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File: IMG_1195.png (725 KB, 632x960)
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im trying to find a necklace like the one in the vid. i need it for a eastern inspired shaman/druid cosplay im putting together for a larp. ive looked at different prayer necklaces but i cant find a necklace with either big enough balls or overall length to it, but the one in the video is perfect! if anyone has any idea where i could find something similar it would be very appreciated. pic unrelated.
Why dont we have a halloween sticky yet jfc
I would try and look on the cheap asian jewellery sites. That looks like something a monk or karate master would wear. Try looking up 'Shaolin Big Bead Necklace'
Child abuse. Jews know no limits right up to the point the shower door locks.
File: beads.jpg (148 KB, 1500x1125)
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I did a D&D monk cosplay recently. I was looking for the same thing, but couldn't find one for a good price. I ended up just buying a set of plain wooden beads online for pretty cheap, like pic related. I stained them with a dark color, which turned out pretty great looking, still can see the grain of the wood nicely. If you want them shiny, you can clear coat them. Afterwards, just thread a strong thread through them, cause it can have quite some force on it from the weight. I double threaded mine just to be sure. Add clasps to the end and you're done.

Also, this would be better to just post in the help thread next time.

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