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File: landsknecht.jpg (60 KB, 600x600)
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I have the sudden urge to dress as one of these guys, but I have no clue how to go about doing it.
Without any knowledge of how to make outfits or things like that, I'm worried I will not be able to either make something good, or make anything at all.
My main question is what cloth do I use, and just where to start...
This is my first time coming to this board to seriously look for advice. I guess any other first timers can get questions answered here I dunno.
Step one: ask the LARP thread.
Step two, get linked to a German page detailling the full guide on how to make a Landsknecht kit.
Step three: ask for translation.
Step four: use Google you fucking mong.

Count for about 3-6 meters wool lost per sleeve. If you don't use wool you're a filthy bogan and could just as well not make it.

Good luck cunt.
My worry is with the slashings and the strips being torn even further than they should be and it all being a fucking mess.
Again, I don't really know fabrics and shit.
wow rude
File: Landsknechten37.jpg (66 KB, 400x267)
66 KB
If you have high quality wool you shouldn't have to work your slashings. That's one of the basic points of using wool. Second of all, it's a historic costume, so you better use historically accurate fabrics. Otherwise it's going to look like a cosplay, and cosplays have some great lookers, but in fields like this it'll look stupid as Hell.

It's really not a good beginner costume, price-wise or skill wise.
File: doppelsoldner.jpg (129 KB, 894x990)
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129 KB JPG
Yeah it's starting to look like it...
I will still give it a try. Money is not the issue, but I guess I will somehow make it all work...
For real though, ask the LARP thread.Got 2 confirmed Landsknecht re-enactors there with a pretty good kit.
I'd start with something easier that you'll be able to complete to get a feel for it. Maybe you can start with the linen undershirt (I assume you'll need one) and then work your way up from there.
For the good feel (and as a good set-up) start with making a full linnen set of underclothing from any random early period, but take 16th century to fit the rest of your soft kit. As a rule of thumb, the earlier the period the easier the clothing.

It's pretty much a big shirt and a weird proto tanga string or a sort of shorts that can go anywhere from booty short length to the knee.

There's the pattern I used for my upper body, this site also has a pattern for the leather vest in your pic. I personally just bought a pair of tights for my legs because I hate making pants.
who is the second one

keep in mind that this is only for larping and even then it's mostly for mid/late LKs

not true. You can use brocade instead of wool

>As a rule of thumb, the earlier the period the easier the clothing.
Actually LK cloths are an exception. And when I say exception I mean that the sewing and pattern parts are usually not THAT complicated. It's just a lot of time and a fuckton of material. The shirt for example is literally just four rectangles sewn together. But if the neck and sleeves part can have very intensive decoration / pleating and let me tell you that it isn't much fun to pleat 4 meters of linen

Anyway there is a fuckton of different kind of cloths one can make from different rime periods (basically from late 15th to late 16th) And of course there is the question if it should be reenactor tier (then it will take a fuckton of work _and_ money) or just cosplay/larp tier(then it's a little less work and money but still a lot)

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