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File: shiggymoon.jpg (42 KB, 285x279)
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Restaurant stories?

>order a cheeseburger at Cracker Barrel
>the guy brings me a burger patty, no bun
>say this isn't right
>"Naw, das what you ordered, but I'll get you somethin' else."
>he leaves
>mfw he comes back fifteen minutes later with scrambled eggs

Also, I had a lady from Taco Bell blatantly fart when bringing me my breakies.
>bBe me
>get burger
>eat burger
>leave a 25% tip as expected
>be me
>at restaurant
>see black dude
>take his pants down and start sucking his cock
>ITT shit that never happened
File: moobs.jpg (30 KB, 500x505)
30 KB
>go to restaurant in China with gf's family
>some guy is bitching loudly about something (I'm the only one in the group who isn't Chinese, and doesn't speak the language)
>gf informs me that the man is whining about how he hates seeing black people in American movies

Best noodles I've ever had in my life, anyway
>take wife to restaurant
>"We're just going to have dessert lol."
>server tells us that's a bad idea, because our bodies will be confused
>go to Chinese hole-in-the-wall
>only other patron is an angry looking middle aged black woman
>woman finishes her meal. Says she's not paying. Not enough shrimp.
>cook comes from the back, threatens to call the police
>"Because I'm black? You racist yellow bastard"
>entire kitchen files into dining room
>more racial epithets than I've ever heard in my life, and I'm from the south
>dinner and a show
You probably ordered the “cheeseburger steak”, which is just a patty with cheese on it. It’s also on the value menu so it’s kind of your fault for being a cheap ass
Also I’ve never seen a black waiter at Cracker Barrel, only busboys, so this story is definitely fake
I suppose I could actually see how that could happen as a misunderstanding if he really did order a “cheeseburger” but there is a menu item called “cheeseburger steak”.
>go to get a McRib
>it's bad
>used to love it, but I think they changed the formula?
>hear some whale-sized bitch scream at her kids to get orange soda instead of Coke because it's "more healthier"
>Also, I had a lady from Taco Bell blatantly fart when bringing me my breakies.
Hot desu
It was fucking gross. She was old and fat.
That place really went down hill after they fired that one employee, what's her name?
File: 1489540535720.jpg (90 KB, 951x840)
90 KB
>go to Claim Jumper restaurant
>ask for side of jalapeños
>fucking dumb cunt brings me a whole, raw jalapeño
You can't make this stuff up, folks
Actually not a lot. Only once when I went out to this "traditional" pizza place. Ordered a pizza with some garlic sauce, go tzatziki sauce instead. Complained that its false advertising and got my money back.
>at Wendy's
>some girl kicked another in her crotch and ripped out a chunk of her hair
>the whole place was hooting
Some whale sharted in Culver's.
>At Chinese buffet
>A group of black people comes in
>The Chinese employees get nervous
>They're loud and obnoxious, as well as a big mess for them to clean, which is to be expected from their kind
>Left a single dollar as a tip, quite insulting
that's actually kinda awesome.
>At Chinese buffet
>Left a single dollar as a tip
It's a buffet though, how much should you be expected to tip?
When my family visits a buffet we typically leave a dollar for every member of our party plus an additional dollar for Jesus, who's always with us in spirit.
>a dollar for jesus
US of A, everyone
>Go on a trip to Rome
>me and an Italian friend go to eat at a local place
>it's the type of place where you can see the kitchen through a glass window, and the door was such that you can hear the sound inside of the kitchen
>The restaurant plays one type of music, but in the kitchen they're listening to something else, and it's much louder
>not only that but it's a single song set in repeat and we listened to it probably about 10 times before they turned it off
>decide to go to Rome, end up in Guantanamo

However the food was so good it more than made up for the music
I know you're shitposting but I just leave 10%.
The funny thing is I'm really not. We tend to go to dirt cheap buffets, so a dollar per head plus one or two more typically comes out to about 10%. The Jesus part is true too. We used to leave a dollar "for all the ghosts", but a new addition to the family is 'uncomfortable with the occult' so now the dollar goes to (or rather comes from) Jesus.
>at kfc when I was like 14 with some friends
>we're being dumb shits and laughing our heads off, throwing straws at each other and all that shit
>person in the next booth over throws a chip at us
>we laugh and throw it back over, expecting a bit of banter
>out of nowhere they lob a nearly empty cup of soda at us and this woman starts screaming at us for ruining her family dinner
gotta love the classy dining experience of a kfc at 5pm.
This sounds strangely orthodox Christian. Are you from Eastern Europe?

She was testing you, you fucking sperg
>restaurant stories
>order cheeseburger
amerifat, this is not a restaurant, it's a garbage disposal you dumb fuck
Got head-butted in the ass at Tim Horton's by a mean little girl. Dropped my Timbits in the dirt.
File: hqdefault (2).jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
>>9799840 (OP)
I went to a $$$$ restaurant in Seattle once. I went there about once a month and ordered my usual medium-rare steak. The usual waitress brought the steak out and a third of the steak had a red surface. Not slightly pink but just cold, dark red and gelatinous like raw beef. I tried it and gagged because I couldn't even chew it enough to be able to swallow it without my gag reflex kicking in. I was telling the waitress to cook it some more and she actually argued with me that it was "a perfect medium-rare." I couldn't even reduce the 25% tip because it was part of the bill. Never went there again
>25% tip
the fuck?
>$$$$ restaurant
I normally spent $500 each time, without the wine too
What restaurant?
I hope you beat that little le girl

Also checked
Palisade, but at this point it's probably a $$$ restaurant
Both times I've been I was extremely underwhelmed
Who the fuck puts tzatziki on pizza
File: 1497221427851.jpg (74 KB, 320x454)
74 KB
>You racist yellow bastard
True, I haven't been back there in more than a year. 2 years ago it was flawless
Probably a spic
What was the correct response?
I feel like if you ordered a blue rare there you'd literally just get raw meat.
Over the years I've had so many negative experiences with black servers at restaurants that sometimes I consider just leaving and avoiding places where I know they hire blacks.

It's seriously like 90 percent negative experiences with them.
File: AGoodOldRub.jpg (35 KB, 594x396)
35 KB
>cracker barrel
From the other side.
>work at fancyish pizza restaraunt
>some fatties come in and start complaining that we dont have breadsticks or eggs for our salads
>after eating, two of them leave without paying, the other two fall asleep in the booth
Dont be these people. Im glad to work in the kitchen where I dont have to be the ones to deal with em.
File: 3248723874.jpg (28 KB, 600x342)
28 KB
>start complaining that we dont have breadsticks or eggs for our salads
........ wat
I watch blacks trying to intimidate people almost daily.

When I go to convenience stores/gas stations, they'll always help the black person first if there's any question of who is next, or if the black person is obviously trying to signal they're next.
I watch them cut in front of other people all the time.
Especially asians, old white people and small hispanics.
I've gotten into it with these sacks of shit a few times.
But I tend to find myself alone, with everyone else around obviously scared to get involved in these situations.
Always leaves me in a fucking rage.
The only non black people I've ever had issues with are prissy ghetto white women that likely only date black men.

Asians and hispanics (at least the omes around here) never do this shit.
The American south.
>Be me, age 7
>Go to a steakhouse with mom and grandma
>30 minute wait
>okay, whatever, the place didn't take reservations
>people coming in after us get seated within 5 minutes
>very confused
>a literal hour later we get seated
>waitress takes our order, we get steaks and potatoes and mom got a salad as well
>salad comes out and mom finds a wood tick in it
>my steak is covered in Cajun seasoning for some reason
>I was fucking 7 in the Midwest I didn't have a taste for spicy food yet
>send my steak back, go to town on my baked potato
>grandma gets this panicked look in her eye
>wine starts dribbling out of her mouth
>she's choking
>Mom heimlichs her, chunk of steak thumps against the wall and I kick it under the table
>my new steak comes out way overcooked
>waitress is snippy with us at every interaction
>they wouldn't even comp the salad with the tick in it
>my mouth was on fire for the rest of the night

I've been back there since growing up and everything has been great, but god damn that one meal was rough
Amen my brother in christ.
probably hard boiled eggs. Nowhere near the best salad ingredient but it's fairly common
I made some tzatziki last month and had a lot of leftover and one day I didn't feel like cooking so I got a panini and used the tzatziki as dipping sauce and it was really good so I imagine ne it would also be good on pizza
can confirm tzatziki is a god tier pizza topping
>$500 per visit
I usually spend $300 a month.
That's groceries and going out.
And I eat a lot of fresh produce and avoid carb-trash and starches.
It's good.
Par for the course.
File: oats.jpg (81 KB, 581x595)
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>a dollar for Jesus
This is the kind of bait that makes my day

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