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Good recipes for chicken cutlets that aren't just cheese and marinara sauce or breaded cutlets. I want to make something different.
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Chicken picatta.
>season with salt and pepper
>pound flat
>lightly coat both sides with flour
>cook in stainless or cast iron pan on med-hi heat, both sides until lightly golden
>remove cutlets from pan, deglaze with 2-3 oz. dry white wine, scraping fond
>add a bit of capers with a small amount of their brine, swirl to combine
>reduce pan sauce and throw in a small chunk of butter on low heat, swirl to emulsify, add squeeze of lemon juice at the end
>season to taste, maybe some fresh herb like tarragon or parsley as garnish
>either toss cutlets in with sauce in the pan, or pour pan sauce onto the platter where the cutlets are resting
>serve with the white wine you made the sauce with
If you don't mind compromising the structural integrity of your protein, go for greek chicken skewers. Marinade with plenty of garlic and lemon, a touch of mustard, then skewer with fresh tomato, onion, pepper chunks between the meat cuts, grill and serve on the side of a simple feta and cucumber salad with a strong tzatziki dip to bring everything together and now I'm so fucking hungry goddamn I want some chicken in my belly
oh wow ungrateful much
get hot chili peppers, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, garlic
cut and fry, when it starts carmelizing add finely chopped chicken
just before end add chopped onion

This should be a bit sweet and very spicy. Eat with rice.

Sounds elegant
How do you make good pan sauce? I always fail making it.
Fail how exactly?
Not thick enough no matter how much corn starch I put in, also the taste balance(?) (idk how to put it into words) sometimes isn't good enough so I had to add sweet soy sauce to make it edible.
If it's this sauce in particular, (wine reduction + butter) then you gotta put enough liquid in the pan so that when it reduces, the wine becomes like a syrup. Then you throw cold butter in on really low heat and turn it off when it's just barely melted through so that it emulsifies and doesn't break. Something that helps me is that the butter shouldn't turn translucent, that means the milk solids are separating from the butterfat. This kind of sauce is never going to be truly thick like a traditional sauce from a roux, it should just lightly coat whatever food it's put on.
sliced breaded and fried

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