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i can't stop using mine. i have probably grilled 5 out of the past 7 days. anyone else on /ck/ have one? if so what do you like to grill? i made teriyaki meatball/broccoli kebabs tonight that were the bees knees, pilgrim!
i wouldn't mind bbq if i lived in a place that has a backyard but i live in an apartment.
it's pretty addicting, the resulting food is always delicious. on the downside it's probably not very good for your health lol
I'm pretty sold from the infomercial
that kind of digital temperature control on a grill/smoker
count me in!
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i have an older model that doesn't have all the fancy shit. have had it for years and its still going strong, never had a better grill.
I have one and love it. I cook and smoke with it all the time. I've had mine for at least 6 years. Makes the best beef jerky and smoked salmon. Plus side is my wife loves it as much as I do and regularly uses it as well.
>my wife loves it as much as I do and regularly uses it as well
I've been around grills and grlling families my entire life and have never once seen a wife (female) touch one so I have to assume you have a wife (male).
They're good for cheap starter pellet grill but there's much better grills out there. RecTec, Green Mountain Grills, Memphis Pro all have better builds, better materials, and the best part, better controllers.
I'd use a grill if it wasn't fucking cold outside.

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