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RIP Stephen Hawking 1942-2018 🙏

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For any cosplayers from anywhere in Georgia to post and collaborate! Feel free to talk about meetups and Georgia conventions here.
I still need to get my Momocon pass, pay off the main room person, and finish up costumes. I'm strangely excited for Momo this year.
I'm pretty excited for momo too, pretty sure it's one of my favorite conventions.
what cosplays are big this year? I heard Land of the Lustrous is getting traction.
Just moved to Atlanta, what's a list of good/notable/popular/underrated GA cosplayers I should follow? Would like to find people I'd be able to meet at Momo
Land of the lustrous definitely, SU is always popular at Momo since they get a ton of the actors, YoI was one of the biggest shoots last year when it was still pretty new and the fandom hasn't really waned. A ton of people I know are doing Black Panther.

My Hero Academia will continue to reign omnipresent over all tho.
angelicdazecosplay is a seagull and fits that criteria
lauren_lover_cosplayer is really cool, met her at a con last year and she has great cosplays.
My Hero Academia, Voltron, and Love Live are still pretty big.
None of them. They are maximum drama queens that will cut your throat if they smell the opportunity. They will also leech of conventions and think they deserve to be paid for their appearances. Bitch, I see you walking down the road, the hell makes you think I am going to spend money to look at you sit at a table or talk about yourself in a panel room.
Who ruffled your pettis anon
I'm gonna come over here for the first time to visit my SO this year. Any recommendations? I'll either come around summer or winter
Summer- momocon
Fall- dragoncon or anime weekend Atlanta
In winter there’s some meet ups at ice skating rinks sponsored by these cons
Fellow georgians, what are some nearby cons to do aside from May/Feb/August/September?

I'm currently doing Seishun (Feb), Momo(May), DragonCon(August/Septemer), and AWA(Septemer)

What are some other decent ones similar to at least Momocon within driving distance during other parts of the year?
kami-con, but that has passed already.
Oh my god stop self-promoing in every remotely related thread

fuck that was only ~2.5 hrs away..

I'll take note of this for next year. I remember seeing them hand out shit at other cons but I always forget by the time it actually comes around.
Here's an incomplete (leaving off if underage or I think wouldn't want to be posted) list of fellow Georgians I really like/follow in no particular order:

@sarahspaceman (one of the best steven universe people)
@chibimagicalgirl (lots of retro anime)
@caleighallen (lots of Disney)
@foxarcada (super underrated? No idea why so few followers)
@crystalprismcosplay (organizes lots of good groups)
@quantum_cobalt (i see eventually getting real popular)
@ebonywarriorstudios (insanely good armor, was on cosplay melee)
@katiecosplays (one of the more popular local cosplayers, always real solid.)
@deliriumcosplays (gorgeous and I'm scared to be her friend)
@artoriagrey (canon Saber)
@supaexplosion (does odorite stuff)
@dragonlordcosplays (nice IRL and solid work)
Photographer not cosplayers but @worldofgwendana is seriously one of the best cosplay photographers out there imo, and would HIGHLY recommend you follow, also @solitadphoto
I heard MomoCon was losing insane amounts of money at new location? That seems not true, but anyone know their shit?
also want to add
File: IMG_1750.jpg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG

the only place I've heard that is here on /cgl/
They don't have the attendance numbers they claim. Their hotels do not sell out and they are getting blasted by the state for not fulfilling their obligations. They have Anime Matsuri class fanboys that will deny this up and down, but the move to hide behind Dragoncon was further proof that they are in a deep hole and falling further. The only reason why they have not been attrition billed to death was because Dragoncon is shielding them, but Georgia is at their limit with them at this point.
Do you have aby proof beyond the whole DragonCon thing which could be explained easily by other factors? Or at least, like, where your info is coming from. Not saying you're lying, but you always post this exact same thing in Georgia relevant threads and never have any more/detailed info, plus you're the only one I've seen mention it.
Who hurt you anon
They said they can't sell out of their hotels. Thats a huge sign that something is wrong. Also, convention center contracts are based on how many rooms the convention can sell to create revenue.
Ironically, a Momocon thread suddenly appeared. Seems to happen every time this anon posts this.

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