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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

ITT: Convention security failures. Whether it's low level security at a free con, or a hired security team at a major for profit event, let's hear some failures.

At Dragon *Con almost a decade ago, I was with a close friend of mine when we saw a guy posing as a staff photographer so he could take pictures of girls in school girl outfits and only girls in school girl outfits. He wandered around the convention the entire time and continued to ask under-aged girls to come up to his room to do private photo shoots saying he ran a professional cosplay blog. He was handing out crappy business cards, and I took this guy's card and googled his blog to find a really shoddy blogster page with a lot of really young girls in revealing cosplays on it. That was an instant red flag, and when we brought it to the attention of the security, they didn't really do anything other than take this guy's fake badge saying he was staff. I later saw him at the hotel bar offering to buy these two teen girls in Eva suits alcohol. Piece of shit. I was so mad that the con decided not to do shit that I waited around in the parking lot for a while hoping to catch this guy, but never got the chance to confront him. Lowlife.
Went to PAX East and some older black lady (looked around upper 40's) said to me while I was leaving the convention center late night "You feel like getting your dick sucked tonight? Cause I'm ready".
... well, did you?
No, there was obviously something not right with her. She was a security guard still on duty. Stuff like that scares me
I was scrolling through the catalogue and clicked for the alice picture, read this in her voice, and almost died from not being able to breath.

As for security failures, it routinely happens that someone slips party drugs into the water coolers at con raves. I've been told by random strangers not to drink the water at raves because of how common it is. Some cons don't have a water cooler and just tell people to bring their own water bottles.

Attendee was able to lock a staff member in a room and rape her.
He got sent down for 16 years for rape.

Sent to prison for rape. Now getting plenty of it, whether he wants it or not.
A 'staff' in a security reflective vest being drunk as fuck harassing and destroying my cosplay at the entrance and literally real staff standing by doing nothing.
It happened years ago but i'm still mad about it. I didn't notice the idiot until it was too late since he was wearing a vest with security written on it and my vision/hearing was impaired because of the cosplay.
I was at Phoenix ComiCon when that guy tried to kill the dude who plays the green ranger. I walked by the guy when he was laying on the ground, surrounded by cops. I thought that he had fainted, it's hot here and forgetting to drink water can kill you. I did not find out until hours later what had really happened when they announced the prop ban. The next day they blocked all the entrances of except one for each building and the had bag check at the pre-determined door. As the days went one, the con got less crowded and the security got more lax. If anybody has any questions about the madhouse that PCC 2017 was I can try to answer some questions.
>see him creeping
>don't do shit
you should have fucking confronted him shitbag.
You honestly should've went up to him and confronted him in front if the girls. Could've at least warned them
Every year at Sakuracon the little old ladies that do building security are WAY too gung-ho about badges. If they can't immediately see it on your body (not at chest height, not around the wrist etc) they throw an arm out to try to arm-bar you in whatever doorway you're trying to go through. Which usually results in some little old lady grabbing me by the tit because she can't see my badge.
From what i've seen, in house con security are always horrible. Even some of the better cons, with more competent in house security, their security has their issues.
But hey, these staffs are volunteers.
But they usually don't know wtf they are doing or don't know what they can and can't do. Too many times, I've seen con security consisting of early twenties who freezes when a situation arise, power trip, or just don't want to do crap.
I once talked to a convention security director about legitimate security issue that I have evaluated and he told me that nobody within any staff department has requested security so he won't dispatch resource.
Atleast they think they are cool when they are "patrolling around".
my local con, the paid convention building people, many who are FOB, are too busy staring at the costumes to stop people from going to the upper levels without a badge (events and panels get checked at the individual door by con staff but often photoshoots happen on the roof/garden level so they have convention center workers checking badges at the elevators escalators too)
Don't get me started on how much of a joke Phoenix Comicon and the Phoenix Convention Center security is a joke. I have so many stories about how they don't do their job right, one was even from this year after that incident.
I hate this. I never wear my con badge around my neck (ruins costumes, you run the risk of losing it every time you take it off). Instead I attach it to a sturdy badge reel like pic related, and hook it up to my purse cuz that's much less likely to go missing and I never have to remember to bring it with me. I've definitely had security at conventions tell me I need to be wearing my badge around my neck, but I've never seen it in convention rules that it needs to be worn around the neck, only that it needs to be visible.
That momocon bomb threat years ago that shut down the entire con on a Sunday afternoon AFTER we were all punished verbally by Jess (who i don't blame; gotta do what you gotta do)

Years later I find out it was because someone set off fireworks in the parking lot/someone was robbed in the parking garage? GA Tech is a weird place...
Fucking Tabitha Outlaw at South Texas Comic Con and her boy toy Adam Loper.
I loathe Sakuracon building security. I've greentext'd the story before and don't feel like doing it again, but I have a friend who was raped on the way back to her hotel after Sakuracon building security wouldn't let her back in the convention center to go to lost and found to pick up her badge. It fucked her up for years.

She couldn't get in, didn't have her phone to call a friend (which was also at lost & found), and had to walk back alone. The building staff wouldn't even escort her to L&F to check. For Sakuracon's part the actual convention staff were AMAZING at mounting search parties and stuff when we found out she was missing, and helping us interface with police, etc. I have zero complaints about the above and beyond that SC went through to help us, they were very organized, and they've taken measures since that year to make sure it doesn't happen again. But I won't ever fucking trust building security at a con.
File: 190164087.jpg (52 KB, 572x959)
52 KB
From the other side.. More people, girls especially, need to be more willing to press charges or even just make a statement to police... In my years of staffing and security, the only times we have been able to actually bring justice to predators is if the girls are willing to stand up for themselves a bit and say "this person did this thing to me.." clearly and directly to authority.

Most people just want the convention security to effectively police the entire local area which we, especially legally, have no right to do. And in the legal capacity con staff have is basically try to verbally only talk someone into waiting for the cops to come investigate them. And hope they don't just walk/ run away when we approach them. Or just report every incident directly to the police which is a fast way to piss of the local PD.
And for better or worse people dont like reporting/ dealing with the cops and it's typically people's friends making a report on behalf of the victim witch is okay but if they are only witnesses they can't start the proper investigation without consent of the victim..

I'm not victim blaming or saying people make things up (this does happen though sadly) but people should realize they have to play with not against the system if the want something other than just taking away badges and strongly telling them to not come to this con/ privately owned public space anymore. And hope they just say "sure np!" .... Then you have to make a statement.
Which is why I clip mine onto my beard. Haven't had a problem in 5 years.
Granted you can't do that but I've notice more and more people just using the stupid lanyard as time goes on so you might just have to bite the bullet.
Star Wars Celebration in Orlando at the OCCC this year. The line on Thursday morning wrapped around the other side of the building and then doubled back, they didn't open up the second entrance at 10 AM like they were supposed to, so they had 70k people going through 8 metal detectors. After 2+ hours in line, we discovered they weren't even USING the metal detectors. They were just letting people walk in with them constantly beeping to get the line inside. So we waited in line for.. absolutely nothing?
I also probably only had my badge checked maybe twice throughout all 4 days, which is ridiculous considering it's the most expensive con I've ever been to (4-day badges $150/each).
The security isn't the one to blame here though.
They're not to blame for the incident happening, but they certainly should have escorted her to lost & found to look for her items.
Context aside, I have to agree. She somehow managed to do everything wrong while security was following protocol.
As much as I hate to say this but I agree with >>9642460. Having worked in security, it's not a nice environment to work in but Protocol IS protocol. They were just doing what the event asked them to do.
You don't know how many times I got my ass chewed by a supervisor, client or partner because I decided to make some exception.
Overall this isn't a problem with security but more on the protocol Sakuracon gave to them.
Their protocol for someone who lost their belongings on their property is to turn them away? That doesn't seem to be the correct procedure to me. They stated that her con badge and phone were in fact in the lost and found. How else was she supposed to get to it if not by asking the building security?
The protocol being to not let non-attendees inside. There are a shitload of sketchy folks that like to hang outside of the convention center and it's security's job to keep them out. What she should have done is asked somebody who has a badge to look for her and the whole mess could've been avoided. I can't imagine anybody wouldn't have lent her a hand in that situation.
File: 1485819673396.gif (492 KB, 217x217)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
>I was so mad that the con decided not to do shit that I waited around in the parking lot for a while hoping to catch this guy, but never got the chance to confront him.

Had to laugh. You're a salt who obviously feeds on drama and wanted to get a good, "finger point and weeb REEE" outcry for others to see.

Why didn't you just call the local police on their non-emergency number? You'd be surprised at how they'll still take your seriously and do their best to resolve a conflict.

I have a semi related story, but it's relevant to dealing with creepers.

First thing you need to know about creepers is that they HATE having any spotlight or attention on them. And by that, I mean the cop kind.

In high school my friend started receiving some sexually charged text messages from an unknown number. One the of the messages she responded to and asked if this was a wrong number. The texter responded that they were specifically looking to text her, since they stated her full name. She wasn't going to waste time even responding to them after that. Our local police station is across from our high school, so after school, she walked over with her phone and calmly stated she was being harassed through text messages. All she asked was for an officer to call the number and ask the person to desist. Officer called the number, and left a stern voice mail, stating he logged the number and the text messages. He ended it by asking the texter to cease all messages to me.

Shit worked better than expected. The next day, the beta male with a shitty taste for grey hair highlights, did some hardcore creep back pedaling. Said it was him, was "joking", and PLEASE not to call the cops again cause he's paranoid they'll "get him." I think he was one of those kids that thought he was America's Most wanted for having a gram of weed, but the moment there's any suspicion, he turns hardcore beta male with head down and hands in pockets.

It was hilarious.
How exactly was she supposed to get in contact with someone without her phone, though? Or are you suggesting she should just trust some rando congoer to go get her phone and badge for her?
If she was escorted by staff to and from the l&f, they wouldn't just be letting some "sketchy folks" in.
Even if they absolutely could not allow her entry, they could have had a staff/volunteer check for the items for her. Instead they turned her away which in turn resulted in her being placed in a dangerous situation. Again, I realize that it's not directly their fault, but I don't think that's the right way of handling the situation. Especially if there are usually "a shitload of sketchy folks" hanging outside the con as you say-- they knowingly made a girl walk away by herself in that kind of an area??
I don't know this girl, I'm on the opposite side of the country, but if this happened at a con near me I would definitely think twice about going there if that's how they handle simple situations like lost and found items.
I like how the story is about "her friend" but by the end the story
>all messages to ME
The protocol should have been to escort someone in her situation to the lost and found.
Wasn't security but some tryhard neckbeard con volunteer got on my friend's fiancé's case at katsucon
>all three of us slightly tipsy
>I've poured a beer into one of those hotel room coffee cups with a lid, he's just finished his beer from a red solo cup and is looking for a place to toss it
>random staffer makes a beeline for us
>"what's in the cup?" He asks fiancé-san
>"nothing now" fiancé-san replies
>dude starts to interrogate fiancé-san. "Was it alcohol? Was there beer in that cup?"
>"doesn't matter now" fiancé-san says while he's tossing the cup in the trash
>meanwhile I keep sipping mine
>he asks where we're headed and we point to floor where the tabletop gaming is, where we were just trying to play some CAH before getting pulled over by fucking convention Paul Blart
>dude responds with some weird shit, looks fiancé-san dead in the face and says "I just want to make sure you're being safe. That's all"
>we nope the fuck out of there and try to play CAH where they refuse to give it to us because we don't have 18+ wristbands (despite all of us having our IDs) so we went back to the hotel room and drank some more
>no one bothers me about my coffee cup of beer.

None of us were like shit faced or even really noticeably drunk apart from maybe being on the giggly side. Plus just tell us "hey, you can't drink on the con floor" and fuck off instead of acting like a grieving mother who just lost her son to alcoholism.
Bruh it's not that deep. There's doing your job and then there's being a fucking weirdo.
Do tell

>tfw I cancelled plans to go there
Fuck. What days did you go for that? Got any cosplayer drama related to that?
In my country they usually hire security companies who know nothing about cosplay, so it's pretty common to have your props misshandled and broken by accident. Some time ago a security guy threw this girl staff on the floor for no reason and it shattered.

Also they usually ban hairspray which is fucking bullshit, we need to fix our wigs through the day.

(We usually hold cons at convention centers and they last a day or two, no sleeping in hotels or anything, so going back to your room is not possible.)
Last year, my friend cosplayed as Deadpool and had metal swords. This is actually allowed so long as they are peace bonded to the sheath and stay there. We went to the nearest peace bonding station which happened to be by registration. Got all weapons peace bonded, but the police officer did a half ass job for the swords. We told him it was metal and needed to be done better. He said it was fine and waved us along. So we went to another station where they did a better job. (Another side point, they peace bond umbrellas and parasols. At least some will, others don't care.)

Another year I cosplayed as Shizuo and had a sign post for a prop. The convention center has a weird rule that no signs are allowed. The convention itself has an exception so long as it's essential to your character. No problem getting it peace bonded, but a yellow shirt convention center security person stops me saying I can't bring my sign because it's a sign. I tell him it's part of my costume and it's allowed. He keeps saying it's not until he sees it's peace bonded and let's me go. I tell Matt the following year when I was volunteering about this and he just says he can't guarantee all of them would know all the rules since they work for the convention center and not the convention or something like that.
Cont. (This year stuff)

So after the increased security, people would take pictures and mock duels outside the convention center. Either Thursday or Friday night, my friend and I were walking back to the Sheraton. We noticed some people were having light saber duels by the statues that are between the convention center and our hotel. All of a sudden, this police officer comes over to the group just about to arrest them. Mind you, they were not on the convention center property, they were about a block away. We have no clue how that ended.

Security check to enter was meh. They would just wave a wand quickly over the front of you and that's it. If you had a bag, they did a quick peak in and that's it. Depending on who was doing security, you might have someone who took it overboard. My friend said he saw one of them tell a little girl she couldn't bring in her stuff toy and that they had to take it back to the car.

On Sunday it was really lax. My friend was able to get in, do some last minute shopping, and leave with his badge in his pocket. He was only stopped twice for his badge, neither time was at the security entrance.
File: 1435194145498.jpg (37 KB, 397x375)
37 KB
Speaking of creeping, I remember many months ago some creeper got caught on camera and a video was passed around on twitter. Not sure if this was at Comic-con or what. I think it was some black guy who was trying to play innocent

he said something like
as people were calling him out.

>All of a sudden, this police officer comes over to the group just about to arrest them. Mind you, they were not on the convention center property, they were about a block away. We have no clue how that ended.
Weird as fuck.
It's Phoenix, what else do you expect.
This is a bit offtopic but do you have any tips anon? I've reported several times for things like grabbing, bruising, even groping once both in cgl related and unrelated areas and have never gotten taken seriously. I've had some people dance around it saying "they probably didn't mean it that way" and then a few outright saying my body isn't attractive enough for that to happen. Normally I freeze up and stutter but the one time I did instinctively swat at someone I was the one that got lectured. I honestly don't know what to do different. I don't have this problem when it comes to reporting other behavior. I'm not asking for charges or suing or anything like that. Just as a warning and if something happens I can say I told you so.

At this point unless it's something really serious all telling someone does is waste my time and doubles the humiliation. The one where I cried out was the groping incident. A very obvious grab/pinch like they're going for a nipple on an aaa-cup by another woman isn't just "obviously a misunderstanding."
If it's venue security, they cannot escort someone. In fact, they cannot leave their post
Security company requires you to stay at your post until you are relieved from your position.
If l&f was handled by venue yeah, they might have arranged something. but if it was handled by con, it would have been a no.
File: jackisbest.png (315 KB, 421x536)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
More of a rumor but I heard at a local con that a famous local reality TV-star showed up for the con and refused to pay for his ticket. He walked in and saw the cosplay show, cheered and walked out. Security were too scared of him to fight him or even argue with him.
>Otakon 2017, Saturday night
>Been working a booth and was too tired to go to the Friday night dance, go to Saturday's instead
>Take some stimulant drugs with friends, get pumped and ready
>Walk into rave, confident and feelin' good
>Try to get closer to the stage where all the circles are
>20 feet into room, weaving in and out of people
>Feels like a fucking brick hit face
>Some dude twirling a black baton hit me right in the face
>Immediate, immense nosebleed
>Dude doesn't even know he hit me, continues twirling until I knock it out of his hand
>Go to dance security, tell them some shithead is twirling a marching baton with weights at the tip
>They plug up my nosebleed which has gotten over my face and kigurumi
>Go back in after about half an hour
>See baton guy
>Still twirling his baton
>Security didn't even talk to the baton guy, let alone confiscate it.

Goddamn, you can't have glow sticks on strings but they let in a dude with a fucking baton. That's black. How the fuck am I gonna see a black baton in a crowded area in the dark with minimal lighting.
They didn't respect your gangster.

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