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>summer is over
>all the cons around me won't be back for another year
How do you guys pass the time? Yeah there's Halloween, but that hardly counts for anything.
Winter, fall, and spring cons for me. If you're not able to travel to go to conventions during that time, you can stay in touch with the anime con community through Facebook/other social media, or even organize a meetup during "off season".
Historical costuming events (ren faires, Dickens Fair in SF), costume or themed parties my friends or I host (even our normie friends appreciate a viewing party for a show we like if I come in costume), or cons in the fall. When it gets into Nov and Dec I don't have time to costume anyway, too much stuff for the holidays.
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I build reference folders for characters I'm thinking of cosplaying, bury them for a few months to look back on later to see if I really like it, start prepping them, and go to a few smaller cons when I can get time off in the Winter and Spring.
>How do you guys pass the time?
Plan and make more cosplays for next con season.

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