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We've all been there.
Worst experiences you've had rooming with people in hotels at con

I'll start off with a few short ones

>first con
>room with 4 or 5 people
>one guy has smelly socks that he wears all weekend and they just keep getting smellier

>friend washes off entire body's worth of paint in the bathroom and stains pretty much everything green
>he never pays for the penalty charged by the hotel

>roommates have guests over who smoke on the balcony
>only find this out when security comes to the room, threatens to kick us out and gives a 200 dollar fine
>everyone is apologetic but no one offers to cover the cost
Oh boy, here's one:
>Rooming with peeps I kinda know from college caus we put out a listing
>I'm sleeping, it's 3am on Sunday
>Roomate comes in drunk with a boytoy fling she picked up somewhere
>Just try to ignore, I don't give a fuck
>They just start fucking in the floor next to the bed I'm on
>Hear him go "She's cute, can she join in? Can we wake her?"
>I just stay pretending to be asleep, not opening that can of worms
>she responds "I won't tell if you wanna fondle her or something"
>Bed creak
>Immidiately get up and tell him to get the fuck off
>Accidentally slap his cock while I get up
>Quickly move hand away and onto the bed
>Hand lands directly on used condom, which he fucking placed on the blanket while crawling up
>Get nut on my hand
>Roomate laughing
>Dude just confused but smiling
>Tell her he needs to get him the fuck out and I go to clean my hand
>Come back and they're still just fucking

I ended up just letting them finish their second round and telling her he needs to leave. He did. Needless to say i never roomed with her again.
>inb4 that one about the buckets of vomit
my first con I flew out to, I had to get a room with randos looking for one extra person. at 1 AM I had somebody wake me up with an actual fucking trombone.
now I just room at the closest holiday inn, motel 6, red roof, whatever.
I love these threads. I don’t room with any one but my SO so I won’t have this problem. But man I love reading how others get fucked up because they want to save a dollar.
Nothing bad happened but I had some fucking hardcore roomates.

Like waking up at 8am to see them pouring vodka into their coffee. I thought I was an alcoholic before i met these ppl
File: 1510666359734.jpg (23 KB, 640x559)
23 KB
>Accidentally slap his cock while I get up
>Quickly move hand away and onto the bed
>Hand lands directly on used condom, which he fucking placed on the blanket while crawling up
>Get nut on my hand
Jesus christ.
Horrifying if true.
File: 249.jpg (84 KB, 348x505)
84 KB
>Rooming in a suite with 2 people I know (my boyfriend and a female friend) and 2 randos that the female friend kind of knows.
>Room is divided into two parts, with a door that shuts. Me and my boyfriend take the living room area. Everyone else takes the bedroom area.
>Not that long into the con, girl I know starts going absolutely fucking ballistic about the mess in the hotel room.
>that's understandable, the two randos trashed their half of the suite.
>My half of the suite looked like the top of pic related. Their half of the suite looked like the bottom of pic related.
>She says jack shit to the randos about their mess, and bitches at me and my boyfriend for having our bags on the floor.
>She would spam my messages while me and my bf were trying to enjoy the con, demanding that we come back to the room and take our bags somewhere else. Moved my shit around and went through my bags without asking me.
>At one point my boyfriend and I were drinking in the room and taking a break from cosplay. Bitch roommate comes in and starts sperging out over the "mess".
>She spills beer on my boyfriend's cosplay during her tantrum, and yells at us for having our cosplays sitting out and for having open drinks.
>By Saturday night she got so bad that we skipped going to a party so we could get our car from the parking garage, move all of our shit to the car, and park our car again.
>left early as fuck Sunday morning so we wouldn't get stuck helping clean up the randos shit

She ruined the convention for me by being a cunt all weekend, and I'm pretty sure she has no remorse. I barely consider her a friend anymore.
File: IMG_6026.jpg (681 KB, 1920x2560)
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681 KB JPG
Forgot to attach pic related, my bad
You never know when someone is gonna catch Irrational Cunt Disease.
Sometimes they don't even develop USI first.
That sounds hilarious

This year I roomed with a bunch of yu gi oh enthusiasts and they had a themed party which was nice and the next morning there were cards everywhere
That was also hilarious
One time friends friend decided to sew her cosplay the night before she was meant to wear it. No one slept that night. And the costume looked clusterfuck.
Change that to every con ever. My friends are idiots and never learn. They always swear it'll be a quick fix and then guess who's up all night while they stress over some unsalvageable hot mess
>summer con
>Room with random
>Guy wants to share the bed
>He wears a zentai suit for 2 days straight without taking a shower
The smell was bad, I ended up spraying stuff on a plushie and sleeping with it in front of my nose
>first con
>tub didn't drain so good
>it's my buddy's 21st birthday
>I'm drunk as hell like I always was during those years, and had no self control
>predictably goad neverdrank birthday boy into drinking too much, ends up in the tub vomiting all over himself and saying shit like "please don't hate me" and stuff
>was actually pretty funny for everyone involved (not at the time tho) and we all had a good laugh later
>biggest con friend and huge idiot (we'll call him A) saunters into the bathroom like the big shot Chad he thinks he is sometimes and goes "don't worry buddy, I got you man"
>A turns on the fucking faucet and smiles like he's the best friend in the world, then waddles back out of the bathroom
>birthday boy is now sitting in vomit stew and it's not draining
>we eventually get it cleaned and we avoid any fines, again

The only other thing I have is
>last year
>rooming with friends
>one we'll call G
>G is a great buddy, but has ended up in the mental hospital more than once
>thankfully this isn't a problem this year and G just snores like a fucking lawnmower
>embarrassed as hell about it in the morning when we rib the shit out of him for it while countering the lack of sleep with a bowl of weed and three cups of coffee each
Did you go to college with Karla Homolka? What a creepy bitch.
>be me, around 20-21.
>find a group of 3 looking for a 4th person to room with on local cosplay facebook group. great.
>when I get there, I realize it's one girl's mom, yappy dogs, and disabled younger sister in 1 room, and i'm in a connected room with two 17 year olds and their 29 year old severely obese friend.
>night before con starts. friends arent at hotel yet, so I have to hang out with these assholes
>spend the whole night listening to yelling at sister who wants to hang out, yelling by mother to let sister hang out, bitching about said mother, and then i was shown copious amounts of evangelion yaoi....
>i have to share a bed with a landwhale who thinks she has the agility of a fucking feather
>for the rest of the con, I leave early, stay out late, and never go to the room other than to shower and sleep.
>to this day, i sometimes think about the insane amount of fabric it took to make the landwhales lelouch outfit
>first con ever.
>poor weebs so sleeping at a campsite.
>one friend cancelled on us last minute then called us to see if she could still go with us the day of the con.
>we decide to give her a chance.
>girl bitches about everything. From how heavy her luggage was (we dropped ours off at a friend who went by car) to the free food we provided, to literally diving for the last available spoon.
>at con, we need to walk back for two hours as we didnt have a car to use at that moment.
>we all decide to meet at 12 to walk back together.
>bitch doesnt show up.
>finally get a hold of her around 1 and she still wanted to go to an event.
>shrug it off and let her go, tell her to find us at the gameroom when she is done.
>She shows up at 3 fucking o'clock and we still have to walk back.
She was such a selfish bitch.

She decided to unfriend me later that year as I couldn't get a day off from my holiday work to attend her shitty birthday party.
gross af but why the hell would you even agree to share a bed with a rando
Is it socially unacceptable to demand that people sharing your bed shower? I'd throw a tantrum.
File: 1512231084032.png (115 KB, 280x373)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
>rooming with people that love to drink but can't handle their liquor and ruin the atmosphere for everyone else in the room
a couple of my friends go this hard and even though i like to go hard myself idk how they do it
>Rooming with 7 other people
>People have stuff go missing from their bags
>Interrogate everyone in the room, can't find out who tf is stealing
>After the con, we find out that this one bitch gave a spare room key to one of her random friends that nobody else knew
>Rando had been coming in the room when nobody else was around and stealing shit

I ended up not being able to eat my last day and a half of the convention because $40 got stolen out of my wallet.
In hindsight, I should have had emergency money, but this was when I was 18, new to cons, and working minimum wage.
Now I bring my own food/drink to conventions, prepay as much shit (room, badge, photographers, etc) as I can, take out cash for the bare minimum (parking, tips, tiny bit of spending money), and then have an emergency fund on a prepaid visa (and leave all my actual credit cards locked in my car) Live and learn.
His friends gave me the bed but he didn't want the floor so he just hopped in bed at night without saying much
>First con
>Staying with friends, friends of friends, and boyfriend at the time
>We get back to the hotel room after first day with a few of the occupants
>it doesn't look like we're gonna party or anything
>I get ready for bed and take my sleeping pill (because insomnia)
>Right as I'm about to fall asleep, more of the roomers show up and decide they want to drink
>fuck, I can't stay awake because pillz
>fall asleep while everyone else drinks, I sleep through everything
>wake up around 3 or 4 am to my boyfriend drunkenly stumbling between the 2 beds
>I notice he's peeing
>directly into my purse and all over the floor and a bit on the bedside table
>others wake up, friend takes boyfriend into bathroom
>boyfriend ends up having a mental breakdown because he's a terrible drunk
>he's just crying inconsolably in the bathroom talking about how he's a worthless sack of shit
>I also start crying because I'm like 19 and have never seen him like this before and don't know what to do
>mutual friend calms me down, tells me this happens every time he gets drunk, meanwhile boyfriend has called his dad to come pick him up
>I eventually go back to sleep and leave the next day instead of going to the con

That boy was a fucking mess and that was a terrible experience.
File: xavier-woods.png (700 KB, 900x506)
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700 KB PNG
Was this guy your roommate?
>Roommate decides he's going to order pizza to share with the room
>I don't eat any because I'm ALLERGIC to cheese
>He makes me help pay for it anyway
>be young broke weeb
>let older weeb sort out the room situation for me, her, and male friend
>she gets us room in a friend's fancy hotel suite
>check into room
>girl in the corner with sewing machine and male room owner
>hey we've got a ton of space! this is nice!
>hour passes
>people keep trickling in
>go off to panel, about eight people in room
>come back to room
>entire floor is covered in luggage, blankets, and sleeping bags
>room isn't eight people
>room isn't even ten people
>two girls sleeping in tub
>one girl sleeping in shower
>seven people asleep on the floor
>one guy asleep in the coat closet
>four people on the bed (including female friend and male room owner spooning)
>my ass standing in the doorway unable to find anywhere to sleep after staying up late for anime showing
>tfw have to go back down to the anime rooms and try to sleep in the back row of chairs
Man it's not the WORST con experience I've had but definitely the worst hotel I've had to deal with.

>First year hosting a room
>Bf and I book "oversize" room with intentions of getting roommates since the hotel is $$$
>Find roommates, everything goes smoothly until con
>Get to hotel, check in, go to our room
>It's literally the tiniest hotel room I've ever seen. Wouldn't be able to fit one person sleeping on the floor without stepping on them.
(I had a clip of how tiny the room was- I'll try to see if I can find it)
>Lowkey freak out, ask hotel what the fuck is going on
>They claim they've upgraded us to a room with a better view! :)
>I don't want a view I want to be able to fit the people I need to fit
>They don't help at all, offer to switch us to a bigger room for an extra $150 a night
>They take us to a double room that's x2 bigger "bedroom" plus giant "living room"
>Can't really afford it but take it so we can fit everyone, have to eat the extra cost
>They also come in an install new TVs while no one is around, leave our door unlocked, and the TVs dont work
omg i know the ref
Oh man I feel this, also had a boyfriend that would piss if he got drunk enough. He peed in my bed, never directly told me he did it. About a month later, stayed in a friend's guest room, he stood up after being asleep for like 10 minutes and just started peeing all over the floor. I couldn't imagine how mortifying that was for you though with everyone seeing that.
It was only a surprise to me. All of the other people knew him longer than I did (I met him through one of his friends) Apparently he was notorious for pissing in the wrong place while drunk.
Coincidentally, I'm currently dating the friend that took my ex into the bathroom and helped me calm down. We plan on getting engaged once we have more money.
You need to complain to corporate if this ever happens to you again. Don't complain to that specific hotel's management. They won't give a shit. Put on your soccer okaasan wig and get to bitchin'.
Assigning fake names for easier storytelling.

>go to first out-of-state con
>agree to room with online friend Baldo and his roommate Guy
>everything goes well
>they are normal functioning adults and pretty chill
>Baldo has a room of other friends down the hall that I have never met
>Their room is already trashed on the first day of the con
>Metalhead is constantly inebriated. He is a smelly and slurring his words. He spends most of the con asleep, babbling, forgetting who I am, repeating himself, and at one point we found him roaming the hotel late at night crying and mumbling about how he did a bad bad thing. Get extremely uncomfortable every time I am near him.
>Chill is similarly on a mountain of xanax and alcohol every time I see him.
>Toto is sleeping in the closet. There are enough beds, he just prefers to sleep in the closet for no reason? Baldo tells me "He just does this." He is also cosplaying as Anonymous the entire weekend.
>June is the only other female so she latches on to me. She has aspergers and zero filter.
>Starts showing me pictures of her daughter.
>Starts telling me how protective services "screwed her over" and took her baby away for no reason and how IT IS SO UNFAIR.
>Starts getting really upset and hostile about it and is shit talking the poor couple that adopted her because HOW DARE THEY
>Try to divert conversation
>Keeps complaining about being poor and needing to borrow money for food
>Pulls me away from the rest of the group for "girl talk"
>"girl talk" is her asking me if I will be her wing-woman and help her find someone down to fuck her at the con
>she is very overweight and greasy
>spends a good portion of the con complaining loudly about needing to get laid.

Every night when I got back to the clean and quiet I was so fucking happy that all the other 'friends' had their own room. June wants to room with us at another con and I told Baldo if he lets her I am not coming.
I am so glad you had a safe haven from that amount of bullshit.
Just reading about June makes me think of the kawaii psycho from 2 Kawaii 4 Comfort

Seriously, everyone watch this series and be glad you're not rooming with tentacle sex girl, Chris-chan neckbeard, and obese "conmom" weeb.

same thing anon, kek
>16 people in a suite
what the fuck
It was a nightmare. Basically this but with nearly twenty people sprawled out on every inch of furniture and floor. First time I'd ever felt claustrophobic in a hotel room.
And you let him.
Moving up in the world
For those of us who dont really care about sharing beds due to cuddling other men in the Army, does it really freak other people out when we offer to let them have a side of the bed?
>15y/o me rooming with 5other friends and 1 stranger
>get forced to share a bed with a friend I dated before (19) because all else was taken
>he uses MY 3ds to play pokemon untill 6am with the music on keeping me awake
>forces my hand on his crotch to jerk him off
>gets silences when I try to speak up about it, because him and his friends spread rumours about me

despite his gf being in the same hotel different room, in the room with 5 others or doing it to a scared, shocked underage person

It's so bad I almost can't believe it myself
I'm the horror story. It turns out i sleep talk rather loudly whenever im sleeping in a new place. One roommate told me i shouted "HISTORY!" at full volume in the middle of the night. Scared her half to death
As a female, personally I'd never let a guy I didn't already know share the other side of the bed. I'd rather sleep on the floor. I don't know him, and I'd prefer to not be in the same bed with him.
I ended up watching that whole series and fucking hell, that was depressing. I went in expecting "The Guild, but at an anime con", not that shit. I had to lay down afterwards and talk myself out of my depressed feels.
Nah that's hilarious I'd room with you. Fiance talks in her sleep and it kills me every time.
Oh I've got one. Probably more than one, but this comes to mind.

>EVO 2015
>Bunch of people in the room
>One guy no one really likes, but he's in the room anyway
>Another guy has a cyst ready for popping

Night Zero
>Cyst gets popped. All over the mirror.
>He doesn't clean it up
>He thinks it's funny.
>Dried blood fucking all over the mirror
>It gets cleaned the next day, but plenty still left to see

Night One
>Guy no one likes goes drinking without us. He doesn't drink often.
>Comes back at 4am drunk off his ass
>7am, hear a trickling.
>Peed on guy jumps up and punches him lightly
>Peed on guy leaves. He didn't shower.
>Pissing guy goes back to sleep.
>There's now a giant piss stain on the carpet.

Day two.
>We find mold in the closet
>We find mold in the ice bucket (we hadn't been drinking in our room, don't worry)
>Show mold to front desk
>Get moved to new room for free
>Never get charged for blood and piss

There is an actual, non-zero chance that this could have been me.

I play trombone like an angel and you're welcome for the free concert, ingrate.

My friends and I are fine with sharing beds, even with the gay ones. We all trust each other so it's fine. Strangers though? I'll top and tail if they don't come across as creepy but otherwise fuck that, I'll sleep on the floor.
jesus fucking christ.

also wait, why was he not rooming with his gf??
It's a trust issue.
I'd rather have a bit more than a foot of space separating me from someone I don't trust, especially when I'm at a compounded disadvantage in defense.
With a brother in arms, or someone you know has your back, it's different.
I'd share bedspace with my Marine buddies, probably the safest I'd be at any point during the con.
But no, personally, I don't trust random shmucks just because we both like Chinese cartoons and have a friend or two in common.
I can't believe it either. Did he at least put your 3DS in the charger after he was done playing?
>decide to room with a friend for a con
>he says it won't be any more than 5 ppl max staying in the room
>ends up being close to 10
>room always trashed and smelly
>a pair of my pantyhose, a bra, and panties turn up missing but too many suspects to make a big deal out of it
>never room with them again
>got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night
>knock the iron over
>water spills onto carpet
>person im sharing with "are you going to the bathroom?"
>they're asking if im peeing on the carpet
>say yes because im walking towards the bathroom

>they thought i peed on the floor for like a whole day

You mean you don't regularly go to conventions with mentally ill people who sleep on their suitcases under bridges and yell at their bedpans in the hospital?
she was rooming with her bestfriend from overseas. he was rooming with his bestfriends
not even
I'll sleep with any of my friends no problem but I would never sleep with someone i don't know and trust, that's just basic survival instinct mf
File: IMG_2643.gif (2.68 MB, 400x225)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB GIF
At least this is one of those harmless stories everyone can have a laugh at.
right like theres at least a few stories in here of drunk idiots actually pissing on people
I have never had an issue with anyone >_>

But then again I’m bi and I room with other bi women, usually swingers / singles


Yeah. Maybe you should try that.
Spot the newfag
>been with CGL since the beginning
>worked and cosplayed at more cons than mostly everyone here
>been a guest and maid cafe sweetheart internationally
>a new day cause I rarely post

Yeah, guess I can. Might want to get your binocs cleaned or actually turn them around and look out of them the right way.

Protip: Doesn’t go in your ass
File: IMG_2598.gif (841 KB, 450x254)
841 KB
841 KB GIF
>been with /cgl/ since the beginning
>used >___>
>types like a retard
God, that series is brilliant but so depressing. A lot of 'there but for the grace of God go I' stuff too.
In a crowd no one would notice you’ve been creed stabbed until it was too late, anon
File: 1507927173401.jpg (13 KB, 255x200)
13 KB
>guy friend invites me to a convention, room's already paid for, don't have to pay a dime since his parents are paying
>two rooms, a girl room and a guy room, makes sense if his parents are paying
>I'm staying in the girl room with my friends, said guy friend's gf and her friends
>she keeps bringing back a rando dude to our hotel room to fuck constantly
>this proves to be a hastle when everyone's trying to get in cosplay and this dude she's fucking refuses to leave
>I politely ask him to leave
>he refuses to leave, starts harassing me, calling me names, all this bullshit.
>we all ended up packing into the bathroom to change since this fucker wouldn't leave
>night time happens, we corner her in the hotel room and have an intervention
>we tell her if she's going to cheat the very least she can do is not have the dudes she's fucking make it difficult for us to get in and out of cosplay
>even her own friends tell her they are tired of her shit
>she has a meltdown, says she's not cheating and that "friends cuddle naked in bed together all the time"
>everyone in the room collectively laughs at her
>next day she brings two different dudes to fuck
>last day she fucks 3 different dudes all in the same day
>room constantly reeked of fishy pussy

I ended up snitching to my guy friend, who told me I'm a goddamn liar and his sweet innocent gf would never do such a thing, he lost his shit, insulted me a bunch, and we haven't talked since.
Should have humiliated her more and sent the dude pictures, js.
dude was so dense that she held hands/cuddled a dude in front of him and his general attitude was "she says thats what friends do, and I believe my sweet innocent waifu"
the humiliation went on for an hour straight. Some times people just want to be awful. I'd rather pay for my own hotel room than deal with that shit again.
Fair enough anon, happy new year
Posted these two a few times over the years but there were basically the two strikes I needed to get my shit together and find my own rooming at cons.

>be young 17 year old weeb
>traveling with group of 18-21 year old weebs
>one guy, four girls (Guy, Religion-chan, Goth-chan, Kpop-chan, and me)
>Guy is dating Religion-chan
>R-chan lives with her grandparents and her mother
>she and her mother share a room and a bed
>Goth-chan drives all of us to R-chan's house to pick her up for the con on Thursday
>R-chan's mom is there, not happy about R-chan and Guy being in close proximity at a convention all weekend
>we all bundle up into the car and then R-Mom comes out and gets behind the wheel
>turns out R-Mom booked the rooms and is coming to the convention, probably to keep an eye out on R-chan's virginity
>me being youngest and smallest have to sit up front in the middle straddling the gear shift
>most awkward ride ever

>get to con, it's Thursday night and we've all got our badges
>ask when we're going to the hotel room
>R-chan tells me we can't check into the hotel until Friday
>entire group planned to stay up at the convention all night
>R-Mom ditches us all around 11pm to go sleep in the car, tells us not to disturb her
>forced to sit up all night without sleep
>feel like shit the next day

>Friday afternoon we finally check into the hotel and it's far enough away from the con we can't walk
>have to drive to and from con every day so you can't go back to the room unless everyone goes
>R-Mom booked a connecting room, each with only one bed
>R-Mom gets the bed in Room 1, Guy has to sleep on the floor
>R-chan and Goth-chan get the bed in Room 2, me and Kpop-chan have to share pull-out sofa

>R-Mom sets down ridiculous rules that you have to be back at the room by a certain time because otherwise you're out of luck
>comes to the convention just to keep an eye on everyone (and everyone is 18+, not underaged kids)

>R-Mom uses R-chan as her eyes and ears to snitch on people
>hanging out with Kpop-chan and some guys we met in a chill area of the con
>we're just laughing and having fun being weebs
>R-chan wanders by and gets suspicious
>somehow thinks we're all fooling around sexully
>makes up a story how Kpop-chan was giving a handjob to a strange guy we'd just met
>even though I'm literally sitting next to her and all she's done is kiss the guy once as a joke
>R-Mom finds out
>lectures everyone in the room that night about it
>literally spends years after calling Kpop-chan a slut going off her daughter's story
>R-chan is the one who fucked any guy that offered, despite wanting to marry Guy
>spend the entire weekend miserable because of R-Chan and R-Mom ruining my first weekend con
>decide not to room with them again if R-Mom is involved
>R-Mom decides she's not doing another convention because she was bored all weekend glaring at people at the convention and sitting in the hotel room
>never get an apology from R-chan about her mom being a gigantic bitch
File: image.jpg (270 KB, 790x526)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
I post in the /fit/ Friday Feel threads all the time and have aired my grievances about women I’ve dated and read some fucked up experiences that other people have had but I am honestly having a hard time believing these stories. Maybe it’s because it’s from what I believe is a woman’s POV or it’s /r9k/ playing pretend but these just seem off. Not trying to call you guys liars but the stories seem so bizarre.
>what I believe is a woman’s POV
>both OPs say they're women

Well no fucking shit, Sherlock.
Well that’s what I mean, I think all I did was repeat myself but they said they were, and at this moment I believe them
I was that guy about a decade ago.

>Offer to get the hotel room and drive a bunch of 17/18 year old girls because they're not old enough
>Tell them up front I'll cover the cost of the room, but I want a different one of them to suck my dick in the morning and before bed
>They all agree
Some were ugly, some were hot, but all were whores.
File: elle-1013x516.jpg (54 KB, 1013x516)
54 KB
Can we get Marcus to breed with Elle Reeve? I want to see how far we can take this phenotype
If anyone's stories you shouldn't trust it should be male anons like >>9738602
Ill take "Things that definetly happened" for 500, Alex.
Well yeah no shit, this is obvious bait
... where was this con? This woman sounds oddly like the woman who tried to shame a cosplayer who was showing her stomach
It was Acen. 2011, iirc.
And it'd be funny if you were stuck up and bent out of shape over everyone else there yelling at you to shut the fuck up some 7 years later.
>guy admits to doing something shitty like tricking whores to suck his dick
>"lol didn't happen. no guy can be that shitty of a human bean."
>girl talks about guy doing something shitty like literally raping her with his eyes
>"yeah I can totally see it. guys are pretty shitty human beans after all."
Well which one is it?
> Some cheeseball /r9k/ fag says he got one up on the wiminz
You're trash and you don't have proof
It's not his shittyness that's in question, it's the plausibility of his story. All of them did it? Yeah, I don't buy it. If you were with a group of friends and some skeevy fuck was trying to coerce all of you into a sex act, you'd all just band together and tell him to fuck off.
It's also possible he has a cuckolding fetish
>believing some neckbeard's erotic role play
Otakon this year, eight people in our room. On Friday morning, right after a long night of partying, I rolled out of bed to take a shower to find that someone took a shit in our shower.

I was far too exhausted to properly deal with it in a half-asleep state so I just whined about it until someone who actually slept threw it in the toilet.
>comes to the convention just to keep an eye on everyone (and everyone is 18+, not underaged kids)
>be young 17 year old weeb

Sure anon. Can't keep your story straight... not going to be believable.
It was in North Carolina. R-Mom didn't say anything to other cosplayers, she just sort of pretended nothing was going on around her.

Yeah but the group I was with was 18-21 and it was the mother of a 19 year old, not my mom. If R-Mom was there to keep an eye on me it'd be different but she gave fuckall what I did, she just wanted to make sure her of-age daughter wasn't sleeping with her 19 year old boyfriend.
My story from a con last year

>rooming with same group I've always roomed with
>eight people in small room with two beds and pullout couch
>we all have a lot of stuff so it's kinda crowded and can't help but be a little messy
>one friend(we'll call her C) has an internship and informs us she'll only be at con the day before(we arrived a day before con started) and the first day of con
>okay, we plan our cosplays accordingly
>group cosplay with C day she's there and then do other ones when she's gone
>con arrives, we find out C is actually going to be there the whole time
>oh okay cool
>day before con starts is super fun
>first day of con is super fun
>C occasionally complains that the room is kinda messy
>tell her we clean as much as possible but because we have so many people with multiple cosplays in a small room it's kinda hard to keep it spotless

To clarify, nothing is thrown around. We each have our stuff as organized as possible. Most of our stuff is in a corner in luggage or hanging in a closet besides makeup and medicine at the bathroom counter.

>day two rolls around
>C asks what we(me and friends A and G) are cosplaying
>we tell her a group we were doing
>upset because she doesn't have a cosplay for that
>we apologize and remind her that we never knew she was coming for more than one day so we only planned one cosplay group with her
>she says she understands but is still clearly upset
>A, G, and I go to a shoot together
>when we come back to the room we find that C has cleaned it
>that was nice of her but she didn't have to do it
>we get out of our cosplays and go to change into our next one
>we can't find half the stuff for it
>we had it all set out, C must have moved it
>we look around but can't find them
>realize we also can't find our makeup or our medicine
>I have medication I need to take for my depression and A and G are diabetic so it's kinda bad
>C isn't answering her phone
>starting to panic
>it's fine that she moved cosplay and makeup but to move our medicine without telling us wasn't cool
>we eventually find everything but are late to our shoot

>later that night when everyone is in the room again we thank C for cleaning but ask her if she could text us or something next time so we know where everything is
>"but I did tell you"
>no you actually didn't
>"yes I did and you all said you understood"
>C you never told us
>"why don't you ever listen to me?"
>what? C we do listen to you, but you didn't tell us anything, or if you did we didn't hear you. Next time you clean can you just send us a text or something so we know where our stuff is? We couldn't find our medicine and that could have been really bad
>C turns away from us
>we hear that C is crying
>G, A and I look at each other
>Ask C what is wrong
>"you're attacking me!"
>okay what?
>"you're attacking me! Dirty rooms make me anxious you wouldn't understand!"
>she says this to people who have anxiety and depression
>uh we do understand anxious feelings, but none of us are attacking you
>"you're yelling at me!"
>nobody raise their voice at her. Nobody was attacking her.
>C is sobbing on the bed
>A and G have to get ready for a panel so I'm the one left to talk to C
>I tell C again that nobody is attacking her, but I do calmly call her out on the fact that she never told us where things would be and we could have ended up sick if we didn't find the medicine
>tell her that theirs no way the room can be as spotless as she wants because there are too many people with big costumes in such a small space
>tell her that she needs to make sure that if she did tell us that she make sure we actually hear her
>tell her that she's being a bit ridiculous with her reactions
>she stops crying but doesn't speak to me the rest of the night
>I go to panel with friends and hope she calms down because she's not listening to anyone

C has never acted like this before. She was always calm and sweet so we don't understand why this happened. Honestly she's the last person we would expect to act like this.

>next day of con
>A, G and I get into costume
>C follows us around in silence
>okay maybe she's trying to make up
>we try talking with C
>C doesn't reply
>C eventually leaves us and goes to the bar with our other roommates
>that was strange
>C later joins us again
>she asks if I want to try any of the drink she had
>first words she spoke to me
>thanks but I don't really drink and you know that
>"oh come on, you'll like it. Just try it"
>no, I don't drink
>keeps pushing it on me and doesn't understand to fuck off
>finally stops when my character gets called up for photos
>she stays at the shoot giving me snack that she bought and talking to me but completely ignores A and G
>she continues this the rest of con
>she only talks to me and refuses to talk to the others
>we tried to get C to talk to everyone
>we tried to include her in everything
>she is unresponsive unless it's just me and her

>after con ends and she goes home, I get a message
>C tells me that con was a nightmare and she decided that she's never going to one again
>C complains about how she wasn't included in any cosplays and that the only fun she had was the first two days we were there
>nobody talked to her and ignored her
>nobody invited her to things
>C what the fuck?
>you told us you would only be there one day so we planned accordingly
>you ignored everyone except for me
>you declined invitations to things
>we brought you breakfast one morning
>we bought you dinner
>we did not exclude you from anything
>you did that on your own
>she removes herself from all group conversations we have
>she still refuses to talk to anyone except me

It was such a weird experience but if she's going to act like this then I'm honestly glad she's not coming back to con

Wow you have no idea how to tell a story.
Woah this is the absolute worst most boring story on 4chan, the fact you believed that it was worth typing all that suggests a distinctive character flaw
I can't believe I wasted my time reading this.
Well they can't all be winners
is autism a character flaw?
that's hanging out with weeb weirdos for you.
i know it probably doesn't matter to you guys but i really appreciate when people let others know, so that we don't waste time reading it either

happy new year
File: c5f.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF

Were you on a Yuri on Ice kick at the time?
Just watched the entire series. Great link, thanks!
File: c690df11.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
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114 KB JPG
I've had this happen to me, where the panties I wore on Friday we're gone on Saturday and returned with a cum stain on it but there were too many guys in the room to pin anything on so I just picked it up with a chopstick and threw it on the bathroom counter for everyone to see.

We later found the culprit because he actually creep snapped nudes of me in my sleep (nothing too serious, just top pulled down to reveal a nipple and pants pulled down to get a buttcrack shot) and was sharing them around.

I ended up just letting him go after extorting $300 from him but the dude ended up with sexual harassment charges or something the next year from another con by someone who wasn't as soft as I.
How old are you all, Jesus.
>rooming with someone named Shitty Pete
>he seems like a nice guy
>wonder why everyone calls him Shitty Pete
>night time
>most people are in the room sleeping or getting ready to sleep
>Shitty Pete goes to the bathroom
>30 minutes later he comes out
>his shit stench travels from the bathroom and covers the entire room in a thick miasma
>think this fucker just left shit unflushed in the toilet to be a cunt
>run to bathroom to flush it
>there's nothing fucking there
>this guys flushes his shit and the entire room still smells like someone rubbed shit all over all the walls
>flush it again
>smell still there
>someone tries to light a match
>it doesn't help
>people are choking and gagging
>two girls literally vomit on the floor
>boyfriend is violently dry heaving
>we all fight our way out the door
>Shitty Pete follows us out with the saddest puppy dog eyes look I have ever seen
>another person vomits all over the floor
>hotel stuff gathering around us wondering why we're making such a commotion
>we tell them to step inside the room
>the run out in disgust asking us if someone shit somewhere in the room
>tell them Shitty Pete used the bathroom but he flushed it down
>they look at us like they don't believe us
>they look inside the room one more time
>staff allows us to transfer to a new room
>one of my roommates refuses to room with Shitty Pete
>staff agrees to let Shitty Pete stay in the room by himself and let the rest of us use the new room
>everything works out in the
They make a spray for that. Someone should give him a gift pack of poo-pourri
why didn't you tell him to back the fuck off?

so many of these anecdotes are about beta weebs not fucking standing up to themselves. grow a fucking backbone, /cgl/, y'all niggas are embarrassing
>not charging the 3ds after being done
Guy sounds like a legend, in actual friendships (the kind amongst men) smelly shits are a funny bit. You princesses probably overreacted.
File: 1511112800829.jpg (48 KB, 375x523)
48 KB
I don't think you understand how olfaction works. Or what chemicals create a smell. A room cleaning shit, ok, but a lingering shit that causes a puke fest? Princess syndrome.
Tangentially related as it's a camping con rather than a hotel con

>have old friend who introduces me to con
>go with her for years but never share a tent
>start dating a staff member
>he knows her
>she rents a tent every year
>never packs it up herself because fat lazy cunt
>one year, staff packing up her tent
>weird smell
>look inside
>used condoms, so many used condoms
>literally sloshing with cum
>staff burn the tent
>she's still allowed to rent tents there
during that time, the people in the room were 15-19
Her friends:
My friends
>Burning a bunch of polyester
Not fuckin likely.
Of all the features of that story, you thi k THAT is the part he'd lie about? Its not hard to burn a tent on a bonfire anon.
It's been a long time since I lived in backwoods anon, most places would just toss it rather than burn petrol products.
File: 1513002615013.jpg (59 KB, 500x613)
59 KB
>two years ago
>flying to con by myself, so rooming with randos
>discover right away on arrival that the rando who controls the room is a Snowflake Tumblrina
>our first conversation is her bragging about getting into fights on tumblr
>also discover that she had all of us pay for the room in different amounts rather than evenly split the cost
>do the math
>she contributed nothing
>has the gall to further take advantage by asking another roomie to buy her two entrees from Dennys and admit that she had no intention of paying him back while shoveling the food in her face
>let two people stay for $20 and for free, respectively
>$20 dude pees on floor and wipes it up with another roomie's hoodie
>all of this on day zero

I knew right then and there that I was in for a special con horror story hotel experience.

Tumblrina's other grievances throughout the weekend include:
>left trash all over the floor every. single. day.
>lied about providing an air mattress to two people on the floor and refused to compromise on sleeping arrangements
>attempted to cut up pillowcases to use in her disaster-tier cosplay
>screamed (and I mean SCREAMED) at the two bed-less roomies at four in the morning for temporarily borrowing her bed while she was at the con
>cried and deflected whenever she was called out on her behavior
>hosted a three-hour skype call with her boyfriend one night, but proceeded to mostly ignore him and occasionally squeal (yes, quite literally squeal, no hyperbole here) nonsense at him in the highest pitch her vocal chords could reach

>mfw never got a full night's sleep all weekend due to her shenanigans

At least the con was great, mostly because I stayed far away from her whenever we weren't in the room.

In any case, I learned my lesson. If I'm gonna commit to flying all the way to a convention, I better double the fuck down and save up enough money for my own damn room.
I don't know why, but I somehow get the feeling like there's a lot of details in this story that you're conveniently not mentioning.
>my Marine buddies
Lel are you that CIA guy?
>I'm a degenerate thot, maybe you should try that ;)
I can actually 100% believe this
I was underage at the time, but I was with two adults and another underage person (we were all very good friends!!). The con was very far away from me, but close for my two adult friends. So we went up Thursday night and decided to spend one night at a red roof inn, then for the con weekend we stayed at a place that was nicer and closer to the con.

We had other people who were staying with us for Thursday night, and we booked two hotel rooms that were next to each other, so we wouldn’t break the rules.

The weather while driving to the con was really bad, so we were very tired and stressed out when we got to the Red Roof Inn.

>try to check in
>front desk woman refuses to check us in
>”I’ve seen u ‘round here before you’re always trying to get into rooms here”
>I’ve never been to the city that was the con was held in my entire life
>I’m also a paying customer
>show her my ID that’s from another state
>still denies us checking in
>no refund either
>”I’ll call the police if you keep this up missy”
>we just leave

There were about 8 of us that didn’t have a place to stay Thursday night, so we traveled around looking for a place to stay.

>finally find a place
>even shittier motel place but it’s a place
>room meant for 2 people, stuffed with 8 people
>thanks to my back problems I still got a bed

>the next morning
>hotel staff come to our room
>”we know what you did get the fuck out before we charge you extra”
>bolt the fuck outta there

I haven’t tried to stay at a Red Roof Inn since, we were fortunate enough that we were only staying there for one night.

When I was staffing at another con, I was in a room with two randos who, while I was sleeping, went through my things and made my stuffed animals hold their beer bottles? I don’t know why they thought it was so funny, when I told them not to do that since I just bought them they were shocked that I would be against their antics. It was really weird.
>>I’ve never been to the city that was the con was held in my entire life
>>I’m also a paying customer
>>show her my ID that’s from another state
>>still denies us checking in
This makes literally zero sense. Why not just let her call the police? She was the one breaking the law. What are you not mentioning?
Nothing, I promise. I don’t know if she thought we were going to do drugs in the room, had a sex thing going on or what, we didn’t think of calling the police. Looking back, we should have called them, but we thought that we would be the ones in trouble if we tried to do anything. It doesn’t make any sense to me either, we got a refund a few months later.
If his shit smells that foul he might have an illness or disease. Needs to see a doctor
Makes me wonder what kind of antics regularly go on at the red roach inn that she would refuse you entry because she mistook you for some other rando
No idea!! It was one in Columbus, Ohio. I guess Ohioans do some crazy shit at them.
Hotels can call the police and have you removed for any reason at all. Theyd probably remove anon for tresspassing
File: 1514354295505.jpg (19 KB, 480x362)
19 KB
>go to rave, was staying at friend's apartment
>friend doesn't go bus assures me he will be up super late
>get back at around 12
>he is asleep, doesn't answer calls or texts
>I stay awake in the lobby until 4
>doesn't apologize once he let's me in
I want to attend a rave once,what is it like?
This is brilliant.
File: DBU3zlWXYAQh896.jpg (103 KB, 750x1200)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
how the fuck have I never told this story?

>Youmacon 2015
>Get a room for $100 the whole weekend
>Friend is like "Man how did you manage to cop this room bud"
>"I'm good at cutting deals" I say
>We meet up with the guy who sold us the room
>Tall, pale, thin-haired fat manchild
>On the way to the hotel, he tells some people mind their own business to "Stop fucking smoking"
>We get to the hotel and the son of a bitch tells us we're not allowed to drink at all or he'll report us (??)
>After he lets us carry over $100 of alcohol up the fucking stairs and into the fridge


>Come back to room after dancing, gaming and stuff
>Fucker is in bed, trying to sleep. Complains about the light I let into room for one second opening the door
>Lie down to try to sleep
>Apparently he's sick; he's lying in another bed and on the verge of motherfucking tears, tossing, turning and going "owowowow" from "itching and other pains"
>Contemplated just jumping on his face with my knees, I was so pissed

He also implied that the two female friends I had that helped me with my Saturday cosplay makeup were "prostitutes," followed me around in my Garterbelt costume loudly letting everyone know I was a "gay black priest" and just being a general fuckball

Best part is the end of the trip: The reason the fucker didn't want anyone drinking is because he didn't want anyone "acting up."
that stock photo has me asking so many questions
Hitman boy despises his job
>nothing too serious
oh god how common does this have to be to be considered not that serious?? has worse happened to you or any of your friends?
yeah because I'm not going to post my whole autobiography on 4chan. This post is about bad rooming stories so I give you just that.
Thanks for sharing. I thought it was pretty good and cringy but it lacks background music which is a little annoying
adding this because i have a slight feeling maybe the poster is the director or part of the series,
im surprised period blood didnt come into play during Rita's scene. I was expecting a bloody skirt during the skit or at the moment instead of throwing her boot at the No-face. Plus why did she sleep outside or even go back to take her stuff out of the hotel room in the first place? It wouldve made sense if they kicked her out or she was fighting with them...
I was thinking the same thing, anon.
One of my previous roomies from back in the day lost her shit along with her boyfriend when nobody wanted to attend his birthday celebration at the con. They didn't plan it well at all and didn't once think everyone would probably go to the con parties instead long before invites were sent.

Never seen such an immature cringeworthy clusterfuck of a crying & shouting episode in my life.
It really depends on the con. I've been to Youmacon's rave before and had a great time. But I've been to raves at other conventions and left after 30 minutes because it felt like a jr high dance.
Your friend C just sounds like she was going through a hard time and was having anxiety problems. I can relate to some of the things she did and know people who have done similar. Sometimes we feel upset for no reason, especially when we struggle with mental illness like she said she was. I know she acted strange and probably didn't make the time all that enjoyable for you, but I hope you don't abandon a good friend because of some slight mental trouble she was probably having at the time.
This 'friend' sounds like they were having a crisis and made it the fault of everyone around them. Even with illness, one should be able to be held accountable for what is their fault. C had a meltdown, C needs to apologize because they did not communicate their needs and expected everyone to know exactly what was going on and how to treat it perfectly.
Here's a story from a while ago.
>planning on going to fanime with friends
>Friend J lives in an apartment with her boyfriend really close to the convention center
>less than 2 miles
>Think it's fantastic because I'll just walk back and forth from the con
>break my ankle 3 weeks before
>decide to rent a wheel chair for the con so I won't be on crutches the whole time
>Realize I won't be able to do 2 miles on crutches or in a wheel chair one way
>friend J says it's no problem, her bf who isn't going can just pick us up and drop off us
>"Wow, thank you so much J's bf!"
I feel I should point out this was before Uber or Lyft existed. Taxis were the only other option.

>first day, she used my wheelchair as her personal luggage carrier
>had easily 40 lbs of cher stuff hanging off of it
>anything she bought went in a bag and the bag hung off the back of my wheelchair
>I wasn't allowed to leave her for my own interests because "You have all my stuff anon, I might need it."
>she often used me to cut in line at popular panels she wanted to see because people with "disabilities" don't have to wait in line
>even if I had no interest and left to do other things
>feel super skeezy doing it, because I wasn't really disabled just injured.

>second day
>tell her I don't want to cut in line anymore
>ask her to not hang her stuff off my chair because it was literally weighing me down making it difficult for me to move the chair
>point out specific panels and say I'm going to them so that's where I'll be if she needs me
>friend J "yeah no problem anonette"
>second day I hang out with other friends mostly
>like a breathe of fresh air, they don't use me
>Don't hear from J all day
>she doesn't answer any texts
>"Wanna go out to lunch?"
>"Wanna go to the swap meet?"
>It starts getting late
>"Hey when you want to head back to your place?"
>her boyfriend texts me back
>"You have some nerve thinking you are still allowed over here. You guys abandoned her today and she was so upset she left hours ago. You didn't even notice. She took a sleeping pill, wheel yourself back if you have the courage to face her. You're a bad friend."
>Fucking flabberghasted.
>Show to other friends
>They've known J for a while
>They know she's passive aggressive compounded with "issues"
>Offer to let me stay for the night in their hotel room
>Don't have any toiletries, clean clothes or medicine for my ankle
>But friend A offers me a night shirt and some tylenol
>Spend the night looking over our swap meet swag, laughing and eating pizza

>Day 3
>Get woken up by a bunch of texts from Friend J at 6 am
>A lot of it was faux concern mixed in with "Well where are you then?" comments
>Asks when we'll be down
>That day goes pretty good actually
>Everyone has a good time or so it seems
>Until I head back to her place for the night
>Head home the next day
>Also the next day J posts a long winded no name rant about being careful about abusers
>how friends can pretend to be friends but are really users.
>Everyone knows she's talking about me
>everyone kinda rolls their eyes
>never room with her again
This isn't a convention story per se, but there was still anime and cosplay involved so I'm posting it anyway.

>some friends and I pile into the car to attend a Weiβ Schwartz regional tournament that's being hosted downstate
For those not familiar, Weiβ Schwartz http://www.heartofthecards.com/ws/ is a card game based on various anime properties, so there's always at least one person there who's decided to cosplay as the main character of their deck/their waifu/just for the hell of it.
>we thought it would be smarter to get a room at a hotel close to the event so we wouldn't have to wake up fuck-early in the morning to be there for registration
>the place we got was a disaster zone
>weren't told that our room was a smoking room, and by the time we get there there's no other rooms available so we can't change
>the glass over the "break glass in case of fire" case was broken and the fire extinguisher was missing
>beds are rock-solid
>at ~1 in the morning, we can hear what sounds like a crack deal going down in the parking lot outside
>or maybe it was a hooker meeting with a client, we weren't sure and we didn't really want to check in case it WAS a crack deal
>at ~4 in the morning, I hear someone walking around in our room and I'm 100% sure it's someone that's broken in to kill us
>it's actually just one of my friends having gotten up to go to the bathroom
>end up getting no sleep that entire night

The next time, we decided it would be smarter to get up at fuck-o-clock in the morning rather than deal with that bullshit again.
I've told this story before but I'll try to shorten it to one post this time

>Used to book 3 rooms for cosplay group
>One room designated as driking room
>4 people per room, 3AM lights out time, no smoking and no drugs
>Friend of friend who isn't in cosplay group but rooms with us complains about room rules
>Wants to overstuff room by inviting people that I don't like for reasons
>Tell him to get his own room if he doesn't like the rules
>Gets his own room with 8 people in a double
>His group gets kicked out of the room after one friend throws a beer bottle at a security guard during a noise complaint
>Another person from his group gets arrested for drug possession at the rave (apparently he was offering a 15 y/o girl drugs)
>additional $500 in charges for damages to the room that no one is willing to pay for
>Asks if he can room with us again

Sorry room is full
At least everyone else knew she was bullshit
Damn that was a satisfying read

Was this guy's name Abraham? Because it sounds a lot like this guy I roomed with at Youmacon 2014.

I havent been to /cgl/ in years.
God led me to your post, thanks seagull.
Is that you Zero Serenity?
High tier story telling anon, love the schadenfreude.
actually experienced recently, kms
so i was demoted to the floor/air mattress with hole, so basically sleeping on floor
roommate didn't cover her fucking mouth when coughing
other roommate got her "first boyfriend" and talked loud as hell till 3am every night to her boyfriend and even got in fights with him
my sleep schedule was fucked because of her then the coughing one woke me up when i finally was able to fall asleep, 3 hours later. i got the total of 8 hours of sleep first two nights. i dressed in a bunny suit and coughing one gave my cosplay an ugly look and said,"oh..when you said bunny...i thought it would be...cute" (she was offended because it was a "sexy cosplay"). she purposely didn't wake me up and said,"yeah you looked peaceful so i didn't wake you" i told her that i had plans all during last day as well as I'm going to be wearing the bunny suit. so i'm sure they got offended because they knew my plans.
then they continue to brag about how awesome the panels they went to were..
loud one even had the nerve to throw the remote at me when i said,"tune it down" aka shut your fucking mouth its 3am because she thought i meant the tv (which she was louder than).
then they sealed the deal with coughing one GRABBED MY FUCKING FRIES WITH HER SICK HANDS. i was completely silent the rest of the con after that.
Get better friends ffs, you don't have to put up with that shit.
Get better friends, don’t take shit from anybody.
* my buddies and I have been talking the past 3 years about booking a hotel at DragonCon.
> this past year we finally did it
>it was the first time we decided to book a room at DC

*Stressed trying to get all the payments in order. One dude didn't even answer his phone and I was about to cancel him when my other dude bought his money to me.

*Trying to get money together

*Booked hotel at Omni

*Stressed about the charge coming in to my CC. Omni said three-hundred something is due by the very next day after I booked it or the room will be dropped

*This charge didn't appear on my CC until a week before the con and I paid it right away. Was on the phone every week or every other week with Omni rep checking on the status. I am a guy who is very fiscal responsible and as soon as I make a CC purchase I would like to pay it off.

So far all of this wasn't a big deal. What happened, sadly, took place at the con.

*One of my buddy's ex told me he is a terrible snorer. That is okay I can deal with it. Turns out the dude SCREAMS in his sleep.

*I am healthy and don't mind walking. However I walked at least a MARATHON (that's 26.2 miles) just going to the con from the Omni and vice versa.

*Had to really babysit buddies. They didn't know what DC was about despite them going to the con way before me. I thought they knew but they were pestering me about what are we going to do next and then when I wanted to just hang out and enjoy the scene they questioned me within 10 seconds on what we were going to do next. That was annoying.

>All this shit (combined with a few other ossues) gave me SHINGLES. I was 29 with shingles
>not calling an uber or taking public transit
bad call anon
I did finally call Uber on the last night after walking around 11 miles back and forth. No regrets on that.
I wish I could experience shitty con goers before I get too old
It makes for good stories but in the moment, you will hate and regret everything that led up to it.
be careful what you wish for



The motherfucker called me in 2016 and 2017 as well sometimes. It was always when I was drunk
>boyfriend and I share room with another couple who had known for a while
>one pull-out sofa and one bed
>agree to alternate the bed and the sofa for the rest of con
>get really sick at the beginning of the con and start coming down with a really bad cold
>my boyfriend and I ask the other couple if we can take the bed on Friday night so I can rest up for an event I had be at 6am Sat morning
>other couple says sure and that it sounds fair
>Fri night rolls around and feel like absolute dogshit
>just want to hop in bed and sleep
>walk in to the other couple with the stuff on the bed
>ask "hey is okay if I move this stuff? I'm going to bed so I can get up in the morning"
>the girl starts to have a fucking meltdown
>she whines that her foot hurts because she's been walking around all day and that her headhurts
>bitch me too
>boyfriend and I say that they agreed to let us have the bed for this night and that we could take the sofa bed for the rest of the con
>she starts to cry
>she starts to go on about muh depression and shit
>what the fuck

My boyfriend and I just ended up taking the sofa bed for that night. We decided not to fight it because the room was in the other girl's name and we knew full well she would cause a scene. Eventually this girl got busted for criminal activity so we may have dodged a bullet anyway.
my peeve of petz is when a PRO WRESTLER wears their GIMMICK to a CON and it STINKS and they stay in your ROOM smelling like a billy goat had sex with Chip Kelly's corpse. Stinky unwashed game-used link related: https://youtu.be/RgruB3BAy_E
>>I just pissed all over my panties and leggings laughing
File: doctor 064.jpg (507 KB, 3264x1840)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
This thread has me trapped like a cheese mouse. Maybe one of the best ever. If Vanity Fair were here they would be jacking it off with anticipation.
At 2:02 in the wrestling video posted above, a man almost falls down and it is equally funny af.

People who pull the depression card when it comes to issues of accountability are the worst, their only peers in shittiness being their coddle-crazy enablers
>going to esports tournament for a specific game
>decide to room with guy from my team, and a semi rando who brought his rando friend
>2 queen beds and a couch
>im a girl, 3 dudes so i kinda want my own bed so i volunteer to couch since i'm small, never met these people irl before and dont really know what they look like or a lot about them
>night one comes along and rando and semi immediately pass out on couch and one bed respectively after volunteering to share a bed?
>semi is totally sprawled out and covering as much area as possible on bed
>i need to share bed with teammate
>big hispanic guy but we're friends so this should be fine, right?
>rips all sheets off me and steals my pillow, blasts ac anything to keep me awake when I had been already awake for nearly 24 hours to this point because of my flight being early morning
>i literally have to threaten to kick him in the nuts to get SOME sheet and my pillow back
>he smacks me awake in his sleep
After that the weekend was fine even though shithead semi pulled the same bullshit next night. Teammate was sad cause his team (i was playing with a pickup and he was playing with rest of our normal teammates) made it really far and lost against best team in the west and couple of his mistakes couldve cost them the win and it sucked dealing with him being sad the rest of the weekend when we were exploring the city after tournament
>Going to an anime convention
>Share a room with way too many people
>This one dude I've never met before does shit
It's almost as if rooming with many and random people is a bad idea...
>everyone kinda rolls their eyes
Another shit one
Brevity is the soul of wit. Green text is meant to trim the date yet you included all these dumb details for no reason and then there is no payoff. Why even share?
Don't think I ever shared this story, part 1 typing now. Sorry for any mistakes, on my phone.

>Anime Boston, 2009 I guess, be 18yrold male
>second con ever, go with lesbian roomate and autistic male friend
>first night, staying in the charlesmark, plan was for roomate and I to share bed, autist to sleep on floor
>after day of walking around at con, autist protests that due to back pain, he has to sleep in bed
>roomate accepts, too tired to argue, I take the floor, pass out
>wake up saturday, roomate nowhere to be found, not answering her phone
>ask autist what the fuck happened, he claims to have no idea
>say fuck it, go enjoy the con
>eventually make way to game room Saturday night, still no sign of roomate
>autist and I run halo for an hour or so, meet chill girl, 25yrold
>autist closer in age to girl, tells me he wants to 'try to get to know her'
>autist already has a gf, not in open relationship, but whatever, we are all adults
>meet up with girl's sister, she's 18, cute
>walk con some more, eventually get invited back to the girls hotel (they are in the con adjoined hotel)
>autist, girl, sister, myself, start watching a ghibli film.
>Roomate finally responds, we tell her where we are
>she shows up, chills for a minute but then excuses herself, says she's going to go to bed at our room.
>sister wants me to stay, autist decides he wants to stay to
>2 beds, sister and I in one, girl and autist in the other
>lights go out
>too beta to make a move on sister, so just sleep with clothes on gently cuddling
>be woken up by movement in bed
>it's the sister
>she starts spooning me
>force hormones to subside and return to sleep

Part 2 incoming
File: 1420164967450.png (53 KB, 210x255)
53 KB
Here's one that happened like two years ago

>Going to a con with my usual group
>Consists of me, my bf, his sister, and two other girls
>A few days before the con, one of the girls, we'll call Rose, gets in touch and says she has a friend that is going and needs a place to stay. Asks if we could have him in our room
>We all agree that as long as he pays for his part and is respectful, that's cool
>We all get to the hotel, and Rose's friend meets us there
>Seems like a nice enough kid, a little quiet, but polite and such
>First day goes pretty well, everyone has fun and no major problems occur
>Room is separated into two parts, the main room and a separate portion with a bed
>Everyone agrees that BF and I can share the bed, two of the other girls will share the pullout sofa, and the last two get the floor
>Rose and her friend take the floor, and they're cuddling together which seems a little weird considering Rose is in a relationship
>We all kind of shrug it off
>Day 2 comes around
>Bf, his sister and I are all getting ready to go to the con
>Rose, her friend, and the other girl who we'll call Daisy, want to go to the pool for a bit before going to the con
>A couple hours later my BF and I run back to the hotel to fix part of my cosplay
>Daisy is sitting on the couch and looks bored as hell, and I can hear Rose and her friend in the bathroom
>For some backstory, Rose, Daisy, and I have all been close friends since middle school, but Rose lived kinda far away compared to Daisy and I. We didn't see Rose much, so conventions were the best time for us to all hang out and catch up
>I asked Daisy why they hadn't left, and apparently after they went to the pool Rose and her friend wanted to shower and get ready so she wanted to wait for them.

Part 2 here

>wake up Sunday, girl, sister, myself in one bed, autist in the other
>he's visably upset, but other than being short with me won't talk about it
>trade info, thank the girls, head out to our hotel
>meet with roomate at our room, who as soon as she sees us dips out
>finish con uneventfully, collect roomate, disembark towards home.
>car ride uneventful, nobody wanted to talk, chalk it up to post con fatigue
>I'm driving, and we drop off autist first
>as soon as we get back on the highway, roomate starts to talk again

>find out that autist, on Friday night, tried to grind against and fondle lesbian roomate whIle she slept.
>She was obviously disgusted when she was awoken and shoved him away, but to maintain peace she didn't bring it up and chose to stay quiet to me
>explains why she was nowhere to be seen that weekend

>talk to girl and sister, learn from girl that autist tried the same shit with her, which is why she jumped in bed with us

>autist denies this to this day, currently a failure in life

>I end up dating the sister for a while

Be careful who you room with. And please speak up if someone is being a scumbag.

>So Rose told Daisy that she was going to take a bath, and Rose's friend mentions that he's going to shower
>Daisy points out that it's weird that they'd be bathing and showering at the same time
>Rose tells her "It's fine, me and him are like family"
>Daisy told us that not only did that take forever, but she noticed that it looked like the bathroom lights were off
>She asked Rose about it once they were finally done
>Rose told her "It's because I like to shave in the dark"
>What the fuck
>At this point Daisy just wanted to go to the con, but Rose wanted to do her makeup
>Rose was still doing her makeup when my BF and I had come back to the room
>Daisy eventually got tired of waiting and asked for Rose to hurry so that they could finally go to the con
>Rose then gets all pissy and pouty, mumbling about "whatever, I guess I'll just look like shit and I'll feel bad"
>They finally are ready and the three of them leave
>Before heading back to the con I go to the bathroom to check something with my costume
>Rose and her friend had apparently decided to swim even though they didn't have swimsuits, and all the wet clothes they'd been wearing were just piled up on the bathroom floor
>I'm disgusted but I'm not cleaning that shit, so we just go
>The day goes smoothly besides that and we get ready for dinner
>We all agreed to meet up back at the hotel at a certain time, but Rose and her friend are gone
>We decide fuck it, and order pizza without them
>Rose and her friend get back just as the pizza arrives
>BF's sister tells the two of them that since they didn't pay, they have to wait for everyone who paid to get their food
>They seem a little pouty but whatever
>We eat and Rose's friend goes to get more, but Daisy was running an errand and hadn't eaten yet
>I tell her friend to make sure there's some for Daisy, since she paid and hasn't had anything yet
>Rose gets pissed in his defense because "he's only had one slice anon!"

2/3, probably
>go to con
>get told room is X for the weekend to stay in
>figure why not
>out of beds so I have to use chair/sofa or floor
>friend tells me room is now XX not X
>could have easily just gotten an airbnb like I planned for that
>"Uhh well I only brought X cash on me, if I can find an atm I'll pay you or I can just buy pizza/chinese/whatever for the room and grab some drinks to make up the costs"
>everyone agrees it's cool for that
>get shit for the room
>con ends
>week or so later txt, "hey anon you still owe me like XX, need it because we had to pay for room damages"
>there were no room damages, we all helped clean it up decently, never saw wtf he was talking about
>"Uhh well I bought snacks, food and drink like we said to make up for that"
>Well I paid and I never agreed to that, so I need the remainder of XX
>don't want to make this a friend ender with the group so pay the (I think it was like 25 bucks) to him
>next year comes
>he doesn't book the room someone else does
>he skips on the whole bill, complains the whole time
>Find out last year bill was not even X, or XX and no room damages reported
>dude basically shrugs it off if brought up as "well it was a long time ago I don't remember all the details but you didn't pay the full amount anon"

basically destroyed us ever traveling as a group again, I backed out, no one would room with that anon, so no one wanted to book again over an airbnb
Are they literally autistic? Because not being socially adept is kind of the whole thing about being autistic. Doesn’t excuse his behavior, but not surprised especially when people agreed to sleep in the same bed with him.
Yeah, recently diagnosed, at age 28 to be high functioning autistic. The girls never forgave him, but I guess I kinda did. Not that I'll ever have him in a hotel room with anyone again.

>After eating we all go back out and do our own things
>Bf, sister, and I are talking about getting more drinks for the room, since we're almost out
>We all decide at that point that we're not gonna get cases of any drinks to share since Rose and her friend hadn't helped pay for anything besides their share of the hotel
>The rest of the night and getting ready to leave on Sunday go pretty well
>Rose's friend decides he's gonna rent the room for another night and catch his plane the next day
>We all leave and Rose stays overnight as Daisy's house
>Daisy tells me a couple days later that Rose's friend called her the next morning, crying like an idiot because he apparently missed his plane or some shit

I know it's not a super interesting story, but goddamn if this wasn't the year we all realized that Rose is a shitty friend and is never rooming with us again. I mostly felt bad for Daisy all weekend because she really wanted to hang our with Rose and catch up bot Rose basically acted like she didn't exist when her other friend was around
>Go to a comic con with friends
>don't want to book in a group
>"hey man it's cheaper than the hostel you want to stay at, besides if we pool our money together we can get more booze and party"
>eh yeah whatever fine
>get to place, hostel was like 13 dollars more whatever with people I know n shit
>2 keycards only since the person on the account won't ask for more since he old them only 2, won't bs them for another one
>someone has to either stay in the room or be found via a text to unlock the door if we need to pickup/dropoff anything
>two keyholders never around both going to the same damn events and shit and won't let anyone borrow them
>Stay outtill the con is closing or the parties wind down so 1-2amish
>return to the room "wtf anon it's after midnight where were you?!?!"
>explain it's a con, parties are fun and shit can we hit the beer for some final chill talk
>No anon, X, Y, and Z don't drink. Besides I need 8 hours of solid sleep to go to the con tomorrow
>what ever, open laptop to post some pics and stuff
>anon your laptop screen is bright I can't sleep unless it's dark, I wasn't sleeping next to him or anything
>wtf are you 12!?!?! (all these people are like 21-24)
>they wake up at 7am noisy as fuck
>con events don't start till 9am, 10:30 for anything not fan based shit
>they get bored "wow this con blows nothing to do
>decide that the 2 hours they were awake was making everything suck
>stay in the hotel room 90% of the fucking day dicking around on their psp/vita/ds/etc
>final day of the con "wow this sucked! this con is trash"

fucking hate anytime I go with a group of people and they spend the whole fucking day in the hotel room because they saw the vendor hall once and go "wow this was terrible I saw this at the other con!"
THIS. I would have started to call corporate right in front of them.
I'll be damned if I pay extra for their fuck up.
Rose totally fucked that 'friend'
>you forgave him
Well, it wasn't you that got groped but I'm not sure why you'd choose to associate with that kind of person.
Don't bother reading this one, it is horrendously bad, it's like some dumb broad that gabs at you nonstop without saying anything.
I would have eaten asparagus and pissed on her bags.
I had a rando save me once, he was a cool guy.

>room with regular grew. 3 girls 3 guys.
>2 of said girls and guys dating, never openly get fucky so its cool.
>One of the guys has a friend that had his room plans fall through and needed somewhere to stay.
>room had 2 beds and a pull out couch
>couples get beds, me and other dude get couch, rando volunteers pillow bed on floor
>other dude starts to creep after everyone passes out after drinking (I didn't drink at the time), like dead ass out
>Tell dude to fuck off, he wont. Try to get up from bed, he bear hugs me to the spot
>struggle loud enough that floor guy notices and he hops on the bed
>he gets frisky with other dude, acting supremely homo
>other dude gets weirded out but wont go away
>Floor dude lays his body between mine and other dude and somehow makes it even gayer
>other dude finally leaves and sleeps on floor
>floor guy joins me on bed, a quiet watchdog throughout the night
>not all heros wear capes, some are ashen ones

Me and floor guy started dating for a bit soon after, he rapes me in PvP.
Thats when you hold her shit hostage until she ponies up all the shit that got stolen because of her fuck up.
Thats like a the time a friend brought a thot back to the room, and she ordered room service while he showered with the card attached to the room, my fucking card.
Funny story, not at a con though. Got piss drunk and blacked out. Wet the bed, super embarrassed about it. Guy just laughed and said he pee'd to and not to worry about it.
I can believe it, had something very similar happen at a con. They are cheaters paradises.
File: 20180107_182140.jpg (19 KB, 134x156)
19 KB
Not a horror story for me but for friend
>Ax couple years back
>Rooming with Bro, roomate (Muscles), and friend from texas (Tex)
>Day 0, all get settled into hotel, big room 2 beds
>Bro/Muscles take the first, Tex takes the other, I take the floor by the door (prefer the floor away from people helps me sleep better)
>Tex super excited for con, her first big con, says she's probably not gonna sleep from over excitement
>call it a night, everybody has to get up early next day

>next day
>I leave before everybody else to meet up with my friends in group cosplay
>everything goes smoothly meet up with Tex a little later
>"Anon I have to talk to you about something, did you hear the noise last night?"
>confused, say I slept pretty heavily
>Tex goes on to tell me she heard thumping noise from the other bed
>"Could you maybe talk to Bro and tell him to keep that kind of stuff at home? I can leave the hotel too if they need private time.."
>text bro asking if they were trying to fuck quietly
>bro texts back appalled and says he slept thru the whole night too
>Everybody a little confused
>Go back to room later that night Tex tells Bro to just say if they need private time
>Bro then bursts into laughter realizing something
Not really horrible, just a little silly and made me roll my eyes

>First con where im sharing a hotel room
>Sharing with my best friend and her younger brother
>First day is fine, nothing weird
>Wake up for the second day of con
>Friend is saying she and her brother might not stay for the third day
>Ask her why
>She says her brother saw a ghost in the bathroom and they are scared the hotel room is haunted
>Her and her brother are in their 20's

They ended up staying anyway but we had to leave the bathroom light on and I had to sleep by the bathroom door.
Oh and then she left super early the next morning and after yelling at her brother to make sure he remembered everything he brought I got up and noticed she left her shoes, phone charger, a big bag of chips she bought, and her pens.

Luckily she hadnt made it that far from the hotel yet and came back for them so I didnt have to take them with me and deliver them to her later
File: 20180107_182159.jpg (110 KB, 469x614)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

2/2 Cont'd

>Bro tells Tex Muscles sleep walks, talks in his sleep extremely often, and sometimes thumps his head on the pillow
>like literally lifts his head up and smacks the back of his head on the pillow repeatedly
>I also knew Muscles did this but didn't know how often, never seen it first hand but have seen him sleep walk
>Explain how Muscles' mom told Bro he's done this ever since he was little but nothing about it is serious
>Bro was supposed to tell everybody in the room before hand in case anything weird happened but just forgot
>laugh about it for the entirely of the con each night

He thumped his head briefly on his pillow the second night too, but this time Tex/Bro saw him do it, they talked to him but he didn't respond, another night he got up and walked around but Bro told him to get back into bed

>mfw Muscles doesn't remember getting up or thumping head
>mfw I didn't hear anything because the ac blocked out all noise since I was sleeping by the door

>friend thinks people in room were fucking right next to her, but turns out one of them just does a bunch of weird shit in his sleep
File: 1477508554001.gif (217 KB, 500x500)
217 KB
217 KB GIF
>group of friends and a few of theirs agree to room together
>I'm providing transport to my circle of friends, everyone else I don't know car pools/ubers/bus on their own
>Con is proceeding as well as it can be
>after con bar hopping and meetups
>return to hotel with a few extra strangers
>everyone chills and unwinds
>I knock out after showering
>wake up to someone going through my bag that I use as a pillow
>see a friend of a friend taking my car keys, don't know him so proceed to call him out
>everyone is either waking up or now has their attention on me and car thief
>see one of the girls who returned with us standing by the hall, she looks confused
>give me my fucking keys or I'm calling the police
>car thief drops keys and goes into the hall
>Mutual friend of mine and his tries to deescalate situation
>car thief thought it was okay if he could drive her back
>probably turn my car into a fuck shack and claiming it as his too
>I'm pissed, I don't know the car thief, he didn't ask for permission not that I would allow it
>rest of AX goes on but I have friction with the cunt
>Don't allow him in my car, let him walk or take the bus
You're dumb as hell or a troll.
Are we talking Abraham as a first name or last name, because if the latter, then hoo boy, I know exactly who you're talking about.

Says this man probably has something medical going on to explain it. Bowl movements that are that foul smelling can point to serious underlying issues.

I know I wouldn't want to room with someone like that but it sounds like something he can't control and he knows is a problem. He sounded embarrassed over it, who wouldn't be if your shit literally makes people vomit even after you flush it? I hope if you still have his contact info you urge him to seek medical examination.
>room with a friend I thought I knew pretty well
>turns out to be a stankass hippie that never cleans her shit and leaves stuff laying around everywhere
>she skips out last day of con and doesn’t help clean the room
>when we strip the sheets off the bed for the maids we find a giant period blood stain

Never fuckin roomed with her again
Was it a saber cosplayer? Because something similar happened to me.
File: 1512939495056.jpg (23 KB, 202x227)
23 KB

First name for me. This motherfucker is unforgettable. I'm pretty sure he has aspergers or some shit
This is funny, thanks for sharing.
sound like Actual niceguy vs "nice guy"
this is what happens when you force your kids to share their toys guys. no respect for others property
You are a woman, know your place, of course I'm smarter than you.
>likes the smell of other people's shit
>thinks he's superior
>Understands how smell works
>Thinks there is some kind of magical reaction that results in a bad smell through auras and faerie dust

You are a retard

I didn't say I like the smell of shit, I said a bad shit is male bonding, women being that they are selfish harlots incapable of true friendship directly see any kind of disparaging thing against them as unacceptable. You will never understand between your low IQ and lack of personality.
>males bond by huffing each other's foul shit fumes
>women are repelled by the stench of human waste
>therefore men are better than women
Truly you have a dizzying intellect.
IQ tests are separated on the basis of age and gender, chess grandmasters are split into groups by gender because no female has a chance to compete with even the shittiest grandmaster. Women are dumber than men.
if you replace males with dogs it makes more sense
>deflecting this hard after you've been exposed as a shit huffing degenerate
Isn't there a public toilet you should be loitering around? Wouldn't want to miss out on any male bonding opportunities
File: 1514736041348.jpg (22 KB, 429x403)
22 KB

How do you people find these retards
Anon, you can smell my shit whenever you want. Hell I'd even eat extra spicy curry.
This is why you keep your keys / wallets in a SDB that only the roomowner knows the combo for
>men taking up bed while women sleep on the floor
What's with this?
Chivalry is dead.
Most soibois cant stand the 'hard ground' on their back and tend to bed hog. Was surprised how many guys brought fucking cots to nuggetfest while i just kipped on the ground
My group rotates beds regardless of gender. The only one who gets a bed all the time is me, because my back is fucked up, and its easier to get into a bed from my wheelchair.
>back is fucked up
>into a bed from my wheelchair
Damn it.
>Specifically choosing to be on the ground when you could have just brought a comfy sleeping bag
Guilty laughs.
>Eventually this girl got busted for criminal activity so we may have dodged a bullet anyway.
Something bigger than a pot charge or a DUI? Like was she involved in some real shit (armed robbery, human trafficking, etc)?
Nigga i WAS in a sleeping bag. I just laid it out on the bottom of my shelter tent. Most these guys were in full cots off the ground with pillows
Whoops, j thought cot was just another word for sleeping bag
File: Smug.jpg (32 KB, 799x590)
32 KB

OH buddy, women definitely killed that, and those of us who aren't sad orbiters take advantage of it every fucking time
File: cot.jpg (20 KB, 450x450)
20 KB
ya got cot in your ignorance my friend
He made his cot, now he must lay in it
>"I won't tell if you wanna fondle her or something"
Shoulda killed her desu
File: 1416831937678.jpg (34 KB, 455x427)
34 KB
>spend the whole night listening to yelling at sister who wants to hang out, yelling by mother to let sister hang out, bitching about said mother, and then i was shown copious amounts of evangelion yaoi
agreed lol. Or rip up her brand or anything else to to get back at her, the level of not okay is through the roof.
Usually happens because people don't realize how nit picky people are when they travel. I know some really good friends and stuff; but I would never book with them to share a room.

My rule of thumb is, book myself meetup at the event. I sometimes will share a room with just one other person, but have found it more annoying to book/do things
She was involved in a white collar crime.
Red flags for hotel roomups?
>hey my gf/bf is coming but don't worry it's chill
>hey can you bring liquor just on the down low though
>we are booking a double room but don't worry the beds are big enough for 5 of us
>Don't worry I play video games with this guy he's cool
>Don't worry I play video games with this guy he's cool
Why are bitches always hating on vidya?
Scared that they might steal your boyfriend and feel you need to compete with fictional chqracters
What? I was talking more along the lines of someone inviting dudebro to stay in a hotel room when they haven't met irl ever before
Convenient excuse, i see through the passive aggressive remark "dudebro" trying to belittle gaymers
Clearly a case on envy
My husband, at the most recent convention we attended, while we were in the hotel room alone, sat upright in his sleep and shouted "HELLO?!?" with a panicked look in his eyes. I about shit. He then laid down and resumed sleeping and never remembered a thing.
Go back to /r9k/ please
>go to a con
>floor/chair space cuz don't care
>people wants me to pay full price split even though I don't get a bed

Fuck that noise, if you sleep on the floor or in a chair you should not have to pay the full split
Embezzling, fraud, or tax evasion?
Hiss this wicked thot witch casts a hex on me

I shall deflect this spell to the poster below

Heh not bad kid you made me use 10% of my power
>Hey, wanna split a room this year?
>Are you sure?
The last con I went to with my regular crew ended up with a bunch of mental breakdowns between two sisters and someone's cosplay being thrown up on. These are the same people I've gone to cons with for half a decade now. How do I tell them I don't want to room with them anymore while still being their friend? We're all going to still end up at the same cons, and I don't think they're bad people, but they are sensitive enough that if I straight up tell them I don't want to room with them for that reason, they won't want to be my friend anymore. Do I just bite the bullet?
See >>9746693. It's that simple.
it sound likes you just stayed with people with a different idea of "fun" to you.
I don't do con parties or booze or whatever because they seem like frat houses full of gropey drunk idiots and snowflakes so if I walk around in a costume all day I want to go back to a hotel room and watch netflix after.
> person on the account won't ask for more since he old them only 2, won't bs them for another one
So they won't break rules and risk getting a fine. wow how terrible of them.
>return to the room "wtf anon it's after midnight where were you?!?!"
You know that to get in the room you need someone else to stay awake. I admit this is on the others since if you were clear you were going to be out late you should have gotten a key but as you didn't you instead chose to keep others up until 1-2am for your own needs.
>they wake up at 7am noisy as fuck
No, you just stayed up partying late while they were inside chilling. they're not noisy af they're awake and alert and you're sleeping in. It's about as rude as keeping people up at 1-2am to get them to unlock a door.

The rest of their behaviour is crap like no lights and complaining and not going to the con but it should sounds like you're an extrovert who got roomed with a bunch of actual introverted nerds. Nerds? At a convention? Shocking.
If youll room alone/with a partner its easy to get out of. You can say you saved up enough money to room alone because you want your own bed and privacy or better sleep because you didnt get much last year.

Otherwise do as other anon says but if theyre more pushy you might just have to bite the bullet
>But they are sensitive enough that if I straight up tell them I don't want to room with them for that reason, they won't want to be my friend anymore.
Honestly, if you have to come up with some carefully phrased excuse instead of being able to straight up tell them the truth they aren't worth your time and attention. My advice, find some better friends.
I have a horrifying tale about a certain man. Let's call him the Lego Man. /PART 1/

>Be me, staying in a hotel with Girlfriend at the time, her friend that I get along with and Lego Man
>Another friend was supposed to be staying with us but she ended up staying somewhere else
>I had never met the Lego Man until this con, I had been told "He's a very nice guy"...he is not a nice guy
>Anyway, the first day of the con went fine. There's not really too much worth mentioning there
>The Saturday was where it started getting weird
>Once we'd gotten back to the room, he started showing us his haul
>This is where he starts showing his true colours
>He takes out his Clannad hentai doujin and begins reading it in front of us
>and he was...visibly enjoying reading it, he was also showing off the most graphic pictures
>Then came the Sunday...

The tale of the Lego Man /PART 2/

>On the Sunday night we got back to the hotel and all seemed as though it was going to go better than it did Saturday night
>My girlfriend's friend suggests getting a few relaxed, shippy cosplay shots
>We both say sure, not realising that this would spiral into something much worse
>We get a few pictures together, they come out fine
>after the shippy photos she asks the friend if she can get some picture of her in her cat bikini, you know those ones with the cat face window for the cleavage
>she gets a few good photos of it and I go to lie in bed and relax because I assumed the picture taking had finished...it hadn't
>After my girlfriend got changed, guess what happened
>The Lego Man asks if he can try on the cat bikini
>Now, we thought he would wear it over his normal clothes and we'd all have a bit of a chuckle about it
>He did not wear it over his clothes. After being gone for a few minutes he came back wearing nothing but my girlfriend's cat bikini
>I'm trying to ignore life and I pretend to be asleep, while I'm doing this photographer friend is reluctantly taking pictures at the Lego man's request
>You'd think I'd be safe by pretending to sleep...I wasn't
>While he thinks I'm fast asleep, while still wearing the cat bikini he crawls up the bed meowing
>I just wait and hope he gives up until he starts humping me through the covers
>A man I met 3 days ago was dry humping me while meowing and wearing my girlfriends cat bikini
>the worst bit, I could also feel his erection
>He quickly got bored and got dressed again
>I left early on the monday and I haven't spoken to him since
>Met a big group of people who he's done similar stuff to

Worst Con experience ever
I am so sorry this happened to you anon. At least you got a hilarous story out of it? Also, are you a girl or a guy? And how come you didn’t ask him to stop humping you? Wouldn’t you have at least two allies to back you up if he got violent?

I'm a guy and honestly, at the time I wanted knock him out and in hindsight I really should've but I prefer to try and keep things peaceful and avoid bringing things to violence. Though if it had gone on any longer I know my patience would've lasted. At least now I know people who can laugh about it with me.
File: Screenshot_183.jpg (166 KB, 1000x737)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
I, unironically, spat hot coffee all over my fucking desk when i read

>>While he thinks I'm fast asleep, while still wearing the cat bikini he crawls up the bed meowing
>I just wait and hope he gives up until he starts humping me through the covers
>A man I met 3 days ago was dry humping me while meowing and wearing my girlfriends cat bikini
>the worst bit, I could also feel his erection
>I could also feel his erection
>his erection

i just imagine this abject look of horror on your face and some freaky ass dude with a cat face is mewling and jabbing your thigh with a stubby erection
File: 1434932548225.jpg (49 KB, 604x537)
49 KB
This better be a copypasta
and then theres THIS asshole...
What the FUCK
>being this much of a chronic masturbator
Post your fanfiction account and I'll follow you.
I don't have one. I usually just shitpost imaginary stories of my sister "pranking" me like this on /lgbt/ but I thought I'd branch out to other boards when story threads come up. Thinking of bringing my schlock to deviant art, though
lol you're retarded
>I didnt know what to do, so I cried.
Holy shit, women ahahah
Wow I totally and unconditionally believe everything in this post
Hahaaa jokesss XD
This is poorly written. Keep trying.
i'm so sorry anon did she have to throw away her bikini?
i hope she burned it
damn hes lucky he was born within the last 200 years or into a family that wasnt wealthy pillow owning aristocrats
>mentioning their parents at all
>or mentioning kids/pets/young siblings
Not sure if there's many other red flags you can catch before agreeing to room with them, though. A lot of these seem like the person was well-adjusted until you're stuck in a room with them for 2-3 days.
How did her cat thing even fit him? Was he a noodley boy or is she just really big?
tell your story anon
>sissy wet dreams
yeah, sounds about right.
>sissy wet dreams
Good username idea, thanks.
>Be me
>Get invited to youmacon to see friends you haven't seen in ages
>Accept, free con is always cool
>Take greyhound, rain is pouring, this sucks
>Finally get to destination
>Get told we'd be rooming at friend of a friend's house
>Get to strangers house
>Small, smelly, cramped af apartment
>Irritated at the sudden change in arrangements but deal with it.
>Sit my bags down and head out to con after getting cosplay on for day 1
>Later that night get back and sit pillow and blankets on floor to sleep
>Insomnia kicks in
>Notice something on the mattress in front of my sleeping area
> flashes a light to see a shit ton of bed bugs teeming between the two mattresses, crawling everywhere on it
>Nearly vomit
>Wonder how this person lives like this
>Sleep in hallway
>Next day at con gather my shit and beg a friend to let me stay with them and pay

>Luckily on the trip home there wasn't any with me and didn't come home but shit was gross y'all-- from detroit i'm not fucking surprised.

>Also got immensely sick saturday night
>con sucked in general
Use it anon, so that I will never mistake you for something I want to read again.
You answered your own question.
autism. I know you're joking, but you're still severely autistic anon.
File: IMG_20160909_183152.jpg (2.52 MB, 3120x2340)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
>your face if it was a campaign poster
one time i roomed with someone and they smelted bad
holy shit, 19 year olds ahahah
Was he a shitty blacksmith?
did you tell your friend that the previous place you stayed at had bed bugs? if not, that would be a total dick move. they might not have come home with you but they might have traveled to your friend's place.
Made me cringe so badly. I honestly just don't believe it !
doesn't ring a bell. Anybody want to post it to give me some nightmares?
I never even stay at hotels for cons but these horror stories are a guilty pleasure.
Same. Once I woke up, leaned over a friend, said "I'm always watching you" and went back to sleep.
holy fuck why do these threads attract underage crossboarders
File: what.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
Well, that was a good round of stories, ladies.

You ever try standing up to unreasonable assholes? It doesn't always work, I had to get into actual fights with people over shit. Not catfights either, like actual brawling and attempts to choke each other to death. It's awful, I'm glad I went through that self-defense training when I was younger, otherwise, I'd end up like a lot of these anons. So, it's not just a matter of "growing a backbone" sometimes it's just not worth the trouble. Especially if you don't know how to physically defend yourself when shit goes down.
That explains everything. Y'all mentally ill.
Right, it's not like anyone else was there to see and hear what was happening
Totally did and they were safe too. I’m not that much of a dick.
>first con ever
>friend is finishing her costume
>her friend is a hambeast
> hambeast asks to borrow my sailor moon staff
> “okay”
>hambeast breaks it whilst cosplaying
>they both never talk to me again to avoid pay for it

>thinking your weeb friends are going to step in and save your ass if you're getting physically assaulted.

Either you need better friends or are just making excuses
i feel like alot of these con horror stories could be avoided BY HAVING A FUCKING SPINE
sheltered uninteresting weebs
File: clap.jpg (4 KB, 275x184)
4 KB
finally a good story
Or you're looking at things in too much of a black and white way. Sometimes it's just not worth it.

Exactly what would you have done instead?
Not terrible but not fun. Happened at AWA.


>be in room of 6 (perfect number for the room size)
>one person invites a couple he met 3 days ago on a forum
>guy in charge of room ok's it cause him and person are close friends
>I'm skeptical but trust his judgement, plus now we all pay less for the room
>couple arrive
>nice enough people
>get to know each other
>find out they're in a legitimate BDSM mistress/slave relationship
>don't judge cause they still seem like nice people
>first days goes without a hitch
>day 2 they start getting a little too friend with each other with people around
>start "heavily" making out with other people in the room
>no one's ok with it
>tell them to stop multiple times
>that should've been the end of it
>it wasn't


>the couple keep getting more and more sexual as the day goes on
>5 of us are genuinely uncomfortable with the situation except for the guy who invited them

>the next day around 5pm
>be alone in room about to take nap (so I can stay up till 4am at room party I was invited to)
>couple arrives
>"hey anon, we didn't know you were in here. can you leave so we can fuck?"
"Wtf, no. I was here first."
>"Alright then."
>they literally start fucking in front of me
"Are you out of your fucking minds!?"
>"We told you to leave!"
"Fuck off. I paid for this room too and I'm exhausted."
>the guy who invited the couple shows up
>"Oh shit. Anon, can you leave for, like, an hour."
>dickhead only invited couple to have a threeway
>I call the roommate in charge (he booked the room)
>tell him the situation
>shows up IMMEDIATELY. like, 5 minutes after I hang up
>tells friend "Everyone in this room has been having a less than stellar con cause of you and you two. All three of you are gone. I want you out in the next 30 minutes or I'm calling hotel security.
>he booked the room so they can't argue
>"Fine, give us our money."
>"I already cashed it.
>his bank branch was literally a 10 minute walk away
>"You (the friend) have my number. We'll deal with it after the con. Get out."
>they're gone in 10 minutes
>rest of the roommates were great
>rest of the con was wonderful

Like I said, wasn't a horrible situation but not fun to deal with.
normally I call prude but jesus can't they just keep it in their pants for one fucking weekend. savages
It didn't help that they were both 250+lbs. Plus, I knew they were going too far if they were making 5 different people uncomfortable.

Like, I don't care if they fuck in the room, just wait until you're alone and put a sock on the door. Common courtesy and whatnot.
large if massive
>tfw afraid I might do this while I'm unconscious sleeping as I'm so used to spooning with a body pillow
haha ecksdee FEMINIST WRECKED CRINGE compilation 2018 || you laugh you lose!
Honestly you should have beat his ass, gotten money out of him AND called the cops. I don't know how you even survived that without being completely mortified.
probably just put pillows in between you, but no matter what tell your bed-mate.
wow anon literally kill yourself that is such a boring ass story
I got one although it's not me. It's a story I heard when I was talking to another staff
>staff at con
>lives far so get a hotel room
>only have 1 queen sized bed. Get told he will have the room for himself
>get a last second notice that he will have a room mate
>roommate boasted how important he is since he has a hotel room
>roommate lets his friends crash in the hotel room
>roommate has a hotel room party
>one night, wakes up to roommate and his friend pranking him while one of them is filming

legit, I hate those types of staff. If you staff at a convention and by the end of the day, you are tired, you are doing something wrong
im banned lol
have you staffed before?
if you are not tired*
damn i keep forgetting words when typing here
Yes I did and I still am.
I was easily pulling 15 hours per day when staffing
Aw, I've shared rooms with friends I went to high school a couple of times now but no horror stories. The one time I skipped on rooming with them because I wasn't feeling well I lucked out though. From what they tell me, the randoms they were with involved
>bloody towel left in bathroom
>piss all over the toilet
>way too many bottles of alcohol
>one of the listing chicks was neurotic and thought her stuff was stolen when it was just misplaced
>the listings (a couple) wouldn't stop having tickle fights and talking loudly all night long

I've shared a bed with a friend a few times now. Better than sleeping on the floor.

Haven't been going to cons as much the last few years, this thread is making me want to go again. The hotel rooms just seem so pricy though, you know? I know splitting it with people helps but damn. Sometimes I just go for one day. Cons are exhausting, which makes having a room to go back to pretty great.
you can say more

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