exposing yourself as subhuman.
Had a person walk up to me, ask me about my armor, then while I was talking she reached down and pulled one of my pistols out of my holster and started walking away with it
What did it feel like, living in a Lovecraft story for a weekend?
Some poor guest after you found out what was really going on the hard way.
It still wasn't the security's fault, they were clearly making a scene, security didn't over react or became a white knight
File: monarch.jpg (64 KB, 640x360)
64 KB
was at katsucon last year as dr. mrs. the monarch and walking with my friend's boyfriend to find someone rooming with us. we're going through the lobby and this dude lifts up his hands and shoves into me, grabbing my boobs in the process. he tried to play it off as an accident while my friends bf yelled at him for it, even though the dude got a squeeze on each one.

the year prior to that i was in the same costume and i caught a guy videotaping me and the other two girls with me on his phone in the elevator.
It's 100% security's job to ask people who look distressed or uncomfortable if something's wrong
File: 1377132770829.png (521 KB, 1263x2162)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Is it this one?
File: 1501795980516.png (27 KB, 156x191)
27 KB
>then I learnt they were cousins
that pepe is glorious
>when you take being a weeb to far
"it's ok in japan" isn't a good justification
File: 1394557631852.jpg (7 KB, 217x233)
7 KB
anon delivered and i wish they hadn't for the first time.

i hope hinata-chan is doing ok nowadays.
Do you all seriously think this story actually happened? Yea, ok...
Why would anyone go on the internet and lie?
Con bitches be crazy yo

>accompany friend that i kind of want to get with to a con
>she immediately takes off
>walk around for the better part of a day
>meet some kinda old but hot looking cosplay girl
>we hit it off nicely
>end up spending the night with her at her house as she lives nearby
>next morning i walk into her kitchen and she sits there with this young kid
>as soon as i enter she goes "oh hey, this is my son btw"
>stand there completely perplexed while the kid is shooting daggers out of his eyes at me (she was quite vocal the night before so he def. knew what had happened)

Was pretty damn awkward.
This doesn't sound weird. You just sound like you are awkward with low self-esteem.
I was in a crowded elevator, got pushed back into a very large guy behind me and felt his fingers rub my panty. Pushes his fingers into me and runs them along with my panty line, and yes this is disgusting but I am a woman so naturally, I did get wet.

Was so fucking gross, though. He was no where near my body type and it took awhile to get over his pimply nasty face that stared down at me when I looked back. God I wish I hadn't. When I got off the elevator I snapped a pic with my phone which he tried to cover himself with and went to the Directors.

Turned out that he was ONE of the Directors for a Con that shall not be named and they never did ANYTHING about it. I went to talk to the Police in the Convention who said, '' Do you have proof? '' So I told them everything, they wrote it down then went to ''Speak to the Directors.''

Later on I got a call to come talk to the Officers and they talked to me about, '' Do you know what happens when you file a false charge? ''

I was pissed off as fuck. I went OUTSIDE of the Convention to a whole different prescient and there's a current legal battle going on concerning the Officers on the Director's payroll.

Also, the District Attorney said I'm not the first or even the SIXTH woman to come forward with these complaints so they lobbied mine in with a growing investigation against the Convention DirectorS. Not just one, but DIRECTORS. Apparently not just with the Males either.

Inappropriate touching of a minor is also on the docket. I was like, holy shit. Needless to say that I understand why it's mostly guys who go there now, a majority of the local and out of town Cosplayers in our forum talk and we've decided to girlcott the Con until they've learned their lesson and those who need to go to jail do.

That's just ONE story of issues I've run into over my years being a Cosplayer and sexual harassment by creepers.
File: 1502340448481.jpg (159 KB, 463x432)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
I have one
>be 14
>I looked rather girly at that age(imagine a Tomboy), so passing wasn't a problem
>crossplaying Homura from 'doka
>It was my first time at a con crossplaying
>be acompanied by 2 other male friends
>They stayed at a booth or some shit while I went to see the other stuff
>be at a little shop were they sold animu and vidya related necklaces, bracelettes, etc.
>A fat fuck starts staring at me from about a foot away
>I, naturally decided to display my autismo so didn't bother to look at him
>the fucker continues for about a good minute or so
>at this point I am just standing in front of the shop "looking" at products without saying anything
>I decide to go to another shop
>before I started walking I heard a voice that sounded like a bad impression of the Nostalgia Critic: "H-hey, are you cosplayed as Homura?"
>look up
>it was that fat fuck
>I don't like fat people, but I've never been vocal about my dislike towards them
>he asks me: "Do you like Madoka?", "Is Homura your favorite character?", "Can I take a pic with you?"
>considering the last statement, It was a pain to be around this dude, though I tried to be as polite as possible
>I agreed to take a pic with him
>motherfucker gropes my ass after taking said pic
>before this happened, I tried to make my voice as girly as possible without sounding weird. Now, when he groped my ass I shouted at him "What the fuck man?!" with my normal male voice
>he looked visibly angry
>he started fast-walking away from where I was, people looking at him sperging out
>I returned with my friends afterwards
>mfw when they asked me if I saw anything cool
>I said yes but didn't tell them about the incident
>Never saw that fat fuck again

I was scared but thankfully I knew what to do in that situation
File: 1495640408348.jpg (50 KB, 549x376)
50 KB
>Pushes his fingers into me and runs them along with my panty line, and yes this is disgusting but I am a woman so naturally, I did get wet.

How the heck did your body even get wet from this? I'm a guy who's been groped by a creep and can't say that my dick popped from it. Was frozen in place for a solid few seconds before my brain jump started me out of the room from the creeper.
It's a troll and it's bait, anon.
You're gonna say all this shit about a con and it's directors, but you're not even gonna name it?
File: 1499138866732.jpg (65 KB, 500x505)
65 KB
ITT: roasties and traps get approached by ugly guys
You all would not be complaining if you were """harassed""" by chad.

>Why am I even surprised, /cgl/ is tumblr-lite
Kind of funny how most posts will go out of their way to describe the "creeper's" appearance. You know, because creepy behavior totes isn't directly proportional to the accused's physical appearance.
well, I'm the guy who posted the last story, the creep wasn't because he was fat or ugly (although I did pretty much feel a lot more uncomfortable bc of it), but rather because he fucking groped my ass and I, as a man, don't like getting my ass groped
File: 1502228238220.png (240 KB, 423x385)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Chad wouldn't harass a man in a fucking dress nor a low tier Roastlita
>ALWAYS ask before taking pictures
>keep conversations short and simple (unless you genuinely hit it off)
>take the hint when someone leave the conversation
>make eye contact, but don't stare
I know I have a bad habit of staring into space when I get lost in thought, so I try to catch myself or at least redirect my focus on inanimate things like posters. I don't know if anyone else has this problem idk
Haven't you seen any hentai, her body betrayed her

Go back to /r9k/ and complain about "alphas" taking your perfect virgins grills

Dude here. Literally nothing wrong with that...

Unwanted attention = creep. If you can't tell that as a guy then you're a creep..
Carry on, keyboard warrior. Go show that roastie.
No need, my job is already done.

Even a good looking guy can't just grab someone's ass dude or hover/stalk them for hours...

A good looking guy could probably get away with being more forward to a single girl, but if she's already with a guy it's going to be creepy no matter if he keeps doing shit after she makes it clear she's not interested.
File: 20170813_005505.jpg (3.56 MB, 4032x3024)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
God bless you, hentai courier
Trust me, the last thing a good looking guy would be called is a creep. Perv, maybe, desperate maybe, but creep is an exclusive insult for overly handsy or forward ugly guys.
>taking a rest outside of the con at night, typical scene of people milling about sitting on fountain ledges, etc.
>moderately cute guy comes up to me and my best friend and offers us a drink in a solo cup, heavily implied it's sizzurp
>friend becomes extremely uncomfortable
>lifelong dream of being offered drugs by a stranger checked off bucket list
>we don't take the drink from him and he leaves pretty quickly after that
You mean be attractive. You have a shitload more tolerance to get away with stuff when you have good genes that girls desire.
B- for your creepy erotic fanfiction, dude. No one writes like that.
>be me, 13 (i think) at a con with pretty much free entry
>in connie from steven universe
>she had just became a character, so low effort 13 year old me threw something together and had a lot fun
>outside of the con with friends, they were doing a photoshoot
>an older black man walks up to me and asks if he can take pictures of me
>i get excited because i thought he had recognized me and wanted to talk about su because it was recent as well
>he tells me to pose and i think i chose that weeb pose of putting ur hands in fists and putting them over ur mouth
>he takes a couple pictures, nothing creepy
>he starts to pull me off to the side, away from my friends and their photoshoot going on
>kinda gives me a moment of silence and i lose my pose
>"pose again!"
>i go back to the weeb pose
>"aw so kawaii! you really like that pose" (i think?? it was something along the lines of this
>he gets on one knee
>oh no
>he starts to aim his camera up my skirt
>i was highkey unaware of it at the time because of my inner excitement, this is the first time someone has ever taken this many pictures of a cosplay of mine
>he gets closer and closer, and i'm 99% sure he has pantie shots of mine
>he starts inching me away from my friends slowly but surely, and we were kinda getting far away
>my friends realise that im all the way the over there with this creepy ass dude
>"Hey anon! come back, our photoshoot is done!"
>i say "i have to go" and he clings onto my arm
>this was what set alarms off for me
>i run away to my friends who were also running towards me
>i see him run off, this was happening outdoors and he is running off the site of the con

i wonder if he really ended up taking pics of my little 13 year old panties
You must be 18 to use 4chan. Also how clueless can you be, Jebus.
i am 18
I, as a man, don't think being a man, as a man, has anything to do with enjoying an ass pat or two, as a man.
No. The episode Connie is in aired at the end of 2013 so either you weren't 13 at the time or you're not 18 now.
I was about to argue on the side of StoryAnon, but upon further research the episode was aired on December 2nd, 2013, which means that StoryAnon is a forgetful cunt about such trivial things as age, or she's underage and b&.
I was 14, basically the slightest sexual action/gesture was enough to put me red like a tomato, give me a break
It was at burning man. My shit was tame compared to some of the people out there
i am forgetful about age and i was not 13!!!!! i was 14
sry bud im not lying about this im 18
actually the more i think abt it i might hve been 15???? who fuckin knows age gets blurry for me

The fuck. Who cares if you didn't got the age thing right. That doesn't make the story less creepy. Let's move on.
this is hilarious though

Im not even a roasty im a guy. You think its ok to just stalk someone around just because you think they might be a pure virgin or whatever you guys think. Or that its ok to grab some girls tits or literally grope someones pussy as >>9595494 said

God i cant stand incels
File: DHC2MpIWAAAOHeh.jpg (122 KB, 900x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
people into gook cartoons are fucked up who would have thought
>Crossplaying Lucoa
>Was in hotel lobby trying to take pictures of another
>Fat middle aged normal fellow just filming me up close, invading my personal space with a smirk
>Didn't stop or even respond when I told him to stop and back off

I really wanted to take that phone and chuck it across the room
Because cons are filled with normies now. So even if you arent doing anything clearly illegal or against the rules you can be labeled a creep and blasted on social media simply for being unattractive.
If my next cosplay includes a hole with my dick hanging out of it, then I wouldn't really be able to complain about someone taking pictures of it
same for cleavage/slutty getups
That happened to a friend of mine. She was cospalying Hestia from that Dungeon anime. Their conversation was pretty awkward
>called her by her character name to get her attention
>"do you know what anime you're cosplaying from"
>hestia is the ultimate waifu she is the epitome of cute and innocent while having a succulent body
>proceeded to gush over her and ask if she'd recreate scenes from the anime with him
File: 1395292118151.png (131 KB, 311x458)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>dude comes up
>starts talking a subject I don't care about
>doesn't leave

>fat dude keeps making announcements
>grabs a fork and looks me straight in the eyes, "im going to comb my hair with this"

I honestly think creepers are friendless weirdos. I can see myself going up to my friend and talk nonsense but don't do that to a strangers. Same with the fork.
I have a few stories.

>in a panel, participating in ... cosplay battleship?, up front and center
>lots of people in the room, the panel is nearing the end, me and my friends have whittled down the opposition so we're the last ones left on our side vs two on the other side
>there's a good 10 foot gap between the 5 participants left and the crowd

>feel something on my arm, look down, some girl is biting me
>pull back so fast the girl probably got whiplash, blurt out a "What the hell!?"
>panelist host stops
>50 confused people looking at me, then my arm with fresh bite marks, then at this 14~ year old sperg
>she gets escorted to con security, didn't see her again

I talked to a con staffer friend about her a while down the road and they mentioned she was banned for 3 years. Next year will be the first year awkward girl's ban is lifted, so she may potentially return.

I don't feel like sharing the rest, but here's the most recent one.

>at EvilleCon this year, late at night, everyone's either in the rave, waiting on mom to pick them up, or drunkenly staggering back to their rooms for the night
>Walking around in costume, headed to my car
>guy walks up to me gushing praise
>oh thanks I'm glad you like the costume
>and then I smell it first. Dude is absolutely plastered.
>As we're sitting here conversing, the dude is weaving on his feet, so drunk he can hardly stand
>""Hey man I love your costume so much I stole this phone from someone at the bar [gestures to bar with stolen phone] to come take a picture of you [attempts to unlock phone] I don't even know whose baby this fucking is [baby on lock screen]""
>At this point, the two sober brain cells in this guy's head collide and he realized that he wasn't going to get the stolen phone unlocked, so his next course of action was...
>""Hey dude I've got my phone upstairs can you come up to my room so I can take a picture of you and we can drink some and [incoherent intoxicated babble]""
>I tell him that I'll wait for him at the elevator, and he can go get his camera
>the moment he gets in the elevator, I make a run for it
>elevators are open to the hotel, so he can see me running for it
>he starts pounding on the glass
>friends as me why I'm running
>briefly explain we need to GTFO
>we GTFO
>never see drunkman again, hopefully he got nabbed

good friends.
I'm my mind you were in giant foam sandwich costume, and the drunk guy thought that you were a product of a bet he made at the bar about how the best way a genie would deliver a wish for a man sized sandwich. He took the opinion of a large plastic basket, when a stranger broke into the conversation and claimed a genie would try to fuck you over and ruin your wish, so a man size sandwich would just walk up to him. This clearly angered him and a fight broke out, with the drunk guy managing to steal the guys phone. He leaves to bar only to see you, a human sandwich walking down the street. Clearly the stranger was right, and drunk guy feels bad for stealing the strangers phone, but he has a plan, he will take a pic of the man sandwich with the guys phone and put it as the wallpaper, replacing a picture of a ugly baby. When the unlock screen doesn't work, he is forced to try to get his phone quickly before the magic sandwich is taken away. He gets in the elevator, only to you you make a run for it. He pounds on the glass, screaming "I WASN'T TRYING TO EAT YOU!"

in a twist of fate, he sees you again, now with your friends, at first he guess that these other costumed individuals must be some sort of magic users, but as none of you have blue skin or a single long leg made of smoke, he is confused why they are not genies. Suddenly the strangers phone rings, he answers it, the caller ID says ... It's the ugly baby? The drunk yells ' who are you! How do you know so much about man sandwichs?' the voice on the other side answers, ' who else could know exactly how genes work'. 'oh no...' that's right fool! You released me from my cellphone prison to win a bar bet and you lost!' the drunk drops the phone to the ground, just as the sandwichs friends turn around, it's the stranger in the bar in a Naruto headband and the baby dressed up as an ewok. The drunk collapse to the ground, knowing his dream of eating a giant sandwich was so close, only to be ripped away.
>speech impediment
Literally what.
Here's the official guide of how not to be creepy
>Use your manners (excuse me, thank you, etc. Just be polite)
>Don't talk about/otherwise non-verbally imply anything sexual unless explicitly prompted
>Only continue the conversation if someone is 'enthusiastically' responding, with enthusiastic characterized by meaningful responses supplied relatively quickly.
> Do not move around with people unless asked
>talking about fucked up people
>posts pewdiepie image
>>""Hey man I love your costume so much I stole this phone from someone at the bar [gestures to bar with stolen phone] to come take a picture of you [attempts to unlock phone] I don't even know whose baby this fucking is [baby on lock screen]""
This is so hilarious and (despite the fact that he stole the phone) innocent to me and I'm glad you remembered the dialogue to this degree.
This was back in 2007

I co roomed with a chick who was running a lolitia themed handcrafts table. The deal was Id watch her table and she'd pay 2/3rd the room. Pretty sweet. Anyways, it's early morning sunday, nothing lookyloos so its slow. Someguy in a fedora and hawaiian shirt carrying a samurai sword stops to chat. Hes maybe in his 60s and I joke that hes vintage nerd, real street cred. He likes that, oh he like that a lot. He stops by the table every hour until I hand off the table back to the chick Im with. He follows me to the bathroom (i had like a billion teas), and guards the door with his samurai sword until somebody inside inside the bathroom calls staff to remove him. I didnt find out/ connect the two events about this until I left the con. Where he was hanging around the parking garage trying to get hussle con goers for their facebook info. He sees me, his whole fucking body goes from hunched and shy to cock of the walk puffy chests. He grabs my arm and pulls me over to a group of very young con goers and says That I will vouche for him, hes totes not creepy and sooo nice.

I told him I dont know you, dont touch me.

I felt like a monster, but he was epic cling. He felt like a lonely 14 year old in a retired man's body.
>woman in her late 20s starts talking to my 13 yo brother while we're waiting in a line
>throughout the day keeps showing up again to talk to him, it's just about anime that they both like so I don't think it's super weird
>but then starts to ask us where we're staying
>keeps trying to get us to do stuff together, wants to hang out at night
>basically never says a word to me, just to my brother
>I try to tell her that I'm not comfortable with what she's doing
>asks why not
>while trying to convince me that we should keep hanging out calls my brother "a cute shota"
Not what I was expecting to deal with.
File: 1469092517432.jpg (9 KB, 323x243)
9 KB
>denying your brother every teenage boy's dream
Not really creepy just wired experience from a unstable guy.
>in line for a panel when some guy with broken glasses comes up to me
>gives me a piece of laminated paper with ying-yang symbols and other eastern religious symbols on it
>tells me he paid 10,000 to have it make and patented and to use it you need to hold up the paper facing light and if someone else does the same then you can communicate with them telepathically
> he gives it to me then walks off to someone else
>laugh it off continue with the day
> later in the night I see the same guy sitting in the middle of the mall with a paper up, talking like he is having a full conversation with multiple people
> mall cop comes to him dude starts screaming to him to shut up, he get hauled off by the police
Pedophiles aren't dreamy, anon.
File: Niceeee.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
They are when they're hot women in their twenties wanting to fuck horny teenage boys, or have our society's double standards taught you nothing?
fujoshits are by and large ugly.

The ones that aren't are extra crazy to compensate
>cock blocking SS
You fucked up
>infamous footfetish guy

Oh god, why did you have to remind me of him... knowing that he probably is still around is creeping me out. Isn't he banned basically everywhere by now?
Foot fetish is the patrician man's fetish. You gulls are lying if you said you haven't gotten off to the thought of giving a cheeky footjob or teasing a guy with your soles out in public
I'd be so amused I'd have waited for him
File: just .. no.jpg (827 KB, 1000x1316)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
>>Go to con with friend
>>Cosplay as Misa amane
>>buying soda
>>awkward, fat, smelly neckbeard casheer with long greasy hair in a ponytail
>>nice outfit girls
>>want to see mine?
>>eehh, okay..?
>>goes to change clothes
>>comes back wearing something similar to pic related + a fucking cane
>>You look sexy, i love your outfit, do you wear this kind of stuff normally?
>>this guy doesnt know what fucking death note is
>>guy knows the con organizer, thinks this information will impress us
>>was staring at my tits the entirety of the "conversation"
>>starts doing shitty tricks with his cane
>>um, we totally have to pee
>>kisses our hands while bowing down m'lady style
>>i hope i see you later *sexyface*

It was horrible
>fill a Bingo card with people I didn't want to see and had to avoid
that's not a a bad idea senpai. there should be one

>infamous footfetish guy
new to these threads. who?
File: 1467334546083.jpg (13 KB, 313x330)
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>was staring at my tits the entirety of the "conversation"
not to be dramatic but why do they do this? it's not that hard to at least act like a decent person. also, if all you wanna do is stare at some tits, either go on the web or do it from afar for a couple seconds.
don't waste their time with pointless words and creepy advances ffs.
Oh fuck, I remember seeing this.
>why do guys stare at tits?
people at cons are awkward and have a hard time keeping eye contact
awkward guys and virgins also have a hard time keeping their sexual thoughts hidden like normal people and will basically telegraph that they are interested in you.
although, to be honest, that anon basically wouldn't have thought it was creepy if the person wasn't as they described, an almost straw-man of fat, unattractive unwashed cringe.
nah, cons have increased in number of creeps, before people were forced outside where they were (sort of) forced to be somewhat normal. Now they can sit in an echo chamber online until and released at cons with unchanined creepy tendecies
you just have roes tinted glasses about how awkward you think people were "back then"
it hasn't changed, what has changed is how much awkwardness people are willing to accept before posting about something on social media
File: 1463731869630.gif (1.14 MB, 400x225)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
at least try, or maybe look around if you have trouble with eyes, christ. and don't approach them if you can't even do that. have some goddamn restraint and consideration

>only ugly guys can be creepy from a girls's view
>being this wrong
>only ugly guys can be creepy from a girl's point of view
that is pretty much spot on
notice how in almost every post, the people here make a point to include how fat or ugly the person was
I have never seen an attractive guy called a creep, they're just considered flirty or forward
how would you feel if some unwashed female hambeast stared hungrily at your dick
why do you assume I'm a guy?
I'm misa anon, no creeps are creeps regardless but obviously if someone lacks basic hygiene and is fat and unattractive it doesnt make it more pleasant.
So much projection i swear.

agree, i mean atleast act normal!
File: hello fellow women.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
I don't think you understand what projection means
wrong again. ugly only just ADDS to the disgust but anyone being creepy is foul. plenty of people including me have been been repulsed by decent-attractive people.
you wanna know what the hard truth is? ugly creeps often don't take care of themselves, which is partly why they're ugly. they don't go out and gain social skills. and instead of improving, they stay mad at "chad". but chad's been at the gym so he's attractive. he's been to parties so he's charming.

if chad were staring at my tits the whole conversation I'd still be disgusted at how immature and shut him down. a lot of what makes someone attractive is their character, so much so it can make or break it you.
people are shallow yeah, but they also have standards and tastes. so either you're projecting or you don't really know people and need to get out.
haha, enough roleplaying for you dude
File: 1487221070448.png (102 KB, 282x300)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
there's a reason I wrote "chad" instead of chad. this guy is the boogieman of insecure shitposters.
>they used this popular meme term so they must be this sex
>implying my genitals determine how accurate my argument is
Yeah, there's a certain cycle of "doesn't look after themselves", "smells/ looks bad/gross", "People avoid them", "low self esteem", repeat.
what if you go to the gym 4 times a week, shower 3 times a day, and still look like shit?
That shit is actually really scary and leaves you pretty fucked up.
This is true. Even attractive guys can turn girls off with bad behavior. Everything starts with making an effort and changes don't happen overnight. If you don't take care of you skin/teeth/body then expect to be successful with people who do, that's just delusional.

That's where the choice comes in to break the cycle. Failing because you didn't put in enough effort then putting in even less effort and expecting to succeed is once again delusional.

There is such a thing as having an unfortunate face. Showering 3 times a day is actually bad for your skin. If you're hitting the gym 4 times a week and your BMI >25 either you aren't doing the right exercises or your diet is awful. Even in the case of having an unfortunate face, you'll do better if you work on the things you can take care of including your personality. At the end of the day, you may just lower your expectations.
If you wanna randomly pick up chicks/dudes at cons you'd better be looking pretty good. Like in the transaction all you have to offer is being hot.

Making friends can be done online or in a gaming group or a meet up or whatever and is going to show off your fun personality, GM skills, evt.
The issue isn't that your face is ugly, honestly go in the subway you'll see dozens of ugly/mediocre people, who cares. People only really care if you smell, dress badly, step into their space and act like an autist. As long as you work on being less socially awkward people will tolerate you, this is a fact and this is why you don't notice the hundreds of ugly middle aged fatasses on the subway.

Honestly? If you really think you're so ugly that you can't get a relationship or whatever, tough shit. ( And I honestly think that's bullshit ) It's in human nature to have distaste for unattractive people and you can't change that no matter how much you whine on /r9k/ about how unfair it is blah blah blah. This applies for women too. They just get more asspats because they're narcissistic and narcissists know how to get what they want. Doesn't change the fact that they're fat and ugly and have a shitty personality.

My advice, life doesn't have to be about getting laid and getting into romantic relationships and you can find friends no matter how you look if you work on your social skills or find people who are just as socially awkward as you.

Sorry for paragraph.

I don't mean that all women are narcissistic, I mean Tumblrites are narcissistic. Every single one of them..

Sorry for samefag.
>friend and I are dressed as Liz and Patty from Soul Eater
>Guy runs up to us and speaks in a really breathy voice
>"I have no idea what you're cosplaying, but I really, REALLY want your photo"

The costumes aren't even overly sexual but we were creeped on all day???
> If you really think you're so ugly that you can't get a relationship or whatever, tough shit
the problem here is that these guys want to fuck a 7/10 and above, of course that girl wants to fuck a 7/10 and above similar to her. This is when they called the girls shallow when they won't even try to fuck a 4 or 5 like themselves
you would minimum, minimum be 5
If you think these guys are only going for models then you haven't seen the orbiters that chubby girls with unfortunate faces get in gamer communities and shit.
the ones in this thread complaining, yes they are going for models, the ones fucking the chunky whining here
>I'd still be disgusted at how immature and shut him down
>Even attractive guys can turn girls off with bad behavior

They turn you off, but you wouldn't define them as "creeps". That's the argument.
Did you get it back? What was her excuse?
someone staring at your tits for an entire conversation is creepy, regardless of what they look like
is it even possible to be a non creepy footfag?

like if you just ask nicely for some feet photots?
A foot fetish is baby's first fetish, seriously. You might as well call guys who're into stockings or glasses on a girl creepy too going by that logic

Totally drunk off my head

Walking down the hotel corridor back to my room, it's dark the lights are dimmed and I'm in a cheap hotel.

I turn around the corner and right there at the end of the corridor is a group of FNAF cosplayers.

That wasn't what shit me up though, what shit me up was when they started running towards me.

Turns out they were in the room next to me
File: FOOT.jpg (99 KB, 498x376)
99 KB
yes I would. creepy is a behavior not a face.
>I-I know more about you than you do yourself!
>you, a random post on an anonymous apple-bobbing forum
anon pls.

kek that's pretty great. I can imagine how that split second would feel.

never dived into footfag's den. what sort of shit do they get up to that sets them so apart?
The original question was 'is it even possible to be a non creepy footfag?' The answer is yes. It's not a requirement to join those nasty ass communities or to ask women for pictures of their feet if you have the fetish. Plenty of people enjoy it in private like any other fetish
So since it keeps being brought up and girls keep saying how looks don't matter when it comes to creeping, do any of you actually have any stories about attractive guys being creepy and offending you
It wasn't at a con or anything, but i was walking to work in a heavily industrial type area and a pretty hot guy pulled up in a car, got out of the car and started hitting on me while I was walking. He used the "you look familiar" angle, but I never saw this dude before in my life. That shit was pretty fucking scary.
File: 1460681449573.jpg (193 KB, 600x739)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
yup all ranges, (and just as many uggo charmers) not really story material, much less /cgl/ in our case.

>qt turned out to be a narcissist and a creep
>still attended the same uni so he'd run into friends and creep on them too
>becomes kind of a private meme between us

>friend is a lesbro. guy already knows.
>barely knows her but keeps making advances
>over break, asks our third friend if she can fly over to have sex with him
>fucking whut

>meet some rando student while high off my ass
>meet him again in cafeteria. he sits to chat.
>he's a yurifag. asks about our all girls' dorm.
>jokingly explain how gay it gets.
>starts getting too into it. friends unsettled. I drop the topic
>last to be leaving, he walks by me on my way back
>tells me his "girlfriend" in chicago hasn't seen him in forever.
>he needs to practice kissing for her. I should help him practice
>'aw come on'. leans in to kiss anyway.
>180 my way out without a word

and a bunch others. really, they start to look so much uglier when you see their inside, and uggos start to look cuter personally. goes to show character is part of attraction.

No idea if he's known on 4chan, but almost all older cosplayer in our country have heard about him going around, taking pictures of (sometimes underage) cosplayers with bare feet for his fetish folder and has gotten banned at least at one of the biggest conventions here, last I heard. There's also that he is at least 55, if his old nickname is anything to go by.
What's wrong with someone taking pictures of feet????
Yeah a friend of mine who is very pretty but also very nervous got stalked through a whole con by this fairly handsome Spanish looking guy who might have succeeded at least talking to her but he literally asked her address in the first 20 seconds of the conversation. WTF no dude. That set off massive alarm bells in even my sheltered friend and she made excuses and ran away. He kept just "showing up" near us despite it being a huuuge con where we could barely even find each other but we made sure she was never alone.

Had a guy I knew who, while he wasn't exactly a stunner he was what most people would consider at least somewhat above average I suppose, started telling me about how he masturbated to the thought of slitting my "pretty white throat" after I wouldn't give him what he wanted from me.

I've had normie guys creep on me too. I had an average guy with nothing really wrong with him at all (I guess? Honestly I just had a hard time finding any man but my husband attractive anymore.) absolutely insist on walking me to my car outside the mall once despite my insistence that my husband was waiting for me in the car (he was, I was being honest).

There's a guy down the street who looks okay too that used to come around and creep on me before I started avoiding him and my husband told him off.

Another perfectly acceptable looking guy tried to pick me up while my then-fiance was out of town for an immediate family member's funeral. Like, he kept going even after I told him I was engaged and that my fiance was AT A FAMILY MEMBER'S FUNERAL. He tried to seduce me with offers of his poetry. I was working at a bakery at the time- I packed a valentine's day pastry box meant for his wife a few months later.
File: 30d.png (357 KB, 680x394)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
>meet qt at con during Pokemon tournament
>legit looked like young Leo DiCaprio
>seemed very insecure about himself but otherwise alright guy
>exchange number
>one day later goes on about his virginity and 'nice guys'
>like something out of a parody but said completely seriously
Attractiveness doesn't matter if inside you're a complete fucking autist.
Pretty often. I used to cosplay Miku so I got a lot of it then, and school uniform Rei is my go-to comfy cosplay so I get it a lot in that one as well.
This year at Otakon I had some weird interactions as Diane from Seven Deadly Sins, but none of them were that bad. Only one really stuck out.
>guy comes up to me, asks to take a picture
>begins talking to me as though I'm the character herself
>"Diane where's your hammer, Diane why are you small" etc
>begins to describe Godzilla to me, in character, like explaining to Diane who Godzilla is
>spitting all over my face the entire time
>attempting to maintain a smile
>friend finally drags me away after two excruciating minutes of this shit
It was mostly just gross, I fucking hate other people's bodily fluids touching me.
>outside in shopping area attached to convention center
>dressed up in full Star Wars sith cosplay with mask, balaclava, robes and lightsaber
>two girls come up to me and ask to see lightsaber
>sure thing, I know that it's fun to hold
>they just start running away with it while laughing
>$300 prop being casually stolen
I had to awkwardly follow them trying to communicate through three muffled layers of facial coverings that this wasn't cool until finally they turned around, laughed, and gave it back.

It's weird how comfortable some people become when literally stealing from people and it made me almost feel like the creeper for following them. My setup now includes a mic+speaker system which would shut that shit down real quick.
You'rr bothering people with your fetish. Taking pictures of barefoot characters, ok, but of people their feet/asking to take their shoes of is pretty much an invasion of privacy. You don't go to a cosplayer and ask them if you can take pics of their asscrack or something why do foot fetishists think its a normal thing?
Not cgl-related, but yes.
>walking across a bridge toward home
>qt guy comes up to me and introduces himself, clearly a little tipsy
>we talk a bit while walking
>slips his arm around my arm
>insists I come home with him and have more drinks
>starts to physically drag me in the direction of his home
>eventually gives up as I keep refusing
>asks for a kiss goodbye

For some reason all the creeps I encounter ask for kisses goodbye.
Ugh. Almost any mixed nerd group like a Sci-fi club has that one guy who always butts in in goodbyes "What no hugs for me?" No dude. I was hugging my best friends, if a hug is not offered. Don't ask!
>starts to physically drag me in the direction of his home


I haven't had such a close call, but in my experience attractive creepers tend to be more confident and handsy. It crosses into creeper territory when they ignore rejection and remain persistent. I haven't run into these types at cons though. The qts I see there tend to already have an SO attached to them.
I got it back, and she said that she wanted to show it to a friend. Now I keep them secured until people want to take a picture
File: homeless_guy_crafting.jpg (327 KB, 1203x983)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Probably not in the same ballpark, but there was this homeless guy at one of the AnimeFest photoshoots a few years ago who, while he didn't seem terribly interested in what was going on, didn't want to leave, either. Instead, he unpacked his rucksack and began some kind of weird crafting activity in the background while all this was going on. I have no idea what he was trying to make.

Like I said, not quite as "up there on the creep scale" as these other stories but ... quite odd!

Fffffuuuuck. I learned my lesson about this. Had one of the guys that was creeping on me go, "Can I get a hug?" as we were saying goodbye. I was like sure okay. He straight up just put his head right onto my boobs when he hugged me. My open hug policy has now been rescinded.
>minding his own business
>bunch of people start taking pictures without his knowledge or consent
You were the creep in this story anon
This. I'm a footfag myself and I've come to the conclusion it's better to keep that shit to yourself and your incognito window. I've heard girls (many cosplayers) call the fetish downright creepy time and time again in conversation, best thing you can do is laugh about it.
It's generally a good idea to keep your fetishes to yourself, your bedroom and your s/o, regardless of what they may be.

well we're not shaming people for liking boobs, butts, legs, faces or any other body part

why is it only footbros that girls hate?
Because footfags do shit like ask girls for barefoot pictures. Dudes who are into boobs don't usually walk up to a cosplayer and ask for a topless photo. And if they did do such a thing, they'd be considered just as creepy as the footfags asking for barefeet pics.
Yeah right, tell that to every bdsm fetishist that forces that shit down my throat while calling my attraction to a body part weird
>being this much of a prude

Just send me your feet, babygull
This pretty much.
Dude, if this thread is to teach us anything it's that creeps come in every way or form. Didn't you read the posts about the guys snapping photos of people's asses? Don't make it a fetish thing because one guy wasn't right in the head
And this is why I didn't buy that Fakku shirt even though it was 110% my aesthetic. I don't want some unironic hentai connoisseur thinking I'm a kindred spirit.
I don't have a con story about a Chad creeping but I have several from other times and hot dudes creeping is just as bad. Slightly less insulting than an ugly dude thinking he's in the same league, but just as uncomfortable and unwanted. You have a better chance of your advances being wanted if you're good looking sure, but if you keep going even when the person doesn't want you around you're a creep no matter what you look like.
Gonna get up on my soapbox here for a second

as >>9600514 said asking people to take off any part of their cosplay is for photos is creepy. This is because you have signaled that you really aren't interested in their cosplay but have instead used your perception of them being an attention whore willing to let you photograph them and pushed it beyond the acceptable boundaries to satisfy your fetish.

As for the uggos thing. In real life there are creepers all over the place that happen to also be average to fairly attractive men. I also know guys that the only reason they aren't getting arrested for acting the way they do is because of how attractive they are. Chads don't tend to go creeping at conventions though. The vast majority of con creepers are guys that can't get the girl in normal everyday life but think at a con that the girls will "get them" or some other stupid bull crap. So they do their best to emulate the suave guy from their favorite fictional shows without realizing they look nothing like that character. You end up with guys that are 3 or 4 at best hitting on girls that are 7+. Of course they get rejected and then because they lack social control start getting angry at the shallow girls without realizing that they are both shallow and ugly (probably overweight and smelly too).

All most of these cosplayers are asking for is the ability to cosplay as their favorite characters without being sexually harassed for it. These fetishists and incels lack social skills and are so pre-occupied with sex that they don't realize that they are making conventions uncomfortable places for others. If any of this stuff offends you, you need to take a serious look in the mirror and ask yourself how you could be a better person.
Feet are gross, anyone who likes them is automatically grosser than an average pervert
Maybe you should actually look after your feet then, honey
>mic+speaker system
Which one did you buy, I actually need one for my mando
>at ax hotel party
>dont know many people, but decently friendly
>decently looking nerdy guy approaches me, would probably be handsome if i was into his look
>him: where are you from
>me: im from X state!
>him: oh so you must be poor white trash then
>me: ??? no, why the fuck would you say that
>go off on him as politely as i can
>he explains hes never met someone from my state, he just knows a stereotype about it
>me, dont care, trying to end conversation
>he is blocking me and profusely apologizing over and over, trying to backpedal say he wants to visit my state
>getting uncomfortable, no out on this conversation
>keep apologizing
>bf eventually steps in to tell him to fuck off and leave me alone
>continues to apologize
>we leave party
>guy follows us, continues to apologize

offensive AND creepy. i think he was used to getting away with being rude at cons bc he was "pretty"

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