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Id like to see it done RIGHT.
And plus why is it frowned apon to dye your hair for a cosplay? Or use real hair?
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>asks why it's frowned upon to use natural hair
>wants to see it done "right"

You just answered your own question. Styling natural hair to look like chinese cartoon characters isn't exactly easy to make look nice.
Cause it takes fucking forever to style a character hairstyle and it'll take you even longer to untangle it. And you have less options for keeping the hairstyle (glue, foam shapes etc).
And most colors that differ from natural hair do not capture well on real hair.
Not an example of doing it right, but I've never really seen a good undercut/buzzcut wig.
Op that's a wig
Real hair also becomes greasy much faster and has a tendency to come undone even if you use a ton of styling products.

A lot of actors/artists with unconventional hair also use wigs for those very reasons.
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Is this supposed to be an example of dyed hair done right?
Prove it.
Prove it's natural. Have you ever known anyone with that hair type to successfully bleach it, dye it an unnatural colour AND keep it a healthy length and curl?
Yes, its not hard to maintain dyed natural hair.

Besides not wanting to ruin your hair by bleaching, dyeing, styling, for all sorts of different characters, a persons real amount of hair just never seems like enough. Anime/game/whatever characters always have an exaggerated volume of hair. Wigs are able to be fluffed up, spliced together, have more strands, and so on to achieve this look
Nayrt, but the original person you posted is wearing a wig. She has YouTube channel that showcases her lace fronts. She also makes and wears her own.
I didn't post the first girl. I just posted a vid to answer anon question. "Have you ever known anyone with that hair type to successfully bleach it, dye it an unnatural colour AND keep it a healthy length and curl?"
>ruin your hair
How though? I hear it's potentially bad, but I haven't heard why it might be.
Bleach and heat (such as curlers, straighteners) dry out your hair and makes it very brittle. Enough of this makes your hair so brittle, it will just break everywhere and fall off. There were once some videos of a scene girl who was straightening her bangs, and halfway thru a huge chunk of hair just snaps off.
You're... asking why bleaching hair is bad?
Have you ever seen someone who bleaches their hair regularly? It requires quite a bit of maintenance to not look like a fried mess.
As someone who uses a flat iron just about every day for YEARS, I've never had problems with hair health...
Are you using a proper conditioning treatment? Because that will help maintain hair integrity.

Also maybe you were just blessed with great hair strength. I never ever blow dry, curl, strengthen, etc my hair, yet it is split end city on my head. Its an individual thing anon. Don't be that one person going 'but but but, *I* never have problems, so it must not be true"
but didn't you? personal incredulities are facts, anon!
didn't I what? Claim that I never have problems with my hair after using a flat iron for years? No I did not, my personal experience was to show that some people's experiences go against what is typical. Sorry if I came off like a bitch, I am not trying to be. I will correct my previous statement >>9650638

The MAJORITY of people who bleach their hair will damage it. Bleaching and dyeing once in a while will most likely be fine, theres lots of hair care products out there, but to dye your hair each and every time you cosplay will probably destroy your hair to the point where you have to cut it all off and start over again.
>Have you ever seen someone who bleaches their hair regularly? It requires quite a bit of maintenance to not look like a fried mess.
it just takes not being a fucking idiot. If you stretch it over multiple weeks if not months it's not a problem, especially if you cut back on shampooing and use plenty of hair masks.

People make the mistake of going hardcore vol and doing it all at once because they dont want ginger or piss coloured hair. Plus the majority of people that don't use toner is ridiculous, they think cuz its expensive they can skip it.
Here's the costs for a shorter blue style that got mistaken for a wig on more then one occasion.
>$6.00/hair dye
>$5.00/hair gel
>$7.00/heat spray
>$35.00/blow dryer
I have an industry discount. Those prices would be much higher for the unlicensed consumer. That's $174.00 total; $59.00 if you already have a quality straightener and blow dryer. You could buy a really nice wig for those prices, and that total is only for a short haired style. The extremely long styles will only increase the expense.

You could do it if you really wanted to, but it'd be easier with a wig. If you're hellbent then know your hair's limits, invest, consider extensions, and take an emergency kit with your tools to restyle throughout the day. Oh, if it rains or is a Eastern U.S. summer day, you're fucked.

That's why people wear wigs.

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