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Do you know where, and who could make for me some cool-ass designed mask?
Me and my friends will perform on a stage in this kind of mask, vocally, so I would need it made with good breathable material.
I was thinking of thick mesh in the front of mask to have good air circulation while talking. The performance will take like 40-60mins, so I don't want to burn my face that much.
Where do you guys make all of this stuff for your cosplays?
File: IMG_20170626_162523.jpg (397 KB, 1200x900)
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try etsy

Best way to make these is probably to make it in clay, make a cast and then cast multiple copies in resin. You can carve out the nostrils for breathing.
Don't expect to get much vocal out of this unless you make room between the teeth.
If you don't want to cast in resin, make it in clay anyway then use a heatgun to drape thermoplastic material over it (worbla, wonderflex or thibra).

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