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Kay gulls, positive thread time because everyone needs warm fuzzies. Tell your feel good lolita/cosplay related stories.

I was at an art museum with my boyfriend dressed in lolita and this little girl was pointing at me and trying to get her dad to notice me and going "Daddy! Look! She's art, too!"

That made me feel cute.

Back in my cosplay days I went to a super family oriented local con every year in an MLP group. Cringe, yes, but we did it for the kids. A little five year old dressed as rainbow dash ran up to me and hugged my leg when I was Pinkie Pie.

Like the only time I'm okay with people touching me when I'm in lolita/cosplay is if it's kids that aren't old enough to know better. Then it's cute.

Non kid related story, at Dragoncon this year my favorite moment was sitting on the Marriott steps as the Marta cosplayers walked by in a conga line. Made me proud to live in Atlanta.
Friendly bump
>in hardware store quietly swearing like a sailor because I can't find the right size sex bolt for a hinge piece on a crossbow
>right after work (receptionist) so I was dressed kinda OL-chic, blue sweater
>I have a lot of long brown hair, part of it back in a bow
>suddenly there's a little girl right up in my space
>pause my intense description of the mother of the fasteners section of Home Depot and her sexual history
>little girl turns to her dad
>Dad, looking at door handles, quickly collects his munchkin and mouths "I'm so sorry" while skedaddling

Almost made me want to actually cosplay Belle.
File: 1506883962789.gif (700 KB, 200x200)
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>Really rainy so I've been using an AP parasol for quite a few days on my walks to acting class
>Guy in my class: "Dude I saw you earlier and the light hit you just right and you looked like an angel"
>was typecast as a fairy during a get-to-know-you exercise
>"I like your parasol" said twice by two different people

Who knew a glorified frilly umbrella would give me so many fuzzies?
>will get to twin with bff at halloween for our birthdays (two days apart)
>might try to do a little party somewhere with other friendos and have a nice time together
>maybe even carve pumpkin or similar activities
i can't wait!! I really hope it'll happen!
there are posts from today, stop bumping. this is /cgl/.

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