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So we know that many female costume designs show clothes from shirts to bodysuits to hug the body so well, it might as well be vacuum sealed, sometimes referred to as boob socks.

Obviously, this doesn't naturally happen. That being said, have there been well done cosplays that actually pull off this boob sock effect? If so, post them!
Pretty much any cosplay with a four figure plugsuit.
Seems like its a four figure plugsuit when its latex
Boy, the way that's blurred makes it look like a micropeen in the thumbnail.
Based Z.O.E
Are boob socks even possible?
File: ea2.jpg (284 KB, 1024x1591)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Technoranma made this cosplay, her tutorial is on her tumblr iirc

I know it's not a suit, and she doesn't have her boobs in socks, but this might be a good workaround for a character who can cover the top of the fake boobs with armor. You can always wrap the forms with some four-way stretch fabric. I think you can also make some forms and then use strategic darts in your bodysuit to fit the forms into, like Seven of Nine's perfectly round forms under her suit (even though they're not sock-y, I'm pointing out the use of forms for shape).
File: f25.gif (2.39 MB, 460x259)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB GIF
Hmm interesting indeed.. Thank you, I'll look this up!
File: vTVKtz8_d.jpg (102 KB, 640x833)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
you mean like this?
no that's just a body suit. they'd have to cling to the cleavage of the entire breast.
I've heard of using fishing line so it looks like you have defined boobs.

The fact that a real woman would have to do something like this to make it happen in real life should be a tip for the idiot character designers who keep drawing it.
Not everything is designed to be realistic
*cough* fucking armor that goes all the way around without seams.
People used to do that to get cleavage with a zentai for kigurumi. These days, you simply make a "cleavage vest" that is attached to the cloth via embroidery that shapes the cleavage.
Sorry, this one is 90% the airbrushing on the suit making the effect happen.

Technically it is a success in achieving the boobsock look, to be fair. I would use this method with anything like boobsocks or hyper defined superhero suits.
nani the fuck
File: MGS2_Artwork.jpg (129 KB, 744x1023)
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129 KB JPG
wow, didn't think i'd ever see someone actually manage to achieve Fortune's weird torpedo boobs from this mgs2 poster
it looks fucking bad

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