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Okay /cgl/, do you have any tips for choosing a character to cosplay? I don't consider myself a purist or anything, but I want someone who's close to my body type for a realistic looking result and it's been hard to find anyone who matches.
I don't think there can be any real tips for this, other than just looking at a lot of media and waiting for characters whose designs stand out to you. What's your body type OP? Maybe we can offer suggestions.
My friends describe me as short and kind of stocky, with broad shoulders. I'm about 5'7'' and ~160lbs
It just puts me in a tough situation, because most "stocky" characters in anime and games are either fatsos or beefcakes with no in between, and I'm not either. Any skinny character I try to do would turn out badly, I think, unless they wear baggy clothes
I'm also male and I have body hair EVERYWHERE, so passing is probably out of the question as well
Since you say your friends describe you as short, and you're 5'7, I assume you're a male. If that's the case and you intend to cosplay male characters, maybe stick to cosplaying teenage male characters? You could probably do something like Terunori Kuga from Shokugeki no Soma. If you avoid doing characters who are explicitly supposed to be very tall or shredded, I doubt you'll get much negative feedback if the costume is good.
Thanks! I hadn't considered him. Some other characters I'd considered were Leonardo Watch from Kekkai Sensen and Ruth from Ancient Magus' Bride (human form), you think they'd work? I don't know about Ruth, but Leo has really baggy clothing and isn't beanpole levels of skinny so I feel like I could pull him off
Yeah I think Leonardo would be a good choice, though make sure to do the goggles right.
File: 715RqSDAaTL._SX522_.jpg (24 KB, 522x293)
24 KB
I was looking at these (they come with amber lenses you can change them to). The bigger issues for me are the shoes and how I'm gonna get that collar on his shirt to work, since they don't just sell them like that

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