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Less than 1 month out from Anime Crossroads 2018! Who's hyped?!

When : March 2-4
Where : Wyndham Indianapolis West, Indianapolis, IN
Why : Anime and general nerd culture

Also a discord for ACross/Midwest cons if anyone is interested : https://discord.gg/ZFZgYRD lots of stuff going on here!
ACross went hard on the celeb guests this year, Kaiba and Mokuba's VOs. How many shekels would it take to get a shut up mokuba out of eric stuart?
Any Japanese industry guests or is it all dub guests?
File: 1518053750.png (734 KB, 745x854)
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734 KB PNG
Eric stuart and the chick at the bottom
seems to be only waito piggu at this con, unfortunately. ACEN likes to bring in a bunch of nip guests if you can hold out for that one.
I can appreciate that Stuart shows his shitty Castilian meta knight and not, like, Brock or something
>going to cons to see dub voice actors
>going to cons
that was the ACross staff :^) who knows what other disappointments they have up their sleeves?
File: 1518235776.png (449 KB, 2500x646)
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449 KB PNG
Full schedule is up!
File: 1518321473.png (66 KB, 697x1013)
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>cosplay is not consent panel
I'm considering coming from Michigan. Badges and hotels seem super cheap. Would it be worth the 4-hour drive?
idk what the con scene is like in Michigan, but there's nothing really in Indy/Ohio until Colossal in june (Animatic con in cincy technically, but its meh).
If you enjoy cons its a good budget weekend getaway until the big ones this summer.

I'm pretty friendly with a bunch of the staffers by this point and they're pretty no nonsense, if a bit too heavyhanded on the jojo memes.
>Idk what the con scene is like in Michigan
It's pretty good if you're also into comic/pop culture conventions. Used to be good for anime-only cons, but a lot of the mid-size cons have either died or become a dumpster fire, so now Youma is the only 3 day anime con I go to.

So I really need a halfway decent 3-day con to fill the gap between Youma and Colassal. It doesn't have to be huge, I actually really enjoy mid-size, chill conventions as long as it's not completely dead.

Has anyone stayed at the airport hotels not far from the convention center? Ramada Indianapolis Airport is cheap as shit, and doesn't seem completely sketchy based on google reviews.
has the wyndham sold out already?

ive only stayed on site, theyre usually really good about room availability, although you are a bit late by this point. Try the discord up in the OP, there's a roomshare thing and I might be able to find you a spot
I don't think it's sold out but there's nearby hotels that are cheaper (not that the Wyndham is that expensive)
but anon, room parties...
TRUE. Being able to get tipsy in my room, walk to the con and chill for a few hours, then walk back to my room and get shitfaced is a must for me. Is there a decent rave at crossroads?
actually yes. It's not large but I raved with the DJ from Amai (same venue, same org, just last fall instead of this spring). I was shuffling with this guy and we chatted a bit and kicked it a bit more and then he goes up on stage as the second DJ and I was like OH SHIT

its always the best when the DJs are actually ravers themselves
That's awesome. I'm getting super pumped for this con. Found out that 3 friends I met at a different con are going, and they're letting me and my bf room with them. Now I'm planning my lineup and schedule.
I posted the full schedule a bit further up, feel free to use that as a reference.

Look for McDonalds man on Saturday :^)
I’d rather not
don't worry, im sure he will find you :%)
Lmao I think I saw you in the Ohayocon thread. I hope I get to see this legendary cosplay.
ACross and OMGcon right now are potentially the last two times this costume sees the light of day, i'm getting pretty burnt out and want to move onto other projects... but for now, we're crashing this gravy plane, with no survivors
Sad to see the cosplay go, but that's totally understandable. Hopefully I'll get to grab a picture at Across
>people are having fun at the gangbang-zebo and you’re stuck waiting for this con.
>being stuck in DC for a weekend
>not cosplaying to senate meetings

What are you, some kinda queero-sexual
File: eHYazg6wGDqYE.gif (518 KB, 237x157)
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518 KB GIF
why cosplay to the senate when you can cosplay and become the senate?
No one man should have all that power

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