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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

File: 20171002_223954.jpg (489 KB, 1512x2016)
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Alright, i think we could use a thread where we share our projects/costumes, and give honest opinions while giving constructive criticism,i'll start, but i welcome others to join in the thread.

This is my Solaire helmet from Dark Souls. its still early, and my first full build of anything using EVA foam.
Not bad for a first build, but you need to be more straight with your cuts. Use a ruler and a craft knife next time.
I appreciate it, it looks weird cause it was still drying, so i set it on a bucket. so instead of being a straight picture, i just tilted the camera for the safe of ease
Doing darkseid from dc
Then did a trial run with the makeup to see what needs to be improved and how the clay would react.. gonna do a premix next trial to eliminate the white edges and brighten the color up a bit.. still trying to figure a solution for the mouth so it doesn’t flake off when I talk
File: DSCF0320.jpg (301 KB, 1024x768)
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301 KB JPG
Just finished a sculpt, cast and paint on this bad boy. I'll take a pic of the shitty costume I'm trying to make when I can.
Modifying this helmet for the darkseid build.. current progress on it.. started as dawn of justice bar helmet
Awesome. Looks good.

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