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I'm planning to go as a Lost Boys style vampire this Halloween. If you've never seen it they're like Punk/Metal vampires. I had this for last year but I ended up not going out, and the false fangs I got wouldn't stick.

Does anyone know what the best brand of false fangs I can get are? Or any way of doing a DIY pair? Anything that will stay in and let me talk normally really.

Also, side note: are coloured contacts safe? I've read around a little and some people say they aren't. Does it depend on where you get them from? Looking for a pair like pic related.

I'm in the UK if anyone can rec some brands from here, or ones that are cheap to ship.
Use costume help thread?
Go as the nightman
I used to have a pair of scarecrow fangs that worked quite well for me. They're made of dentist-grade acrylic. I was able to normally speak and drink with the fangs and they looked really nice. I know it's an American brand but I think you should be able to find them in local Halloween stores or in UK based online stores since they're so popular. I bought mine from a local online store, too (I'm in Germany) and shipping only took 2 days.

As a heads up: Avoid drinking red beverages or fake blood since it will stain scarecrow fangs.
Go the whole hog and be Keifer or just be a sexy cat like all the other thots.
I second Scarecrow fangs. Had mine for a year now and they always impress. They aren't expensive either.

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